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This particular faux garland includes pinecones and magnolia leaves, but we added in pieces of cut berry stems by securing them with floral wire, which is a thin, bendable wire you can buy at almost any craft store. Floral wire also makes it easy to affix two pieces of garland together to make a longer strand. On this staircase, the garland is draped at four points on the banister, secured. Places to Decorate With Garland. There are numerous ways to decorate a home with garland. Inside the house are a great many surfaces that can be adorned with garlands, both traditional and the unexpected. Staircase; The staircase can actually offer two decorating options. First is the handrail, where garland can be wrapped around, or draped. 27 of the Prettiest DIY Garland Decor Ideas for a Quick and Easy Home Decor Upgrade. Maybe you are contemplating some new holiday decor and realize how amazing a simple strand of garland can update your seasonal scene. Or perhaps you thrive on getting those creative juices flowing with an on-going list of DIY crafting projects to keep busy.

Once your base garland is in place and secure, attach your other decor to the base. You can start by adding other garland or greenery and then ribbon and ornaments. Add as much or a little as you see fit. You can coordinate with your tree that might be close by or you might create a whole new look in a different part of the house Oct 12, 2013 - Using garland to decorate. See more ideas about garland, garland decor, christmas decorations Christmas garland decorating for the yarn loving crocheter makes this DIY Christmas project a perfect fit. A chain made of brightly colored yarn bows tied with pompoms is a beautiful addition to any holiday decor ideas. This Christmas garland decoration requires some skill in crocheting to make, although it is an easy project for those who know. Decorate your home for the holidays with these festive Christmas garland and swag ideas. We have classic garlands for banisters, mantels, windows, and doorways. Plus, we give you a little modern twist—adding them to dining chairs and chandeliers to transform your everyday spaces into a winter wonderland Things like mirrors, signs, chalkboards and mantels can all be enhanced with a little fun garland. These DIY garland ideas use a variety of different materials that make each garland unique. Whether you want to use items from nature or from your craft room, there are plenty of creative ideas to try

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  2. Once I had my bows in place, I interspersed faux greenery and pinecone picks along the length of the garland to break up the solid color and add some fullness. These were all pieces of greenery I had from my fall decorating and they work beautifully with the pine garland. And luckily, I had pinecone picks from last year's Christmas tree
  3. Create a beautiful festive Christmas garland with directions from a pro! So far the pros at Total Bliss have shown us step-by-step directions and secrets for Decorating A Christmas Tree and Decorating A Christmas Wreath.. We're going back today so that the owner, Nancy, can show us how to decorate a gorgeous Christmas garland

Feb 8, 2021 - Explore Lori Givens's board Decorate with grapevine on Pinterest. See more ideas about grapevine garland, grape vines, primitive decorating Decorating with a Christmas garland is really simple and fun. Try this on your entrance, living room window, around the headboard of your bed or along a sideboard which you can use as a mantel. But try this for sure. It's easy and pretty and everything Christmas Make a grapevine garland wreath. You can make the wreath specific to the occasion by adding the right accessories. For example, to decorate it for a country wedding, you could add miniature brides and grooms plus flowers that match the wedding colors

Here are the steps for how to decorate garland on a staircase, along with some tips, tricks, and ideas. The Shape of the Garland There are many different ways to attach garland to your staircase. You can swag it, put it at the bottom of the spindles, wrap it around the handrail, and many other options 11. Salt Dough Christmas Garland. This is a gorgeous and simple DIY garland to make and decorate with this year. The salt dough is nothing more than flour, salt, and water. You create different shapes, hang them from a string, and you have a modern garland which didn't require much to make. 12 Pine garland and ribbon should be one and a half times the length of the space you are decorating. Substitute or add beads instead of ribbon or to use multiple varieties of ribbon

Decorate the garland to match the feel of your gathering; for a simple dinner party, candles and flowers create a casual and elegant look. Or, decorate for a holiday dinner with seasonal blooms and décor. Add place settings and take a step back from the table to check the fullness of the garland Use pinecone garlands in place of evergreen garlands, along a bannister or the fireplace mantel. Wind lights around the garland for extra holiday cheer and lighting. Use garlands of pinecones to decorate outside for the holidays, on the front porch or along a deck or fence. Make a small garland and tie the two ends together for a wreath

Whether your want to make your own or buy a pinecone garland, there are lots of ways to string, hang and decorate with them. Plus, these natural, rustic garlands look great all winter long, even after the holidays have passed. For example, you can hang them over a doorway or wrap them around a wreath The wood bead garland is probably best described as 'jewelry for the home'. It adds a great texture and a new shape to a space. These wood bead garlands come in different lengths and colours, some even come with different size beads. The beaded garlands have a touch of rustic which is why they work so well with farmhouse decor

Berry, Wooden, Holiday Garland & More. Fast, Free Shipping, Bulk Discounts. One Stop Shop For Unique Garland Wall Décor, Table Elements, And More Decorate With Garland. Start with a balsam fir garland and layer in natural elements in neutral tones, such as birch bark, freeze-dried leaves, and mini pinecones. Red berry sprigs and. Decorating is one of them for me. Adding a festive Christmas garland is one of the easiest ways to add some holiday cheer to your home. Garland can be used almost anywhere from your fireplace mantel, banister, or even on your dining room table as a centerpiece. Today I wanted to share Nearly Natural Garland with you! Nearly Natura The best advice for decorating with boxwood garland is to plan ahead. Thinking about garland placement and how much you will need is essential for ordering the right amount of garland to complete your look. Boxwood garland can be used indoors or outdoors, and everywhere in-between, so decide on whether your garland will go indoor, outdoor or both

If you're visiting Green With Decor for the first time, welcome! You can learn more about me here. Basically, I love using the color green in decorating, we've renovated pretty much our entire house because it wasn't in great shape when we bought it, and I love to decorate without spending too much money. . Back to my cheap fancy garland Decorating With Tinsel and Garland. For many people, tinsel and garland have now become synonymous with one another, with some now calling the combination garland tinsel or tinsel garland. In the past though, tinsel was though of as the long, thin, stringy silver that you hung on the Christmas tree to make the lights beautifully reflect off of it Combined with a fun, gray-colored jute twine makes this DIY decor project extra unique. How To Use Wooden Beads As Decor. The uses for this wood bead garland is endless. Here are some of my favorite ideas. Layer them on vases to display on a mantel; Lay it across stacks of books on a tray; String it like a garland across your mante Credit: Laurey W. Glenn / Syling: Lisa Powell Bailey. Fill a rectangular glass container with sand, and tuck in bundles of wheatgrass. Glue shells and starfish to bamboo skewers, and then stick them in the sand so they stand up tall. (Note: You can water the wheatgrass while it's in the sand.) 5 of 12 Garland is one of my favorite ways to decorate for Christmas. A pretty garland on the fireplace mantel is such a classic look. Today I'm going to show you how to create beautiful holiday garland. I'll teach you all the tips and tricks to making it look professional and expensive and awesome

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Christmas garland can be used to decorate anywhere in your home, from the staircase railing to the fireplace mantel, entry console table or even as a beautiful dining table centerpiece. You can also add to your garland by incorporating pinecones, faux berries, ribbons, and ornaments What's lovely about wired wreaths and garland is that you can use the wired branches to secure the ribbon and additional decor. I started with a pre-lit garland and wreath, layering two types of ribbon, glass bulbs, and natural elements, like pine cones and antlers completes this cozy cabin look Whatever you choose, remember to have fun with these best Christmas garland ideas, and personalize them however you see fit! View Gallery 48 Photos BRIAN WOODCOCK. 1 of 48. Candy Cane Garland This project is one you can do with your kids! Tie together candy canes in heart or staff shapes and string on to colored yarn or rope for a truly edible.

The garland strand was quite long, so using some heavy-duty wire cutters, I cut it in half. If you like a really full look, you may want to use a full length of garland on either side. To attach the garland to the luggage runners (or whatever you call those things) I just wrapped it around and around the runners going down each side of the car Decorating a Cheap Garland for Christmas. 7 Materials. $10. 1 Day. Easy. Turn a cheap looking garland into a not so cheap looking garland with chalk powder, paint, and pinecones. The best time to buy Christmas decorations over here in Japan is right after Christmas and I found a bunch of lengths of garland for about a buck a piece Love all of your ideas. I found my garlands at JoAnn fabrics for $.69 each last year after the stuff went on clearance at 90% off. It's great for dressing up everything. Your idea of grabbing the natural stuff would be great for an outside wreath too. Just make a wire hanger into a circle and wire the branches to it While searching for holiday decor inspo I came across dried fruit garland and fell in love! I have a window over my kitchen sink I decorated with garland and decided to spruce it up a bit! Here's the garland I have over my kitchen sink window. I love this garland by itself but knew it needed just a lil something more. I bought this garland from Joann's this year. Materials NeededTo dry your.

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Try these beautiful and very easy lilly garlands for any backdrop decorations. These can be easily made with just few pearls and yarn or wool. With just $2 w.. Your Christmas mantel isn't the only stunner that can handle a little garland. Learn how to put garland on your tree that makes an impact with this collection of our best Christmas tree garland ideas. These looks run the gamut from rustic burlap garland to elegant Christmas tree garland beads. There's surely something for everyone and every look A designer favorite way of adding garland to a staircase is to use a deep swag. The top point of each swag is a perfect place to put a big bow. This method allows for most of the handrail to be usable and is a more dynamic way to decorate because of the curved shapes. Photo by Anthony Wilder Design/Build, Inc. - Look for staircase pictures For a timeless garland, add a long string or even multiple sets of beads from the mantel that adds a relaxed look to the space. Adding greenery along the top of the mantel will enhance the vibe.

Decorating the mantle with lights and garland (and a few reindeer) is a simple decorating treatment. For now, the lights and garland provide the look I'm after. There is so much more to our Christmas decorations (It took us 5 days to decorate the house, and that doesn't include the tree.) and I can't wait to share this year's Christmas. If you want tails on your garland, leave some. length before your first gather. Attach your gathered mesh on top of the twisted stem. and secure it by twisting the stem on top of the mesh tightly. Gather the mesh again at a point far enough along. the length to make a pouf of mesh and attach it at the next stem 11 fireplace garland ideas mantle mantels 62 mantel decorations for holiday decorating 30 festive how to style a attach and other fun updates the sunny side up blog 25 gorgeous decoration tutorials hative make stunning diy like pro measure wreaths garlands decorate your home easily 40 decor 11 Fireplace Garland Ideas Mantle Mantels 62 Mantel [ Step 1. Get some decent garland. I always look for garland with at least 2 different types of greenery some berries and pinecones are nice as well. I got this set from Garden Ridge last year after xmas for 50% off! So I used two 9 ft garlands for one long garland to go around my front door

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F resh greenery is one of my favorite things to decorate with for the holidays! It's such a simple and natural way to make a house feel festive. I actually use mostly faux garland since it lasts so much longer and is far less messy, but I love to add at least a little real greenery from our yard or garden center Plush garland is great for fence posts, mantles, columns or posts, and stairway banisters, and battery operated garland and greenery make decorating in any location a breeze. To start decorating with garland: Choose where you want the garland; Measure the area; Choose garland larger than the total area of the measure spac A rule of thumb is at least 9 feet of ribbon per foot of tree, so a 7-foot Christmas tree will need 63 feet of garland. Consider scale and your personal preference: Depending on the size and shape of the tree, you may need more ribbon for a fuller, rich look. And if you have any leftover ribbon, use it to decorate wrapped presents under the tree

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LESLEY UNRUH. 5 of 33. Match It With Artwork. Weave some ribbons around the garland and add a few ornaments. The key is in matching your garland accessories to wall art and decor throughout the. Christmas Mantel Decor Ideas at Clean & Scentsible. Modern Minimalist Shelf Styling for the Holidays at This is Simplicite. Christmas Mantel Decor with Lighted Garland at Grace in My Space. Rustic Luxe Christmas Mantel Decor Ideas at Cherished Bliss. My Green and White Christmas Mantel at Cassie Bustamante. Holiday Mantel at Life is a Part My key takeaway on how to decorate Christmas window boxes and outdoor garland is be resourceful! I purchased 3 strands of this Christmas garland and added real cedar tree clippings to make it look more full. I decided to also add our own lights to the garland, and I used my own ribbon. The outcome of our extra 15 minutes of work turned out far. DIY Christmas garland to decorate your home for the holidays. No experience needed! This simple Christmas decorating tutorial will show you how! Over the past few years I have used the same cheapy garland to decorate our home at Christmas. It's thin, spindly, and looks just as inexpensive as the $5 I paid for it.. Decorating your Christmas tree with Garlands. There are numerous ways to add garlands or ribbons to your Christmas tree when decorating it, for instance, add the garlands or ribbon beginning from the head of the Christmas tree to the base, tucking the garland into your Christmas tree about every two-foot along the way down

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  1. This is a non-traditional way of using a Christmas garland, but I think it works really well in this contemporary home! Hopefully you have found some ideas for decorating a Christmas mantel even if there is a TV above itit is possible to make it look good! Put Up Trees On Both Side
  2. 30 beautiful christmas tree garland decoration ideas celebration all about decorating a tree with beaded garland you diy wood bead christmas garland so much better with age gorgeous pre lit christmas trees in es traditional with beaded garland next to luxury decor alongside gold and tree
  3. Wrap a pine garland around the base of your lantern in winter. Purchase a fake pine garland from your local craft store or holiday store. Wrap the garland around the outside of the base of your lantern. To add a holiday feel to the garland, string some cranberries onto a strand of dental floss and weave it throughout the garland
  4. g up. I make my DIY felt ball garland in red and green for Christmas (or red and white so it looks like candy cakes)
  5. Decorating your fireplace for Christmas is made much easier when you have a blank canvas. So clear the space of any unnecessary clutter. Rearrange the furniture if you need to. Remove any décor that doesn't fit with your Christmas design. Now you have a much better idea of what will work and fit within the space. 2. Hang a fireplace garland

If needed, use glue dots to adhere balloons to the wall in order to hold the shape of garland in place. I hope you enjoyed this super easy DIY Balloon Garland tutorial! Within an hour this DIY balloon garland will add a darling touch to any birthday party or shower's decor Use garlands to fill in bare spots on your tree, to add warmth and texture and to create an overall decor theme to your Christmas tree. There are so many options for garlandeverything from ribbon to popcorn, cranberries, tinsel and even yarn Staircase garland add bit of pseudo 9 beautiful staircase decorations for diy christmas garland ideas 15 festive christmas staircase decor ideas. Staircase Garland Add Bit Of Pseudo Greener And Some Clear Lights To Your Holiday C Christmas Stairs Decorations Banister Deco

One of the most magical aspects of autumn is the brilliant color display of leaves. While a few leaves simply wilt and fall, many deciduous trees say goodbye to summer in a burst of glory, with leaves turning brilliant and fiery shades of crimson, flaming orange, yellow, and even purple.. If you love the drama of autumn leaves, you can create a fall leaf garland to decorate a doorway, inside. While you can go all out with epic DIY decorations, like a jumbo paper holly garland, you don't have to spend an entire afternoon focusing on this spot to make it special. There are plenty of simple, yet Pinterest-worthy Christmas stair decorations that take just five to 10 minutes to execute, like draped greenery, dangling snowflakes. 2 Ways to Make a Rustic, Natural-Looking Holiday Garland. 1. Fabricate a Swag Using Artificial Greenery. Gather various types of faux greenery to design one-of-a-kind holiday decor that will last forever. Use it again year after year for quick and easy decorating. In other words, make a one-time investment and then enjoy free decorations.

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Balloons are a must-have for any birthday bash! Blow up your balloons using your mouth, an air pump, or a helium tank. Then, attach them together to make decorations such as a balloon arch, garland, or bunch. In addition, you can decorate.. Next, cut a section of grosgrain ribbon and loop it around a flat wooden wreath form (Images 1 & 2). Attach the cut ribbon ends together using hot glue. Hot glue green wood fiber moss to the wreath form until it is fully covered, then hot glue the plastic eggs on top of the moss (Images 3 & 4). Mix the gold-painted eggs with unpainted eggs for.

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  1. Today the Farmhouse Hens are focusing on winter decor and I am sharing a pom pom garland that I made with a skein of white yarn. Make sure you scroll to the bottom of this post so you can click around and visit my talented friends and be inspired by their fabulous winter decor and vignettes
  2. g touch to your entryway. Decorate the ends of your entryway bench with matching garland to further enhance your holiday decor. To change things up, use adhesive mounting hooks instead of nails. These let you attach the garland without making holes in the walls or doorframe
  3. Hang from a curtain rod. Seen at West Elm. Create a horizontal display. Seen at Buckets of Burlap. Use a long driftwood garland along the fireplace mantel. Via Gracious Spaces. Another idea how you can make a beautiful driftwood garland part of your mantel decor. The driftwood pieces are white washed
  4. 7 DIY Flower Garland Ideas To Decorate Your House: Part 1. Flowers are always praised for their beauty, sweet fragrance, flavors, and medicinal benefits.Today we still make use of flowers in party, festival decoration. That's the reason flower garlands have huge importance in different cultures worldwide. They are often hung on walls or.
  5. 6. Paper Fan Garland. Make a fan garland for a birthday party, a bridal or baby shower or for a wedding. You'll find the easy to follow pictured tutorial on the CRAFTAHOLICS ANONYMOUS site. pinterest-pin-it. 7. Tassels Garland. By just changing the colors of the tissue paper, will make each tassel garland unique
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Alternatively, you can change out the decor of your hop garland so as to maintain your decoration with the seasons. #2 A Hop Garland above a Central Kitchen Unit. If you don't have a central island but wall cupboards why not place the garland above these instead? The decoration in the photo below actually used two hops to cover the required area Directions: Step 1: Measure out the length you want the garland to be with either twine or moss covered wire.Secure the ends. Step 2: Cut about 6 to 8 inch lengths of wire and wind each piece around the top row of each pinecone so that it's hidden by the ridges.. Step 3: Take at least three pinecones or more, depending on the how thick you want the garland, and form a bunch by twisting their. Measuring a staircase banister or mantel to swag garland. To swag garland down a staircase banister or across the mantel, use the same strategy as above. Measure the LENGTH of the banister or the WIDTH of the mantel, then calculate one-and-a-half times that dimension. Example: 6-ft. W mantel x 1.5 = 9 feet of garland It really is easy too -- just lay it on there and start sticking in the extras. Fluff it up and tuck in some lights! It took me maybe 30 minutes to set this up. This gives me the look of the fluffier garlands from Crate and Barrel or Pottery Barn that run $100 a piece Some garland are sold with lights included. The best ways to use garland on stairs is to get the ones with the lights incorporated. Of course, these garland cannot be cut to different lengths. However, they are very useful at Christmas when you have lots of decorating to do in a short time. Garland with lights incorporated really are time.

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17 Beaded Garland Ideas. The colorful beaded garlands look exclusively beautiful, and the shimmery threads along with glittery beads enhance the grace. Arrange the colorful beads of your choice and design the garland. Customize the size according to your need and wrap it around Christmas tree or hang it on walls to give a charming look Whether real or faux, flowers can add beauty and texture to any space. This gorgeous flower garland would be perfect decor for a wedding, baby shower, to decorate a little girl's room or nursery, or as an everyday homage to spring and summer. We used soft corals and peaches, but of course, it can be customized to any color scheme you wish

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Jun 3, 2015 - Explore Connie Demerchant's board Berry Garland, followed by 609 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about berry garland, primitive decorating, garland Garlands are the magic tool to turn any surface into the lush version of itself we always knew it could be, and we've began using them everywhere!With many variations of garland - nature inspired, fabric, beaded - you can choose one to express your personal style and your vibes! This article is designed to show you how simple hanging a garland can truly be, and once you get started. Tips For Decorating A Christmas Mantle With Faux Garlands. Use A Pine Garland As A Base; The difference between making something okay looking and beautiful is fluffing. Spend the time really going through each branch to completely fluff out your garland. Once You've manipulated it to how you want, figure out how you want your garland to look 11 Christmas Garland Ideas [with Photos] by Zoe Ursick. Much like wreaths, string lights, and a stately Douglas fir, Christmas garlands are one of the iconic must-haves for holiday decorating. We're sharing 11 of our favorite ways to decorate with garlands, from the traditional to the unexpected

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Decorate for the holidays, inside and out, with these wintry Christmas garland and wreath ideas and tips 14 DIY Floral Garland Ideas for Spring Parties and Weddings. We've got lots of inspo and easy how-tos right this way! By Marisa LaScala. Jan 23, 2019 Melissa Oholendt for Wit & Delight

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DIY Balloon Garland. This is made from a hand pump, balloon tire, duct rape, ribbon, and hooks. Pump the balloons into different sizes then put a straw into a foil balloon and blow it with the electric balloon pump. Use the hooks to attach the garland suit to the wall and assemble the balloons on it. 4 30 Gorgeous Christmas Garland Ideas 2019 How To Decorate With. How To Hang Garland Around Front Door Tipethods Wreath On Entry In Our Article. Christmas Door Decorating Ideas. 40 Diy Christmas Door Decorations Holiday Decorating Ideas Country Living. 52 Christmas Door Decorating Ideas Best Decorations For Your Front I am so proud of the French Linen Blue & White Christmas tree that I created this year (and apparently y'all love it too because it is blowing up on Pinterest - woo-hoo!! Thank you!!). I decided to go all out and design a Christmas mantel garland to compliment the Blue & White Christmas decor, but of course, I needed it to be budget-friendly

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How to Decorate with a Wine Cork Garland. I originally made this DIY cork craft for a Christmas tree. Truthfully, you can use it in many more ways. Here are a few ideas for decorating during and beyond the holiday season. String it over a bar cart or home bar setup. Arrange it on a dining room or coffee table Whether it's for lively bridal showers, fun garden tea parties, or just simply to decorate your home, here are three floral DIY spring garland ideas to spruce up your surroundings. 1. Waterfall Spring Garland

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The garland is the oldest form of weaving branches, leaves and flowers in the form of a ribbon. The wreath is like a closed garland of greenery and flowers on a specially prepared base. Usually garlands have a central part, a cord, a wire, a cable, a rope, etc. The choice of plant material depends on the purpose of the garland and the time of year Toba Garrett of New York's Institute of Culinary Education shares her simple techniques for decorating cakes. In this video, Garrett demonstrates how to pipe garlands on the side of a cake Match your garland accessories to wall art and decor throughout the space rather than using the classic Christmas colors for an understated yet festive look. Layer pine, spruce, and juniper for a fuller garland. How do you wrap a ribbon around a pole? The first step is to do a quick test wrap 87 Best Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas 2020 How To Decorate A. Skd Party Holiday Decoration Christmas Trees 9 Tinsel Garland Red Green For Online. Christmas Tree Tinsel Garland Decoration Silver Transpa Png. Christmas Tree Garland Ideas A Very Cozy Home. Red Green Silver Mega Tinsel Garland 12 Hobby Lobby 80154266

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Step 1. Cut a length of string for the base of the garland, and 8 - 16″ strings per macrame section.How many sections would depend on how long you would like your garland to be. To begin, fold one 16″ string in half, put the folded loop under the long base string and fish the ends of the 16″ string through the loop and pull through and tight - this is called a lark's head knot Thanks for the inspiration for new garland ideas! I am definitely trying the dried hydrangeas in place of bows next year! Reply. Diane Henkler says: 12/30/2020 at 11:53 am. Hi Gina - Such a great idea to use the ornament hooks to secure the garland. Both for keeping the garland in place and even better for ease of placement for next year Feel free to use an assortment of colors and sizes of balloons to get an organic look to your garland. Step 2: Repeat to create at least 20-30 clusters of balloons all with an assortment of colors and sizes. Step 3: Use the low temp glue gun to glue the clusters to each other. To do this, add a line of glue where the balloons join and hold the. I love decorating the fireplace during the holidays because garlands are so adorable when they hang down from above to make the house look cozy. This DIY Christmas fireplace mantel garland by Christopher Hiedeman on YouTube is made from Magnolia leaves, berry branches, and other rustic floral arrangements And as you prepare to decorate your own home, I want to give you my two easy recipes for making your faux Christmas garland look beautiful and more real! In Southern California, it's nearly impossible for me to decorate with real garland because it's not easily accessible (aka expensive) and because it's just too dang hot here

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DIY Balloon Garland Tutorial - Fun & Easy Party Decor Ideas This tutorial is brought to you in partnership with Creative Balloons Manufacturing. Whether you're hosting a Valentine's Day party, a birthday celebration or a baby shower, a whimsical way to decorate your party is with a balloon garland This garland is 15 feet long, so I had to trim it down to make it work for my chandelier. Just simply measure how much length you need to wrap the garland around the chandelier, then cut it to size. Be sure to add a few extra inches so that the garland can overlap a bit and won't fall through the arms of the chandelier Berry garlands are popular wedding decorations, use them along the bridal table, to decorate the buffet tables, around table centerpieces, or on chandeliers. Country garlands, berries garland and holiday garlands are an ideal way to add color or a country, rustic farmhouse look to your home