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This design is featured on the top of the gallery because it is the perfect example of what an open concept floor plan looks like. The kitchen, dining room and living room are beautifully distinguished by placing large jute chenille rugs in the center of each area while wood is used as a common material in the three spaces to merge them cohesively. . Long brunette ceiling panels that match the. Alpine Mantel and Electric LED Fireplace. View Deal. This is an absolutely perfect fireplace for a cozy mountain cabin although it would also look charming in a variety of other contexts, not necessarily rustic. The Alpine fireplace is compact and compatible with a variety of different floor and wall types If the ground-floor open plan layout includes a kitchen, a heat alarm should be installed as well. Radio-linked alarms are an acceptable alternative to hard-wired interconnection cabling, but both need to be mains-powered with battery back-up, and can be wired from the lighting circuit by a qualified electrician The eternal struggle between design and engineering often leaves us with conundrums. It's easy to glide through the home design process in almost a dreamlike trance, imagining a spacious open floor plan with big, sweeping views that flow from room to room, making the house feel bigger than it is

It has an open concept floor plan that accommodates a living room area, a kitchen with a bar counter, and a dining area. An outdoor porch can also be seen through the window. Here is a lavishly decorated interior scene. This family room features a fireplace with a sitting area and a whole lot of indoor plants all around Check out our collection of home plans with courtyard which includes blueprints with courtyard in the middle, open floor plan ranch house designs, and more. Call us at 1-888-447-1946. SAVED REGISTER LOGIN. Call us at 1-888-447-1946 . Go. Search Architectural Styles. A Frame Adobe. After seeing the floor plan I would get rid of the fireplace. They can add value to your home but in this case I think it only makes the house akward. Central heating and air, if you don't already have it, will more than make up for the fireplace loss. Utilize the crawl space for the installation don't let them put it through the ceiling Question: If you are building a new home, have a huge great room, open floor plan open to the kitchen with large island, dining space, etcAnd the builder will NOT install any floor outlets to plug in lights on tables. What is an option in an open floor plan to have table lighting, battery operated power sources possibly Our collection of house plans includes many home plans with see-through fireplaces. We offer detailed floor plans that allow the buyer to visualize the look of the entire house, down to the smallest detail. With a wide variety of plans, we are sure that you will find the perfect house plan with a see-through fireplace perfect for your style

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The Senath house plan includes an open-air porch with a fireplace for gatherings or even intimate dinner parties with friends. Country Craftsman Home Plans 2418 - The Parnell The Parnell Home Plan 2418 : Take one look at the exterior of the Parnell house plan and you can see its resplendent indoor/outdoor connection Great Article! We're building a house and I'm having the hardest time with the TV and fireplace placement as well as the wall space because we will have 2 open areas on both sides of the tv and/or fireplace depending on where we place them. I would love to send you my floor plan and get your thoughts on it A single wall of appliances and floor-to-ceiling cabinetry is perfect for an open floor plan kitchen. A long island houses a sink, keeping the work triangle compact, and holds additional storage. Island seating allows friends and family to stay close without getting in the way. A large arch connects the open kitchen with a dining area

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If your floor plan and space allow, arrange your main seating area with the TV as the focal point, and then create a small secondary seating area specifically to enjoy the fireplace. BHG. 4. The corner fireplace as a backdrop. As nice as it is to have a fireplace, if a choice has to be made between the fireplace and TV many times the TV will win What do you recommend for corner fireplace in a small living room North section of the room is an opening to the dining room with 21ft half walls of either side (the house was built in the early 1900s), the fireplace sits in the corner of the north wall and the east wall - which is a full wall with a piano window, the South wall is window, and the west wall has the opening to the. Open concept is an architectural and interior design term for a floor plan where walls and doors are eliminated between rooms. It can apply to a home, townhouse, condo or apartment. Typically 2 or more rooms in a home open onto one another in an open concept design

This floor plan is ideal for a large living area or one that requires lots of seating, since it features two sofas. The sofas face each other with a coffee table in the middle. A pair of accent chairs completes the U-shaped layout. The chairs are facing the focal point, a wall that holds both a TV and a fireplace Plum Interiors Portfolio - Projects in Boston, Newport RI , Providence RI, Naples FL , Palm Beach FL , and Florence Italy . Eileen Marcuvitz is an award winning interior designer / decorator whose work has been recognized in Beautiful Homes Paris Ceramics Architectural Digest Dream Storage Southern Accents Luxury Living Newport Life New England Home Home Magazin

House of Turquoise. Design blog focusing on beautiful interiors in all shades of turquoise and blue. Your number one source for turquoise decor and paint colors. This is the kind of fireplace I've been looking for! Open all the way through and in the middle of the room but not functional as an actual place for a fire With an open concept layout, often the adjacent living or family room has a fireplace which when done well, is also in clear view from the kitchen. At the end of the day, a fireplace in any room adds a nice aesthetic touch and if heat-emitting can warm up the space

This Farmhouse enjoys an open great room with a fireplace and access to the rear porch. A second floor balcony offers views to the great room and foyer below. Browse our collection of 2 story great room house plans and use our advanced search feature to help narrow your results I'll start this post by saying I've never had to decorate a room with a corner fireplace, but based on my experience with floor plans, I can only imagine that it's tricky. Fireplaces are usually thought of as the natural focal point of a room that everything else has to be positioned around. But, if Read Mor

The main floor offers a variety of gathering areas, including a large open-concept living area, a cozy hearth room, and an expansive deck off the side of the house. The upper level has two. Please Stop With the Open Floor Plans. When did walls become the enemy? By Hadley Keller. Feb 28, 2019 YinYang Getty Images. Somewhere in the early 1990s, room became a dirty word. That's when. Decorating Open Floor Plan Living Room and Kitchen. There are many fun ways you can decorate and style your open kitchen and living room. Just keep in mind to avoid blocking views in order to maintain good visibility in both spaces. Play with textures - use textured finishes on some walls such as the backsplash or the fireplace This floor plan is split almost perfectly in half, with the master bedroom and bathroom occupying the front and the kitchen and living room in the back. The entertainment center has a fireplace on the bottom, a TV in the middle, and cabinets on top. A long countertop lines the wall with an oven, range, refrigerator, microwave, and even more. 1. Balance lighting around the room; consider both task lighting and mood lighting. 2. Center the love seat in front of the windows and nudge the sofa in close for conversation. 3. Slide tail table away from the center of the room, opening a walkway for traffic. 4

A Sure-Fire Way to Tell If Your Furniture Arrangement is Wrong. Many people are not sure if their living room furniture arrangement is right.. Today I'm giving you a sure-fire way to figure that out - and it's so simple! All you need to do is to take two photographs of your room. Photo # 1: Find the architectural focal point of the. Today, one hallmark of the midcentury modern decor style is a home with an early version of an open floor plan, often featuring a fireplace open on all sides. In the open floor plan concept, the kitchen cooking center was now becoming the center for social activity A tall bookshelf on the left side of the fireplace would balance out the height of the window on the other side. My second idea is the same basic layout as the first, but with a small chaise sofa. I also angled the chairs and put an ottoman in front of one. Instead of a console table, I put a small bench in front of the bay window Generous living porches -- including some with outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, or built-in grills -- are important features of these plans. All of our plans can be modified to add a lanai or living porch just for you. Click here to search our nearly 40,000 floor plan database to find more great plans with lanais and living porches

The labor-saving elements of open floor plans are in some ways labor-creating. A large, single, continuous space is harder to get and keep clean. Messes and smells are no longer isolated. Our collection of house plans includes many home plans with fireplaces. We offer terrific floor plans that help the buyer visualize the look of the entire house, down to the smallest detail. With a wide variety of plans, we are sure that you will find the perfect house plan to fit your needs and style

Plans selected to illustrate the options for fireplace placement for Time To Build article: FIREPLACE FOCAL POINT FLOOR PLANS 1-800-913-2350 Call us at 1-800-913-235 Section off the space into different zones - create smaller areas perfect for little reading nooks, drinks areas or work spaces. Studio McGee's designs show this beautifully, check out this post on creating your perfect floor plan. SOFA TABLES. If you are going to place a sofa in the centre of the room, put a narrow console or sofa table. Since we're focusing on floor plans, click on [Floor Plans] or [House Plans] to access their templates. Step 4: If you wish to create a brand new floor plan from scratch, simply press on the + icon to open the drawing screen. Step 5: To use the floor plan symbols on EdrawMax, go to [Symbols] from the drawing screen and click on [Floor.

This special collection offers house plans that have efficient and beautiful kitchen designs that makes cooking and meal prep easy and enjoyable to large kitchens designed for entertaining. Choose an eat-in country kitchen if you're looking for a more casual environment, or if productivity is of utmost importance, consider a galley kitchen that. There can be no question about how a warm, cozy fireplace can make you feel. Those golden leaping flames represents fame, recognition, friends, and sociability. However, when placed in certain locations, the fire element can pose problems that range from job loss, to poor health, bankruptcy or accident. However, when placed auspiciously, fireplaces can bring benefits Among popular single-level styles, ranch house plans are an American classic, and practically defined the one-story home as a sought after design. 1 story or single level open concept ranch floor plans (also called ranch style house plans with open floor plans)—a modern layout within a classic architectural design--are an especially trendy. With open floor plans all the rage, We have a wall on the main floor that runs half the length of the home right down the middle. It seperates to living rooms. I would love to tear it down since we have a fireplace in the rear living room area. In the basement the I beam runs the same as the wall above it and the joists run from front to back Laying out a room is difficult, especially when you factor in television placement, space restrictions, open floor plans, and natural pathways. Every living room layout is different and there are lots of ways to solve your difficult-to-layout space, but we've put together some foolproof living room layout options to make the task easier

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  1. dful of the side of the L-shape. In a small space, you want it sitting alongside the windows, not blocking the pathway
  2. Open floor plans and small spaces can make it difficult to delineate the living room and dining room. With no walls in between, the two rooms can merge together and pose a unique decorating dilemma. But here's the good news—an open floor plan has more potential than challenges
  3. Design ideas for a contemporary open concept living room in Central Coast with white walls, medium hardwood floors, a ribbon fireplace, a stone fireplace surround and brown floor. Mix of wood and stone. Fireplace next to tv. - webuser_6604981
  4. It is the open floor plan that everybody on the home shows love. The entire back of the house is windows and very few pieces of walls. It has been an continues to be a struggle to arrange furniture. There are two floor outets (in the wrong place for our furniture) and almost no place to put pictures of our two beautiful kids
  5. Camp Creek is a dog trot house plan. A screened porch in the middle connects two living areas. Three bedrooms and a loft filled with bunk beds provide plenty of sleeping room for your family and friends. There are three baths, a laundry, and a great room for cooking, dining and hanging out. A fireplace in the great room allows you to enjoy a.

Barndominium Floor Plans with Loft - Things to Consider. Floor plans with lofts have a ton of advantages, but there are some drawbacks as well. Be sure to consider all of these factors when drawing up your plans. Pro: Airy and Open Feel. One of the main appeals of barndominium floor plans with loft is the sense of openness it creates in the. Living Room Layout #1. We come into the living room off of a center hall and ahhh, into my favorite of all conversation groupings ever. One sofa, plus four chairs. I've done this plan dozens of times. In this image, there is an 84″ sofa, two slipper chairs and two club chairs by the fireplace. The coffee table is about 24″ x 48. To learn more about our custom log home design offerings, fill out our convenient contact form or for immediate assistance, call us at 800-341-1566. The popular Premier Series offers the greatest design variety, with many home styles and floor plans to choose from. If you're looking for a more cost-effective log home, choose the Cedar Valley. The plan is both warm and elegantly fluid. Level 1: 2,044 sq. ft. Up the winding staircase, the second floor landing comes with a balcony view of the great room, and spills out into three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, a rec room, and ample space for storage. Level 2: 995 sq. ft The fireplace wall is at the far end and is on a 17′ wide wall, facing the kitchen. We are redoing the 6′ 8″ wide fireplace by drywalling over the top brick. We are dropping the mantle a few inches and replacing it with a new white mantle. In addition we are encasing the lower part of the fireplace in shaker white trim

Arranging Furniture in a 12 foot wide by 24 foot long Living Room. If you possibly are the inhabitant of a row house or town house that was built somewhere around 1890, you could now have a living room that measures about 12 feet wide by 24 feet long. Your living room, back in the day, most likely started out as two 12 foot by 12 foot rooms The opposite small wall that does not have an opening has a large corner fireplace. I had an interior decorator look at the room and he made himself unavailable after the visit. My ceiling in this room is 8′. I would be willing to pay you for a floor plan 1) Northwest and west. The taboo areas of the house to have open fire are the northwest and west by default. This is because these two directional sectors are inherently of metal element and would be destroyed by intrusive fire. The severity of these afflictions can be somewhat observed in the fire at heavens gate scenario where the kitchen has.

University Park. home for sale:. Mid-century modern beauty, custom rebuilt in 2018. Interior features 5 bedroom/bathroom: 2 main floor bedroom suite, open floor plan with gourmet kitchen, soaring cathedral ceiling in living room; upstairs are one master suite, one additional bedroom suite and one bedroom/hall bathroom, den/office (or nursery), loft/family room and separate laundry room The couple closed the deal about a week later, buying a house with a Sutton floor plan, one of two floor plans available in the community of 67 single-family houses in north-central Montgomery County

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  1. Keep the space open and it will appear larger. You can accomplish this while still privatizing the toilet. You can be creative with a frosted glass panel or a partial wall, Schrage suggests. With frosted glass, you can create a channel in the floor [to secure it], and it literally takes up ½ to 5/8 inch of space
  2. Listed at $194,900, features of this open floor-plan home include an all brick exterior, stainless steel appliances, vent-less fireplace, jetted tub, wood, tile, and carpet flooring, custom cabinets, crown molding, covered back deck and MORE! Call me today to schedule a showing
  3. 401 Owens Chapel Rd, Spacious 4BR/2.5 Bath home situated in the middle of 2.7 acres. 2128 HSF. Vaulted ceilings, open floor plan. Stone Fireplace. Property has an unfinished addition. Only a block foundation. Property will not qualify for traditional financing
  4. The FMLS listing number is 6914192, described as - The Aspen Ridge Plan - Craftsman style open floor plan 2 story home with the master on main with convenient split bedroom floor plan. 4 bedrooms and 3 baths. Large master suite with elegant spa bathroom. Elevated ceilings in family room with a beautiful stone fireplace
  5. PUBLIC OPEN HOUSE SAT 7/24 1-3PM. Beautifully updated home in a phenomenal area. This stunning SINGLE STORY home features an open-floor plan with beautifully updated flooring - NO CARPET! The bright, updated kitchen boasts great countertop space and lots of storage with a great view to the fireplace in the family room space! HVAC recently inspected & NEW ROOF 2021
  6. Located across the street from the middle school and close to shopping. Fantastic investment home! This well taken care of property has a great front yard with plenty of parking and room for RV! Tile flooring throughout and an open floor plan. Brick fireplace in the family room. 2 secondary bedrooms down the hall as well as the master and bathroom
  7. MLS: Be the first to reserve your spot in a beautiful new one level home or townhouse in the first triplex of phase 2 of Candlewood Estates! Builder taking reservations & is available for builders meeting. Generous allowances, NO monthly fees here! Open floor plans, FHA/central air by propane, gas fireplace, vaulted ceilings. The master has a private full bath

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  1. Welcome home to 3001 Timber Woods Drive in Appling! This custom built 4 bedroom, 3 bath home sits on 3.06 acres in Timber Woods Subdivision and features 3,307 heated square feet, a large covered back porch with jacuzzi, owners suite located on the main level, and hardwood floors throughout. The rocking chair front porch leads you in the front door to find hardwood floors and an open floor plan
  2. Is it possible that you are currently imagining about fireplace in center of room. Right now, we are going to show you some photographs to add more collection, look at the picture, these are awesome imageries. We hope you can make similar like them. Absolute guide stylish boutique hotels europe under, Arpaiu may walk away center manarola but exercise well after day out northern europe cold.
  3. This modern fireplace design is perfect for a spacious, light-filled home and beautifully echoes the large glass windows for a continuous theme throughout the living area. The mirror finish of the base gives the illusion of a floating fire, while opening up the floor plan

The slope of the wall and clean and smooth fireplace is not only functional, but the fireplace acts as a work of art on the wall. Parts with a brick will add beautiful effects for even more sleek and comfortable room. If you don't have big space, you can set the fireplace in some corner. That way, you will have elegant small living room, with. A central fireplace is installed in the middle of a home's main room, offering views of the fire from any vantage point. It can sit on the floor or be suspended from the ceiling. Depending on its design and location, it may be the room's most important decorative element. Technologies. Fireplaces differ by the fuel they use

40 Best Patio Designs with Pergola and Fireplace - Covered Outdoor Living Space Ideas. 03-19-20 Joe Hats Design. Many patio ideas fall out of style, but pergolas are here to stay and have been for a very long time. Whether you opt for a gable, pitch, or sail pergola, it not only adds structure to the yard but also provides shade and seclusion Here are our 12 different layout ideas for this space: 1. The All-Rounder. The centerpiece of this living room is the sofa in the middle of the room, facing the fireplace. Three upholstered chairs are grouped around it. A big, cozy carpet ties all of these furniture elements together Pellet stoves offer a clean-burning solution. If you're looking for the crackle of a blazing fire, a wood fireplace or wood stove is the go-to heating source for an open floor plan. Some hybrid. Among its many virtues, the open floor plan instantly makes a home feel bright, airy, and large. Traditional closed-plan designs often waste precious square feet by separating the house off with hallways and doors—an open plan minimizes these transitional spaces, instead opting for a layout that flows right through from room to room Ranch house plans display minimal exterior detailing, but key features include wide picture windows, narrow supports for porches or overhangs, and decorative shutters. Ranch floor plans often combine living and dining areas into one, with a hallway that leads to the family room and bedrooms in the opposite wing. Read More. Read Less. Most Popular

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  1. Now the living room, the kitchen and the dining room are a part of a spacious open floor plan. The living room had dated furniture which lacked life. In the makeover, there are contemporary and mid-century modern pieces put together. The floor of this house is now lighter compared to the darker one that was absorbing the light
  2. g views. Off the back of the house, a large covered porch with an outdoor fireplace provides a comfortable way.
  3. Open floor plans sometimes seem to benefit single people or couples without children the most. It's a way to take advantage of more of the space in the home without having to contend with as many privacy issues. And it's not like your household needs to pick one or the other. Regardless of your home's current floor plan, if the layout's.
  4. To make a scaled floor plan for a rectangular room, measure the width of a short wall and a long wall. Measure the width of doorways, windows and any other architectural features such as a fireplace. To mark their exact location on each wall, start in a corner and measure the distance to the edge of each feature
  5. 9. A freestanding stove or fireplace can create a gathering point in a big, open space. 10. Keep the rest of your house in perspective. Fitting oversized doors can help to bridge the gap between.

How to Arrange a Living Room With a Grand Piano. A grand piano makes an elegant focal point in a living room, and a classical, pre-World War II piano can significantly increase in value, making it. This is a smaller version of a design featured in the April 5, 2013, edition of The Wall Street Journal. Enter the Texas ranch-style home floor plan from the large front porch, and you will be welcomed by a great foyer that leads to the open kitchen All Fireplaces Living Room Design Photos. Design ideas for a mid-sized contemporary open concept living room in Melbourne with white walls, concrete floors, a two-sided fireplace, a stone fireplace surround and grey floor. A combination of bricks, cement sheet, copper and Colorbond combine harmoniously to produce a striking street appeal

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The floor plans for a corner fireplace may work well and I plan to do it on graph paper if I have a chance. Has wall where stairs come down from upstairs, wall with fireplace in middle and the the third wall has a large window. I would like to be able to possibly fit a couch so when people come over we have more seating. We have an open. Some house designs even include extravagant water features such as a bridge, spa, or sun shelf. Besides a choice in architectural style, size (square feet), and additional features, there's also a wide selection of different layouts. You'll find U-shape plans with a pool in the middle, indoor pool s, and more These floor plans have plenty of room for your friends, family, and pets to relax and enjoy themselves no matter where you plan to park. 1. Jayco Eagle 338RETS. Jayco travel trailers are some of the most popular on the market. Jayco is a great brand with a reputation for quality. For the sheer amount of room, we love the Eagle line of travel.

The open floor-plans of the original ranch style, for example, had given way to boxy, cookie-cutter floorplans featuring many small rooms arranged around a single central hallway. Rising real estate prices also played a role, with smaller lot sizes making one-story homes less practical than building upward, in two-story structures Plans of cabins and small cottages, ideas for construction. We will analyze models of cabins and cottages of one, two and three bedrooms, the best thing is that we know how to distribute the environments in small areas and in the end a surprise in the evolution of the cabins. We also share an information about log cabin floor plans with loft and basement. Keep in read! 1. Small cabin plan of.

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The corner fireplace ideas like this is the perfect choice for the minimalist style room. The fireplace design doesn't use too much accent. Therefore, it matches the room interior and other objects you place in that room. The fireplace isn't the focal point of the room. But, it looks beautiful, nonetheless. 4. Rock Corner Fireplace boxdsg.c 2021's best house plans with swimming pool. Browse 1-2 story layouts, modern open floor plan designs, & more with room for a pool! Expert support available When you want drama, check out cathedral ceiling house plans. A soaring, vaulted ceiling that peaks in the middle draws the eye up and makes any space feel much bigger, especially Affordable House Plans with smaller square footage.. Many different spaces can feature a cathedral ceiling, from a great room to a master suite

Donald Gardner Architects has a wide range of house plans with cathedral/vaulted great rooms. Find one or two story designs and in square footages ranging from modest to luxury. One popular home plan with a cathedral ceiling is The Drake. The great room has a fireplace with built-in shelves and a cathedral ceiling enhances visual space Inside, floor-to-ceiling glass contrasts with exposed beams, warm wood finishes, and an expansive fireplace. In the open concept floor plan, white epoxy floors and an updated galley opens up to the dining and sofa areas for entertaining. A wraparound deck—also with angles that reach out into the trees—adds to the charm 10 floor plans with great kitchens 15 problems of open bob vila 55 best staircase ideas top ways to 27 stylish decorating 51 stunning design 25 unique stair designs beautiful most favorable basement stairs simple home plan for middle cl in. 99 Modern Staircases Designs Absolute Eye Catcher In The Living Area Interior Design Ideas Ofdesign When you have a small dining living room, the use of Living Dining Room Wall Art will make the room look compact. On the wooden floor, place a red carpet and position the brown dining table over it. in the sitting space, get a vibrant carpet and place a round glass table in the middle, with furniture around. Dining Room Sitting Area Furnitur

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When designing a modern farmhouse, porches, wide board floors and beautiful fireplaces are welcome. The floor plan can be center hall, side hall or a variation of the two. Gathering places within the home is as important today as they were 200 years ago. But, the wood-burning fireplace is slowly becoming a thing of the past Open floor plans. Shingle siding may have been replaced with brick, stucco or stone. Unadorned entrance but today's Cape Cod home styles may include porches - sometimes, complete wraparound porches but usually an expanded front covered porch and quite often, a rear porch as well. Many Cape Cod homes have increased their square footage to. The property has stained glass windows, a large stone fireplace, billiards area, jetted bath tubs, an open floor plan, hardwood and tiled flooring, a patio with a hot tub, a two-car garage and.

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House Plans Search. We offer more than 30,000 house plans and architectural designs that could effectively capture your depiction of the perfect home. Moreover, these plans are readily available on our website, making it easier for you to find an ideal, builder-ready design for your future residence. Featured Plan: 51981 The upper level floor plan includes a spacious bedroom and a private bath. The area above the family room can be floored to add a third bedroom. The optional lower level or basement can be finished to include a recreation room, two bunk rooms, and a full bath.The exterior of the Little River Cabin is a mixture of stone and board and batten siding

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This 4-bed house plan has a 3-car garage set at a 45 degree angle and an atrium in the middle of the house. Entering into the foyer, you are greeted by a wall of windows of the atrium and are welcomed into the great room where you'll find a fireplace and French doors opening to the grilling porch. The great room is open to the kitchen which features an island bar housing the dishwasher and sink The huge rear living room in the Sprinter Limited is well designed for your sports game party. With two tri-fold sofas, the Sprinter sleeps 4 comfortably. Make a delicious game day spread on the solid surface bar top in the kitchen. The 3530FWDEN is the perfect floorplan for football Sunday Add cosy throws to the settees that complement the décor around the fireplace. 10. Open plan living room. Source: One of the best wood stove ideas for living rooms is having a double-sided wood burner fireplace as the centrepiece of an open plan room. This may involve a little more work, but it is worth it I have a living room that is awkward. It is L shaped that is Open to entry then only one wall - other wall is sliding glass doors then other side is fireplace ( has approx 2 feet on each side of fireplace. I have TV in middle of wall with furniture in square facing TV. But fireplace is behind seating area

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This beautiful west facing home on the East side of Sioux Falls is a must see. The moment you walk in you will be in awe of the amazing open floor plan. A gorgeous stone fireplace anchors the front living room which is topped with a coffered ceiling. The kitchen has a very clean look with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances This exciting addition to the popular Cobblestone Ranch masterplan boasts new floor plans—some available with RV garages! Residents will enjoy the prime location within the sought-after Douglas County School District, plus a wealth of community amenities, including a pool, playgrounds, tennis courts, walking trails and over 600 acres of open. Once inside, an open floor plan allows for entertaining at any scale: granite kitchen with stainless steel appliances including two wall ovens, centrally located dining room with ease of table extension for dining at any level, generous owner's suite on the main level that provides for convenient one-level living, and a living room and sunroom. 5648 Braveheart Way, Wonderful Home in Desired Swift Creek Woods. Walking Distance to Swift Creek Middle School and JR Alford Greenway Trails. Spacious Open Floor Plan with Fireplace. Large, Eat In Kitchen with Bar. Split plan, Master Bedroom has separate sitting room. Plenty of Storage! Be sure to check out the Extra Storage in Bedroom 2,3,and 4

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Step into your sanctuary. Beautiful three bedroom open floor plan home with a 22,500 gallon lania covered pool in the middle of the house. There's a beautiful waterfall running into the 8 1/2 ft deep end. Privately secluded on a cul-de-sac in a golf course community. Kitchen has an island with a Jenn-Air cooktop stove. Living room has a fireplace and rec center combined Welcome to 1504 S Lansing St. St. Johns. Beautiful Cathedral ceilings and an open floor plan welcome you to this home as you step off the wide covered porch and into the living room with a stone fireplace. There are updates throughout this home and all the appliances are brand new! The main level also has a master suite with a walk-in closet, two more bedrooms, a 2nd bath and a laundry with a. Featuring an open floor plan with three large bedrooms and upgrades throughout; newer kitchen, remodeled bath, newer windows, roof 2017, heater 2019 and wood burning fireplace. Great for entertaining; the gourmet kitchen and dining area are open to the gathering room with a wood burning fireplace perched in the middle Gorgeous home with craftsman style detail just steps to the pool! Open floor plan w/master on the main, great room w/ brick fireplace and hearth, & separate gathering room off kitchen w/fireplace. Stainless appliances and a gas range. Plenty of storage throughout! Enjoy sitting out back or entertaining on the deck with a shaded pergola! Gas hookup for grill available $295,000 • 3-beds • 3-baths. This beautiful home sits regally on a corner lot and is just steps from the community pool and playground. Walking distance to Encino Park Elementary and minutes from Tejeda Middle School. Featuring a large open floor plan with a beautiful brick fireplace and french doors to connect to the outdoor space. The huge kitchen is the heart of the home with a separate.

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