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  1. Some times you may notice that your lovely betta fish laying on the bottom of the tank, not eating, breathing. If you want a step by step 5 gallon betta fish tank guide then you've come to the right place! After the female releases eggs, it's the male's job to capture the eggs via the mouth and place it on. ** please use caution when dealing.
  2. If your Betta fish is looking lethargic and spending time laying at the bottom of the tank, they could be sick. There are many diseases that affect Bettas. In fact, these fish tend to experience disease more often due to a weaker immune system. Diseases like Ich, Bloat, Dropsy, and more can cause Betta fish to get weak
  3. Betta Fish Laying On The Bottom Of The Tank Breathing Heavily If your betta isn't only lying at the bottom of the tank but he's also breathing heavily, then something could be wrong. In all likeliness, the chances are its ammonia poisoning

My Betta Has A Egg Sack White Bubble On Bottom Of Her Tummy And Now She Has... | My Aquarium Club My betta has a egg sack white bubble on bottom of her tummy and now she has... By Guest, 4 years ago on Tropical Fis Here's why a Betta fish may lay on its side at the bottom of its tank: A Betta fish may be resting on the bottom of its tank due to polluted aquarium water. Foul water conditions can make the fish lethargic due to the stress and in the worst-case scenario - poison the creature Betta fish have a short digestive tract so constipation can easily happen. If your betta is laying at the bottom of the tank and looks to have a bloated stomach, it's possible that they are constipated. Overfeeding or having insufficient fiber in their diet can lead to constipation

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The eggs will quickly fungus over and start releasing toxic ammonia that could put your betta's life at risk. Vacuum the bottom of the tank more frequently than normal, as the female will lose eggs in the substrate. Aside from increased cleaning, the rest of your betta's care should stay the same This behaviour/symptom is lethargy or is staying at the bottom of the tank. Because this is the most common symptom a betta fish will exhibit when sick, there are several reasons why your fish will lay on the bottom of their tank or act lethargic After the female betta fish mate, the females will lay eggs. The eggs come from what is often termed an egg spot, seen encircled above. The spot looks like a grain of salt and is actually the ovipositor tube where the eggs will come out of. Female betta fish are typically less ornate and decorated when compared to their male counterparts

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  1. If you have a sorority of female betta fish in a tank with a male betta and it's a female fish that is bloated, it's possible that condition could be caused by eggs inside the fish
  2. In one he has a male betta, in the other he has a female betta and a dwarf gourami. I put a snail in each one of these tanks. So far, nothing has shown up in any of my other tanks with snails, except for the tank with the lone male betta and the snail. I have these little white, what appear to be eggs, laying all over the bottom of the tank
  3. g to prevent waste buildup. If your contracts fin rot while already fighting off a different disease, his chances of survival are much lower. Treatment: Fin rot can be treated by adding Ampicillin or Tetracycline
  4. Another common reason your Betta may be lying at the bottom of their tank is that she may be egg-bound. If you've been trying to breed Bettas, an immobile female may be a sign that you're on the right track. During the fertilization process, female Bettas go into a state of mock-shock
  5. Eggs will sink to the bottom of the tank and will eventually rot. Therefore, the quantity of eggs that survive and hatch into fry depends mostly on how the male betta cares for them. Some More Interesting Fact
  6. Scrubbing the bottom and sides of the tank is also done best after a feeding. That way the fish are less likely to eat stirred up debris that might not be good for them. (Hint) Use Warm Water for Mixing Brine Shrimp Eggs! When you mix a new batch of brine shrimp eggs for hatching, use warm water instead of cold
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They all need their own space which your tank just can't provide. There is a pecking-order amongst female Bettas, and the one sitting on the bottom of your tank is probably the most submissive one, the last in the line... I could visualize one male Betta with 5 females in a 30 gallon long tank, with lots of plants to divide their own spaces first time with a betta fry spawn. I don't recall anything about fry laying at the bottom of the tank when I did my research pre-breeding. They are most definitely alive. They hatched 5 days ago

Betta fish come from a tropical climate in Thailand so they require warm water in their tanks. Never let the water in your tank drop below 65 degrees or go above 82 degrees, and try to keep it in the range of 76 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the temperature bettas are happiest and active at Question: My betta has been hanging out at the bottom of the tank, she doesn't really eat. Sometimes she'll zip around the tank and then right back to the bottom. I tried betta fix. What else can I do ? Answer: Well, you need to check other signs of sickness in her. If she lacks these signs, then she might not be sick Tank Size. Sticking with the recommended tank size for your betta is essential if you want them to thrive. Betta fish should have a minimum tank size of five gallons. A good general rule is to add a gallon for every additional fish. So basically, start with a five gallon tank and work your way up from there

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The eggs would fall into the ground. In the meantime, the male betta fish will collect all the eggs into the mouth. All the collected betta fish eggs will be placed on the nest. Once the female betta fish finish releasing the eggs, male betta fish will help them with recovery as well. There are instances where some female betta fish would eat eggs Need some help with my Betta. I've had him for a year and a half, not sure how old he was when I got him. For the past week he has been lying on the bottom of the tank breathing heavy through his gills. His color looks good, no evidence of ick or fun rot. He comes up for food 1-3 times a day but immediately returns to the bottom of the tank So I'm a new betta owner and I think I have made some serious mistakes. I found a male betta that is absolutely gorges, Mostly Purple with a little bit of red. I put him in a 1 gallon tank. I previously had 3 tiger barbs in there but moved them to my 30 gal Betta breeding can be very time consuming and expensive. Betta can release over 500 eggs in a single spawn and you will end up with over 300 juveniles to care for if most survive! You must plan and be clear about your objective and goals you want to achieve out of this spawning activity Still, a betta that's laying on the bottom of the tank does sound alarming. Male betta fish usually makes the bubble nest for signaling breeding process. They do not need oxygenated water. Male bettas build bubble nests, especially when they are content in their environment

Hello All, I have a 2.5 betta tank with Sherlock who is a red veiltail betta, and Watson a Nerite Snail. the tank is filtered and heated and has a long piece of pothos with the leaves out of the water and the rest underneath. I would like to know if I can raise brine shrimp in the tank? I want to add around 20 eggs over a span of a week and let them hatch If your goldfish is at the bottom or top corner of a tank, gasping for air then it could well be ammonia poisoning. As well as this, you may also notice that their gills are red too. If you think it's ammonia poisoning you should test the water immediately. When there's too much ammonia, immediately perform a 50% water change

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  1. Vote. Tank Size: 20 Gal tall Heater and Filter: Yes Tank Temperature: 77 F° Tank and Fish Time: Tank for a week, fish for two days. He was rescued and didn't have time to fully cycle the tank but he is steady and I'm adding tank stabilizer for a week. Water Changes: None yet, but will do 10% weekly Tank Mates: None
  2. g down to the bottom of the tank and place the tiny fry back to the bubble nest same at the first time fry appear. The Importance of Male Betta for Betta Fish Eggs. It is very important to keep the male betta fish in the same tank with betta fish eggs
  3. - The eggs usually will NOT hatch at the bottom although some would say that lowering the water level till it almost touches the tank bottom will help (see question on artificial hatching) One reason why the bubblenest is needed is because it forms a layer of sticky substances for the eggs/fry to hang on to and reach the surface air

When spawning, the male Betta fish will swim to the bottom of the tank, gently scoop up the eggs in its mouth and carry them safely to the bubble nest. The Membrane, The Beard Another interest trait of Betta fish is the presence of a membrane under the gill plate covers Fill the vase with some water from the breeding tank and set upright on the tank's bottom, so the water level is the same in both the jar and tank. Gently capture your female betta and move her to the jar or one side of the divider in the breeding tank. Allow her to acclimate for 30 minutes to an hour. 2 HI all. I need a little help for my unhappy betta.I have had him in a 20L tank with a snail for a few months and he started off nice and happy in there but I then bought some plants from an ebay seller that brought in hundreds of tiny snails. He becamse very unhappy, stayed at the top of the tank all the time and I think he kept eating the baby snails that grew on the side of the tank as they. EASY TO USE - Only drop a few leaves into your tank. Bettas will start nibbling on the leaves, using them for cover or may even lay eggs on the leaves, easily creating black water quality which is the water condition in their habitat;create a comfortable rest area and a tropical rainforest environment for tropical fish.Before placing the product in the aquarium, rinse before use, even after. Yes, eggs are definitely kept in betta bubble nests—and for good reason. In the wild, betta habitats are usually dirty and full of danger. Think shallow, muddy puddles that are low in oxygen. When the eggs are secured within bubbles, it only keeps the egg sacs moist and protected, but there is also plenty of oxygen surrounding the growing babies

I have 2 Salt and Pepper Corydoras (appropriately named Salt and Pepper) and one of them, the male, is often very inactive. I've only had two other Corydoras before (who were a mated pair that tragically died due to petsmart giving us a heavily deformed male betta and told us it was a guppie, which ended up killing our snail, which ended up killing the rest of our fish due to deadly toxins. Some female betta fish always eat the eggs, so it is good to remove the female from the tank to avoid losing all the eggs. Summary You can tell when the whole process of spawning is over when you see the male Betta chasing away the female from the bubble nest and will not let her near the nest How to Tell If Your Male Betta Fish Will Place the Eggs Into a Bubble Nest. The male of the Betta fish species will do his best to place the eggs into a bubble nest, even when this is not his preferred choice of location. They will go to the nest and lay their eggs on the bottom or the sand, just to make sure they are safe Most betta fish will sink when they die, so if you see your betta resting at the bottom of the tank, this may be a cause for concern. Bettas that are floating unnaturally at the surface of the water may not be dead, but instead suffering from swim bladder disorder The suitable tank size for a Betta imbellis pair is generally is 10 gallons. If you plan on adding other fish to the aquarium, we recommend that you increase the size of the tank accordingly. Once released, the egg will sink to the bottom of the aquarium. From there on, the male will release the female and fetch the egg. A few minutes later.

Big Tank. This betta fish breeding tank measures 11.8 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches and this model is one of the biggest on the market, and perfect for the spacious space that fishes need. Small holes will provide great water flow and optimal temperature. Easy Installation Once they release themselves from the Betta they multiple at the bottom of the fish tank and then reattach themselves in greater quantities to the Bettas in the tank. Symptoms Golden/copper colored dust like appearance on your Bettas body and fins (this can be easier to see with the use of a torch), clamped fins, scratching against tank wall. Your betta won't eat a lot, so pay attention to what he's letting float to the bottom of the tank and learn to gauge the appropriate amount of food to feed. Why isn't my betta fish eating? If your betta isn't eating it could be a sign of illness or constipation, but there are few other things to consider before jumping to that conclusion

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A very good tank mate for your Betta is the ghost shrimp. These little guys are great to keep the bottom of the tank clean. Generally, bettas will not mess with phantom shrimp. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule. However, there is still a pretty good chance that your betta will leave them alone, and they will live well together Betta fish do not appreciate high current and flow which will blow them around the fish tank. Being whipped around by the current will exhaust your betta fish causing stress and eventually death. Choose sponge filters compatible with the size of your fish tank. Betta fish do not need an air pump to survive

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Most Betta fish ailments are caused by improper feeding and cleaning. These will be examined in greater detail later. However, a few things to always keep in mind include: Clean the tank regularly. To keep it clean, do not overcrowd with too many fish, add aquarium salt to water, and disinfect the tank Before introducing your fish into the tank, fill up the tank for 48 hours, decorate as discus above, set the filters and lights properly. Then only introduce the fish into the tank. Change 40 % of your betta's tank water every 3 to 4 days if no filter is in the tank. In aquarium with good filter, 10% water change every week or 25% every 2 weeks Betta macrostomas are often considered difficult to keep - and even more difficult to breed. But, the reality is, they're not difficult to keep if you're able to keep their parameters stable. The real challenge with this isn't your natural water parameters, it usually comes down to how well you cycled the tank and consistent water change practices Betta hanging out at bottom of tank -- 09/29/07 <<Hello, Robert. Tom with you.>> I have a Betta that is approximately 1 year old. Tom with you.>> I have a Betta that is approximately 1 year old. He was active, exploring his tank and would often build bubble nests Plakat Betta are a well-kept secret in the fish-keeping world, especially in the West. However, these lesser-known cousins of the standard betta splendens that are commonly bred for the pet trade have some distinct advantages, including being better-suited to most community tanks. Here's what you need to know about how to keep a Plakat Betta [

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After mating, a female betta will release eggs which fall to the bottom of the tank. The male betta will retrieve these eggs and place them into his bubble nest. Then he will chase the female away and guard the bubble nest. Once the fry hatch, the male betta will continue caring for his young, and will dutifully suck them up with his mouth and. A five-gallon tank is the smallest you want to have with just one Betta, anything smaller is considered cruel. A ten-gallon tank is the smallest size for keeping other fish with your Bettas. Lastly, a 30-gallon community tank is the smallest size we recommend if you want to keep a sorority of Bettas Since betta fish are native to tropical habitats, it's important that we provide them with a warm environment. Generally, most fishkeepers agree that the optimal temperature for betta fish is between 25 and 27 degrees Celcius (or 77 to 81 Fahrenheit).. In order to provide optimal water temperature, fishkeepers should ensure that their aquarium is equipped with a reliable tank heater for. Elephant ear betta or dumbo bettas got it's name from the fins look like great big elephant ears sticking out of the sides of the fish's head, just like the Disney character Dumbo. They are similar to Betta splendens other than distinct characters.. So, today I am going to update your knowledge about Elephant Ear Betta. I invite you to join and get to know all the interesting facts

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Catfish and bottom feeding fish are usually the best fish to keep with bettas. They don't resemble what a betta would class as a threat. They swim at the bottom of the aquarium and are often reclusive and hide. They're non-aggressive fish Fortunately, it is a good food source for fish like betta, thus depending on the fish you keep, it may just be what you want in your aquarium. Plus duckweed plants provide good coverage even for top dwelling fish. Duckweed is good when you have new fry in the tank to provide them with shelter and a place to hide from aggressive and predatory fish

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  1. OIIKI 2PCS Egg Crate for Aquarium, Grid Tank Divider Tray, Fish Tank Bottom Isolation, with 4PCS Sucker Clip, for Mixed Breeding (Black) 4.5 out of 5 stars 2 $7.70 $ 7 . 7
  2. The best tank size for a betta fish is 5 gallons or more. Yes, you can put a betta fish in a vase or a smaller tank, but this ensures a shortened lifespan and a bored fish. A bored betta is one that doesn't develop quirks—and that is the best part of keeping a betta to begin with
  3. Temperature needed for snails in a Betta Fish tank. There's varying information out there on the temperature needed to keep snails. Snails are hardier than Betta fish. Keep your tank at 78-82 degrees Fahrenheit and they'll thrive. Breeding snails with Siamese fish. Please don't breed snails in a betta fish tank
  4. The eggs will fall to the bottom of the tank and the male will retrieve them with his mouth and then place them into the bubblenest. Once spawning is over the female betta should be removed from the tank for her safety and also the safety of the eggs. The male betta will attack the female after spawning is over and female bettas will eat the eggs
  5. A Betta tank should be shallow, not exceeding 30 cm (approximately 12 inches) in height which is extremely helpful in case of breeding as males look after eggs, and if they fall from nest, he collects them and puts them back (more information can be found below in the breeding paragraph). Secondly, Bettas have a labyrinth organ that allows them.
  6. Their eggs sink much the same way as betta splendens eggs. If the eggs fall into gravel they are usually lost so a bare bottom tank is a must. Feed them well with live food, especially mosquito larvae and adult brine shrimps. Do 10% water changes every couple of days

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Scoop up some bubble nest using a spoon, it doesn't have to be from the betta that you're trying to breed. Place it where it would be most convenient for you to monitor if there are any eggs. Day 0 - 18:00: After the tank is setup and the seeded with some bubble nest, place the female into the container and the male in the main tank. Day 1 - 06. Betta eggs and fry Betta eggs are white and can be easily spotted inside the bubble nest if you use a magnifying glass. Using MarOxy or any similar treatment is not only good for the male; it will also decrease the risk of fungus attacking the eggs Then transfer the Moina and eggs to the tank for culture by pouring the hatching tray into the tank and add the water. If the eggs do not hatch. If the eggs do not hatch within 10 days, dry the eggs by pouring them into an aquarium fishnet and wait for 2-3 days. After the eggs dried, start the hatching process again. Moina macrocopa foo

Due to the aggressive tendencies of the betta, a 10 gallon or bigger fish tank is best to try to successfully keep a Betta in a community system. Smaller can be done with more peaceful bettas. Just be sure to keep a very close eye on things for the first couple of weeks and be prepared to move fish if necessary Gravid turtles may begin pacing their tank or digging in their gravel as the time for egg deposition approaches. This is especially true when the turtle has no access to a proper egg-deposition site. This is a serious issue requiring immediate attention, as the lack of suitable egg laying sites can cause turtles to retain their eggs , which can.

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2. Red Betta (Betta splendens var. Red) Just as the veiltail shows a dominant trait in all types of bettas, so does the red color. It's the most prevalent of any color, which is why you often see it in pet stores. Bettas of other color types may even have a red wash due to the prominence in their genetic code Betta Tank Mates. If you want to keep a community tank, bettas are not the best option for a few reasons. but they need food that hits the bottom of the tank. If you have the chance, hiding food under the sand is a great way to see their natural behavior and it's fun to watch them root around for scraps. It's thought that the eggs.

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Betta edithae will spawn in a community tank as well as in a tank set up especially for breeding. The spawning sequence of the edithae is similar to that displayed by most mouthbrooding Bettas. Unlike the bubblenest builders who embrace close to the water surface, all activity takes place at the bottom of the tank Corydoras are bottom feeders, meaning that they suck up vegetable matter and insects/insect larvae from the bottom of the tank (more on the ideal foods for them on this post). Even if they dwarf frogs lay eggs, they make bubble nests which are at the top of the water Answer: A 3-5 gallon tank is large enough for breeding Betta; remember, when the fry are hatched they will need to be moved to a larger growing on tank. At what age will my Betta fish mate? Answer: This can vary between individual fish but most Betta fish will become sexually responsive after the age of 3 months

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The decayed micro worm turns into some bacteria which then consumes the ventral fins of betta fries as they lie at the bottom of the tank. He also mentioned that people that having aquatic soil at the bottom of the tank eliminate the problem as all the bacteria will stick to the bottom Bettas also like resting on the bottom of their tanks or at the top of the water line. Sometimes owners may see him floating peacefully at the top of the tank and believe he is dead but a healthy betta is just resting. A favorite resting spot of bettas is on leaves, plants and even rocks and ornaments placed in the tank You may send your support through the link provided below PayPal Link: http://www.paypal.me/dextersworld Patreon Link :https://www.patreon.com/DextersworldYo.. Origin - Tank-bred betta variety, but species native to Southeast Asia. Have egg spots that look like a white lump between the head and ventral fins. The Kuhli Loach is a peaceful fish and spends all his time on the tank bed scavenging for food which sinks to the bottom of the tank. Kuhli Loach has a black or dark brown color, and it.

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Betta fish are also more likely to enjoy feeding on the floating pellets, which also lets you enjoy their swimming activity. Another benefit that comes with using floating fish food is that it reduces the amount of waste residue at the bottom of the tank The eggs being fertilised will sink to the bottom. This is when the male will take over and scoop up the eggs in his mouth in order to carry them up to the bubble nest. It is the male who will then become broody and look after his young. The eggs are fertilized and will sink to the bottom of the tank Treat her tank with maracyn oxy to help heal her fins if damaged by the male betta. It's also a good idea to treat the breeding tank with maracyn oxy to avoid bacteria and fungus from killing the eggs. Leave the male betta with the eggs. Don't remove the male betta from the breeding tank The best Betta fish tank that we've found that we believe offers enough for everybody is the MarineLand Portrait Aquarium Kit. For those of you just getting started, it's the ideal place to start and provides a perfect 5 gallon Betta tank to ensure they're nice and comfortable in their new home with plenty of room to explore

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You should feed your betta fish only what it needs. Excess food in the betta tank will cause the water quality to drop, and bettas like very high water quality. More waste food will mean more decomposing matter on the bottom of the tank, meaning more toxic ammonia and nitrite produced The eggs go down to the tank bottom, and the male picks them up and puts into the nest. The female can also help him with that, but more often she just eats the eggs, so it's better to remove the female from the spawning tank right after the spawning is finished. The eggs hatch in 24-36 hours Basement Bettas, San Antonio, TX. 4,846 likes · 2 talking about this. Home of Show Quality Bettas Size of the tank . Tank size is one of the most crucial factors while thinking of getting a Crowntail Betta. Even though Bettas are smaller fish, but you need a moderately sized tank so they can move freely. If you wish to keep your Betta alone, then I recommend you to use a 10-gallon tank at least

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Generally, betta fish can eat a wide variety of food. Betta fish should be fed twice a day. You can take a small pinch of food in the morning, and a small pinch in the evening. You should make sure you do not overfeed them. Extra food will become waste and generate toxins when they sit in the bottom of the tank They can grow easily in a fish tank by attaching them with wood and by rooting in the bottom substrate. They are slow grower that makes them easy to care for and maintain. 2. Amazon Sword. The second plant on our best plant for betta fish tank is Amazon sword. Compared to anubias nana there are unique care requirements for this plant The betta fish is and will forever be one of the most popular types of aquarium fish. If plan to keep bottom feeders or algae eaters in your tank you may need to supplement their diet with algae wafers. Breeding freshwater angelfish can be a rewarding experience but raising the eggs to maturity may be a challenge The breeding tank should be 5 - 10 gallons and set up with a removable divider, a few hiding places, an adjustable filter (such as a sponge filter with a gang valve), and a heater set to around 26.7°c. Never add gravel or other substrate to the breeding tank because the eggs will get lost when they fall to the bottom