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  2. The sling can be used with all Guldmann ceiling hoists and mobile lifters. For additional information on how to choose the correct sling and size, please refer to the Guldmann Sling Guide and size guide below. Using the appropriate sling is essential for efficient transfers to ensure comfort, dignity and safety for the user and the care provider
  3. A: Based on the principles of pressure care and positioning, clients should not be left sitting on hoist slings. Leaving a sling under a client whilst sitting in any seating system can cause the following situations: Increased risk of pressure injury due to compromising the effectiveness of the pressure relieving surface and the risk of bunching of the sling under the clien
  4. The Full Body Sling is an easy sling to use while transferring the resident from bed to wheelchair, toilet or shower-chair or from the floor to a bed. It offers total head and neck support and the padded lower section provides additional under-thigh comfort and support. Use the full body sling for residents who are totally dependent, partially.
  5. recommend the removal of hoist slings between transfers to reduce this risk (1,2) but evidence supporting this is lacking and anecdotal evidence supports that people are often left sitting on hoist slings for ease of the carer, time restraints or at the request of the client themselves. There is no objectiv
  6. At Arjo, we are committed to improving the everyday lives of people affected by reduced mobility and age-related health challenges. With products and solutions that ensure ergonomic patient handling, personal hygiene, disinfection, diagnostics, and the effective prevention of pressure injuries and venous thromboembolism, we help professionals across care environments to continually raise the.

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The sling can also be used for bathing. This product is available in standard sizing and custom made depending on the individuals needs. Reasons to use this sling: 1. Ventilates the body 2. Reduces Sweating 3. Reduces slipping in the sling 4. Contours the body with the two-way stretch 5. Moulded seat slings Clip Slings. The DPS system allows the caregiver to position the resident/patient in the sling - from upright to reclined - with the minimum physical effort. A range of different clip slings are available, in a wide variety of sizes Hoist Slings Equipment. Pelican is an industry leader in developing, manufacturing and supplying Hoist Slings. Our Hoist Slings can be used with other brands of hoists that have compatible attachment points, and are made to the highest quality and safety standards. All Slings are made to the International Standard ISO10535:2011, which.

Patient slings can be used with ceiling track hoists, gantry hoists, mobile hoists and stand aids. The Care-Ability Lifestyle range are manufactured in both loop and clip attachment to ensure the widest compatibility. The patient slings are inserted around the patient generally in a supine or seated position For lifts and slings, cleaning is the appropriate level of sanitation. Cleaning lift hardware When a lift has fixed overhead rails and a nonportable motor, the track and motor casing should be cleaned the way similar equipment—such as fixed I.V. pole overhead track and room divider curtain track—is cleaned Check lift and sling weight limits. Ensure patient's Do not leave patient unattended while in lift. Never keep ! patient suspended in sling for more than a few minutes. 10 While the Universal Sling is designed to be multi-purpose, it cannot do every job at once. Perhaps most importantly, it cannot necessarily fit every hoist frame - there are different sizes of Universal Sling to fit different types of hoist. Hammock Sling. A hammock sling is designed specifically for comfort lifts. The standard style sling attaches to the lift with either adjustable straps or chains (interchangeable). One-Piece Style Slings Invacare's one-piece sling attaches to the patient lift with color coded sling loops that provide an easy way to position the patient. There are no additional strap or chain kit

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  1. Lift it in the middle and the feel will leave the ground. That much is true, but the construction of the animal's vital organs need to be protected. Prolonged use of a sling must take into account what the pressure and/or compression has done to the organs.Some horse lean forward in a sling, putting more weight on the chest
  2. This video provides step-by-step instructions for transferring a patient from a laying position in bed to a wheelchair, in this case shown with a Soft Origin..
  3. Using Hoists and Slings Safely in Aged-care. Use of mechanical lifting hoist and slings for transfer of residents in residential aged-care facility is common practice to ensure safety of both the resident and care staff. However inappropriate use or application can also result in injuries to both parties. In the Australian Aged-care industry.
  4. Carry out the final sling fit assessment once the client is lifted up slightly in the lift while still over the bed/chair: o Sling is fitted correctly i : sling's lower edge is positioned at the client's tailbone leg straps are comfortably placed and the sling material of the leg straps are under the client's thigh

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Ensure that slings, load chains & other lifting devices are fully & securely seated in hoist hook before lifting a load. When picking up a load slowly move the hoist into engagement with the load to eliminate wire rope slack in the hoist. Slowly remove slack from the slings when lifting. Crane/Hoist movement should be smooth and deliberate Before using the lift, make sure you've cleared enough space to maneuver around the room or home.* Place the lift directly over the patient and lower the fame until you can attach the sling to the lift. Pay attention as you are lowering it to prevent injury from the frame itself. * Safely attach the loops of the sling to the lift, making sure. Originally I'd wanted a standing hoist but due to the OT not assessing mum properly we ended up having to have a full hoist with a toileting sling. I have found that you can get slings made of different materials. I'm not sure you can get these from your OT but they are available on the net although the prices can be a bit high Our range of hoist slings is both cost-saving and convenient, using woven labels to prevent fading and the unnecessary purchase of new equipment. Each hoist sling is available with a two-year warranty to give customers peace of mind. As well as providing cost-saving solutions, our products are designed for ease of use

Arjo slings with the help and information they need to ensure safe and comfortable transfer of patients, whether it's from a bed, the floor, a chair or the toilet. Introduction. 4 Clip Slings MAA2000-xx Unpadded clip sling The above has no padding in the leg area an The Steiss Hammock sling is suitable for fitting from a recumbent position only. Made from a cushioned and breathable 3D woven 'Spacer' material, with high air permeability offering high levels of comfort. Suitable for the lifting of amputees following careful assessment. NOTE: More than one sling size may be listed Hoist and sling assessment guidelines 3 Contents Hoist and sling assessment guidelines 1.0 Introduction4 2.0 Key risk assessment principles 5 3.0 Functional Independence Measurement 6 4.0 Stand assist lifters 7 5.0 Provision of slings for passive hoists 8 5.1 Choosing the correct sling 8 5.2 Sling models 9-1 • Make sure the patient is sitting securely in the sling before transferring to another location. • Never lift a patient higher off the underlying surface than is needed to complete the lifting and transfer procedure. • Never leave a patient unattended during a lifting situation Attach the sling to the hoist ; Once the patient and sling are ready, prep the hoist so that it's ready for the sling to be attached to it. When doing so, it's imperative that carers comply with the instructions supplied with the specific sling and hoist in use, ensuring that the sling and attachments are properly fitted. Never leave.

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As you prepare your travel lift for haul out season, keep in mind US Hoists can provide a full inspection and safety service, as well as supply or source any travel lift parts, including Liftex® Marine slings. If you need help during the busy season, give us a call at 631-472-3030 or contact us directly We have developed the following wire rope sling code system to help you in ordering these products. Leave blank for 6x19 IWRC, EIP construction. If other rope is desired, enter 637 for a 6x37 construction or EZ for Cable Laid rope. Leave blank for Domestic rope. Insert an I for slings made using imported rope. Sling Length (Ft) (One or two. Hoists and slings should only be used by people with appropriate training and adequate knowledge of the care plan. Even if you are a frequent sling user, please read this user guide thoroughly. Although it is not a substitute for training, this guide contains a lot of valuable information to help with safe, easy sling use, adjustments and sling.

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  1. Characteristics and advantages of boat lift slings (lifting belts) Due to lifting belts of travel lift have the particularity of the use of the lift assembly, its material differs from ordinary rope, and uses the high tenacity polyester filament. Since it has the following characteristics and advantages, it is widely used in travel lift
  2. Lifters, Hoists and Slings. Invacare has a variety of lifting solutions that have been designed to help ensure safe, comfortable and efficient transfers in Community, Residential and Acute Care environments
  3. Warning: Inspect slings before every use. If any damage is found the Sling must be withdrawn from service and repaired, if possible. Disposal: When the Sling is ready for disposal, we suggest the Lifting Straps are cut off, so it cannot be used with another patient. Sling & Hoist Compatibility: Click here for more information. Sling Life Expectancy: Click here for more information
  4. Oxford Slings are the preferred sling within the NHS, as an authorised dealer for Joerns we're able to provide you with an extensive range of Oxford Slings to meet your needs. Please select a sling using our filter system that suits your needs. We have a wide range from Bathing to Amputee Slings av
  5. Lift Icon Stickers c. Sling Selection d. Storage of Slings and Friction Reducing Devices e. Laundering and Disinfecting of Marisa Slings f. Recommended Arjo Sling Selection/Infection Control Procedure g. Arjo Batteries h. Equipment Records i. Supervisor's Accident Investigation Report - Associate Accidents Only (BE122
  6. The Glove™ Airflow has been uniquely designed to help with this problem. Our Glove™ slings are available in 12 sizes, with clip and loop options. The Safe Working Load for sizes 1-9 is 200kg and 350kg for sizes 10-12. All of our slings have contrasting colours for safety critical stitching and are compatible with most hoists

In-Situ Deluxe Slings have been designed to reduce pressure in the hip area when in use and are made from a fabric that moulds itself to the user's body shape to provide unrivalled support. Padded for extra comfort and slightly thicker than other sl Patient Lift Slings. Lift Slings are patient transfer slings designed to be used in the home or clinical settings to facilitate safe lifting and prevent injury to the patient and caregiver. There are several sizes and designs available to meet the needs of the diverse population, including bariatric slings to transfer heavier patients

The Amico GoLift is a ceiling lift system designed to transfer and position patients. The GoLift was created to be aesthetically pleasing yet incredibly efficient. In an effort to address infection prevention and control requirements, we incorporated smooth edges and round corners on the GoLift ceiling lift, carry bar, and capacitive touch hand control How comfortable is the sling when in place/ What sizes are available? In situ slings are available in a wide range of sizes to suit most needs. They are very common in schools, where parents/carers can put the sling on in the morning, ready for care staff to hoist immediately at school. The following standard sizes are kept in stock The slings that cranes use to hold suspended loads are also a key element in this kind of material handling. Slings are made of a variety of materials. We determine what type of sling to use by the size and type of load, and the environmental conditions in the work area. For cranes and slings to perform properly, they have to be in top condition Because ceiling hoists don't restrict a patient, they can move as freely as they like depending on their injuries, and also rely on the strong slings for support whenever necessary. Question #2 What are the different hoist and slings alternatives? Sling Options . Patients who can benefit from sling hoists come in all shapes and sizes A sling is a form of equipment that is used to lift heavy objects. You can use a lifting sling to hoist heavy objects that you can lift by hand. The sling is attached to lifting equipment, such as a crane. Additionally, these slings can be constructed from different types of materials. In today's article, we are going to look at wire rope.

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Lifting hopes, lives and loved ones. Help & Advice. With over one million slings manufactured worldwide, Handicare offers a comprehensive line of styles, sizes and materials that can be used with most ceiling or floor lifts. We also offer options for users that require a customized solution The procedure described here involves using a mobile sling hoist to move a patient. It is important to receive training on how to use the hoist. For guidance on preparing for any manual-handling procedure, see part 1. Perform a risk assessment. Assess the patient for using a hoist - check their mobility care plan and consult colleagues • Never lift a patient higher off the underlying surface than is needed to complete the lifting and transfer procedure. • Do not use the handles to lift! Excessive force on the handles can cause the sling to tear. • Never leave a patient unattended during a lifting situation Cranes, hoists and slings pose a serious safety hazard if not used properly. It is the policy of the Pennsylvania State University (PSU) to ensure employees are trained on the hazards of using cranes, hoists and slings and also to ensure that such equipment is safely maintained

The only time it's under in bed is when you have a few to get up. So you dress them, leave the sling under, then find a coworker to spot you on the lift and do them all one after the other. The SDC says slings in the chairs is a dignity issue. That may be true but then ones we leave it with are probably past noticing Prism Universal Handling Belt. Prism Standing Support Sling. Prism Posterior Sling & Standing Support Straps. Mackworth TA180 Back Support Belt. Mackworth Poplar Stand Aid Sling. Mackworth Holly Stand Aid Transport Sling. Freeway Thoracic Sling. Mackworth Oak Disposable Universal Sling. Prism General Purpose Clip & Loop Sling Virmedic Slings. Here at UKS Mobility we stock a great selection of slings, which are designed to be used with our range of hoists. Browse our full range of slings below, where you'll find toilet slings, hammock slings, and handling slings, as well as heavy duty slings designed for bariatric patients. All of our slings are ergonomically. Nebraska Hoist & Crane is truly a one stop shop for all your lifting needs. Whether you are looking for a basic Sling, an affordable Hoist, an Inspection or a 100 Ton Crane, we have the right solution for you. Nebraska Hoist & Crane is a reliable, established company that you can trust to help determine your lifting needs Do not load the hook tip or hammer a sling into place. 8) Secure unused sling legs. Do not drag slings or leave loose materials on a load being hoisted. 9) Keep hands and fingers from being trapped when slack is taken out of a sling. Step away before the lift is started. 10) Move the load and controls smoothly. Minimize load swing

• Move the hoist slowly to avoid patient swing whilst standing. • The hoist should not be used on ramps with incline greater than 5 deg. • Never leave a patient in a sling unattended. • Ensure brakes of the chair, bed, trolley that the patient is being lifted from are locked. • The braking castors on the lifter should be off Have a crane or hoist operator remain at the controls or lock open and tag the main electrical disconnect switch. • Ensure that the rated load capacity of a crane's bridge, individual hoist, or any sling or fitting is not exceeded. Know the weight of the object being lifted or use a dynamometer or load cell to determine the weight How to use a hoyer lift sling. There are over 200 slings to choose from to meet your need. Detailed directions for using common hoyer slings and consumer lift slings 1. The hoyer lift does most of the work for you, but you will still need to move the user in and out of the sling. This is a large design sling capable of accommodating all persons

The detachable straps can be disconnected once the client has been hoisted into the water, allowing closer contact between the therapist and the client. The sling works on various ceiling hoists, as well as our own unique OT200 ceiling hoist. Please contact us on 01252 758858 / sales@opemed.net for more information The mobile unit allows us to inspect and static or dynamic load test hoists, lever pullers and slings quickly and easily, keeping out of service time to a minimum. The trailer is also set up with a complete workshop. On board are tools, work benches, a drill press, and the necessary equipment for hoist and lever puller repair In an emergency where the crane or hoist has become inoperative, if a load must be left suspended, barricade and post signs in the surrounding area, under the load, and on all four sides. Lock open and tag the crane or hoist's main electrical disconnect switch. Parking a Crane: -Remove all slings and accessories from the hook Patient Lift Injuries Lawyer. If you are concerned about injuries suffered from a fall from a Mechanical Patient Lift or due to some other type of neglect or abuse contact Kenneth LaBore for a free consultation at 612-743-9048 or toll free at 1-888-452-6589 or by email at KLaBore@MNnursinghomeneglect.com. Disclaimer. Patient Lift Injuries The operator will not leave his position while the load is suspended. The operator needs to be aware of the appropriate chains, hoist, and sling requirements. CHAINS, SLINGS AND HOISTS Safe Operating Practices (All slings, chains and hoists) Slings that are damaged or defective should be destroyed. Slings shall not be shortened with knots, belts o

hoists and slings for the individual and the type of transfers required. It should also take into account the views and preferences of the individual being hoisted. If in any doubt, seek competent advice. The handling plan should cover the range of activities where a person may require assistanc Hoists can be either mobile or fixed to a ceiling track. Hoists are used in conjunction with a sling, which is specific to the brand of hoist, the patient and the aim of hoisting for example a leave in sling, a hygiene sling, a disposable sling (often used in a healthcare setting) or an amputee sling. If someone requires a hoist then it needs to reflected in their moving and handling care plan. The patient sling is a key component when using the lift. The sling is to keep the patient and connect to the elevator. The crane comes in a variety of shapes and fabrics and is designed for different support levels and uses. When ordering slings, consider the patient's support needs and patient activities, including lifting elderly people. The sling is created with fine, soft para silk fabric that allows the sling to glide smoothly under the patient during use. Its soft fabric helps prevent pressure areas and makes it more hospitable for patients with sensitive skin. The sling also comes in a navy blue color and is available is sizes ranging from Medium-Extra Large

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2.2.3 Ensure cranes, hoists and slings are maintained in proper working order and repaired when necessary. 2.2.4 Ensure scheduled inspections and testing is conducted as required by the equipment being utilized 2.3 Authorized crane, hoist and sling operators - Operators of cranes are responsible for the following Patient Hoists and Patient Slings - common defects and preventative measures. There is a wide range of patient hoists and associated slings in common use in health and social care settings as manual handling aids for those that lack mobility. These hoists include, but are not limited to, pool hoists, bath hoists, ceiling hoists and mobile hoists A lifting sling is usually utilized in an industrial or marine setting to lift or hoist very heavy equipment reminiscent of boats, trucks and development equipment. They are made out of a wide range of materials which are designed for specific applications together with nylon, polyester, wire rope and chain. Nylon type are the most common choice Lift-All Permaloc . slings are made using the Flemish Eye splice technique to . form the eyes. Unlike the simple return loop method that places 100% of its strength on the swaged sleeve, Permaloc. slings have reserve strength should . the sleeve become damaged in use. Features and Benefits. Maintains all t. he ba. sic . Lift-All . wire rope. Always consider the sling angles when making a lift. The angle of the sling can reduce the capacity of all the rigging due to sling tension. As an example, a horizontal sling angle of 30° will increase the tension factor by 2 times therefore doubling the weight felt by the sling and all related rigging

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The alternative to the hoist is to leave my godmother in bed for what remains of her life , she is on a profile mattress and this may be the most gentle and peaceful solution , it is surely against the Human Rights Usually a person should not be left sat on the hoist sling, this would only be done if someone had to sit in a moulded chair or. Type 3 slings - also known as Eye & Eye (EE) - are very popular slings that can be used in all three types of hitches (Vertical, Choker, & Basket). They are easy to remove from beneath the load after it is in place. The lightweight material and flexibility allows the sling to be quickly and safely handled. 2 Ply, 1 slings can be made of nylon or polyester. Custom sizes and applications. Lift Slings Included, Lift Whatever You Want! Longer 2 x 5.5' and shorter 36 x 2 Lift Sling Straps are Included, extra slings we offer just to make your job done easier. P ackage Includes: One 880lbs Electric Hoist; One 2 x 5.5' 2 Ply Lift Sling Strap; One 36 x 2 2 Ply Lift Sling Stra ENGLISH 6 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Rigging the Hoist for Single or Double Line Pull 1. Single Line - Only the fixed end hook should be attached to the load. WARNING: Do NOT attach floating hook to a load for a single line pull. WARNING: Never rig web strap in a choke position by attaching the two hooks to each other. WARNING: Ensure sling or other device is properly seated in the bowl of the.

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10 steps to checking a sling prior to each use. Often we are asked about how to check various items of equipment, in this post we aim to give a little more insight into checking slings prior to use. These 10 steps to checking a sling prior to each use are essential to ensuring safe and correct use of the sling or slings. 1 All Sling, Hoist, Clamp, and Beam Repairs Amick Associates' technicians provide a variety of repair services for cranes, blocks, hoists, slings & clamps. Amick Associates, Inc. was the first Repair Station set up by Columbus McKinnon Corp. back in 1966

Erickson 02000 Personal Watercraft Lift Sling - 1000 lb. Load Capacity. The protective coating doesn't leave mars on the ski and it's strong AF! Read more. Helpful. Report abuse. Steve jones. 5.0 out of 5 stars The real deal. Reviewed in the United States on July 12, 2020. Verified Purchase Flotation Slings for Swimming Pools. May 13, 2013 — OpeMed. Our range of flotation slings for swimming pools can be used in conjunction with out award winning OT200 ceiling hoist or our removable poolside hoist. Sling options include a Vertical Flotation for when the swimmer has good upper body strength, or our complete support flotation. Our seated slings are the link between the lift and your patient. Designed in cooperation with users and patients, these easy-to-use lifting accessories place the focus on function, comfort and helping to increase patient and caregiver safety. Seated Sling Options Include This sling is designed specifically to facilitate the toileting procedure by allowing the removal of clothing. It is easy to fit and padded for comfort It is NOT a general purpose sling and will suit only 25% of patients. Patients must be in a sitting position to use this sling. It incorporates a two loop (black ⁄ blue) sling strap configuration

Proheal universal full body mesh lift point patient lift slings for liko patient lift hoyer quick reference bath sling quick reference sit sling Hoyer U Sling For Patient Lifts Padded TransfersPadded Hoyer Lift Clic 4 Point Slings With 6 Hook PointsSelecting The Correct Sling SizeHoyer Professional 6 Point Slings Na1 Na1000p Na1001 Na1001p Na1003p Na100

Portable patient lifts can be used to assist semi-mobile patients in achieving a standing position from a bed or chair, also known as Sit-to-stand lifts. Other sling lifts are helpful in transferring patients from a bed to a wheelchair, bathroom, or even an automobile. Task-specific slings are available to assist in every type of transfer USE OF CRANES, HOISTS, AND SLINGS Effective Date: 12/10/2013 Review Date: 05/27/2020 Page 1 of 6 necessary to leave the controls, lower the load to the floor. 4.10.2. The load block should be positioned above head level when the hoist is not in use. 5. Slings . 5.1. Slings shall not be shortened with knots or bolts or other makeshift devices 1915.112 (b) (2) Protruding ends of strands in splices on slings and bridles shall be covered or blunted. 1915.112 (b) (3) When U-bolt wire rope clips are used to form eyes, employers must use Table G-1 in § 1915.118 to determine the number and spacing of clips. Employers must apply the U-bolt so that the U section is in contact with the.

The NeoSportsLab Dog Lift Harness is a full body lift sling specially designed to assist dogs with injuried or weak legs. This lift harness provides whole body support for both front and rear legs, easy to use and adjustable, no slipping, no tripping, no damage This versatile hoist with four sling sets is the efficient, durable machine that allows you to leave the dry dock for larger vessels, and lift everything else. Cargo vessels, ferries, and LNG tugs are no problem for the 1250 C as it takes versatility to all new levels

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HLS slings provide a simple, dependable and durable investment for any healthcare company. What's more, if you have any questions about any of our slings, our specialists will be on-hand to help you out. After your installation, we don't just leave you to it, we make sure that you get the consistent support you need through all-access aftercare Rigging Equipment Rental. We specialize in shackle rental, hoist rental, sling and load cell rental. Our inventory of heavy lifting equipment is available to rent on an as needed basis to suit your business requirements. To better serve you, we also offer spreader beam rentals for 2 through 100 tons and up to 40 feet in length The slings need to be long enough so the hoist can take the weight of the hardtop off the slings, so lower the hardtop from the ceiling by 10cm or so and on one side measure (with a piece of string, for example) the intended path of the sling from the front eye plate, under the hardtop to the rear eye plate (see the photos in the next step for.

CarBole 6' x 2 Lifting Sling with Flat Loop,2 Pack Strong Heavy Duty Duplex Polyester Webbing Cargo Lift Sling Strap Strop, Max Breaking Strength 9000lbs 4.3 out of 5 stars 27 £16.99 £ 16 . 9 Which sling type is the most durable of all web slings? Chain slings. How long are synthetic slings good for? 12 months. What is a synthetic web sling? Synthetic web slings are made using polyester flat webbing and are the preferred sling when lifting highly-polished, fragile or delicate loads that have to be protected from damage Silvalea is dedicated to providing not only the highest quality products available on the market but also to providing our customers with the best possible service, support and product training currently available. Our values: Leaders in Patient transfer products. We aspire for unrivalled quality. Dedicated to product development

Sling - an assembly which connects the load to the material handling equipment. (Appendix A) 4.2.2. Ensure cranes, hoists and slings are maintained in proper working order and repaired when necessary. 4.2.3. Ensure cranes, hoists and slings are used in a safe manner. Never leave suspended loads unattended. In an emergency, if Leave a Comment / How To / By Hoist Zone It's important to understand how chain slings are measured so you can buy the right one for your needs. At Hoist Zone, we measure our chain slings from pick point to pick point (or grab point to grab point) Leave a Review. Customer Reviews. November 05, 2017 immediately went back to our Agrisupply and bought one to replace it, so I am on my second one. from GA. November 27, 2015. Lift Sling. This shopper rated the product 5 out of 5 stars I use it to lift the front end of a commercial JD lawn mower to sharpen the blades, move cattle panels. Dog lift harnesses can be worn for long periods, but the experts agree that dogs should have a break from wearing them now and again. If possible, dogs should be allowed to sleep without it, or if it is a dog that normally goes outside to relieve himself during the night, then the lift sling should be taken off afterwards safe working load, (SWL) of the hoist and sling. The weight that the hoist can safely take is clearly marked on the hoist mast, or boom the SWL of the sling can be found on the slings label. If the SWL of the hoist is 150kg and the SWL of the sling is 130kg, then the weight of the patient must not exceed 130kg

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AltoSlings. Flexible to meet every need. Innovative design and production process. Easy to use. Our sling range features 10 designs with 3 different fabric choices and 7 sizes. In other words - you may choose a sling that helps you deliver the best possible care for each user. Whether you opt for deep-dyed polyester, polyester mesh or 3D. Patient slings 1 year Weighing devices 1 year Do not operate the hoist without training in the safe operation of hoists & slings. IF IN DOUBT DO NOT USE. •Never leave a patient in a sling unattended. •Ensure brakes of the chair, bed, trolley that the patient is being lifted from ar The halter is placed on the animal as shown in the picture below. I undo the pol strap, slip the nose band over the head of the animal, then feed the front legs through so that the strap connecting the underside of the throatlatch and and chinstrap runs between the legs along the sternum. When the halter is placed, I buckle the pol strap so. The lift can be electric or manual, and it uses the sling and hydraulics to pull the body up into a unique position while the patient faces the lift. Once in the transfer position, the patient's feet are on a small platform and the knees are slightly bent, resting firmly against knee pads We can assess your service user for the sling model, mobile hoist, sit to stand aid and even assess building work to confirm a ceiling track hoist can be installed if required for longer term care needs. If this would be beneficial please leave your details on the contact page and a local member of our team will be in touch to arrange a visit

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