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  2. Flowers just freshen up any room! Today, I'm showing you how you can make a very inexpensive (cheap) flower arrangement to spruce up your room! It's a DIY gl..
  3. g a clear material with a surface that is easy to clean. The hardened resin will also hold.
  4. Mix Quick Water in plastic container, following directions on package. 5. Carefully pour into vase without splashing. 6. Place faux arrangement into vase. Make adjustments as necessary for balance and to ensure all the stems are in the water. Check arrangements from all angles to be sure you are happy with how it looks
  5. Mar 11, 2012 - The finishing touch for a fresh flower arrangement is a beautiful vase filled with water. The same applies to an artificial flower arrangement, except the water needs to be artificial, as well. You can create artificial water from resins specifically formulated to duplicate the look of clean, fresh water
  6. Please make sure to read our Acrylic Water FAQ page if you're looking for answers to some frequently asked question about the product.. If you're looking for artificial plants, artificial flowers, hurricane glass or glass vases here are a few options to get you thinking about your own ideal arrangement

Oct 25, 2016 - The finishing touch for a fresh flower arrangement is a beautiful vase filled with water. The same applies to an artificial flower arrangement, except the water needs to be artificial, as well. You can create artificial water from resins specifically formulated to duplicate the look of clean, fresh water Mar 4, 2014 - The finishing touch for a fresh flower arrangement is a beautiful vase filled with water. The same applies to an artificial flower arrangement, except the water needs to be artificial, as well. You can create artificial water from resins specifically formulated to duplicate the look of clean, fresh water

When working with acrylic, resin, or polyurethane water, it's is not that hard to get professional results if you take your time and do it right. I'll show you the steps to take to get it right the first time and make your silk flower arrangements look like they were freshly cut then placed carefully into your vase of clear, clean water Professional florists use special, and expensive, products such as clear resin and craft water to give the appearance of water in vases of artificial flowers. If you like to design your own silk flower arrangements, why not make your own liquid vase filler as well. In addition to creating the look of water in your vase, the filler will serve as. Acrylic water looks like real water but is actually a solution that will solidify into a hard mass that still looks like real water. Before solidifying, silk flowers and other objects can be put into the acrylic water, creating beautiful decorations and projects that can be presented as gifts or used as centerpieces

DIY How to Use Acrylic Water for Silk Flowers TutorialHello YouTube! Here's a inexpensive way to create a beautiful floral arrangement with Acrylic Water. He.. How to Make a Flower Arrangement Using Artificial Flowers. Part of the series: Floral Arrangements. Use artificial flowers to make your flower arrangements b.. The high-quality, two-part kit creates real-looking, acrylic water when combined that does not yellow. Kit includes 4-ounce bottle of curing agent, 4-ounce bottle of epoxy resin, disposable mixing tray and stir stick. Simply pour water mixture into a clear, glass vase and arrange artificial flowers for a permanent floral display

Here is a budget-friendly way to have beautiful spring blooms in your house that will last all season long! Fresh flowers are expensive, and similar arrange.. This is a fun and easy craft to fake water for artificial flowers to give them that realistic touch. Add pretty ribbon as an extra touch. Artificial Floral Arrangements Silk Flower Arrangements Artificial Plants Fake Flower Centerpieces Artificial Bouquets Table Centerpieces Faux Flowers Silk Flowers Fake Flowers Decor

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To arrange silk flowers, start by adding floral foam to the bottom of a vase or bowl to help keep your flowers in place. Next, cover the foam with moss or grass to add greenery to your arrangement. Once you've covered all the foam, trim the flower stems and arrange your flowers by placing a few large blooms in the center to serve as your. TIP #6: ADD WATER TO THE VASE - When using glass vases to display fake flowers, make sure to add water to the vase. This tip alone will make fake florals look more realistic. If metal ends of stems are visible, cut them off with wire cutters and then place in water How to Make a Gel for Holding Silk Flowers in a Vase. A clear vase for a silk flower display gives you an additional opportunity -- or concern -- when it comes to plotting out the arrangement One of the newest ways to display silk flowers is to position the flower in a transparent vase and then partially fill the vase with a suspension fluid that creates the illusion of water. This adds another dimension of realism to the arrangement, making this technique quite popular Peony Artificial Arrangement in Vase. $59.99. Add to cart. ★★★★★ 2 review (s) Phalaenopsis w/Glass Vase Silk Flower Arrangement. $67.99. Add to cart. ★★★★★ 10 review (s) Mixed Peony w/Glass Vase Silk Flower Arrangement

Fake Flower Arrangements - Cutting and Organizing. Place the stem of the flower upside down on the outside of the container for a height guide. Trim the stem with wire cutters. Sometimes faux flowers come in bunches. Don't be afraid to take the bunches apart and/or remove the leaves. Vary your heights and colorstry to make the. Flower Arrangement for Beginners. If you're planning an elegant, bright, and exciting event like a wedding, your venue needs the class, personality, and vitality of beautiful blooms to match your aesthetic, complement your color scheme, and add natural charm to your decor. Whether you choose live flowers or lifelike silk flowers, a stunning arrangement can contribute to the overall success. This item: FloraCraft Craft Water Floral and Craft Simulated Water. $19.94. In Stock. Sold by Hour Loop and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00. Gray Lane Clear Acrylic Water for Floral Arrangements. $20.49. In Stock. Sold by Lucky_13 and ships from Amazon Fulfillment Jul 19, 2021 - Artificial flowers are a great alternative to fresh flowers. You won't have to worry about wilting or watering and they are a fraction of the cost of fresh flowers. I have tons of ideas for you to make a beautiful arrangement or wreath using silk artificial flowers. See more ideas about artificial flower arrangements, flower arrangements, how to make wreaths Measure and trim your flowers. Make sure they are the length you want them to be in the vase. Stick them in the vase to make sure they are the right height. Following the instructions on the bottle, pour your desired amount of casting resin into the plastic tub. Add 2 to 3 drops of colorant per ounce of resin. Add in the activator

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5. ADD WATER TO THE VASE - When using glass vases to display fake branches or flowers, make sure to add water to the vase. This tip alone will make fake florals look more realistic. If the metal ends of the stems are visible, cut them off with wire cutters. If the metal can't be cut off, apply clear nail polish over the metal and let dry. Create the illusion of real water on your silk arrangements to give them an elegant, lifelike effect. This unique formula hardens in just a few hours, firmly holding your florals in place. It's the only simulated water formula that contains urethane chemistry (not acrylic), making for a faster cure time Float some flowers in the pool to decorate an outdoor setting for a wedding or a midsummer's night party. It's fairly simple to assemble a live or artificial flower float -- fake flowers will last. Enova Home Silk Daisy and Mixed Flower Arrangements in Clear Glass Vase with Acrylic Water for Home Wedding Decoration (Pink/Purple) 3.3 out of 5 stars. 5. $39.99. $39. . 99. Save 5% at checkout. FREE Shipping Step 6: Put Flowers in Vases. Fill the pink vase with paper towels or other vase filler such as marbles or pebbles. This will help stabilize the stems. Advertisement. Image Credit: Artificial Flower Arrangement. Tie the stems together with the floral wire and trim the excess

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Spray with a couple coats of WD-40 to help repel water from rain and sprinklers, and to protect silk flowers' colors from fading due to sunlight. Advertisement. After spraying with WD-40, the silk flowers or greenery will stay beautiful and vibrant for a longer period of time while placed near your loved one's grave Acrylic flowers in acrylic water are the most realistic faux arrangements you have ever seen. These artificial arrangements use fake water for vases to give them an extra realistic touch. Buy a silk hydrangea, lily, or any artificial flowers in a vase with acrylic water to give your office or home a natural look Spray with a couple coats of WD-40 to help repel water from rain and sprinklers, and to protect silk flowers' colors from fading due to sunlight. After spraying with WD-40, the silk flowers or greenery will stay beautiful and vibrant for a longer period of time while placed near your loved one's grave

Are Silk Flowers a Faux Pas in Home Decor?. A smashing floral arrangement in your entryway creates a warm welcome, and a multihued bouquet of blossoms atop a dining table sets a festive mood It can't be easier to make this beautiful flower arrangement. All you need is to make a couple of bouquets with silk or fresh flowers, fill a mason jar with water, put in the bouquets, and tie some raffia around the mason jar. Make them look natural and rustic by leaving some of the raffias to hang loose. Vintage Blue Mason Jar Arrangements. Arrange the flowers in a way that will breathe creativity into the space. Artificial flowers resemble real floral types, in realistic colors and natural shapes 3 inch Small YELLOW Soft Silk WATER LILY Artificial Aquarium Small Flower w/ Stone Base, realistic, life-like, Safe for Bettas (Beta fish) Lower40farm. 5 out of 5 stars. (322) $8.25 FREE shipping Floral arrangements always add a touch of beauty to any occasion, and the more unique the arrangement, the better. Floating flowers draw attention and intrigue spectators. To make a long-lasting floating arrangement, silk flowers can be substituted for fresh flowers. Spice up your arrangement even more by adding matching dye to the water to.

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  1. Encapso®K makes creating realistic silk flower arrangements as easy as 1, 2, 3! Encapso®K is a water clear encapsulation rubber that looks just like water. It is perfect for creating realistic, long lasting floral displays. This easy to use silicone rubber is non-yellowing, UV stable and water clear
  2. 3. Add Fillers. Make fillers your go-to for artificial arrangements. Fillers are anything that are not the actual flowers and can include singular green leaves, twigs and branches. For a touch of character, do a sweep of your backyard for fallen greenery from trees to include in the vase. When you add other elements into an artificial flower.
  3. Place the artificial flower stem into the Liquid Illusion and set aside to set. Create a colorful arrangement by adding a few drops of dye into the acrylic water and stirring. Pour the colorful water into a vase. Insert the silk flower stems into the acrylic water and arrange. It will take approximately 24-36 hours for the Liquid Illusion to.
  4. utes. 3. Remove the oasis from water. With a knife, cut the foam to fit into container with about an inch over the containers top. 4. Make an X to tape down the foam
  5. g yellow tulips in a clear glass vase. Magenta Peony Arrangement in Water
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12 Heads Silk Rose Artificial Flower Gerbera Daisy Artificial Flower Bunch Bouquet for Home Accessories Decoration Living Room Decor Wedding. ElegantDreamHouse. 4.5 out of 5 stars. (113) $14.47 FREE shipping. Bestseller. Add to Favorites. More colors Make your own artificial flower arrangements. And these easy tips will help get you started: Choose the right container. I like shallow, wide vessels to make wide arrangements. That way you can spread it all out, which makes it look far more professional than a simple pitcher or vase Dust loose debris off of the artificial plant. A hairdryer set on low is an efficient tool if you have an extension cord, or use a can of compressed air. For smaller outdoor plants, fill a large bag with 1/2 cup salt or cornmeal. Dip the plant in and shake it for 90 seconds. The salt and cornmeal will absorb all of the loose debris

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Beautiful real touch flower arrangement design has twelve real touch roses in a square vase filled with faux water. The artificial roses can bring nature inside and brighten your space, especially for small tables at home or desk in the office. Overall: 7.5'' H x 7.5'' W x 7.5'' D. Overall Product Weight: 4lb Floating Candle. Submersible LED Light. Distilled Water. . Step 1: For the first step you will need to measure the stem against the vase. Hold it up to the outside of the vase and use your wire cutters to clip off the access stem. Place the flower in the vase to make sure it fits. Keep in mind that you will be adding several inches of vase.

Our Blush Real Touch Peony Floral Arrangement in Clear Glass Vase is the perfect statement piece for your kitchen, dining room, office, or any space that needs a little life! Our artificial water is precisely formulated to simulate the look of clean, fresh water. It remains clear after hardening to hold each arrangement in place Compare with natural flowers, artificial flowers arrangements can be used as your wardrobe and home décor in a lifetime. You do not need to change fresh water or do other daily preparations. However, there are still something you need to follow to keep silk flowers clean regularly, as well as Artificial flower and trees Dry floral foam bricks (also known as floral styrofoam) are easy to cut and work with in the same way as wet floral foam except you do not need to soak them in water. They are mainly used for plastic plants, fake plants and artificial flower arrangements. The dense and compact nature of the dry floral foam can also accommodate small and large.

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Acrylic water is a two-part clear floral setting resin kit. It will create the illusion of crystal clear fresh water. The Acrylic water is also known as fake water or faux water. It is suitable to create everlasting floral arrangement using silk flowers, artificial fruits, and craft projects Rinse the flowers in cool water. When finished rinsing, lay the flowers on a towel to dry. Never use hot water, as it can weaken the glue that holds individual flower parts together. Avoid scrubbing, which can damage the flowers. 3. Use glass cleaner. Cleaners with Ammonia D, like Windex, work best

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Artificial flowers are a popular method of home decoration. They are low-maintenance, come in a wide variety of colors and types, and are often surprisingly realistic. To make your arrangement look more natural, you can use a clear vase and one of many varieties of commercial resins to mimic the appearance of crystal clear water Find Artificial Floral Arrangements Centerpieces. Flowers are an easy way to add colour and natural energy to the interior. If you don't fancy cut flowers, choose an artificial floral arrangement centerpiece. Perfect for decorating a dining table or a console in the entryway. Check the arrangements below

Seaholly is a flower studio and online shop committed to sourcing the most realistic high quality artificial flowers, fake flowers, faux flowers, real touch flowers and silk flowers and creating real looking hand-tied bouquets, vase arrangements set in fake water and artificial wedding and bridal flowers Since real floral arrangements are expensive, you can save a lot of money by creating your own silk flower altar arrangements. This is also practical since they can be reused for future occasions. Step 1 Use the craft knife to cut the floral foam down to fit inside the container you have chosen. Ensure it does not peek out over the top of the. 2. Place 2 cups of salt or dry white rice in a plastic zipper bag. Place the silk flowers in the bag facing down. Zip the bag or hold the top closed around the stems. Shake the bag for 30 seconds. Those premade faux arrangements in fake water will always let you down. The next step is to arrange them the same way you would real flowers, thereby adding to the lifelike quality of the whole.

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Making Symmetrical Floral Arrangements. Choose a container for your floral arrangement, such as a vase, basket, or ceramic bowl. Select flowers and greenery that will stand at least twice as high as your container after the bottom 1 ½-to-2 inches of their stems are trimmed. Place greenery in your container so that it extends an equal distance. Vary the style of plant material as well. Don't be afraid to mix cut silk flowers with silk plants. You might have a vase of silk tulips in the bedroom, two silk topiaries in the foyer, and a fake cactus in the bathroom. I've also mixed real flowers with silk ones, because I once saw it done in the fabulous lobby of a luxury hotel

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Next, spray the 50/50 white vinegar and water silk flower cleaner on your flowers and let the flowers rest for 15 minutes. Then, fill your laundry sink with lukewarm water and add two teaspoons of unscented dishwashing liquid. Swish the flowers around until the stains emerge, rinse with cool water, and leave the flowers to dry on paper towels Orange & Yellow Flower Arrangement price $59.99 Quick view Ruffle Fern In Cement Pot 4 3 stars 5 (4) price $15.99 Quick view Rosemary In Orange Bowl 2 5 stars 5 (2) price $9.99 Quick vie

I have never used a plastic stand for a floral cake. As long as it is sturdy, you will be fine. I usually set mine on a glass plate that have a bit of alip on it, because the floral foam may 'leak' a bit of water and then put it upon a ceramic cake plate I have. I hope that helps, they are always a big hit and so easy to make Silk flowers and other types of artificial blooms and greenery can enhance the look and feel of a room. Like other accessories, there is a need to clean silk arrangements from time to time in order to keep them looking vibrant and new. For deep cleaning, you can wash your flowers in water or vinegar Feb 6, 2020 - Explore Therese Paterson's board flower ideas on Pinterest. See more ideas about centerpieces, flower arrangements, floral arrangements Discount Artificial Flowers in Bulk 20-30% off Discount Silk Flowers

Create a timeless centerpiece with this simple step-by-step tutorial by Rachel Elizabeth Creates. Using artificial peonies and acrylic water, this arrangement will remain forever fresh. Materials: Assortment of Peonies-4 Cream Peony Buds 4 Pink Peony Buds 13-16 Peony Stems in Pink Tones1 Acrylic Water Kit1 Clear Glass Cylinder Vase1 Similar Sized Vase for Transferring Arrangement1 Plastic. Create this timeless peony arrangement with real touch flowers and this simple step-by-step tutorial from Rachel Elizabeth Creates.Using artificial flowers and acrylic water this arrangement will stay forever fresh. Materials: 5 Real Touch Peony Bundles, Acrylic Water Kit, Clear Glass Cylinder Vase, Wire Cutters, and a Stir Stick. Step 1: Before you begin setting your acrylic water you will. Create a lifelike silk floral arrangement with rubber. This video tutorial demonstrates how to use Encapso K silicone to create a realistic floral display. Learn how to make a lasting artificial flower arrangement with fake flowers and silicone rubber to mock water Apr 19, 2014 - The finishing touch for a fresh flower arrangement is a beautiful vase filled with water. The same applies to an artificial flower arrangement, except the water needs to be artificial, as well. You can create artificial water from resins specifically formulated to duplicate the look of clean, fresh water Arrange flowers inside the water filled container. The flower arrangement may look different than what you were trying to create inside the dry container so be open to cutting more down or removing/adding flowers

Create your next silk floral arrangement with the FloraCraft Acrylic Water Kit. The two-part kit creates real-looking, simulated water by combining the curing agent (part A) and epoxy resin (part B). Once parts are mixed, simply pour water mixture into a clear, glass vase and arrange artificial flowers for a permanent floral display Okay, now time to make your own silk flower centerpiece. Remember, don't be intimidated with making your own arrangement. It just takes a little practice! This silk floral design is a perfect choice for your first arrangement! Supply List. container flowers greenery foam block moss wire cutters. Step 1. Choose flowers that are well-made, and. Step 3: Next fill in the base around your main flowers with faux plants. I used faux boxwood picks and sprigs of faux maidenhair fern picks. I started with the boxwood picks and went around in a circle, sticking them in. I used 7 per planter. Then I used 2-3 of the maidenhair fern and tucked them in where there were gaps Spritz the dirty areas with water or a specialty cleaner and wipe them clean quickly and carefully. Find A Wide Selection of Quality Artificial Plants at Silks Are Forever. If you're ready to start decorating your home with lovely fake potted plants and silk flowers, you can find a vast selection of artificial plants in our online store

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Those premade faux arrangements in fake water will always let you down. The next step is to arrange them the same way you would real flowers, thereby adding to the lifelike quality of the whole. Whether you choose fresh, fake, fabric, or paper flowers, garlands can add the perfect touch to a spring bridal shower, summer wedding ceremony, or dinner party al fresco.This video from Afloral. Silk Plants Direct Rose, Hydrangea Arrangement - Brick Olive Green - Pack of 1. $327.99. ($327.99 per piece) Add to cart Add to cart. Quick View Quick View. Login to use Wishlist Login to use Wishlist. Compare Compare By setting the silk flowers in acrylic water, a beautiful, compelling illusion of cool water and fresh-cut stems is created. Some artificial flower centerpieces are also set in smooth beach stones or gravel, in addition to acrylic water. Ordering Silk Flower Arrangements. In addition to silk flower centerpieces, Petals also offers silk flower. To make fake flowers look that much more realistic, Sims recommends fluffing up the flower petals with your hands [or] softly tucking the ends of the petals with a scissor, the same way you'd do with a balloon string or a thin ribbon. The goal is to make the flowers have the same movement as a real one, and you will end up with a.

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With fake floral arrangements, you'll get what you pay for. Several types of materials are used in making faux flowers from silk, parchment and latex to polyester and velvet. The best ones come with finishing treatments and special coatings for longevity and a realistic look However, using other materials, shapes and colors can add that extra something to your silk flower arrangement that can really make it stand out. You may wish to complement a certain room decor by choosing a container of glazed colored ceramic, sculpted pottery, gleaming brass, elegant glass or cut crystal These silk flowers can be used in making a flower crown or a corsage or boutonniere. In this article, we are suggesting some useful tips on how to make a silk flower arrangement for a vase. Basics Of A Silk Flower Arrangement. For any silk flower arrangement, first of all, you have to do some basic preparations. Select a vase

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Liquid illusion is an acrylic water that makes your silk flowers look like they have been freshly cut and placed on your table everyday. The beauty of this is that most everyone that looks at the arrangements we offer can't tell if they are real or fake until they touch them Learn how to clean artificial and fake silk flower arrangements to keep them looking good for longer. Fresh flowers are awesome and great to look at. Creating and placing different floral designs of fresh-cut flowers in vases brings instant color and pop to any space Thanks to technological advances made in the last few years, artificial flowers can now look incredibly realistic; making for beautiful wedding bouquets and home decorations. And that's because artificial flowers are now made differently, and with different materials. You'd be surprised to see, and even smell, how realistic faux flowers can now be Step 3. Above: Sammy adds white hyacinth to the arrangement. Reach for your foundation flowers with large blooms next (here, the fluffy white hyacinth). Treat them like a carpet, and bury them, says Sammy. Cut these stems on the shorter side, identify empty spots in your structure, and fill them in

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The first thing that I did to make my succulent arrangement is place my floral foam into my container. My foam fit absolutely perfect, but if the foam you use is too wide, you can take a kitchen knife and cut it to fit. Sometimes when I make table arrangements I will glue the foam to the bottom of the container, but I did not do that with this. Make sure to hold it back 6 to 8 inches so you do not damage any flower petals. Use a dust brush to gently dust the entire plant and get the majority of dust off. Finish by using a soft-bristle paintbrush to clean small nooks and crannies in the blooms

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An Easy, Quick Start in Silk Flower Arranging Even if you are a newcomer to silk floral arranging, here's a fast way to get started without becoming confused or overwhelmed. If you are looking for a quick, uncomplicated do-it-yourself silk flower centerpiece idea, this artificial flower table arrangement is EASY and ECONOMICAL to make Fluff it. Make sure every petal is where it belongs. Gently shape each bloom with your hand. This will make a huge difference in the way your flowers look! One of the biggest tale-tell signs a flower is fake is the way the leaves look! Crumpled up and folded leaves have no place in a pretty arrangement Artificial Allium Flower Arrangement | Artificial Flower ArrangementsBeautifully understated artificial flower arrangement of three silk alliums plus eucalyptus and contorted hazel branches in a chunky rectangular tank flower vase and set in 'clearwater' resin with pebbles to give the illusion of fr.. £69.00. Ex Tax:£57.50 Choose from a beautiful variety of expertly-designed faux floral arrangements and perfectly potted artificial plants online and in store at JOANN's Brand: Style/Color: SKU: 519306. Quick Water Clear Resin is a simulated water that will give silk and faux flower arrangements a lifelike impression with a clear finish. Quick Water uses a new urethane chemistry that is guaranteed not to yellow and can cure in eight to ten hours when used at room temperature. Make your floral arrangements stand.

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Silk flowers appear more realistic if there is water in the vase. Using water won't hurt the plastic-coated flower stems, but it won't hold your arrangement in place, and you must change the water regularly as it gets low or cloudy. Instead, make a glue that will simulate water and will help keep your flower design firmly in place To judge how many flowers you need, pick your vase first. Better to buy too many flowers than to have too few. If you have flowers left over, you can always make some mini arrangements for side tables or your powder room. My vase is 12″ long x 4.5″ tall x 6″ wide and I used about 25 stems for a front-facing arrangement Step 7: Add in your focal flowers, making sure they are spread out. The focal flowers are the ones you want to highlight. They may be the most colorful, the biggest or just your favorites. Step 8: Add in any of your secondary flowers. Secondary flowers tend to be smaller and will round out the flower arrangement. Step 9: Rearrange or fill in as.

Title: spring silk floral arrangement and paint dipped mason jars • our Description: i have always been hesitant to use silk or fake flowers because i have flashbacks to the 80s when people decorated with fake flowers that were somewhat Via: ourhousenowahome.com Cut the foam about 3/4 smaller on all four sides of the vase. Secure the foam on the frogs. If you are making a silk or dried arrangement, fill the edges of the vase with potpourri, Spanish moss or sphagnum moss. Fill the edges of the vase with pebbles, marbles or sand to hide the foam for a fresh arrangement Enter silk flowers. They are heaven-sent for brides and grooms looking to have a more durable and longer lasting alternative for fresh flowers. Silk flowers may be artificial but nowadays, they are so well-made that they look like real florals. No matter what the reason, there are a lot of benefits to using artificial flowers Green Leaf Plants Lotus Leaf Green Plants Fake Flowers Artificial Flowers Grass Silk Flower Decoration Home Decoration Shoots. bigworld19. From shop bigworld19. 3.5 out of 5 stars. (73) 73 reviews. Sale Price $9.65. $9.65 $10.72 If you enjoy creating your own flower arrangements and receive compliments on your projects, you'll likely succeed in selling artificial flower arrangements. With a bit of creativity, you can turn your hobby into a business. Selling artificial flower arrangements could give you an opportunity to make money while doing what you enjoy