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Maize is one of the most important crops for Ghana's agricultural sector and for food security. Despite this, the average maize yield in Ghana remains one of the lowest in the world, and much lower than the average for sub Saharan Africa. Indeed the maize average yield registered by the Ministry of Agriculture in 2013 was 1.7 metric tonne per. Esoko looked at the prices of a 100kg bag of maize across Tamale, Techiman and Agbogbloshie markets in 2018, 2019, 2020. Maize is an important crop Simone Fugar January 19, 202

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Tomato prices soared up by 26.77 percent to close at GHS 507.50 per crate with cassava gaining 14.77 percent to close at GHS 84.17 per bag. Gari gained 7.75 percent to close at GHS 186.71 per bag with maize also gaining 3.72 percent to close at GHS 131.29 per bag Maize (white, grain) 0.80 0.60 0.96 0.60 0.60 1.50 0.73 0.83 0.84 Millet ( grain) Retail Prices are provided in standard measures (Kgs or Litres) as local measures tend to change for each market. * Accra market is Agbogbloshie * Kumasi is the Central market About three-quarters of maize consumption is from own production, suggesting maize has limited appeal as a cash crop (Gage et al. 2012). This is set to change as Ghana's Planting for Food and Jobs (PFJ) initiative, launched in 2017, prioritizes maize seed and fertilizer distribution and encourages market participation by smallholders (MoFA 2019) CITY & BUSINESS GUIDE visited the Agbogbloshie market yesterday to access the situation and most traders complained bitterly about the astronomical prices. Margaret Quartey, a maize seller, explained that a bag of maize which used to sell between GH¢700 and GH¢800 just before Christmas, was currently selling between GH¢140 and GH¢180 In 2020, maize production for Ghana was 3,000 thousand tonnes. Maize production of Ghana increased from 384 thousand tonnes in 1971 to 3,000 thousand tonnes in 2020 growing at an average annual rate of 8.79%. Zea mays Corn, Indian corn, mealies. A grain with a high germ content. At the national level, hybrid and ordinary maize should be reported separately owing to widely different yields and.

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Maize (corn), U.S. No. 2 Yellow, FOB Gulf of Mexico, U.S. price, US$ per metric ton Price in US$ per bushel: 3.82 As of: Friday, August 21, 202 Maize. File photo. A report by the Alliance for a Greene Revolution in Africa (AGRA), which was released in June has noted that in Ghana prices of maize were generally stable in April after. General News of Friday, 24 January 2020. Source: laudbusiness.com 2020-01-24 Current food prices in Ghana lowest in two decades - Akufo-Add Maize is the major grain cereal in Ghana as it is grown in the entire agro-ecological zones. It occupies about 31.0% of food crops under cultivation and constitutes 70.0% of cereal production. According to FAO, the production of maize increased to 2.7 million metric tons in 2019 as compared to 1.7 million metric tons in 2016

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Maize in Ghana: An Overview of Cultivation to Processing Abstract losses is imperative for meeting current development objectives. Stored maize is attacked by 20 different species The wholesale price of maize is dependent on proximity to markets (location and transport), and the year's season, with prices generally high during the off. Rice has become the second most important staple food in Ghana after maize, with substantial and continuing growth in rice consumption since the 1990s. In Ghana, rainfed rice contributes 84% of total current production, generating average paddy yields of 1.0-2.4 metric tons per hectare Wholesale maize prices were found to be in the range of US$320 to $480 per MT, depending on proximity to regional markets and time of year. Farmgate prices decrease as distance to major market locations and transport costs increase. The majority of maize in Ghana is grown in the Center, Transitional Zone, which has two harvest seasons Ghana passed a food fortification law in November 2009 that became effective February 1, 2010, making it mandatory for all wheat flour products to be fortified with micronutrients (Vitamin A, B1, B2 B6, Niacin, Folic Acid, Iron and zinc). Prices of loaves have gone up by about 20 percent lately, following an increase in the price of flour b

Prices of maize follow mixed trends, but remain high on yearly basis. In spite of adequate food availabilities from the recent harvests and imports from the international markets, prices of maize followed mixed trends from August to November in the capital, Accra Summary of cost of living in Ghana. Family of four estimated monthly costs: GH₵13,487. Single person estimated monthly costs: GH₵5,695. WARNING! These estimates are currently based on just a small amount of data. They provide a decent starting assumption, but they are not yet completely reliable. Change the currency

Ghana's maize market . Maize is a widely consumed and cultivated staple crop in Ghana. It accounts for more than one-quarter of calories consumed, about double that of the second crop, cassava (GSS 2018). About three-quarters of maize consumption is from own production, sugg Read More titled Ghana's maize market Ghana's Poultry industry on verge of collapse over maize shortage - Association president cries on Live radio. Poultry farm owners in the country have described the current state of the industry as a life and death situation.. Mr Eric Osei-Owusu, Chief Executive Officer of NAFCO, who announced the new prices at a press briefing in Accra on Thursday, said a 100 kilogramme (KG) bag of maize would now have a minimum price value of GH¢45.00 instead of GH¢33.00 in the previous crop season. He said an 85KG bag of paddy rice and 100KG bag of Soya bean would also be valued.

During the 2007/2008 world food price crisis, the government of Ghana had to import food from the international market as domestic food prices were soaring. In response, in 2009 the current agricultural output price stabilization policy was implemented across the country Prices for Zimbabwe maize have changed over time. Prior to 2019, a kilo of maize was going for US$1.85 in 2017 and US$2.69 in 2018. In 2019 the export price changed to $2.14 per kilo, by -20.371%. High return markets in 2019 for Zimbabwe maize for each kilogram were fetched from exports to Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria and DRC Congo Cost of Living in Ghana. Family of four estimated monthly costs are 1,989.08$ (11,793.10₵) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 558.01$ (3,308.42₵) without rent. Cost of living in Ghana is, on average, 45.72% lower than in United States. Rent in Ghana is, on average, 50.78% lower than in United States Recently, we obtained access to a unique soybean price dataset in Ghana that helps provide some of the first insights into commercial crop price behavior in Sub-Saharan Africa. In this article, we share an overview of soybean prices in Ghana; however, a more technical analysis of pricing behavior appears in Martey et al, 2019

Consumers scan Tema markets for moderate commodity prices. July 29, 2021. A weekly market survey conducted in major markets in Tema has shown that the prices of some commodities saw a reduction in the week as against the previous week while others saw a marginal increase. The markets visited included Ashaiman, Tema Community One, Seven, Nine. GHANA'S POULTRY INDUSTRY ON VERGE OF COLLAPSE OVER MAIZE S . By Delali Kukey July 28, 2021. Poultry farm owners in the country have described the current state of the industry as a life and death situation warning that the likelihood they may soon be thrown out of business is high. This, they say has come about as a result of the. Maize is an important crop Simone Fugar January 19, 2021 Ghana - Producer Price for Maize (per tonne, current LCU) - actual values, historical data, forecasts and projections were sourced from the World Bank on July of 2021. 10Y 25 . Food Prices in Ghana Eso Between 2015 and 2018, maize exports went up by 100 %, bringing Ghana $0.21m for the year 2018. The average export market price for maize in Ghana was USD$0.95 per kilogram in 2018. The maize exports are categorised as: Maize (excluding seed for sowing) (HS code 100590

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Kumasi (April 24, 2018) The Ghana Commodity Exchange (GCX), a trading platform for physical commodities and futures contracts, under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance, piloted trading operations on the 24th of April 2018. The Government of Ghana's drive to support smallholder farmers, increase value along the agricultural value chain. Maize typically forms about 60 per cent of total feed formulation according to . IFPRI Discussion paper (2017), A Chicken and Maize Situation: The Poultry Feed Sector in Ghana . The poultry industry consumes nearly 30 per cent of all maize produced in Ghana. Feed prices in Ghana have been increasing primarily due to the rising cost of maize

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Poultry farm owners in the country have described the current state of the industry as a life and death situation warning that the likelihood they may soon be thrown out of business is high This, they say has come about as a result of the acute shortage of maize which is currently rocking the country, Seasonality, food prices and dietary choices of vulnerable households: A case study of nutritional resilience in Tanzania; Technology adoption and technical efficiency in maize production in rural Ethiopia; The impact of the National Food Buffer Stock Company on price transmission in Ghana; Food aid, cash transfers and producer prices in Ethiopi

- Maize price is currently at its lowest level in two referenced markets (Bawku and Bolgatanga) in the region since the beginning of the year. The average price of 100 kg maize in these markets is. Feed prices in Ghana have been climbing, primarily due to the rising cost of corn. USDA forecast for corn production in the 2011/2012 market year in Ghana is 1,700,000 metric tonnes, up from. Meanwhile a bag of Millet is still pegged at GHS 380.00; Cowpea at GHS 450.00, Soya Beans GHS 440.00, Beans however moved from GHS 650.00 last week to GHS 1,000.00 this week,while Maize price also moved from GHS 480.00 last week to GHC500.00 this week; Gari stayed at GHS 800.00; Groundnut also stayed at GHS 750.00 and rice ranged from GHS 260.

Maize is an important food crop in Ghana, accounting for more than 50 percent of the country's total cereal production. The Ghana Grains Development Project (1979-1997) and the Food Crops Development Project (2000-2008) made major investments to improve maize yield Soya Beans ,shea Nut And Maize. Soya bean is used in making milk products and oil of different types, shea nut its use to make cooking oil and engine oil and fina...Brand Name: Nakoha trade, Model Number: +233206409059, Place of Origin: Ghana Tamale, MOQ: 1000 bags a week ,.

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  1. Egg prices increasing in Ghana Pulse Ghana. we have a long way to go before the harvest of maize in the main season in 2021. we will be compelled to further increase the current price of.
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  3. Checks from the Department of Agriculture in Tamale and the market indicate that prices of maize, especially, have declined from between GH¢220-180 to between GH¢170-150. Prices are further set to decline further as farmers have to clear the old stock to begin preparation towards the new season
  4. Between now and 2050, the demand for maize in the developing world will double and, by 2025, it will have become the crop with the greatest production globally and in the developing world (Rosegrant et al. 2008). But harvests at current levels of productivity growth will still fall short of demand
  5. Ghana at a glance. The Republic of Ghana, lies within latitude 4o 44' N and 11o11' N and 3o 11' W and 1o11' E. Ghana is bordered by the Republic of Togo to the east, Burkina Faso (formerly Upper Volta) to the north-west and north, and the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire to the west. The Gulf of Guinea, which is part of the Atlantic Ocean.

-Maize is thought to have originated at least 5000 years ago in the highlands of Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, and/or Bolivia because of the great Ghana 309 340 Guinea 270 320 Guines Bissau 2 3 Ivory Coast 258 264 Kenya 2553 2169 Lesotho 126 143 Libya 1 1 Madagascar 122 115 Mala'tYi 1200 1400 Mali 78 80. Despite the above economic benefits of maize production, yield in Ghana's maize farms is one of the lowest worldwide. According to reports from IFPRI and MOFA, current yields in Ghana stand at 1.73 metric ton/ha and 1.92 metric ton/ha respectively , , A sack of onions moved up from GH¢400.00 to GH¢600.00; a sack of cocoyam ranged from GH¢200.00 to GH¢250.00; a sack of maize is now GH¢500.00 from the previous price of GH¢350.00 Thus, white maize gets a premium price in the country. Most of the maize is produced in rain-fed areas. However, it is also grown in the drought and famine conditions in Africa. The total harvested area under maize in the region was around 41 million hectares in 2019. Nigeria is the largest producer of maize in Africa, followed by South Africa

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2.1 Maize in Ghana Maize is the most important smallholder cereal crop in Ghana; it accounts for about 20 percent of their calories, roughly half of it enters into the market, and it accounts for the largest planted area of all food crops in Ghana (Braimoh and Vlek, 2006; Morris et al., 1999). Current yields average 1.7 mT/Ha, roughl The current fertilizer subsidy structure should be improved upon and measures put in place to improve farmers access to credit as this is a vital issue that needs addressing to ensure appropriate response of farmers to future price and non-price incentives.In spite of fertilizer subsidy programs implemented in Ghana and other West African. Monthly wholesale price of maize, rice, and soybean in Ghana (2000-2011).. 27 . 7 Introduction. The global economy has been experiencing both higher and more volatile food prices in recent current farming practices of some individual farmers wereseen to be inefficient when compare Report on Ghana Cement Industry Analysis, Forecasts and Opportunity Assessment (2016-2023) Introduction to Ghana Cement Industry In recent years, Ghana has become an important market for cement in Africa because of construction activities. Local manufacturers in Ghana have an installed cement production capacity of 7.4 million tons. However, the annual demand for cement is only [ Henao & Baanante, 1999). In fact, current maize yields in Ghana average only one-quarter of their estimated potential, but this yield gap can be reduced by improving farming practices and growing conditions in Ghana; specifically, yields in Ghana can likely be increased by intensifying the use of fertilizer, other inputs, and irrigation systems

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The NFRA chief executive, Mr Milton Lupa, said recently that the agency plans to buy 150,000 tonnes of maize in the 2021/22 fiscal year, and prices would follow the directive from the Ministry of. The main aim of these farm gate prices to protect the Ghanaian farmer by guaranteeing a secured income for them. They take into consideration the production cost to the farmer plus a 10% profit margin. The current farm gate prices are as follows; Maize(100kg)- Gh¢45 , Paddy Rice(85kg) - Gh¢35 and Soya(100kg)- Gh¢7 Maize is the most important cereal crop on the domestic market in Ghana. It is one of the largest agricultural commodities in terms of production volume. It accounts for 3.3% of total agricultural production volume. Maize accounts for 55% of grain output followed by paddy rice (23%), sorghum (13%) and millet (9%) The Republic of Ghana is a West African nation on the Gulf of Guinea. It is renowned within the sub-region for its stability and democratic governance, and over the past 20 years it has made progress in reducing poverty and hunger among its population.However, improvements at the national level mask huge inequalities between the north and south of the country, and between rural and urban areas Table 2 Demand for cereal flours in Ghana, by type, 2010, 2016 and 2021 (share) Table 3 Demand for maize (corn) flour in Ghana, 2010-2021 (US dollars) Table 4 Demand for wheat and meslin flour in Ghana, 2010-2021 (US dollars) Table 5 Demand for other cereal flours in Ghana, 2010-2021 (US dollars

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Production estimate figures for selected legumes and cereals in Ghana. Agriculture Sector. Agriculture. Production figures recorded for various legumes and cereals across the 10 regions of Ghana. These food crops are maize, rice, sorghum, cassava, yam, etc. The dataset is broken down into average of the above crops in metric tonnes / hectare and.. Maize price soars in Tanzania. There will be no regulation of the price of maize and other cereals in Tanzania despite a growing shortage that has seen the local staple food hit $47.9 per 100-kilogramme up from $28.3 last year. The country's President, John Magufuli announced that the government will not intervene and will instead allow. At Bolgatanga, the price of maize was 7.8% lower than the five-year average and 41% lower than the previous year. • The goat-to-maize terms of trade at 62.5 kg represent an improvement over June 2010 when it stood at 55.6 kg. This is due to a slight increase in the price of small ruminants. Similarly, the labour-to-maize terms of trade a Focus groups with maize and eggplant farmers in the area revealed that farmers were hesitant to borrow for fear that fluctuations in crop prices could force them to default. Rainfall fluctuations, typically an important source of risk for farmers, are not a great concern in this part of Ghana The survey revealed that while the prices of some foodstuff registered a reduction during the current week as against the previous week, others saw a marginal increment. At the Ashaiman, Tema Community one, Kpone, Ada markets for instance, the price commodities such as onions, maize, tomatoes, cassava, rice, wheat, and pepper have been unstable.

The former MP currently owns over 1000 acres of maize plantation, 600 acres of which is located at Ejura and the remaining 400 acres situated at Atebubu and Nkronza, all in the Brong Ahafo region. As a seed producer, he produces a variety of maize seeds including 'Abotem' and 'Mamaba. The price of maize has been pegged at $12 329,72 per tonne, traditional grains $12 865,79 and soyabeans at $17 211,74 per tonne. Zimbabwe Farmers Union executive director, Mr Paul Zakariya, on. data sources and methods to unravel the sources of current maize yield levels on smallholder farms in two farming villages in the Eastern region of Ghana. The study relies on farm and household survey data, remotely-sensed aerial photographs of maize fields and photo-elicitation interviews (PEIs) with farmers According to a study on the poultry feed sector in Ghana by the International Food Policy Research Institute, maize accounted for 60 percent of poultry feed. Thus, its availability and price have implications for the profitability and growth potential of the industry. In June 2020, a 50kg bag of maize was selling for GHS65

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Shortage of fertilizer in the Sissala area is adversely affecting farmers who are struggling to access it, leaving large fields of maize turning yellowish of Ghana's foreign exchange reserves. The important food crops in Ghana are maize, rice, sorghum, millet, cassava and legumes. Among the cereals, maize is the most important with about 750,000 ha/year of production. Cowpea is a very important legume food crop and soybean is becoming important as a cash crop Market prices for Ghana maize (corn) flour have varied across the years. Prior to 2019, a kilo of maize (corn) flour was going for US$1.11 in 2017 and US$0.91 in 2018. In 2019 the export price changed to $0.64 per kilo, by -29.543%. High return markets in 2019 for Ghana maize (corn) flour for each kilogram were fetched from exports to Benin. High Quality White Maize. GH₵ 120. Minimum order - 1000 bags (50kg) supply capacity - 1000 bags (50kg) bags / delivery price includes delivery to accra. up to 7 days delivery time from day of order. white maize - 120 ghs/bag (50kg) Greater Accra, Accra Metropolitan, Jun 22 - Feeds, Supplements & Seeds - Maize. 2 Maize The average price for a bag of maize gained 3.72 percent to close the month at GHS 131.29. The highest price of GHS 180.00 was recorded at Accra and Takoradi. The lowest price of GHS 96.00 was recorded at Tamale. Rice Local The average price for a bag of local rice dropped 1.07 percent to close the month at GHS 316.71

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  1. Maize Price Trends in Ghana (2007‐2011)1 Vincent Amanor‐Boadu, PhD2 Maize (Zea mays, L.) is a principal human food and livestock feed in Ghana. Its production is essentially performed by smallholder farmers under traditional tillage and rain‐fed conditions
  2. Margaret Quartey, a maize seller, explained that a bag of maize which used to sell between GH¢700 and GH¢800 just before Christmas, was currently selling between GH¢140 and GH¢180. According to her, this is the first time that the price of maize had shot up by such unreasonable margin since she started her trade about 28 years ago
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  4. Maize (Zea mays L.) is a food crop of choice for millions of people residing on the continent of Africa (Olawale and Tontsa 2015; Mahoussi et al. 2017), where it acts as an energy source making for a common component of meals or as a source of animal calories in compounded feeds and also used for fuel, fibre and raw materials production.The rapid adoption of the crop by farmers in sub-Saharan.
  5. The grain utility is paying $32 000 for a tonne of maize, $48 000 for a tonne of soya bean and $38 000 for traditional grains, according to a new producer price schedule published recently

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  1. In economic theory, area harvested is modeled as a partial adjustment function with the current maize prices and the prices of other crops (Agcaoili and Rosegrant 1995). In equation (2), the lagged ADMARC maize prices have been used, as opposed to current maize prices
  2. Nepalese Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 2020, vol. 19 ISSN 2091- 042X; e ISSN 2091- 0428 146 Bhandari, G, Achhami, B, Karki, T, Bhandari, B, & Bhandari, G. (2015) Survey on maize post-harvest losses and its management practices in the western hills of Nepal. Journal of Maize Research and Development. 1(1), 98-105. Chigoverah, A A. & Mvumi, BM. (2016) Efficacy of metal silos and hermetic.
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