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But when you try to restore the chats in your iCloud backup to the new device, you see a message saying: Couldn't restore chat history. This is a problem that many iOS users have reported and it can be quite problematic since you won't be able to see the messages in your WhatsApp backup until you restore them Step 1: Download iTransor for WhatsApp and open up in your PC. Connect your device and click 'Restore WhatsApp to Device'. Choose one WhatsApp backup file from the list of backups. Step 2 When You Flash our Phone Or Format Your Phone OR Uninstall Accidentally Your Whatsapp & Then Reinstall Whatsapp & You Get Error Of Whatsapp Message Restore,.

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Use a local backup to restore When Google Drive WhatsApp backup restore fails, it may be that something is corrupt with the backup file. However, if you have a local WhatsApp backup file on your phone, you can make use of this backup, usually named msgstore.db.crypt12 Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp. Open WhatsApp and verify your number. When prompted, tap RESTORE to restore your chats and media from Google Drive. After the restoration process is complete, tap NEXT Couldn't Restore Chat History Whatsapp. I have a problem with my icloud Back up. All my datas are back well (contacts, SMS, Apps...) The only Problem is when I want to restore my whatsapp from my Back Up its telling impossible to restore. I've done all the solutions advices on both apple and whatsapp websites help centers but no one worked If WhatsApp doesn't detect a backup, it might be because: You aren't logged into the same Google account. You aren't using the same phone number that was used to create the backup. Your SD card or chat history is corrupted

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  1. WhatsApp couldn't restore messages due to unable internet connection. WhatsApp backup missing or chat history are already deleted. How to Fix Unable to Restore WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive Way 1. To Restore Deleted WhatsApp Messages without Backu
  2. If you need restore the WhatsApp data from the backup, make sure you have turned on WhatsApp backup in iCloud Drive. Or your WhatsApp data will not be backup in iCloud backup. The first step would be to set up iCloud Drive on your iOS device following the steps: Go to Settings -> Apple ID [your name] -> Tap iCloud -> Swipe to turn on iCloud Drive
  3. Once you've confirmed your phone number, WhatsApp will prompt you to restore your messages and media from Google Drive. Click, Restore and wait for the transfer process to complete. Click Next to access your Chats and for the initialization process to complete

After many attempts for 3 days a gave up and started fresh WhatsApp by skipping the restore. At last lost all the chats in backup. I even contacted Google and WhatsApp team, even I tried to extract manually WhatsApp backup from Drive but It had a problem too, I even installed previous versions of WhatsApp but no fix How to fix unable to start restoring your message history backup in whatsapp-I try to reinstall the whatsapp but backup isn't working it shows the following. I have bought a new Samsung Galaxy Note and I have backed up my WhatsApp on the old Samsung device. The size of the backup file is 12GB. But when I try to restore the backup to the new Samsung device, the process fails midway and I get the message Unable to Restore WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive Current chat history will be lost upon restoration. There are only up to 7 days worth of backup files. Any new messages sent/received after a backup, and deleted before the next backup, cannot be restored. If you run a manual backup, it will overwrite the most recent automatic backup file I followed the steps below to restore whatsapp chats: 1) on my old phone, I backed up my chats to SD card. 2) Insert the SD card on the new phone. 3) Moved the whole whatsapp folder to the new phone from the SD card. 4) Install whatsapp on new phone and register and then it said there is a backup file founded, asked if I would like to restore it

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This happened to me once and i realized the mistake was mine I created backup by turning off mobile data and it never got to complete the backup as other files and images, etc were not uploaded to Google Drive. So when i tried restoring, it alway.. WhatsApp Pocket is a powerful app to extract and recover WhatsApp chat history including all text message and media files from iOS device, iTunes and iCloud backup. Now we use WhatsApp Pocket to extract your all WhatsApp iCloud backup data. Step 1: Download WhatsApp Pocket Demo version. It supports to scan and preview for free Tapping on it initiated a download of chat messages and when it reaches 100%, it gives an error saying Couldn't restore chat history with an option to either click Retry or Cancel. I have ensured the following: Using the same Phone number as I usually use to register and backup WhatsApp Go through the scan's results, select all of the WhatsApp messages and media you want to recover, and click Recover to transfer the data to your computer. It really couldn't be easier. By using iMyFone D-Back (Android), you're quickly able to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages and access them once again In order to restore your WhatsApp message history, you'll need to allow access to your contacts, photos, media and files. Start by tapping continue. You need to tap continue to start the..

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  1. On Android there are two ways to restore WhatsApp backups: the first is to take advantage of the backups made by the application on Google Drive (i.e. on the cloud); the second is to take advantage of the backup files that WhatsApp saves locally on the device memory. The difference between the two methods is that the first allows you to restore.
  2. For the first time, I clicked restore but it couldn't restore as got no space and WhatsApp closed the app itself. I was carelessly when starting WhatsApp again and didn't click restore from previous database on the 2nd time. I searched online for the WhatsApp help and deleted some apps to free up space
  3. Step 6: Select, Preview, and Restore WhatsApp from Broken Android Phone After scanning and extracting, you will now be able to view and scan through each entry that has been recovered. You can pick and choose the files you want to save, simply highlight them and click on Recover to make sure you save it to your computer or laptop
  4. If you want, you can later restore WhatsApp backup to the same or any other device as well. Just connect the device, and under the WhatsApp Transfer module, choose the option to Restore WhatsApp backup. Afterward, just select the backup file from the list and wait as it would be restored to your phone
  5. Step 1: First of all, download and install Dr.Fone - WhatsApp Transfer on your computer and then run it. Once you launch the application, click on the WhatsApp Transfer tab from the program interface. Step 2: From over the left side panel, hit on 'WhatsApp' and then tap on 'Restore WhatsApp messages to iOS device'

Note: If you used iCloud Drive to create WhatsApp backup, it will only be able to restore on an iPhone with iOS 9 or later. Solution 4. Check iPhone Storage. If your iPhone doesn't have enough available storage for the iCloud backup, then it can be the reason why you're unable to restore WhatsApp from iCloud Simply hit on restore chat history to restore your whatsapp messages back to iphone. troubleshooting problems restoring whatsapp messages on iphone from icloud. should you run into any problems when restoring the whatsapp messages, such as whatsapp couldn't restore chat history, here are a few things to consider iPhone WhatsApp couldn't restore chat history? Take it easy. Read on this post and learn 9 ways to fix WhatsApp restore from iCloud not working problem. By Fay J. Melton | Sunday on Feb 02, 2020, 10:45 GMT; How to Restore Only WhatsApp Messages from iTunes. You have come to the right place if you want to restore only WhatsApp messages from.

Whatsapp Couldn't Restore Messages :(Close. 0. Posted by 2 hours ago. Whatsapp Couldn't Restore Messages :(Recently i switched from my POCO X3 to the Galaxy A71 and now I am facing this issue from whatsapp not being able to restore my backup which is already available in drive ! Please help me out ! 2 2. comments. share. save Couldn't restore chat history - Whatsapp backup stuck iPhone problem how to fix. Su Amigo Alex. Subscribe. DOWNLOAD. Views 69,510. 369. 100. Add to My Playlist Watch Leter Shar Couldn't restore chat history - Whatsapp backup stuck iPhone problem how to fi

Here are two methods you can try. 1. Google Drive Backup. If you've kept the same phone number, you can use your Google account (which also needs to be the one you've used with your previous phone) to restore your old WhatsApp chats. Install the WhatsApp app on your phone. Launch it and enter your phone number WhatsApp will ask you to restore your chats and media from a backup once you verify your number. Simply tap RESTORE when prompted to. If WhatsApp doesn't detect a backup, it could be because: You aren't logged into the same Google account. You aren't using the same phone number that was used to create the backup It will help Android users to restore WhatsApp messages if they lost their phone. When you chat on WhatsApp, your messages, media files, and docs will be saved locally on your phone. Every day at 2.00 AM, your chats are backed up on your phone's storage. This is another excellent useful feature to restore WhatsApp Backup Restore WhatsApp messages from Google Drive to the Android. Then follow the steps in Part 1 to back it up. After you back up Android by Dr.Fone, you can restore it to iPhone with the steps below: Step 1. Connect your iOS device to PC. Once you have backed up your Android WhatsApp data to PC, you can restore WhatsApp backup to your iOS devices

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Step 3: Access Whatsapp messages on iCloud and restore them. Once the download is complete, you can browse all found WhatsApp chats on the screen. To recover WhatsApp chat history from iCloud backup, check the boxes next to each chat. Go ahead and click Recover button. When prompts, choose a place to save the restored WhatsApp conversations in. After you do this, just tap on 'Restore,' and your messages will be restored according to your latest backup files. It would be easier to recover deleted Whatsapp messages if you do this within the backup period you have chosen from the menu. However, Backup is not the only solution to recover WhatsApp chat, yet it is the easiest Pro Tip: Find out how to restore WhatsApp messages without Google Drive backup. Similarly, while switching from an old iPhone to a new iPhone, you need to use the iCloud backup functionality in. T his post will explain how to recover messages from WhatsApp using Python. In particular I'll be exp l aining how I went about finding and extracting conversations from the WhatsApp's sqlite. WhatsApp will ask you to restore your chats and media from a backup when you verify your number. Simply tap [Restore] when prompted to. If WhatsApp does not detect a backup, it could be because:- - You are not logged into the same Google account. - You are not using the same phone number that was used to create the backup

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And MMS messages won't download automatically but you can download them manually. Delete Old Messages. If there are many old messages on your phone, new messages won't download. This may be because of the limit of the messaging app. To fix MMS messages not downloading, you can delete those old messages to free up storage space. Just have a try Alternatively, you can restore WhatsApp data from iCloud backup if you had backed it up with iPhone settings instead of WhatsApp settings. These are the steps to let restore WhatsApp data from iCloud backup. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone, then visit General>Reset>Erase All content and Settings

Forecovery WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore toolkit enables you to backup your WhatsApp conversations to computer with 1 click. The backup conversations can be previewed on toolkit at any time, even you have deleted the chat history on your phone. You can restore the full WhatsApp backup to your new iPhone or any Android device like Samsung. In additional, you can recover your WhatsApp messages in 3 methods - from the iOS device, from iTunes backup, and iCloud backup. Let's show the the detail guide to recover lost WhatsApp messages from iPhone without any backups. 3 Steps to Recover iPhone Lost WhatsApp Messages after iOS 13 Update. Step 1 Deleted WhatsApp messages are easy to read! The process of setting up the message recovery app is evidently pretty simple. Once you complete the app setup, you are all set to read the deleted WhatsApp messages on your Android device. To restore the deleted chat, enable chat back up from Settings as per the instructions in the bonus tips Import That App messages from Windows Phone application is NOT an official WhatsApp application; It is NOT associated, affiliated with or sponsored, endorsed by WhatsApp Inc or any other third party

How to Force Close WhatsApp on iOS. Double click the physical Home button (for iPhone 8 or earlier and iPhone SE 2020) or swipe up from the bottom of your device's screen and release your finger when the app preview cards appear on the screen. Swipe up the WhatsApp preview to force close it. Launch WhatsApp again and check if you're able to download media files Note: while you can choose any of the other data types that are listed, the scan will take longer. #5 - Your Android will now be scanned and once the scan is complete, simply select the WhatsApp data that you want to recover, click on the Recover button, and you're done!. It's that simple. Managing your WhatsApp data couldn't get easier, and when you have a tool like Dr.Fone to. Steps. Launch File manager app. Example ES File explorer. Go to your internal storage. You will find a WhatsApp folder. You need to copy this folder. If you couldn't find one, go to your external storage to find the WhatsApp folder. In our case, we found the Android WhatsApp folder in local storage If you wish to restore all your messages, photos and video on the new device then click the Restore button. (If you choose Skip you will get a fresh installation of WhatsApp.) Choose on Restore if prompted to restore from WhatsApp iCloud, and wait until it's done. Step 6. WhatsApp will now begin downloading your files

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This has the ability to restore every lost data like blocked text messages, contacts, WhatsApp messages, documents, notes, call history, photos, videos and many more. The best part is no matter for what reason the blocked messages are removed, this amazing tool works effectively to rescue messages on Android without backup 2. Unlock your iPhone and tap Trust as prompted to authorize your computer. 3. After a successful connection, click the iPhone icon at iTunes' upper-left corner, tap Summary, and click Restore Backup in the right window. 4. Select the backup file that contains the WhatsApp chats and hit Restore So, this method doesn't work for recovering deleted Instagram messages. Using third-party tools to restore deleted Instagram DMs. Many third-party tools claim to help you with message recovery on Instagram and other platforms like WhatsApp. However, I tried several such as iMyFone and Fucosoft but they did not work for me. While they offer a. After that, turn on your Internet and you will see this yellow message,Couldn't RetoreMedia. Click the X button and it asks if you want to skip restore (no longer able to restore again later) and Yes. That all, only message restore, so that your WhatsApp in your new phone is not heavy loaded

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Backup & Restore Kik, Line, Viber and WeChat Chat History. Except WhatsAp and WhatsApp Business data, Fucosoft WhatsApp Transfer also supports other popular social apps backup and restore, such as Kik, Line, Viber and WeChat. It can meet all your needs to backup app chat history and free you from the trouble of losing data in your daily life There are two ways to transfer WhatsApp messages to your new iPhone: iCloud and PC. Free iCloud storage is limited and creates problems with large amounts of data. So, we advise you to have a WhatsApp chat backup on your PC with CopyTrans Shelbee. Then you can restore WhatsApp from backup Here is how to re-download WhatsApp deleted media: Once you delete media from your phone's storage. Go back to the conversation in WhatsApp. You will find the blurred thumbnail there with a. Step 8: Download and install WhatsApp on your new iPhone. After you verify your phone number, WhatsApp will ask if you want to restore your iCloud backup. Tap on Restore to begin transferring all your WhatsApp messages, media files, and other data to your new iPhone. This may take some time depending on how large the backup data is Android users can long tap on the WhatsApp app icon to open app info. Go to Mobile data & Wi-Fi and toggle on the Background data option. 7. Lock WhatsApp from the Multitasking Menu (Android

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  1. Step 3: Preview and recover deleted texts from iPhone storage. On the results window, you are able to have a preview of each message conversation. Next, select text messages you want to restore, click the Recover button. You'll be given a dialog. Select an local path, and the program will start retrieving messages and save in computer
  2. Extra Tip: How to Recover Deleted Messages on iPhone 12. Many a time, we lose our important messages for one reason or the other. Gone are the days when you couldn't restore the deleted messages and had to rely on expensive software or a professional mobile repairer to do the job
  3. WhatsApp, the world's biggest Instant Messaging platform, doesn't offer multi-platform sync functions. Meaning, you can't transfer WhatsApp chat and media from iOS to Android or vice versa using the official solution. WhatsApp does offer the native backup solution on iPhone and Android using iCloud and Google Drive respectively
  4. Plus, WhatsApp creates a pairwise encrypted session where the client encrypts the messages and transmits them to all the linked devices of the user. Here, WhatsApp says that each message is individually encrypted using the established pairwise encryption session with each device, and messages are not stored on the server after they are.
  5. San Francisco: Facebook-owned WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature for its users to transfer their chat histories from iOS to Android operating system. According to 9To5Google, Google's 'Data Transfer Tool', the standard tool for copying files from one Android to another or from iOS to Android, is preparing to offer a way to copy your WhatsApp chats from your iPhone
  6. Note: If you're using two SIM card on your android device, make sure you select the SIM you're using for WhatsApp.. Also select the Network operator automatically and restart your phone. Uninstall Cleanup Apps : The cleanup apps delete the duplicate files and images to save memory. If you're using any apps such as Files by Google, CCleaner, Clean Master etc, just delete it

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  1. The deleted WhatsApp messages on Redmi phone is recovered in the same way as we do in other phones. Here are the steps to restore WhatsApp messages: First, uninstall WhatsApp from Android phone; Then again reinstall WhatsApp and enter your phone number; After the app is set up, a popup occurs that ask you to restore messages from cloud backu
  2. Restore only Contacts, Messages, etc. Recover only the info you need without overwriting any other data on the target device. Your Settings will be safe, and your other media will be up to date. We work with: - Contacts - Photos - Apps - SMS, WhatsApp and more
  3. To get at your phone's not-deleted deleted messages, you need a phone running at least Android 6 or 7. In Notification History, look for the notification that says WhatsApp. The message will be.
  4. The feature which is under development fixes the issue where a user couldn't restore the chat history after buying a device that's not on the same operating system, said WABetaInfo
  5. 1) Uninstall WhatsApp from your iPhone or Android. 2) Re-install it from the app store. 3) Log-in, then restore your conversations from back-up. Advertisement. To retrieve a deleted post, users.

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  1. WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging apps across the globe. You can get an idea about its popularity when I will tell you that people don't say message me on WhatsApp rather they say WhatsApp me that is the branding it has built over the time.And, all this fame it had gotten within a small span of time after being released in January 2010
  2. I've never done this, but couldn't one export the local WhatsApp backup stored on the phone, transfer to the new phone and restore. I know local backup exists but not sure on the restore Click to.
  3. Tap on More options. Go to Settings. Access Chats. Make sure Media file visibility is on. To do it in an individual chat, follow these steps: Open the WhatsApp chat in question. Touch on the three options points. Click on View contact or Group info. Tap on Visibility of multimedia files and activate it
  4. 2. Delete and re-install WhatsApp 3. Restore chat backup It seems what it's doing is deleting and re-installing WhatsApp to try and reset message notifications. There is a reset notifications option in the WhatsApp itself but I assume that's more for restoring alert sounds back to defaults etc.
  5. One grey tick means that your messages have been sent and WhatsApp has it now. Double grey tick marks mean that the WhatsApp server has delivered the message to the recipient. Two blue marks mean that the other person has read your message. A clock icon means that the message is yet to be sent from your device. 10. How to Hide Blue Ticks on.

The only way a third party, such as the police or intelligence services, can access users' messages is if WhatsApp removes the end-to-end encryption and switches back to the old version of the. Open WhatsApp and tap on New Chat Icon located at the bottom right corner of your screen. 2. On the next screen, tap on the 3-dots Menu icon located at the top right corner of your screen. 3. From the menu that appears, tap on the Refresh option. This will Refresh your WhatsApp Contacts list and if this fix has worked, you should now be able to. I'm receiving annoying messages from a dummy number but n whatsapp, after searching that number it was not real and it was a dummy. How could i know the original sender number or IP address. Any help please because its too annoying and i couldn't found a solution. System Configuration: iPhone / Chrome 91..4472.80 Thirdly, Android users can use Google Drive to backup WhatsApp chats and restore WhatsApp backup from Google Drive. Fourthly, and most importantly, only Google Drive provides a user with 15 GB of free cloud storage, which is maximum among other cloud services. Here is the full list: Google Drive: 15GB Free Space pCloud: 10GB Free Spac

Recover deleted WhatsApp Messages from iTunes backup without overwrite. If you weren't using the Chat Backup feature in WhatsApp, you can scan an iPhone backup created through iTunes (or Finder if you are using Mac OS X 10.15 or later) to find your deleted WhatsApp messages How to use the WhatsApp fact-check feature. WhatsApp's fact-checking feature couldn't be easier to use. While it's only available on messages that have been forwarded within the app at least five. In GB whatsapp i couldn't change group settings. I want to restrict group to be message sent only by admins. I mean only admin can send a message, the App pop-ups a message Couldn't change this setting. Please try again. So, this is a failure of this app's feature which in a computer language can be called a bug of the software or. After installed WhatsApp on my new phone, I thought all of my messages there so I did a backup. On oneDrive I had 2 backups, one from the old phone and another from the new. I wanted restore the old phone backup and couldn't because the phone always offer to do the newest backup to restore. So I deleted from oneDrive the newest backup but STILL.

Solution 1: Force Stop WhatsApp and Restart Your Device. According to users, one of the most effective ways to recover WhatsApp is to force it to stop. It doesn't mean to simply exit it. iPhone/iPad users should double-click the Home button, and get the recently used apps' list. Find out WhatsApp and swipe it up to close it, and then restart. Download dr.fone for windows 10 for free. System Utilities downloads - Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android by Wondershare Technology Corp. and many more programs are available for instant and free download You can also click Restore to PC to view the messages on PC or Restore to Device to share the messages to other iPhone. Apart from searching for deleted SMS on iPhone, you can also take advantage of FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery (opens new window) to search notes, contacts, WhatsApp messages, Safari bookmarks, Safari history, etc. on iPhone and. apk: This folder contains WhatsApp 2.18.248 apk's, as they are known to be the last version where WhatsApp allowed the restore of local encrypted/unencrypted backups. This might be useful if you are moving from WP to Android directly without using WinWazzapMigrator

WhatsApp chat data is every bit as important as your phone's stock text messages are. To avoid losing your data if your phone is stolen or broken, you'll want to back up your WhatsApp chats. Luckily, you can do this directly from within the app's settings menu 3). Hold on the particular chat that you want to delete. 4). If you want to remove multiple chats, then you can also select more chats. After selection, click on the delete icon present on top of the WhatsApp window. This will delete Whatsapp message forever. b). Steps for delete whatsapp messages group chat. 1)

Recover messages, photos, contacts, WhatsApp and more than ever, find Lost and deleted data on Android with FonePaw Mobile Transfer. Download. 5 on 2 votes . Transfer files from one phone to another couldn't be easier with FonePaw Mobile Transfer. Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android. Download As well as creating iPhone and iPad backups, the software can recover deleted messages, contacts, WhatsApp history and more. Deleted data from your device is found during a scan of the database. Deleted data from your device is found during a scan of the database

WhatsApp Spy Free Download. WhatsApp spy app enables you to record their WhatsApp messages, audio and video files attached, phone calls, use the phone's camera to secretly take pictures, spy on SMS, MMS, Facebook. It also saves audio and video files from Facebook messages. So you can track Facebook messages no problem WhatsApp uses push notifications to inform you of messages but uses a different channel to deliver the actual message. If you are in an area with a bad or low data / Wi-Fi connection, the network will be able to deliver the push notification but not the actual message

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Step 2. View and check your wanted iPhone SMS. Soon, all your iPhone data will be in categories on the left menu of the screen. From here, select Messages and preview details on the right. Next, choose your desired SMS for transfer. Step 3. Get iPhone text messages on Windows 10. Click Export and choose an output format as necessary WhatsApp has about 1.5 billion users in 180 countries, which makes it becomes the most-popular go-to messaging app in the world. We may save many important files that we do not want to delete through the app, but in case that your iPhone is stolen or lost and the saved data couldn't be found, then backing up WhatsApp data regularly is highly recommended

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The good news is that you can now use a third party app - iRefone for Mac to recover deleted messages from Facebook Messenger easily and quickly. In addition to Facebook messages, it can also recover deleted data like WeChat messages, WhatsApp messages, contacts, iMessages, notes, calendars, photos, voice memos and more from iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Solution 2: Restore iPhone with iTunes on another computer. videos, music, contacts, messages, Safari bookmarks, etc. It also recovers the lost WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Viber, Tango, and Kik messages. The software is extremely easy to use. Simply launch it on your Mac or PC, connect your iPhone to the computer and follow the on-screen.

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Reboot the computer you're doing the restore with. This will fix any potential USB connection errors. Reboot the iPhone you're restoring, by pressing the top or side (lock) button until a slide to power off slider appears. Slide to power off, wait a few moments, and then power back on. If the iPhone is not freshly setup, you can also try. Grow your subscriber list, create bots, and broadcast messages on WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Telegram, and other chat apps. Start Your FREE 14-day Trial Now Get your special offer for an official Whatsapp Business API - free setup and only $20/mont On Mac click the iTunes menu > Preferences. Note: For Mac users running Catalina/Big Sur, click Manage Backups in Finder to see a list of your backups. In Preferences, click the Devices tab. Select your iPhone in the backups list and press Delete Backup. Close the iTunes Preferences window and press Back Up Now to try the back up again Follow the steps below to recover the deleted music or audio files on Android: Open Google Drive App on your phone and locate the audio files in the storage. You can simply type the name of the audio files or choose the Audio option displayed when you click on the Search space How to restore pictures deleted from Android Gallery using Google Photos. Open the Google Photos app on your Android phone. Select the deleted photo, which you want to restore. Tap on Menu icon (three dots on the top right) Select ' Save to device'. If the photo is already on your device, this option won't appear

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Restore WhatsApp messages from another phone can be very easy. This article introduces 4 ways to retrieve WhatsApp backup from another phone (for both iPhone and Android). Read More >> Posted by Elva | Jul 07, 2021 10:56 A Android Apps to Backup SMS and Call Logs. 1. SMS Backup +. This app is capable of backing up your SMS, call logs, and MMS efficiently. It can back up the data using a separate label on Gmail (need to enable IMAP in Gmail) and/or Google Calendar as well. Restoration of texts and call logs is also possible, but MMS is not supported yet Launch WhatsApp on your phone and access the settings menu (click the three dots at the top right to access more options on an Android device), then choose WhatsApp Web. Step 3. A QR reader will then open on your phone; point this at your PC screen to read the code and be automatically logged into WhatsApp on the web. Step 4

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Method 2. Recover iPhone Call History from iTunes Backup File . This way is a strongly recommended recovery mode. When you are sure that the deleted iPhone call history is included in the previous iTunes and iCloud backup files at the same time, you should give priority to use the recovery module Recover from iTunes Backup File To manually restore your chat history: Open Viber on your new phone. Tap on More (Android) (iOS) Tap on Settings. Tap on Account. Tap on Viber Backup. Tap on Restore. Select Restore Now. After your chat history is restored your photos and videos will continue restoring in the background, allowing you to use Viber while you wait #7 - Click on Restore to Device and after a few minutes (or more if you restore thousands of messages), the data will be on your iPhone again. Like we said before: these same steps are usable for WhatsApp and other social apps that dr.fone is compatible with The reason for this is that we can find the location on iTunes backup folder. Then, copy and paste our WhatsApp data from our Android to the iTunes backup folder just regard the computer as a bridge. As we use iTunes to transfer WhatsApp data from its source file. Here, we find the data file of WhatsApp on the Android phone 3 Recovery Modes for Full-scale Data Recovery. Leawo iOS Data Recovery is the best iOS data recovery software since it enables iOS owners to recover data from various modes to ensure successful data recovery, including: iOS device data recovery mode, iTunes data recovery mode and iCloud data recovery mode

Import messages from WhatsApp — Windows Phone to AndroidHow to Export WhatsApp Messages to ExcelWondershare DrGmail down in India: Users unable to , send mails orFont in apps isn't what it should be