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Building a Kestrel nest box is a good way to help the local population. In most cases, if you build it, they will come. Click on American Kestrel nest box plans below for a larger version for printing. I have seen boxes of various sizes, designs, materials and placement successfully used by American Kestrels The siting of nestboxes was one of the most important factors affecting how quickly they were used for breeding. Kestrels like a good view from the nest area, so nestboxes should be positioned overlooking open areas particularly those suitable for hunting (Figure 2). Avoid siting nestboxes facing south (from SW to SE) unless they are well sheltere The Kestrel is often seen hovering (hunting) over a field or meadow and frequents poles and wires along roadsides. Its principal diet is insects, grasshoppers, and mice. NESTING SITES house will almost certainly be Starling material and should be remo ved. Starlings are persistent, so check the house at least weekly during the nesting season Here's a short video of George and I erecting a Kestrel nest box I've made at the top of a large deciduous tree. Hopefully a pair of the local Kestrels will.

Nest Box No. 28 for Kestrels. Kestrel in No. 28. 20. Aug. The Kestrel is a Bird of Prey that seeks its food on the ground. Farmers and foresters welcome it because of its preference for Field Mice which, together with other types of mice, account for 80 or even 90 per cent of its diet. Kestrels tend to remain in the same area Estimates suggest that the UK population has reduced from over 100,000 in the early 1970s to under 40,000 pairs today. Help these iconic raptors by providing a good nest site with our Kestrel Nest Box. This has a 100mm deep canopy, a good (100mm) entrance lip, spacious nesting area and sturdy perch. It is easy to erect the box on a tree or wall. Remember: right box, right place. For example, nest boxes for bluebirds should be placed in open habitat. Refer to the habitat requirements page for specific information. If you are looking to attract a variety of species to your nest boxes and have ample room, you might consider pairing your boxes. This involves placing boxes in pairs on poles. A woodpecker box should be filled with a block of balsa wood, rotting log or wood chips - woodpeckers like to excavate their own nesting cavities. Please note that if the box is going to be placed in a location where it will be exposed to heavy rain, it would be useful to cover the top of the lid with recycled leather or rubber

Woodpecker next boxes should be high up on a tree trunk and away from disturbance. Autumn is the best time to put your nest box up. Many birds will look for a suitable place to roost or feed in autumn and winter. Don't use nails to fix your nest box to a tree which may damage it. Use a nylon bolt or tie wire around the trunk or branch American Kestrel (Falco sparverius) Male and Female Sitting on a Kestrel Nest Box - Colorado - April 27, 201 Making a nestbox for kestrels. Kestrels are small falcons, with long wings and tail, often seen hovering over grassland. They eat a variety of small prey, including mammals, birds, worms and beetles. Our nestbox design can be fixed either to trees, poles or buildings in undisturbed locations close to grassland and with good visibility American Kestrel Nest Box Program. Hawk Mountain Sanctuary has been studying the breeding, wintering and migratory habits of American Kestrels for more than 50 years. Today more than 200 kestrel nest boxes have been placed within a 25-mile radius of Hawk Mountain, and each year, the boxes are cleaned and monitored for signs of activity Siting your box. Nestboxes should really be sited by November to give the best chance of success the following year. It can however take several years before a new box is used. Barn owl and kestrel boxes should be located either on isolated farmland trees or at the edge of a woodland overlooking open land

Swift Box Placement. Swift Box Siting. Since humans have been making dwellings, swifts have sought to live alongside them, usually finding gaps between the tops of the walls and the roves, looking for the highest places and the clearest flight paths. Before that they would probably have chosen holes in cliffs and trees as their natural habitat It's all part of the VSO's initiative to install nest boxes for the American kestrel (Falco sparverius sparverius) in suitable habitat throughout the state. No doubt about it, this little falcon is in trouble. According to the North American Breeding Bird Survey—a massive data collection effort overseen by the U.S. Geological Survey—kestrel numbers in the U.S. have declined by half.

Buy Kestrel and Owl nest boxes, direct and online. Our natural timber Kestrel box is designed to provide a safe place for kestrels to breed and raise their young. The kestrel is our familiar hovering species of bird of prey and has recently been in decline. Siting The box should be mounted at least 5m high, preferably with a clear flight. Siting advice. Site the kestrel nest box on a suitable isolated tree or edge of woodland, on a building or similar 'open aspect' high point with clear flight path. The entrance should face East/NE/SE - away from the prevailing wind. The addition of branches or ledges within reach of the box will be beneficial as perches for fledglings There is still plenty of room for experimentation in nestbox design, siting and defence against predators. There are many opportunities for large scale nestbox schemes. These may either use many assorted boxes in a small area such as a garden or local nature reserve, or more widely spread boxes of a single design aime Kestrel CHICKS, Great Tit CHICKS and a new Tree Sparrow nest Barn Owls are very sensitive during the early phases of nesting (April-May) and will abandon a nest if disturbed. Boxes can be placed in a variety of structures, including barns, silos, granaries, grain elevators, and church steeples, or mounted on a free-standing pole. When siting your Barn Owl box, keep in mind that hungry owlets can be.

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The Kestrel is a small bird of prey of the falcon family weighing between 156-252g with pointed wings which span approximately 75cm, and a long tail. Siting your nest box near vegetation also aids young birds taking their first flights as it gives them both physical support and good cover Nestbox siting, erection and monitoring. The box should be erected horizontally a minimum of 3 metres (10′) above the ground on a wall top, beam or tree branch so that owlets can walk in and out prior to fledging. Little Owls seem to prefer nestboxes placed in open-sided or open fronted buildings rather than enclosed types The Kestrel is a bird of prey that seeks its food on the ground. Farmers and foresters welcome it because. Schwegler Bird Nest Boxes | Schwegler No. 28 Kestrel Nestbox. £147.99 . Siting & positioning: On solitary trees, quiet places on the edge of woodlands, barns in open countryside, electricity masts, silos, wind generators, etc. The. or more feet off the ground. Nest boxes should be placed in live, nnature conifers. Areas near water may be preferred. Add 2 to 3 inches Of wood chips to the bottom of the box. Pennsyhar:le, sht¾lld be for perststent Check boxes every other week to remove material. screech in genera(0v the kestrel to nest, W6eà this kestrels lay thei

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The kestrel reproduction success rate can vary wildly from year to year. In 2019, although we only saw 15 boxes used, there were 55 young successfully fledged! The following year we had 25 nest boxes occupied but only 42 nestlings fledged. Every year is different and it is always exciting to follow the results which you will be able to do when. The American Kestrel's Mysterious Decline. Crickets chirped, hidden somewhere in the brown ocean of grass beside the trail. The sun cast a golden glow on the hills, dotted with oak trees. In the distance, a lone American Crow called. It was an hour before sunset, and we were making our way along the trail in search of American Kestrels When installing your nest box, be sure it is in preferred kestrel habitat, as described in the 'Habitat Requirements' section above. American Kestrels prefer habitats with abundant prey and short grasses, enabling them to discover and capture prey. Best to keep boxes out of backyards with outdoor pets, such as cats We try to minimize disturbance to the box, says Giovanni. This wooden nest box is where a mated pair of kestrels has made their home. The female spends most of her time inside, sitting on the eggs.Oh, and there's the male right there The male kestrel flies up to the hole in the nest box and offers the female a snack. He's got.

Thu, 02/04/2021 - 14:25. #1. Kestrel Friendly. Kestrel nest box 2.0. My hubby decided to build a new nest box and installed it up the hill behind our house on a repurposed basketball hoop pole. We saw a kestrel pair today hanging out around the new box and our old box. We hope they decide to make themselves at home when it's time, especially in. Help us identify kestrel nest box locations! Log your kestrel sightings at eBird.com and document details about your sighting such as gender, location and any behaviors. Download the EpiCollect5 App, , join our project Delaware Kestrel Monitoring, and submit encounters or recommend nest box locations directly to us through the app The nest building they stopped earlier in June did indeed coincide with the rain, however, it had been a very dry spring up to that point and the late nesting went with the availability of wet mud. I am keeping my fingers crossed for either a late brood this year in the boxes or that they will attract more pairs to my street next spring However, not all nest box programs report declining populations—some regions report an increase in kestrel population, having more success in their nest box program than other years (Bird et al. 2009). This mixed success between programs and years suggests that either kestrels are well below carrying capacity and that adding nest boxes would not increase their population size, or that we. Kestrel. Kestrel nesting boxes have an open fronted design with a 120mm high squared entrance hole opening with a width measuring up to 350mm. Small falcons require larger openings with cover over the entrance which helps keep the interior dry

We produce small nest boxes for birds up to the size of Great Tit and House Sparrow, a special Treecreeper nest box and a larger size intended for use by the Starling. We also produce large nest boxes for species like Kestrel and Tawny Owl, and replica nests for birds such as House Martin and Swallow American kestrel adults are very highly colored, with two black streaks on white cheeks. Adult male has bluish-gray wings; female is brownish. Back and tail are orange-brown, the male with a dark band near the end of the tail and the female with many dark bars. Breast is orange-brown in male and streaked in female and immatures. Immature male has a streaked breast and a completely barred back Screech Owl or American Kestrel Nest Box. Kinney Swallow Nest Box. This nest box should be at least 10″ long and at least 7″ wide with the backboard at least 6″ high and the front board 8 or 9″ high. The main entrance hole (for the adults) is 1 1/2″ and the other three (for the chicks) are each 1″ in diameter Kestrel Nest Box. Request a quote for this product Qty: + Add to Quote. Description. Description. Our nest box design provides the birds with shelter for their eggs and young whilst still giving the adults a good view of the surrounding area. Siting. Site at least 5m high, ideally facing south east and with a clear flight path in. Line the box.

Kestrel nest box update: the female (brown head) is now sitting on four eggs, but she was away from the nest a lot early on so you have to wonder whether the eggs will hatch. Males (grey head) are not known to incubate, but this one has a go and loses patience very quickly as you will see from the time on the clip Now onto the Kestrel chick banding! Bird Bander, Kirk Payne, sets up the banding site near the nest box. He puts down a tarp, then a towel to lay the chicks on. He also has a scale to weigh each chick and a banding tool kit to keep his bands and banding tools. Clarissa Schrooten, Oxbow Park Naturalist, is recording data In 2020, there were 260 kestrel boxes monitored for nesting success. In total, 131 of the nest boxes were on private properties, 88 were on 10 different State Game Lands, and the remaining 41 nest boxes were on other public lands including county parks, water authorities, nature preserves, and land owned by the Army Corps of Engineers

Michigan made 100% cedar Screech Owl / Kestrel nest boxes. Cedar is mother natures treated lumber. Cedar requires no sealer and will last for years outdoors in the worst elements, unlike pine and other woods that require sealers or paint to prevent rotting. Fence posts have been made from cedar fo To further test the importance of patch size, ENSP placed nest boxes in habitat patches of different sizes and tracked their use by kestrels. The results of this study as well as a summary of the nest box program can be viewed in the New Jersey American Kestrel Nest Box Project 2006-2012 report (pdf, 3.6mb) Siting & positioning: The box should not be placed completely in the open but attached to the inside walls of buildings, using screws and plugs. It is important to keep an access hole through the external wall clear in front of the entrance to the box. Ideal for all kinds of buildings such as barns, industrial buildings, church towers, etc. Height above ground: At least 6 to 8 m History of Kestrel Nest Box #76 - as of May 13, 2018. This week we got some good news from our hard luck kestrel box # 76, though the story really starts two years ago! 2016: We installed the box on February 20, 2016. During our winter trapping efforts, we captured a male kestrel near the box with a mouse-baited trap on March 27, 2016

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Hello Kestrel Community! I've had the luck to have a breeding pair of American Kestrels (Kevin and Ellie) nesting in my attic in San Diego for the past few months. They had a hatch and it appears that only one of the nestlings survived.. Yesterday this courageous little girl/guy, Norma, (I think girl) made the 20' jump to the sidewalk below Project Highlights. 470 nestboxes monitored along an urban gradient. 307 Kestrel nesting attempts followed since 2014. 1,104 American Kestrels banded, including 478 color-banded individuals. Over 6,000 hours contributed by 155 citizen scientists, to date. The Full Cycle Phenology Project is a collaboration between HawkWatch International, the.

It takes 30 days for kestrel eggs to hatch and the first egg for this clutch was laid on April 5. One box has been lost due to predation, most likely a racoon. This is not a common occurrence but does happen. For this reason we place metal sheeting on the top section of the nest structure pole, which has shown dramatic reductions in nest predation Get in touch. If you have any questions about the nestboxes I'm happy to help. You can call me on 0790 1003201 or fill in the form below and I will get back to you. I'm based in Petersfield, Hampshire and am available to fit nestboxes at a reasonable price dependant on location The Essex County Ornithological Club's Kestrel Nest Box Program started in the fall of 2007 with the placement of a box in a promising field within the town of Newbury. More boxes were placed around Essex County as the years went by with a dozen or so now installed and monitored each season. 7 years later we've finally had a successful nest.

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A Toast to the American Kestrel. American Kestrels are charismatic and iconic. They are also experiencing widespread declines. To help raise awareness, support, and celebrate this small but mighty falcon, Mass Audubon is collaborating with True North Ale Company of Ipswich, MA, on the release of Kestrel, a limited-edition American IPA

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Fortunately, many cavity nesting birds will readily move into a man-made nest box. Birds are very fussy when it comes to selecting a nesting site. Every bird species its own nesting requirements including the size of the nest box, the size of the entrance hole, and the height of the entrance hole above the floor of the nest box Nest boxes. Nest boxes for birds, bats and insects are the cornerstone for a wildlife friendly garden. Choose from our range, designed specifically for the birds and wildlife you wish to encourage in your garden. Most of our wooden boxes feature a zinc roof, an extra feature to deflect rain and mositure off the box American Kestrel. Falco sparverius. L ~10 / WS ~22. American Kestrel is the smallest North American falcon (about the size of a jay). They are colorful birds of open country, regularly seen sitting along roadsides or hunting over fields. They are skilled at hunting from a perch, dropping down on mice hiding in the grass, lizards camouflaged. I watched the kestrel soar high in the sky over the hop yard, hovering from a fixed position as they do when looking for prey. Then, she circled back towards me, calling as she swooped in low and entered the nest box Jayne and I put in the hop yard the year before. When I awoke, reality hit. It was still winter

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  1. The fire brigade responded and, with great difficulty, accessed the nest box via the spire. Thankfully, it was a false alarm, a visual effect caused by light on a trapped fluffy down feather wrapped around the wire. We are aware that supporters monitor the cameras day and night and care deeply about the Peregrine family that have made their.
  2. But for every kestrel nesting box without a camera, someone is needed to monitor the birds. I can't check 450 nesting boxes a week, says Jennifer We can collect much more data with citizen scientists. This juvenile male kestrel is weighed after banding, as part of the monitoring process. The hat is to keep him stationary
  3. Fall in Love with the American Kestrel on Our Nest Cam. I have a confession to make: I've never been that into birds—well, at least until recently. When I was seven-years-old, I was on a field trip at the Great Salt Lake in Utah. I don't remember much besides the insane number of bugs crashing into my skin, which was sticky with sweat and.
  4. Description. Douglas Fir Wren Nesting Box is specially designed to accomodate on of our smallest and favourite birds, the Wren. Made from durable and attractive Douglas Fir, the box has a side door for end of season maintenance and clean out in early winter, For full details on siting nest boxes, go to our fact sheets pages.. Product dimensions in cm L 11.2 x W 14.2 x H 19.

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Bill Drummond Young Birder Scholarship. School Book Fund. American Kestrel Nesting Box Program. Native Plants. Conservation Resources. Education Resources. Members. Benefits of Membership. Resources Box types - hole-fronted or open-fronted. The two main types of small nest box offer opportunities for different species of bird. Those with a small hole may be used by tits and sparrows, while open-fronted boxes are used by Robins and Spotted Flycatchers. With hole-fronted boxes the diameter of the hole is key The nearest recent observations are in Rock Creek Park, three miles away. In the woods behind our potential nest-box site there's already a breeding pair of barred owls most years. Also we are definitely putting up a box for kestrels along this meadow/forest edge, as we've had nesting kestrels here in the past American Kestrel and Common Barn-Owl nest box use in South Carolina. Non-Game Heritage Trust Publication. South Carolina Wildlife and Marine Resource Department. Clark, N. 1983. Eastern birds of prey. North County Press, Thorndike, ME. p 61-67. deMent, S.H., and R.S. deMent. 2001. Capture rate of American Kestrels during th

Starlings also like kestrel nest boxes. Starlings and one hornet's nest used 7 of the department's 40 boxes. Starlings are normally an urban species, but they are commonly found near farm buildings where they can find spilled livestock feeds. A good solution is to place the nest box at a distance from barns or human dwellings Our smallest falcon, the kestrel is also the most familiar and widespread in North America. In open country it is commonly seen perched on roadside wires, or hovering low over a field on rapidly beating wings, waiting to pounce on a grasshopper. Kestrels nest in cavities in trees; in places where there are few large dead snags to provide nest sites, they may rely on nesting boxes put up for.

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When I first inquired about the possibility of monitoring nest boxes, the task seemed quite daunting. At the Gwynedd Wildlife Preserve, like many other kestrel habitats, the nest box is located in an open field, on a pole that is between 8 and 10 feet off the ground — not an easy place to haul out a ladder once a week for observational purposes The 2016 American kestrel breeding season had its ups and downs. In some ways, it was better than last year, with many more chicks surviving. But they still had their challenges. Here is the summary from Chris Volonte, Stewardship Manager at Kestrel Land Trust: 16 nest boxes were available for use. Kestrels were observed on, in or near 12 boxes The Ups and Downs of the 2020 Kestrel Season. By Paulette Epple. The 2020 season of the Kestrel Nest Box Project started with such excitement and optimism. Volunteers and landowners checking boxes were reporting a surprising amount of kestrel activity in our nest boxes. Anecdotally, people said they were seeing more kestrels in the area than in previous years Joining the project in 2012 as a graduate student, Shave oversaw the installation of 10 nest boxes in orchards throughout Leelanau County, adding to the eight that were installed in early 2012. Shortly thereafter, every box was occupied by a nesting kestrel pair From day 19 onward, you really have to be careful when opening a nest box. Kestrel chicks fledge around day 27, but a disturbance a few days before this can cause them to force fledge. For this reason, I usually only check on chicks once from day 10 onwards until we band them at 25 days of age

The American kestrel population across the U.S. is down 47 percent, but in Iowa the birds have increased their numbers by 19 percent. This increase is due to man-made nesting boxes placed around the state. More than 750 boxes were attached to the back of road signs along U.S. Interstate 35 in Iowa several years ago Siting The box should be mounted at least 5m high preferably with a clear flight path to the box. A pole may be used if a tree is unavailable. Kestrels are less likely to be hit by traffic than species such as Barn Owls so a position near light traffic is acceptable if other sites are not available. The box should ideally face East or NE/SE Native Bird Connections was instrumental in the formation of the Kestrel Campaign, an effort to create increased nesting opportunities for the American Kestrel, our smallest falcon.Kestrel population numbers are down by 69% for unknown reasons. The Kestrel Campaign is composed of volunteers dedicated to raising and monitoring kestrel boxes All the components for five kestrel nest boxes. Tips and Tricks. Some additional tips for building and installing Kestrel boxes: You can place the circular piece of wood you drilled out for the entrance to the box inside the box as a step to assist young kestrels in entering and exiting the box

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Kestrel chicks in the nest box, 2017. Photo by Sara DePew-Bäby. The spring of 2017 marked the first successful hatching of wild Kestrel eggs, in nest boxes at the Kellogg Farm and Dairy. Watching the development and growth of the small chicks that grew up to be powerful little predators was a thrill. We know that visitors to the Sanctuary for. North America's littlest falcon, the American Kestrel packs a predator's fierce intensity into its small body. It's one of the most colorful of all raptors: the male's slate-blue head and wings contrast elegantly with his rusty-red back and tail; the female has the same warm reddish on her wings, back, and tail. Hunting for insects and other small prey in open territory, kestrels perch.

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  1. e kestrel feathers at the touch table, and compare the size of a kestrel egg with that of an ostrich. If you walk the interpretive nature.
  2. American Kestrel populations at the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge have declined steadily since 2005 as measured by nest box occupation and productivity. Our data suggests that one reason American Kestrels are declining on the refuge is due to the increase in competition for nesting cavities by European Starlings (Sturnus vulgaris)
  3. Nesting box siting/hanging Hello all, I am new to this site and have enjoyed reading your posts from enthusiastic people with a love for birds. I'm after a little advice with regards siting of some bird boxes
  4. Kestrel Reproduction. Kestrels nest on a ledge, in a tree hole or in a disused nest. Breeding begins April to may. The clutch of 3 - 6 eggs is incubated by the female and the chicks hatch after 27 - 31 days. The eggs measure around 39 millimetres by 32 millimetres. They are smooth and non-glossy and coloured white or yellowish-buff with red.
  5. A kestrel nesting box at Hiram College Field Station can be raised and lowered using a student-designed pulley system. They added PVC rollers to smooth the slide up and down the pole, and modified the latch system. Judd's students also experimented with designs for kestrel boxes, built around specific parameters for overall size and the.
  6. American Kestrel Nest Box Summary: 2017 2018 Nest boxes on Private Lands: 6 7 Nest boxes installed for the 2018 Breeding Season: 2 2 American Kestrel sightings: 7 6 American Kestrel nesting attempts documented: 3 0 . American Kestrel Partnership of The Peregrine Fund, Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife, Delaware Division of Parks and.

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  1. Kestrel nestbox scheme Posted on 07/03/2017 by Dan Chaney March 7, 2017 West Cornwall Ringing Group is interested in starting a new nestbox scheme for Kestrels and are appealing for any sites that may be suitable for siting a box
  2. Five kestrel eggs inside a wooden nest box on a Washington Township farm gave us all hope this spring. They hatched. They gobbled up rodent meals delivered by their parents, and soon, very soon.
  3. Female kestrel at the Grasslands It's the 3rd week in April and the forecast tonight calls for snow. Come on! While winter is officially over, it is not going out without a fight. I, for one, am done with it. On a positive note, kestrels are occupying several nest boxes in Ulster County. In 2017, the first kestrel eggs were laid on April 24th
  4. The screech-owl nest box is ready to hang onto a tree or post or building. Opposite page: the nest box was attached to a tall, straight pine with two ¼ diameter, 4 long galvanized lag screws driven into the back piece, with a washer between screws and board. Box Placement
  5. CARRI spotted, through the Nest cam, a kestrel checking out the nesting box on 3/3/20. Though a pair won't start spending substantial time in the box until/unless the female accepts the box and lays eggs there, the fact that someone's taking a look around is a good sign! Last year Millennium didn't lay an egg until the end of April, so we'll.
  6. Through Fermilab Natural Areas, a volunteer organization, the site ramped up its kestrel nest box program in 2012, adding 10 additional houses. The site now maintains and monitors 12 boxes. Five.
  7. VV Kestrel model (Kestrel Main Cavity. and front panel) » FRONT PANELS FOR THE BUILT-IN MULTI-SYSTEM » Kestrel. Siting, installation and nest bedding: see Kestrels Box No. 28 on page 33. Includes perch. Material: SCHWEGLER wood-concrete with. galvanized fittings and treated wooden perch. Dimensions: W 24 cm x D 5.5 cm x H 31.5 cm
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WildlifeAid recently came across a baby kestrel bird that had fallen from its nest and was injured. But, when an animal is lucky enough to cross paths with WidllifeAid, you know they're going to get the best care possible. After the baby got a clean bill of health, he was returned to his nest. No doubt momma and his sibling were surprised but happy to have the baby back The female flew to the nest box and perched just below the entrance hole. The male appeared from inside the nest box and flew away to perch on top of the building. The female went back inside the nest box to incubate the eggs. It is great to see kestrel behavior and how the pair share incubation duties The East Quabbin Land Trust kestrel nesting count for 2020 had 5 boxes occupied with 21 chicks: 2 boxes in Hardwick (5+4) 1 box in New Braintree (3) 1 box in North Brookfield (5) 1 box in Ware (4) (report from Jeff Smith). 7/10/20 -- Winchendon-South Royalsto Every dollar spent on nest boxes saved from $84 to $357 of sweet cher­ries from fruit-eating birds. Orchards with active kestrel boxes also had fewer mice and voles. It really is a low-cost thing that farmers can do to add to their integrated pest-management strategy, says Lindell. Farmers aren't the only ones averse to pesticides Kestrel Highways Project update on A303. An update on the A303 Kestrel Highways Project in Wiltshire which covers 30 miles of the hinterland bordering the A 303, from Mere to Andover. The current Kestrel Conservation Status is Amber, which means that there is a breeding decline in this species. Conservation efforts to provide safe nesting sites. Build-in House Sparrow Nest Box. Two chamber sparrow terrace, optional fix-on or build-in to your house or garden wall. Wood and concrete mix provides good insulation. SKU: CJ-900710119. £29.99