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You're reviewing: Hoyt Satori Flemish Twist Recurve String Your Rating. Quality. 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars. Price. 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars. Value. 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars. Nickname. Email. Summary. Review. Submit Review. Lancaster Archery Supply Leading the World in 3D & Target Archery. All Hoyt recurves are engineered to work with the latest high-performance string materials. We have extensively tested and have had good results with the following: Angel Majesty Brownell D75 Dyneema Brownell D75 Thin Brownell TS1 BCY Dynaflight 97 BCY 8125G or BCY 8190. Any of these current materials can be used to build an excellent recurve. Hoyt makes great bows, and you can improve them with our custom Hoyt strings and cables. We carry bow strings for virtually any Hoyt model on the market as well as pre-2008 bows. Whether you're overdue for a string change or gearing up for a competition, upgrading your strings is a simple, affordable way to get the most performance out of. We build recurve bows for everyone - world-class competitors, recreational archers, bowhunters and everyone in between. Rest assured, our complete lineup of recurve bows will have the perfect fit for your shooting style. 29 BOWS FOUND. Formula Xi Riser. XCEED Riser 27

Our standard recurve strings are made with 8125 from BCY USA. They are pre-stretched, twisted and served under tension with a Speciality Superserver which produces a string you can trust. Bows with Hoyt limbs require a string that is 0.75 longer than the ILF length. For help on ordering please see the description below recurve bow. Hoyt's recurve bows have been designed for the serious recurve archer. Hoyt bows have brought home more Olympic and World medals than any other bow in the world. With your new Hoyt bow you get the support of a company which has been making bows for over 70 years. From well craft-ed limbs to precise risers, we are sure you will be.

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String: Hoyt recurve bow string. Made from quality BCY string material. The loops are served with nylon, giving you lasting performance. There is also a nylon center serving for abrasion resistance. Includes a free Hoyt keychain, Hoyt decal, and nylon riser sleeve and two nylon limbs sleeves with padded interiors and Velcro® closures Hoyt Recurve Bows. Widely used for both competitive and recreational archery target practice, recurve bows have a number of characteristics that make them a common choice for archery. They are considered to be an improvement without straying too far from traditional longbows The Hoyt Recurve Stealth Shot is a must have for serious recurve target shooters. By stopping the string at brace height, the stealth shots dampens limb vibr.. Flex Recurve String 8125. $35.00. Fast Flight recurve string suitable for most recurve bowsServing colours do vary and will be sent at random. Add to cart. Flex Pro Classic Recurve String Fast Flight+. $20.00. Flemish string for traditional bows. Made of B50 material. Black and White twist

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Hoyt Formula Xi Riser. $1,379.00. Sale. Never before have we offered so much recurve riser design and performance at such an affordable price. Built on our Grand Prix riser platform, the Alero is loaded with tried and true Hoyt Technology that will allow archers to excel from the start. The Ale. Add to cart HOYT SATORI COMPLETE BOW SALE $739.95. Hoyt Satori risers utilizes the Earl Hoyt Dovetail System, micro-adjustment for precise limb alignment, and includes Hoyt's all new adjustable side plate which you have the ability to shim the plate out to get the very best arrow flight. They come in 3 lengths 17″, 19″, and 21″ in both right and.

If you are interested in Hoyt compound products, please visit our shop in Toronto, Canada, give us a call or send us an email. All Hoyt orders placed in store are treated with priority. Hoyt traditional and recurve products are available to purchase online. Get Serious. Get Hoyt. Showing 36 results for Hoyt Archery. Products (36 Tags: Hoyt Recurve Bow Kit SECOND HAND* Excellent condition - Great for young beginners!Includes: Hoyt Grand Prix Prodigy Riser - RH Black 25 Kaya K1 Limbs - 66 / 24# Flex Fast Flight Recurve Pro String Cartel Dynamic 30 Stabilizer Cartel Dynamic Quiver - 3 Tube Black Easton Deluxe Belt 2x Arm Guards (1x Short / 1x Long) 1dz Easton Apollo 1070 Arrows Cartel RX105 Black Stand Cartel Activa. Compound Strings and Cables. compound strings full sets; Compound Strings and Cables (Individual Components) Recurve Bowstrings. ILF/Standard Recurve String; Hoyt/Formula Recurve String; Uukha Recurve String; Custom Recurve String; Gift Vouchers; Pro Team; Contact Us £ 0.00 Hoyt Buffalo Recurve Bow 55# Blackout RH is so well-made. I have custom recurves and long bows but the only current recurve i hunt with is the buffalo. When you buy a Hoyt Buffalo Recurve Bow, you get more than a bow—you get a package. Hoyt started producing the Hoyt Buffalo three years ago as a custom-designed bow for Fred Eichler

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Free Shipping Available On Many Items. Buy On eBay. Money Back Guarantee! But Did You Check eBay? Check Out Top Brands On eBay This is a Hoyt Flemish Recurve Bow replacement string for the Hoyt GameMaster II Takedown Recurve bow. Whether you've got an accidental cut in the..

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This is a Hoyt Flemish Recurve Bow replacement string for the Hoyt Dorado Takedown Recurve bow. Whether you've got an accidental cut in the string or just shot it so much it needs to be replaced, this string will make your Dorado Recurve like new again. Note: This string is for the Hoyt Dorado which is 60 long. The actual string lengh is 57.25 *String not included* Fred Eichler is the first bowhunter to take all 29 North American big game animals with a recurve bow, completing the elusive Super Slam. Where does Fred go when he wants a takedown recurve that matches his high standards? To Hoyt, where they've worked with him to create the Fred Eichler Signature Hoyt Satori Takedown Recurve Recurve Strings Compound Strings and Cables Longbow and Traditional Strings Crossbow Strings and Cables. Clickers and Buttons. Clickers Buttons Clicker and Button Parts. Dampeners. Hoyt Stringer Recurve Pro Series 118001. € 19,90. Hoyt Stringer Recurve Pro Series. Product Cod Hoyt Buffalo comes with: Machined aluminium riser. Takedown limbs. Custom Wood Grip. Custom, hand made Flemish Twist string. Allen key. Hoyt decal. Hoyt keyring. Hoyt Warranty Book. Buffalo specific, Hoyt 2-piece 4 arrow quiver, available as an optional extra and can be purchased separately. Buffalo specs at a glance. Bow length 58,60, 6

String Quality. Very solid hand-made Flemish string, will last for 15 000+ arrows with proper maintenance/waxing. The bow will obviously accept all types of modern FastFlight bow strings. How Accurate is The Hoyt Buffalo? Remember that this bow is for instinctive shooters. You must have a good eye if you want to shoot accurately Some brands of recurve bows always have a label containing several data like draw, cable, string length and weight. This makes it easier for you to find out that the correct string length that you actually need for a particular recurve bow. #2. Manual method. The label or the AMO can be missing sometimes on the bow Measuring Bowstring Length for Recurve Bows. To find the correct bowstring length on a recurve bow, all you need is a tape measure. I am going to use a recurve bow in this example. You are going to take the tape and measure along the curve of the bow limbs from the string groove to string groove. This is going to be your string length String Material. Complete Strings Recurve. Nocking Points & Kisser Buttons. Wax. D-Loop. Bow Cases & Bags. Recurve Bags. Compound Cases. Arrow Tubes & Cases Hoyt Flemish String - For 60 Bow. £23.15. Product Code: 721573. Hoyt Flemish String - For 60 Bow. 1 In Stock. £23.15. Add to Cart. Product Code: 721574. Hoyt Flemish String - For 62 Bow

The Hoyt Buffalo Recurve is a bow that is available in several styles. An archer can get the bow featuring an visually exquisite blackout riser with matching limbs, a blackout riser with limbs made of maple, or a silver riser coupled with blackout limbs. The Hoyt Buffalo is part of the company's traditional series of bows Hoyt has brought out the perfect length hunting takedown recurve - The Fred Eichler Signature Series Buffalo. Buffalo is packed with deadly accuracy and sweet shootability. This is the high-tech stickbow with key traditional features, including a double-radius shelf for ideal clearance and point-and-shoot ergonomics for instinctive accuracy

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  1. Hoyt Recurve Bowstringer Description. Experienced archers know that the safest way to string or unstring a recurve bow is with a bow stringer. Hoyt redefines the genre with its competition recurve stringer. A Hoyt bow stringer ensures your limbs will not twist when you are stringing your bow. Advanced polymers and strong parachute cord merge.
  2. Products From Recurve Strings. Archers Gear Dacron Recurve Bow String: Archers Paradox 8125 String: Archers Paradox Dacron String: Flex Dacron String Yellow with Black Serving - To fit a 62 Bow £4.49 Hoyt Flemish String - For Hoyt Traditional Bows £22.00 Podium Bowstrings - String + Wax £20.70 Was £21.79
  3. A Genesis bow, set at 20lb. (it's adjustable from 10 to 20 lbs), stores and releases energy comparable to that of a 35lb. recurve! Plus, with zero let-off, it has the 'holding weight' necessary to 'pull the string from your finger,' making it easy to shoot. SPECIFICATIONS: Axle-to-Axle: 35.5 Brace Height: 7.5 Draw Weight: 10 - 20 l

The Hoyt Gamemaster II is a high-end recurve bow. The palm grip is made from leather and the fingers rest on the well-polished metalic finish of the riser. You will have to find the proper wrist positioning for an optimal grip, which is different for every shooter. Hoyt Gamemaster II Bow String Recurve Strings; Traditional Strings; Compound Strings & Cables; Bowstring Accessories. String Wax; Nocking Points; D-Loops; Kisser Buttons; String Silencers; Speed Buttons; String Keepers; HOYT 3 items; SVL 8 items; Price. £0.00 - £9.99 10 items; £10.00 - £19.99 7 items; £20.00 and above 2 items; Sale. Yes 1 item; Stay Connected. Sign. 2014 Recurve trad manual.indd 10 10/9/13 7:11 PM Hoyt measures Flemish strings under 100 pounds of tension. Please refer to the chart below when selecting a new shooting string for your bow. Model Extra Short Limbs Short Limbs Medium Limbs TIBURON 60 Bow 57.25 String 62 Bow 59.25 String 64 Bow 61.25 String BUFFALO 58 Bow 55.25 String hoyt recurve bow with extra limbs, strings, stabilisers, 30 arrows.. Condition is Used. Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class. 2 x Samick Universal 23H 34 lbs 25H 32 lbs 2 x Samick Universal Take-down 66 36lbs. 7 x Longshot 69cm E17 9 x Easton Superlite 69cm A/C/C Series DH Aluminium/ Carbon Completion

  1. Oct 1, 2014 - Explore Jonathan Walker's board Hoyt Recurve Archery on Pinterest. See more ideas about archery, recurve bows, recurve bow
  2. Hoyt Satori Recurve Review By Matt Davis, Guest Contributor. I'll start out by clarifying that my role at Hoyt, during my time as an employee there, was NOT an engineer. I didn't single handedly piece the Satori Recurve together. The Satori however, is a compilation of every thought, idea, and need that I felt a true ILF designed riser needed
  3. HOYT Recurve XCEED Grand Prix Riser* HOYT Recurve Grand Prix XCEED Riser* **Average turn around time is 1-2 weeks based on stock built - Please phone to confirm** GRAND PRIX SERIES TARGET RECURVES TAKE YOUR PERFORMANCE TO THE NEXT LEVEL WITH THE ORIGINAL DOVETAIL TAKEDOWN SYSTEM—STILL THE BEST. IMITATED BUT NEVER EQUALED
  4. It travels somewhere in between the plane of the bow and the plane of the arrow (archer's paradox). When the arrow is too stiff/slightly over-spined, it occasionally veers too much to the left of where I try to aim when I shoot the bow horizontally. When I shoot my bow slightly canted however, these problems seem to mostly disappear
  5. The ProLine Difference. Made right here in the USA, ProLine bowstrings exhibit expert attention to detail and a passion for superior craftsmanship. The entire layout process, including serving, twisting, and tensioning of the string, is air automated to ensure a thorough and high-quality product. Each bowstring goes through a rigorous quality.

Available. £8.99. Add to Cart. In your cart. Add to compare. Winner's Choice - 8125 Blue Speckled Recurve Bow String Today, we're gonna be talking about the Jaeger Signature Series Brady Ellison Hoyt Recurve Grip. So, you'll see I have this grip installed on a Hoyt Arcos ILF riser and this grip is super comfortable. Completely customized. It's gonna fit any of your Hoyt ILF or Formula Recurves that are manufactured recently Hoyt Buffalo 45# RH Recurve - $350 (Morro Bay) This is a 45#, Right Handed Hoyt Buffalo Recurve. It is just over a year old and has a custom string with silencers installed. I also have the original carrying case that came with the bow. I have always used a stringer for the bow and both limbs are true. The Buffalo retails for $799 new. I'm. Hoyt Arcos Recurve Riser. £399.95. Take your performance to the next level with the Hoyt Arcos recurve riser, build on the legendary grand Prix (GP) riser platform that has been tested over and over again. Original Earl Hoyt Geometry. Precision Machined Aluminium. Hoyt Dove-Tail Limb System (ILF) Length:25

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  1. HOYT COMPOUND BOW STRING & CABLE SET CUSTOM TROPHY STRING SET. New New New. $64.99 Archery Arrow Rest Center Nylon Screw Recurve Bow Target Hunting Shooting Tool. New New New. $6.57. $6.99 previous price $6.99 6% off 6% off previous price $6.99 6% off. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping
  2. Specifications: Hoyt Satori Limbs. Colours: Black, maple, realtree. Sizes: Short, medium or long. Draw weight: 35 - 65 (in increments of 5 lbs) Fitting: ILF. Material: Carbon and maple. Variations. We made a handy layout of all the combinations you can make with the different sizes risers and limbs. Short
  3. Second Hand Recurve Bows. We offer a part exchange service for risers, limbs, and compound bows bought from us within the last five years, only one item can be part exchanged during a sale. We reserve the right to decline taking any items in part exchange. Second Hand Hoyt Formula Carbon Ace Limbs, Medium 40lbs. Quick View
  4. Hoyt. Since 1931, Hoyt has been an industry leader and a world-renowned brand in archery and bowhunting. The Hoyt family was responsible for innovating more new archery ideas than anyone in their era, and that trend continues today. From its humble beginning in a small workshop in St. Louis, Missouri, to today's world-class, 150,000 square.
  5. The Hoyt Arcos handle is the new advanced handle by Hoyt. It is jam packed with proven technologies and techniques Hoyt has been using for years. This handle can be the perfect step up to get to a competing level in this sport
  6. Recurve Riser Hoyt Xceed Grand Prix. Available in RH or LH. SPECIFICATIONS: Riser Length: 25″ Mass Weight: 2.8 lb / 1,270 g; Limb Fitting System: Hoyt Grand Prix (ILF) Take your performance to the next level with the original dovetail takedown system—still the best. Imitated but never equalled. GRAND PRIX STRING TENSION TECHNOLOG

Hoyt Buffalo recurve take down bow. 40# pound left side loading bow which is a favourite for right handers but can be used by left handers too. Condition is Used but only been shot once so very near new. Includes 12 carbon fibre arrows plus quiver, string, arm guard, carry bag, limb covers and stringing tool Hoyt Buffalo recurve take down bow. 45# pound right side loading bow which is a favourite for left handers but can be used by right handers too. Condition is Used but only been shot once so very near new. Includes 12 carbon fibre arrows plus quiver, string, arm, guard carry bag, limb protectors and stringing tool From start to finish and in basic terms Olympian Crispin Duenas, with the help of Naomi Folkard, explains how to shoot a recurve bow.Subscribe now: http://b.. The recurve bow is the antithesis of a compound bow, which uses a system of pulleys and multiple strings to accelerate an arrow. A compound bow is more energy efficient, and therefore offers. Hoyt Matrix Recurve Bow. Condition is Used but very good condition still have the owners manual comes in silver cartel case with - *hoyt usa vector 30lbs limbs (length short) *cartel sight and accessories *beiter counter balance *chest gard *arme brace *bow string and stringing tool * bow string wax *9 easton platinum plus lite arrow

Feb 8, 2017 - Shop a wide selection of Archery products in the Amazon.com Archery Shop. Great prices and discounts on the best archery products and archery supplies, including youth archery. Free shipping and free returns on eligible items Professional Hoyt Excel Recurve Competition bow. Needs new red peep for long distance sight and string needs waxed other than that it's a beautiful bow that breaks down and fits in its own carry case. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offer Rare Pro Hoyt Custom Recurve Bow 70 41# With String RH Archery Target Hunting. Pre-owned. Pre-owned Pre-owned. C $535.62. + C $43.59 shipping. + C $43.59 shipping + C $43.59 shipping. Seller 100% positive. Seller 100% positive Seller 100% positive Hoyt Formula Faktor. Since 1931, Hoyt recurve risers have continually advanced industry standards of engineering and performance. Hoyt is proud to continue that tradition in 2017 by introducing the most high-performance, stable recurve riser they have ever produced: the all-new #FormulaFaktor.In addition to being built on the winningest system in recent history, the Hoyt Formula Platform, the.

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Nitro Recurve strings . As standard, our recurve strings are made with BCY 2X 0.015 loop and end serving in black or white. Standard centre serving is BCY 62XS Braided serving in black. All of our recurve strings are made to fit small groove nocks (e.g. Nitro small groove insert and pin nocks, Easton small groove G and pin nocks and Beiter. Hoyt Satori Recurve Bow 17 Black Riser RH 65# Medium Sub Alpine Limbs 60. 5 out of 5 stars. (5) 5 product ratings - Hoyt Satori Recurve Bow 17 Black Riser RH 65# Medium Sub Alpine Limbs 60. C $953.59. C $66.82 shipping Recurve, Panzer, Commando, RC300, RX150, Ranger II, and other recurve style crossbows needing a 32 strand string of this length all use a 25 5/8 inch 32 strand string. Most Wildcat's came with the 150

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eBay Is Here For You with Money Back Guarantee and Easy Return. Get Your Hoyt Bow String Today! Looking For Hoyt Bow String? We Have Almost Everything on eBay Designed to string and unstring all recurve or traditional bows ENSURE 100% SAFETY - A Stringer Tool is required to properly and safely string & assemble your takedown recurve bow and prevent damage to the bow or yourself A Bear Grizzly, a Colorado Bighorn and a Hoyt Easton

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At a Glance - Here are our Top Recurve Bow Strings + BEST OVERALL -Legend Dacron B-55. Best Overall! Modern string replacement. Available in AMO sizes from 48 inches through to 66 inches. 12-14-16 Strands. This is the string I personally use - highly recommend it. Their customer service and 100% money-back guarantee are outstanding! ____ ILF riser from Hoyt. Key features: Classic ILF/ Grand Prix fitting riser from Hoyt. Innovative pocket adjustment system uses String Tension Technology to provide a customizable feel through the clicker. VertaTune clicker plate allowing for tuneable pressure button height and a secure pressure button position Home Recurve Strings Hoyt Formula 8190 String. Hoyt Formula 8190 String. Blackridge Archery. Sale! from £19.90. Size. Qty. Add to Cart. Available: SKU: 1070211180. Previous Tel 01377 254818. Email. info@blackridge-archery.co.uk. VAT Number. 265 3639 82. Company Registration. Americas Best Bowstrings builds the highest quality Olympic Recurve, Traditional, and Longbow strings for your bow. We have 3 series of Recurve and Longbow strings that will meet every archers needs, whether you are a tournament professional or dedicated bowhunter

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Welcome to ABB. America's Best Bowstrings has been manufacturing high quality custom bowstrings since 2006. With a foundation based on serving God, we strive to be ethical archers and bowhunters, and to respect the great outdoors. Our commitment to the never ending search for perfection has been the driving force behind ABB, and leads us to be. Hoyt recurve durability? Target Recurve. I'm fairly new (but not not completely green) to the sport. To this point I owned 2 bows: an SF Optimo and a Ragim Matrix. The matrix was my first and I managed to twist its limbs while stringing the bow. This was my very own fault. But the incident kind of stood with me..

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Covers Recurve Recurve Cases Bowslings Bowstands Bowstringers Buttons Cable guards & Cable slides Chest protector Clickers Damping Limb Dampers Sight Dampers Top Dampers String Dampers Stabilizer Dampers Hunting Blinds Treestand Knives Pro Shop Tools Quiver Hey guys this is a project bow I'm selling. I was gonna deck it out but I justdon't have the time and I could use some extra cash! I had the riser cerakoted green, got some nicer limbs, a new string, and added a new bear weather rest. I'd really like to get $300 for it and I'll cover shipping

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  1. um riser with glass limbs: Groves Archery (1965) Howatt Archery (1960) original ad : Earl Hoyt and Ann Weber Hoyt in.
  2. 25. Mass Weight. 2.9 lbs / 1,315 grams. Riser Style. Original Earl Hoyt Geometry. Never before have we offered so much recurve riser design and performance at such an affordable price. Built on our Grand Prix riser platform, the Alero is loaded with tried and true Hoyt Technology that will allow archers to excel from the start
  3. Hoyt Soft Feel Plastic Grip : HB16. Soft Feel Recurve Grip - Hoyt Archery Fits all current Hoyt target recurve risers As supplied.. £28.98 Ex VAT £24.1
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Sabo SSR recurve bow (1969-70) shows earliest versions of V launch arrow rest. The Sabo rest was made in several versions. Some finger shooters drilled the side sight window plate and installed Hoyt adjustable side rest. (Photo is from a 1970 Sabo ad) Hunting Bows, Bow & Arrow, October 1973: Structure of an early composite bo Strings & Accessories. Recurve & Longbow Strings; String Material; Serving Material; D-loop Material; String Accessories; Peep Sights; Wrist Slings; 3D Stools; 1523457 SATORI RECURVE SHELF PAD RH **AUTHORIZED HOYT DEALERS** more... In Stock. Item#: HARH100LH. 051363 HUNTER REST LH 100PK **AUTHORIZED HOYT DEALERS** more... In Stock. Item. Hoyt Formula X Recurve Riser 25 Inch : HB83 REDUCED PRICE OFFER. Formula X Recurve Handle - Hoyt Now In Stock (Left Handed To Be Advised), phone us for.. £594.00 £709.20. Ex VAT £495.00. Add to Basket Hoyt Formula X w/ Formula Velos Carbon Limbs. Bow is shipped with a string with nocking points and an arrow rest fitted.Riser featuresRiser design keeps flexing minimumal for increased accura.. £1,410.16 Ex Tax: £1,175.1 Hoyt StealthShot Bumper - Custom Built Archery. Description. A replacement bumper for the Hoyt StealthShot string suppression system. Customise your Hoyt bow's stealthshot. Easy to replace. Suits both direct mount, straight rod and offset rod and the new FUSE Recurve StealthShot. Browse these categories as well: Cable Slides, Misc Bow.

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Hoyt GameMaster II TD Recurve is super fast and quiet. The rock-solid TEC riser, a handmade Flemish Twist string, low-stack take down limbs with precision alignment, Pro-Fit Custom Wood Grip for increased comfort and accuracy, a custom travel case and your choice of ultra realistic and stylish finishes The Original Hoyt Tee. Regular price $ 24.99. /. Printed on a super soft Next Level tee. Athletic fit (if you are in between sizes, consider ordering a size up) 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester. Model: 5'10 - 165 lbs - 32 Waist - Wearing Size Medium. Share Share on Facebook Tweet Tweet on Twitter Pin it Pin on Pinterest

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Hoyt Velos Carbon Formula Recurve Limbs. The Hoyt Velos limbs feature a new narrower body and limb tip design for the lightest, fastest limbs in Hoyt history making them some of the best premium quality, formula-fitting limbs. Their wedge design offers an enhanced flex pattern and greater stability for greater accuracy Hoyt decal; Hoyt keyring; Hoyt Warranty Book; Hoyt 2-piece 4 arrow quiver, available as an optional extra and can be purchased separately Hoyt Gamemaster 2 Takedown Recurve Bow also available in a complete bow package - including: arrow rest; bow quiver, side quiver, back quiver or hunting side quiver; whisker string silencers or puff silencer All recurve risers sold by KG Archery from Hoyt to KGs own Carbon Risers Filter by All products 17 19 21 25 Aluminium Bearpaw Bolt-On Limb bows made in sherwood forest Carbon Cartel Core Formula Gillo Hand grip hand positioner Hoyt ILF KG Kinetic MTO Oak Ridge Stark Take Down Traditional bows Traditional archery bows traditional bows W&W. Grand Prix/ International limb fitting recurve riser from Hoyt. The next Epik advancement in the Hoyt Grand Prix Series. Key features: Classic ILF/ Grand Prix fitting riser from Hoyt. Original Earl Hoyt Geometry, a favourite for 30 years. 25 riser Collet type tiller bolts give increased security, keeping the tille

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Hoyt - XAKT Recurve Riser 25 As Hoyt stepped into their 90th year of building bows, they are excited to introduce the Hoyt XAKT - a Grand Prix recurve riser loaded with Hoyt technologies for new shooters. Take your performance to the next level with the original dovetail take-down system - still the best. Imitated but never equalled String Dampers Stabilizer Dampers Hunting Blinds Treestand Knives Pro Shop Tools Hoyt Hoyt Risers Hoyt Limbs Hoyt Grip KAP Archery KAP Risers KAP Limbs KAP Wooden bows tot en met gevorderden met het aanschaffen, afstellen en repareren van hun materiaal of u nu een traditionele, barebow, recurve of compound schutter bent 1651591 VECTRIX PXT MICRO 5-PIN SIGHT BLACK (PICATINNY) more... Back Ordere