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The DARPA Twitter Bot Challenge. A number of organizations ranging from terrorist groups such as ISIS to politicians and nation states reportedly conduct explicit campaigns to influence opinion on social media, posing a risk to democratic processes. There is thus a growing need to identify and eliminate influence bots - realistic, automated. Twitter users operated by automated programs, also known as bots, have increased their appearance recently and induced undesirable social effects. While extensive research efforts have been devoted to the task of Twitter bot detection, previous methods leverage only a small fraction of user semantic and profile information, which leads to their failure in identifying bots that exploit multi. Using a dataset of Twitter users, we first show that the system, which was designed for political bot detection, underperforms when applied to health-related Twitter users. We then incorporate additional features and a statistical machine learning classifier to significantly improve bot detection performance Twitter has become a major social media platform since its launching in 2006, while complaints about bot accounts have increased recently. Although extensive research efforts have been made, the state-of-the-art bot detection methods fall short of generalizability and adaptability. Specifically, previous bot detectors leverage only a small fraction of user information and are often trained on. Bot for posting arXiv.org updates to twitter. Contribute to ozan/arxiv-twitter development by creating an account on GitHub

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Dismiss Join GitHub today. GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together Considering this, it would be great if I can post paper updates from arXiv on Twitter without going to arXiv. In this sense, Twitter acts as a repository of storing relevant papers like arXiv-sanity without the bother of switching between platforms. Hence, I proposed Feeder-bot that is a bot saving me from posting it manually arxiv update bot is a simple python script that scraps the arXiv, search for interesting paper and send a message on telegram if any was found. Usage The package comes with a command line script arxiv-update-bot

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Recently, there had been little notable activity from the once prominent hacktivist group, Anonymous. The group, responsible for activist-based cyber attacks on major businesses and governments, appeared to have fragmented after key members were arrested in 2013. In response to the major Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests that occurred after the killing of George Floyd, however, reports. Feeder-Bot. This is a tool called feeder-bot for automating updates of RSS feeds to your platform (receiver). The workflow of feeder-bot is illustrated as follows. Quick Start. Here using arXiv as the RSS feed and Twitter as the receiver, for example Chatbots are a rapidly expanding application of dialogue systems with companies switching to bot services for customer support, and new applications for users interested in casual conversation. One style of casual conversation is argument, many people love nothing more than a good argument. Moreover, there are a number of existing corpora of argumentative dialogues, annotated for agreement and. Weaponized health communication: Twitter bots and Russian trolls amplify the vaccine debate. American journal of public health 108, 10 (2018), 1378-1384. Google Scholar; Zhouhan Chen and Devika Subramanian. 2018. An unsupervised approach to detect spam campaigns that use botnets on Twitter. arXiv preprint arXiv:1804.05232(2018). Google Schola

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Twitter is a web application playing dual roles of online social networking and micro-blogging. The popularity and open structure of Twitter have attracted a large number of automated programs, known as bots. Legitimate bots generate a large amount of benign contextual content, i.e., tweets delivering news and updating feeds, while malicious bots spread spam or malicious contents In this work, we describe practical lessons we have learned from successfully using contextual bandits (CBs) to improve key business metrics of the Microsoft Virtual Agent for customer support. While our current use cases focus on single step einforcement learning (RL) and mostly in the domain of natural language processing and information retrieval we believe many of our findings are. The latest tweets from @socarxivpaper

A Twitter bot is a type of bot software that controls a Twitter account via the Twitter API. The bot software may autonomously perform actions such as tweeting, re-tweeting, liking, following, unfollowing, or direct messaging other accounts. The automation of Twitter accounts is governed by a set of automation rules that outline proper and. That's why it was unexpected when we used the follower list from the GMU School of engineering's Twitter account to test the model, we received a prediction of 510 bot accounts, 684 non-bot accounts out of the total 1194 followers of the school. This seemed to be on the extreme side in terms of prediction Bot detection has become a significant challenge, especially on online social networks. Today, researchers through Twitter are attempting to propose approaches for bot detection. However, they are confronted with certain challenges owing to the problems inherent to text and the use of language-dependent features The latest tweets from @QuantPhComment

When DARPA ran a competition to find Twitter bots designed to influence online debates, it inspired a new generation of anti-bot strategies. by Emerging Technology from the arXiv archive pag 0 Cashtag piggybacking: uncovering spam and bot activity in stock microblogs on Twi‡er STEFANO CRESCI, Institute of Informatics and Telematics, IIT-CNR, Italy FABRIZIO LILLO, Department of Mathematics, University of Bologna, Italy DANIELE REGOLI, Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa, Italy SERENA TARDELLI, Institute of Informatics and Telematics, IIT-CNR, Ital I created a model to predict which arXiv papers Miles Brundage would tweet and turned it into a Twitter bot. It predicts Miles' tweets with .7 precision and .6 recall. The code is available her

whether a single tweet comes from a Twitter bot or from a human user. We demonstrate that tweet-level bot detection is possible and can be very accurate: by exploiting both tex- arXiv:1802.04289v2 [cs.AI] 18 Feb 2018 (2) As a technical contribution, we introduce the concept of The bot score of Twitter accounts was computed using the Botometer service, developed at Indiana University and available through a public API (botometer.iuni.iu.edu). Botometer evaluates the extent to which an account exhibits similarity to the characteristics of social bots [ 4 ] A bot who tweet specific arXiv article to people who follow it - Minial/BotTwitte

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I created a twitter bot that tweets trending papers in the AI & ML category (cs.AI, cs.CL, cs.CV, cs.LG, stat.ML) on arxiv.org. @arxivaiml. Tweets are based on engagement scores of Feedly. The algorithm is simple and naive implementation. If you have any idea to improve the bot, please let me know Nikan Chavoshi, Hossein Hamooni, and Abdullah Mueen. 2016. DeBot: Twitter Bot Detection via Warped Correlation. In Proc. Intl. Conf. on Data Mining. 817--822. Google Scholar; Zhouhan Chen and Devika Subramanian. 2018. An Unsupervised Approach to Detect Spam Campaigns that Use Botnets on Twitter. arXiv preprint arXiv:1804.05232 (2018). Google. Nikan Chavoshi, Hossein Hamooni, and Abdullah Mueen. 2016. DeBot: Twitter Bot Detection via Warped Correlation. In Proc. Intl. Conf. on Data Mining. 817--822. Google Scholar Cross Ref; Zhouhan Chen and Devika Subramanian. 2018. An Unsupervised Approach to Detect Spam Campaigns that Use Botnets on Twitter. arXiv preprint arXiv:1804.05232 (2018) bot twitter-api python3 arxiv-api paper-tracking Updated Apr 12, 2020; Python; RTradeLtd / scraarxiv Star 2 Code Issues Pull requests Scraper for arxiv.org to pull research papers and index them by Lens. golang scraper ipfs lens arxiv temporal arxiv-api Updated. Meanings of the elements in the response: user: Twitter user object (from the user) plus the language inferred from majority of tweets; raw scores: bot score in the [0,1] range, both using English (all features) and Universal (language-independent) features; in each case we have the overall score and the sub-scores for each bot class (see below for subclass names and definitions

GitHub is where people build software. More than 56 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 100 million projects A number of organizations ranging from terrorist groups such as ISIS to politicians and nation states reportedly conduct explicit campaigns to influence opinion on social media, posing a risk to democratic processes. There is thus a growing need to identify and eliminate influence bots - realistic, automated identities that illicitly shape discussion on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

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A very large number of people use Online Social Networks daily. Such platforms thus become attractive targets for agents that seek to gain access to the attention of large audiences, and influence perceptions or opinions. Botnets, collections of automated accounts controlled by a single agent, are a common mechanism for exerting maximum influence. Botnets may be used to better infiltrate the. This brief communication presents preliminary findings on automated Twitter accounts distributing links to scientific papers deposited on the preprint repository arXiv. It discusses the implication of the presence of such bots from the perspective o Training a neural network to keep up with the latest ML papers on ArXiv TL;DR. I created a model to predict which arXiv papers Miles Brundage would tweet and turned it into a Twitter bot.It predicts Miles' tweets with .7 precision and .6 recall Twitterボットには目的ごとに様々な種類がある。多くは以下にある @EarthquakesSF のように役立つ資料をツイートする。 2009年、Twitter botはTwitterのツイートの約24%を作成すると推定された 。いくつかTwitter botの例と、それらがTwitterでユーザーと対話する方法を次.

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Twitter Bot Detection Using Bidirectional Long Short-term Memory Neural Networks and Word Embeddings. 02/03/2020 ∙ by Feng Wei, et al. ∙ York University ∙ 0 ∙ share . Twitter is a web application playing dual roles of online social networking and micro-blogging Deep Neural Networks for Bot Detection (arxiv.org) 39. From a research paper on Arxiv: The problem of detecting bots, automated social media accounts governed by software but disguising as human users, has strong implications. For example, bots have been used to sway political elections by distorting online discourse, to manipulate the stock. It is known that many Twitter users are bots, which are accounts controlled and sometimes created by computers. Twitter bots can send spam tweets, manipulate public opinion and be used for online fraud. Here we report the discovery, retrieval, and analysis of the `Star Wars' botnet in Twitter, which consists of more than 350,000 bots tweeting random quotations exclusively from Star Wars novels

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One botnet of roughly 13,000 bot accounts was observed tweeting about Brexit, with most of these bot accounts disappearing from Twitter shortly after the vote . Bots of all types are ubiquitous on social media and have been studied on Reddit [ 25 , 26 ], Facebook [ 27 ], YouTube [ 28 ], and Twitter [ 29 ], among other platforms Microblogs are increasingly exploited for predicting prices and traded volumes of stocks in financial markets. However, it has been demonstrated that much of the content shared in microblogging platforms is created and publicized by bots and spammers. Yet, the presence (or lack thereof) and the impact of fake stock microblogs has never systematically been investigated before Earth-Like is an interactive website and twitter bot that allows users to explore changes in the average global surface temperature of an Earth-like planet due to variations in the surface oceans and emerged land coverage, rate of volcanism (degassing), and the level of the received solar radiation. The temperature is calculated using a simple carbon-silicate cycle model to change the level of. Figure 4. Example Twitter profiles showing the issue of bot evolution. The previous anecdotal and quantitative results tell us that current sophisticated bots are hardly distinguishable from legitimate accounts if analyzed one at a time, as supervised classifiers and crowdsourcing participants did This page displays the content of popular tweets related to machine learning (especially deep learning). Tweets with URLs from popular_ML's Timeline are classified into the following categories: Arxiv, Blog, Twitter, GitHub, Paper, News and Other. Afterwards, tweets, sorted by importance (combination of favs and RTs), are displayed in this page, showing the most popular tweets on top

Why We Should Have Seen That Coming Comments on Microsoft’s Tay “Experiment,†and Wider Implications M.J. Wolf, [email protected] Bemidji State University Bemidji State University Bemidji State University K.W. Miller, University of Missouri-, St. Louis University of Missouri- St. Louis University of Missouri-St. Louis F.S. Grodzinsky, Sacred Heart University Sacred Heart. Bot Detection is an essential asset in a period where Online Social Networks(OSN) is a part of our lives. This task becomes more relevant in crises, as the Covid-19 pandemic, where there is an incipient risk of proliferation of social bots, producing a possible source of misinformation. In order to address this issue, it has been compared different methods to detect automatically social bots. Bot detection in twitter landscape using unsupervised learning Ahmed Anwar ahmedanwar5295@gmail.com Lahore University of Management Sciences Ussama Yaqub ussama.yaqub@lums.edu.pk Lahore University of Management Sciences ABSTRACT The aim of this paper is to identify and understand bot activity in twitter discussion. The prevalence of Twitter.

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Simply enter the screen name of the Twitter user and it will analyze its features and most recent posts to determine the likelihood of it being a social bot. It wasn't working at the time of. This brief communication presents preliminary findings on automated Twitter accounts distributing links to scientific articles deposited on the preprint repository arXiv. It discusses the implication of the presence of such bots from the perspective of social media metrics (altmetrics), where mentions of scholarly documents on Twitter have been suggested as a means of measuring impact that is. We will compare this model to the other models of the bot-hunter toolbox as well as current state of the art models. In the evaluation, we will also explore and evaluate relevant training data. Finally, we will demonstrate the application of the bot-hunter suite of tools in Twitter data collected around the Swedish National elections in 2018 View Telegram channel's statistics Arxiv - @arxiv_afzal. Subscribers, subscribers gained, views per day, forwards and other analytics at the Telegram Analytics website r/MachineLearning - [P] Twitter bot that tweets trending ML papers. Hey everyone! I created a twitter bot that tweets trending papers in the AI & ML category (cs.AI, cs.CL, cs.CV, cs.LG and stat.ML) on arxiv.org Tweets

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BotWalk: Efficient adaptive exploration of Twitter bot networks. In: Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining 2017, New York, ACM, 2017, pp. 467-474. Crossref, Google Scholar; 37 Kudugunta S, Ferrara E. Deep neural networks for bot detection. arXiv preprint arXiv:1802.04289. Twitter bot s are also examined since these can influence the answers to the main questions (for arXiv preprints: Haustein, Bowman, Holmberg, Tsou, Sugimoto, & Larivie`re, 2016) Page 13. Page 13. RQ4: How Important Are Twitter bot s for the Results

Efficient and reliable social bot classification is crucial for detecting information manipulation on social media. Despite rapid development, state-of-the-art bot detection models still face generalization and scalability challenges, which greatly limit their applications. In this paper we propose a framework that uses minimal account metadata, enabling efficient analysis that scales up to. A social bot (also: socialbot or socbot) is an agent that communicates more or less autonomously on social media, often with the task of influencing the course of discussion and/or the opinions of its readers. It is related to chatbots but mostly only uses rather simple interactions or no reactivity at all. The messages (e.g. tweets) it distributes are mostly either very simple, or. Twitter bots are accounts operated by programs instead of humans [5]. Previous research estimates that 9% to 17% of Twitter accounts are bots, and that between 16% to 56% of tweet volume on Twitter is generated and propagated by the bot population. Although some bot accounts such as Earthquake Bot1 are beneficial to the community, many are. bots. We estimate that the percentage of Twitter accounts exhibiting social bot behaviors is between 9% and 15%. We characterize friendship ties and information flow be-tween users that show behaviors of different nature: hu-man and bot-like. Humans tend to interact with more arXiv:1703.03107v2 [cs.SI] 27 Mar 201 Data & Methods • Twitter online search for arXiv in Twitter handle, display name, or account description (05/2014) • manual coding of 90 accounts by two researchers: platform feed: automated feed of papers from arXiv section or subsection; platform-based feeds tweeting everything published in an arXiv subject area, triggered by arXiv RSS fee

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@Arxiv_ml twitter account its a bot that publish newest article of ml in arxiv. 4. share. Report Save. level 1. 1 year ago. Skimming through ICML ICLR NIPS AAAI UAI IJCAI alone is a year-worth of work. And if you're from an application field then you have stuff to read from your field too. I never have enough time to read it all Grover is a neural network modeled after GPT-2 as a state-of-the-art detector for Neural Network fake news. Grover is also a state-of-the-art generator of fake news and they provide a web interface.Since Grover is modeled after the full-size 1.5B GPT-2 - not the smaller version the public has access to - this is a bit like getting a back door to the full-size GPT-2 Using a supervised machine learning approach with a manually curated set of Twitter bots, [ 12] estimate that between 9% to 15% of active Twitter accounts are bots (both benign and malicious). In this paper, we propose an unsupervised approach to hunt for malicious bot groups on Twitter. Key structural and behavioral markers for such bot groups. In the context of smart cities, it is crucial to filter out falsified information spread on social media channels through paid campaigns or bot-user accounts that significantly influence communication networks across the social communities and may affect smart decision-making by the citizens. In this paper, we focus on two major aspects of the Twitter social network associated with altmetrics.

For the bot identification subtask we used user behaviour fingerprint and statistical diversity measures, while for the gender identification subtask we used a set of text statistics, as well as syntactic information and raw words. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Cite paper A simple configurable bot for sending arXiv article alert by mail Jul 22, 2021 A multi-purpose bot with simple moderation commands and much more Jul 22, 2021 High-Level Abstraction Web-GUI Using Just Python Jul 22, 2021 A python package for managing terraform remote state for Google,AWS, and Azure Jul 22, 202 ArXiv Mailer - An app to modernize the formatting of the daily arXiv email. Created by @swt30 at .Astronomy 8. Space Bar - A collection of awesome astro mini games. Created by @orbitingfrog at .Astronomy 6. Astronomer Bot - A Twitter bot that tweets papers that tried to reach the top of arXiv mailing lists... but just missed it ArXiv on Twitter - Unofficial bot arXiv Vanity - This is a website that converts arXiv PDF documents to HTML . The source code of this service is available on GitHub

of bot-like behavior across the majority of Anonymous ac- ity on Twitter, with approximately 3.5 million additional ac-counts following @YourAnonNews, one of the most promi- arXiv:2107.10554v1 [cs.CY] 22 Jul 2021 • Used our trained topic model to study interest in BL Activity volume: To further investigate the nature of the difference in the temporal dynamics, we measure the volume of each sharing activity in the two election periods.In Table 1, we show the percentage of each activity over all the posts for bots and humans.It can be noticed that both humans and bots significantly diminished the amount of retweets in the 2018 midterm (t-test results: t. Such a wide coverage of arXiv articles is mostly due to specialized bot accounts which post arXiv submissions daily. The volume of Twitter mentions of arXiv papers was very small compared to the total volume of tweets in period, with only 5,752 tweets containing mentions of papers in the arXiv corpus The main objectives of this research project are to: Test the limits and vulnerabilities of a current, state-of-the-art Twitter bot classifier in an adversarial setting. Engineer adversarial examples and perform a practical black-box attack against the Twitter bot machine learning algorithm. Suggest a defensive framework to improve the.

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Nikan Chavoshi, Hossein Hamooni, and Abdullah Mueen. 2016. DeBot: Twitter Bot Detection via Warped Correlation.. In ICDM. 817-822. Google Scholar; Nikan Chavoshi, Hossein Hamooni, and Abdullah Mueen. 2016. Identifying correlated bots in twitter. In International Conference on Social Informatics. Springer, 14-21. Google Scholar Cross Re This training data is enriched by a manually annotated collection of active Twitter users that include both humans and bots of varying sophistication. Our models yield high accuracy and agreement with each other and can detect bots of different nature. Our estimatesExpand. View PDF on arXiv. Save to Library

Bots increasingly tamper with political elections and economic discussions. Tracing trends in detection strategies and key suggestions on how to win the fight EnrichrBot is a bot that tracks and tweets information about human genes implementing six principal functions: (i) tweeting information about under-studied genes including non-coding lncRNAs, (ii) replying to requests for information about genes, (iii) responding to GWASbot, another bot that tweets Manhattan plots from genome-wide association study analysis of the UK Biobank, (iv) tweeting.

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Using Space Twitter functionality. In order for Twitter functionality in the Space module to work, A simple configurable bot for sending arXiv article alert by mail Jul 22, 2021 A multi-purpose bot with simple moderation commands and much more Jul 22, 202 Twitter accounts have been searched heuristically on the web, GitHub and Twitter looking for keywords related to automatic or AI text generation, deepfake text/tweets, or to specific technologies as well as GPT-2, RNN, etc. in order to collect a sample of Twitter profiles as huge as possible Twitter is one of the popular social networking sites which allow the users to express their opinion on various topics like politics, sports, stock market, entertainment etc. It is one of the fastest means of conveying information. It highly influences people's perspective. So it is necessary that tweets are sent by genuine users and not by twitter bots. A twitter bot sends spam messages.

Figure 4 indicates that (1) different models can show different features or combinations of features, which can be used to predict a specific category of Twitter social bots; (2) 89% of 21,765 Twitter accounts with a bot label of 1 (bot), have a value of user status count that is less than 72; and (3) 80% of 70,575 Twitter accounts with a bot. By expanding upon other social bot analysis works, this study incorporated the use of three bot detection platforms in an unprecedented fashion, which enabled a comparative analysis of bot coverage across the Twitter conversation. Bot and human accounts contributed temporally to the 43.5 million tweet election corpus at relatively similar.

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DOI: 10.1109/ASONAM.2018.8508322 Corpus ID: 53079779. Bot Conversations are Different: Leveraging Network Metrics for Bot Detection in Twitter @article{Beskow2018BotCA, title={Bot Conversations are Different: Leveraging Network Metrics for Bot Detection in Twitter}, author={David M. Beskow and Kathleen M. Carley}, journal={2018 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks. We firstly show that real news are significantly bigger in size, are spread by users with more followers and less followings, and are actively spread on Twitter for a longer period of time than fake news. Secondly, we achieve an 87% accuracy using a Random Forest Classifier solely trained on propagation features Davoudi A, Klein AZ, Sarker A, Gonzalez-Hernandez G. Towards Automatic Bot Detection in Twitter for Health-related Tasks. arXiv preprint arXiv:1909.13184. 2019 Sep 29. Link to journal With the increasing use of social media data for health-related research, the credibility of the information from this source has been questioned as the posts may originate from automate Last year, Stanford won 2nd place in the Alexa Prize Socialbot Grand Challenge 3 for social chatbots. In this post, we look into building a chatbot that combines the flexibility and naturalness of neural dialog generation with the reliability and practicality of scripted dialogue. We also announce an open-source version of our socialbot with the goal of enabling future research To allow for bot detection at the user level, all these methods still require the analysis of some historical user data, either by indirect data collection , , , or, like in the case of BotOrNot , by interrogating the Twitter API (which imposes strict rate limits, making it impossible to do large-scale bot detection). To the best of our.

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This is going to be an easy and fast tutorial to create a simple Twitter bot using the Python language and the Tweepy library. VIA Giphy Analyzing ArXiv data using Neo4j — Part 1. Estelle Scifo Ruby, the language used for this first bot was, in fact, the most popular Twitter bot language in 2008 and 2009, with more than half of bot codes written in Ruby. Python became popular around 2012, and by mid-2013, the number of bots written in Python reached the number of bots written in Ruby From arXiv 16th July 2021 Comments Off on From arXiv Title: Deep Hedging Under Rough Volatility Authors: Blanka Horvath, Josef Teichmann, Zan Zuric We investigate the performance of the Deep Hedging framework under training paths beyond the (finite dimensional) Markovian setup Bot-AHGCN is the proposed bot detection framework based on multi-attributed heterogeneous graph convolutional networks, which handles both the multi-attributed information and behavioral interaction of bots. It characterize bots from the perspective of meta-paths and meta-graphs, simultaneously. •

Runs on Theano and TensorFlow. lgb - Go Twitter bot based on cellular automaton. lon9. lon9.github.io - Vue Github.io. mat - Go Matrix library written in go. materialize - JavaScript Materialize, a CSS Framework based on Material Design. medianet-demo-app - Java. mildom-chat - Go Chat listener for mildom.com The Chatbot Landscape — Where Does Your Bot Fit? (via Venture Beat) June 30, Reply on Twitter 1415739127585181702 Retweet on Twitter 1415739127585181702 7 Like on Twitter (2021) < Edward Elgar > < Github > < SSRN > < arXiv > Daniel Martin Katz, Corinna Coupette, Janis Beckedorf & Dirk Hartung, Complex Societies and the Growth of. Create a bot for the NeurIPS 2021 competition in Reconnaissance Blind Chess!. Reconnaissance Blind Chess is a chess variant designed for new research in artificial intelligence. RBC includes imperfect information, long-term strategy, explicit observations, and almost no common knowledge

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