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Backpacking to Blue Lakes in Colorado's San Juan National Forest. The San Juan's are still America's hidden gem. And Blue Lakes, in its heart, is to die for. Located in the southwest corner of Colorado, the San Juans may be surrounded by small ski towns but the largest metro areas - Albuquerque, Denver, and Phoenix - are six to seven. The Blue Lakes trail near Ridgway (not to be confused with Blue Lake, singular, closer to Telluride) is a great outing for hikers who enjoy the best the San Juan Mountains have to offer: meadows spangled with wildflowers, craggy ridgelines, dazzling alpine lakes and the chirp of pikas. The trail, a moderate climb that ascends through shady pine. Blue Lakes Trail makes for a gorgeous hike by turquoise alpine lakes and the jagged peaks of Yankee Boy Basin. It can be done as an out-and-back from either the Mt. Sneffels trailhead (outside of Ouray; see link) or by the more popular Dallas Creek Trail (the direction described here). From Ridgway (a small town north of Ouray) take CO 62 west (the only way) The Blue Lakes Trail #201 begins at the Blue Lakes Trailhead on Forest Service Road #851.1 and ends at the Blue Lakes Trailhead on Forest Service Road #853.1B. After passing through a gate, the trail reaches a Y at approximately 0.14 miles. Continue to the right to follow the Blue Lakes Trail Hiking The Blue Lakes Trail in Telluride, Colorado. I need to start this blog post with a mini rant. There is one thing about Colorado that really confuses me. Whoever named lakes and trails wasn't very creative, because there is a Blue Lakes Trail in almost every city in Colorado

When they say Blue Lake, they really mean it's blue. Sparkling blue! The contrast of the lake with the mountains, grass and wild flowers is just perfect. The nearby falls leading into the lake are very high and beautiful as well. If you want a better picture of the lake, just hike up into the waterfall/boulder area at the end of the lake Trailhead to turnoff to Blue Lake. Distance from Trailhead: 3.4 miles (round trip) Ending/Highest Elevation: 11,472-ft. Elevation Gain: 1,072-ft. A hike to Bridal Veil Basin starts with a walk or a drive up the 4WD jeep road that starts just past the Pandora Mill at the east end of Telluride (see driving directions)

How to backpack to stunning Blue Lakes in Telluride Colorado

How to backpack to stunning Blue Lakes in Telluride Colorad

Blue Lakes Backpacking (Mt. Sneffels Wilderness) Over the fourth of July holiday this year, Nick and I decided to head out to the Telluride/Ouray area of Colorado, six hours away. I did not think it would feasible to do much of anything when the pandemic hit, so I was excited we were able to take this road trip Blue Lakes. Another incredibly popular backpacking destination near Telluride, Colorado. Blue Lakes - home to three amazing lakes - sits under the watchful eye of Mount Sneffels and the beautiful summits of the San Juan mountains. Only 6.5 miles in, the hike to Blue Lakes is rough for the first mile before becoming more manageable

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Blue Lakes are a very popular destination in the San Juan Mountains and is a gem in the Mt. Sneffles Wilderness. These lakes present breathtaking views of glacial lakes with relatively easy access. Enjoy views across Blue Lakes to Dallas peak and other jagged mountain peaks by hiking above Lower Blue Lake At a glance/fact. Hike length: 6.3 out and back (to Lower Blue Lake) Elevation gain: 1590ft (Lower Blue Lake) Difficulty: moderate to strenuous, depends on how further you want to go. Location: Blue Lakes Trail, Telluride, CO 81435 Co-ordinate: Trailhead: 38.035759, -107.806825; Best time to visit: Summer and fall, season opens in June. Permit/Fee: none Parking: There is parking lot at the. A trip report from my second Montrose living adventure---hiking Telluride and Ridgeway's famous Blue Lakes Trail! A trip report from my second Montrose living adventure---hiking Telluride and Ridgeway's famous Blue Lakes Trail! I set off from the Blue Lakes trailhead at 8 am. The air is brisk and fresh. The sunlight is patchy along the.

Hike to Blue Lake in Telluride Take It ~ Up A Notch. Now we're really taking it up a notch. A 2,000-foot elevation gain to be exact. And is it ever beautiful along the way up. You'll be passing scenic wildflowers the whole way until you surpass the treeline at 12,400 feet! Be sure to be on the lookout for abandoned mini-cabins and antique. Photo: Greg Meland, Getty Images Why you should go: One of the most popular hikes in Uncompahgre National Forest with an 80-foot waterfall and sweeping views of Telluride. Difficulty: Moderate Distance: 5 miles Elevation gain: 1,092 feet The Bear Creek Trail is an excellent family-friendly hike that starts in downtown Telluride. From the trailhead at the end of South Pine Street you'll head. Lakes can easily enhance photographs, cool off your feet, or even provide a backdrop for an epic lunch spot. Walk to Water. Luckily, around Telluride, there are several impressive lake hikes to choose from: Silver Lake. Drive to the top of Bridal Veil Falls, park your car, and quickly scurry up to Silver Lake It can be made more challenging by going to the second and third lakes. To the first lake, it is about 7 miles round trip and 1600ft if elevation gain. The second and third lakes don't gain much distance, but the hike up is quite steep, about 500ft in .5 miles and 300ft in a quarter mile to the second and third lakes respectively

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Blue Lake is a gorgeous, iconic hike of Telluride. Expect to see beautiful wildflowers such as the Colorado state flower, the Blue Columbine. Blue Lake is located above the tree line and is a glacial lake. The elevation is 12,400 feet. There will be seasonal stream crossings and you will see historic old mining cabins [ Distance From Telluride: 10 miles | 22 minutes. Accessibility: Rugged, off-road vehicle recommended. Activities: Fishing, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding. Located just 20 minutes outside of Telluride, Alta Lakes is a popular destination for couples and families seeking a convenient water retreat. The lakes are easy to find, though the road is. 1,093'. Dates & Prices. The Blue Lakes hut is available for summer use from May 1st through November 30th. It costs $30/person/night (maximum of 8 people). View the hiking availability calendar. Approach. Drive 9.5 miles on CR7 to the hut. A high clearance vehicle is recommended. Hiking

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Start: Blue Lakes Trailhead (off Hwy 62 between Ridgway and Telluride) Distance: 3 miles out and back to the first lake/13 miles out and back to summit Mt. Sneffels. Difficulty: Difficult Hike Time: 3.5 hours for the first lake. 11 hours for the summit. Water: Readily available in streams Dog Friendly: Yes, on leash. The Blue Lakes Trail can be difficult, or it can be incredibly difficult Blue Lake to Lewis Mine. This is a nice loop hike at the end of the Telluride valley. The hike travels thru 3 separate basins, requires some off trail navigating and is moderately strenuous but non-technical. Be sure to take a detailed map and keep track of your position. Plan on 8 hours Lower Blue Lake, Telluride, Colorado Hike Blue Lakes Trail. This challenging 6.6 mile roundtrip hike starts at nearly 10,000 ft in elevation, and gains over 2,000 ft during the uphill trek to lower lake. Enjoying sunrise at Lower Blue Lake. If you hike up to Blue Lakes Pass (including Middle and Upper Lake), you gain another 1,500 ft within.

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  1. Located between Montrose and Telluride, the Blue Lakes are situated in a glacial basin and make for gorgeous hiking destinations in Colorado's Mount Sneffels Wilderness. This adventure is is suitable as a day hike or as a backpacking trip (with an optional hike up Mount Sneffels, a local 14er). Park at the Blue Lakes Trailhead and follow the Blue Lakes Trail toward the Lowe
  2. Blue Lakes is located in the Mt. Sneffels Wilderness of the Uncompaghre National Forest between Ridgeway and Telluride. I flew into Denver on Friday night and Chelsea picked me up at the airport. The drive from Denver to the trailhead was 6 hours and we wanted to get a relatively early start on the trail so we set an alarm for 2:30am Saturday.
  3. See section 31 Blue Lakes Trail 201 to Blue Lakes Pass in Pruett book Telluride Trails. See section 32 Blue Lakes West Basin in Pruett book Telluride Trails. See description Blue Lakes Trail 201 under Non-Mechanized Foot Trails near Ouray on Latitude 40 Degrees Telluride / Silverton / Ouray Colorado Trails Recreation Topo Map
  4. The Blue Lakes trail is located in the Mount Sneffels Wilderness Area of the Mountain Division of the Uncompahgre National Forest between Ridgway and Telluride, Colorado. The trail ascends a valley along the East Fork of Dallas Creek where it leads to the three pristine mountain lakes, Lower Blue Lake, Middle Blue Lake and Upper Blue Lake

Blue Lake to Lewis Mine. This is a nice loop hike at the end of the Telluride valley. The hike travels thru 3 separate basins, requires some off trail navigating and is moderately strenuous but non-technical. Be sure to take a detailed map and keep track of your position. Plan on 8 hours. Starting from the top of Bridal Veil falls take the. The trailhead is above the Bridal Veil Falls house at an elevation of around 10,000 feet. It's actually the trailhead for many hikes up in this area. Blue Lake is in East Basin above the tree line at 12,200 feet. The trail is about 2.5 miles to the lake. The first half of the trail looks like this, pretty easy, but steadily climbing The elevation gain from the Blue Lake trailhead is 1.600 feet = 488 meters. The Upper Lake has elevation 11,720 feet =3572 meters, and the distance between the Upper and Lowest Lake is about 0.9 miles. The Middle Lake is the smallest. The hike is easily done as a day hike, and you can visit all 3 lakes Hike to Blue Lakes On Monday this week, Jay and I went on another hike that I have wanted to do for a long time, the hike to Blue Lakes and Blue Lakes Pass in the Mount Sneffels Wildnerness. We started at the trailhead at the end of CR-7 (Dallas Creek Road) off of highway 62 (Dallas Divide) not too far from Ridgway

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  2. Blue Lakes Trail is a popular 10-mile round-trip trail in the Mount Sneffels Wilderness of the Uncompahgre National Forest. It is located near Ridgeway, Colorado - or about an hour drive from Telluride
  3. 1. Blue Lakes Located 44 miles away from Telluride, the Blue Lakes hike can be as difficult or as easy as you want it to be! This hike goes to three stunning blue lakes, with the first stop being 6.3 miles round trip & a 1,590 foot elevation gain, and the last stop being 11 miles round trip with an elevation gain of 3,560 feet

Not to be confused with the Blue Lakes monolith of a trail in the Sneffels Wilderness near Ouray, the Blue Lake of Telluride sits perched in a high cirque of Bridal Veil Basin, just waiting to be discovered. The first leg of the route follows a rugged and rutted 4×4 trail, that any good 4WD or AWD car can make. It's even Subaruable Hike to Blue Lake - Telluride.com. MTN Town Magazine Hike 1. TRAILHEAD: Head to the gate by the Bridal Veil power plant. The hike is approximately 2 1/2 Miles from the gate to the lake with a moderate exertion rating. Expect 1 1/2 to 2 hours each way with a 2,000 ft elevation gain The Best Difficult Hikes in Telluride. These hikes are not for the faint of heart, with intense elevation gain, loose, rocky terrain, and lots of exposure, but the challenge is what makes them some of the best hikes in Telluride. 9. Ice Lake Basin. The hike to Ice Lake Basin is both incredible and intense. The elevation gain on this trail is no. 2. Telluride. A trip to Blue Lake above Telluride means seeing abundant wildflowers, Bridal Veil Falls, a rushing creek, and cascading waterfalls along the trail. Blue Lake sits in a mountain bowl of jagged rock walls. Silver Lake is another lake found along a junction from the trail to Blue Lakes, but is a much steeper hike Blue Lakes Telluride Hidden Gem San Juan Mountain Paradise. Seen from above on top of the 14,150 foot summit of Mount Sneffels. Huge cliffs , large ridgeline , and ice packs of a good summer. Turquoise blue lakes feed into another lake , and into another lake , and another. Adventure into the amazing back country trip into the Colorado wilderness

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  1. 1.0 mile beyond the Forest Service outhouse the road passes Wright's Lake Trailhead, where you can begin your hike to the Blue Lakes. Alternatively, if you are still driving (and your car is still in one piece!) you can continue another 0.9 mile to the Blue Lakes Trailhead at the end of the road and begin your hike from there
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  3. Our last hike during our Sept/Oct 2020 road trip was to Silver Lake near Telluride, Colorado. It was a tough one and we hiked it on a whim. Our plan was to hike to Blue Lake starting from the top of Bridal Veil Falls. We started on the trail head there and saw the sign also included Silver Lake, which was a shorter distance
  4. Explore the most popular trails in my list Telluride with hand-curated trail maps and driving directions as well as detailed reviews and photos from hikers, campers and nature lovers like you
  5. Sneffels Highline. Distance: 8.0 - 12.7 miles (loop) Mount Sneffels Wilderness, Uncompahgre National Forest, near Telluride in Southwest Colorado. Intro. Details. Photos. Maps. Upper Mill Creek Basin from the saddle. This is my favorite hike in Telluride, crossing a high saddle separating two gorgeous alpine basins
  6. Ever since we started planning our 18 day road trip out west, I had only asked to hike one place. The Blue Lakes Trail. I had heard about this trail through.

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San Juan Hut Systems, the original hut to hut adventure, offers the best in mountain biking, skiing and hiking hut trips in Colorado and Utah, including multi-day trips from Telluride, Durango, Paradox, Gateway, Moab, Ouray, Ridgway, and more Overview: Not to be confused with the popular hike to Blue Lakes out of Yankee Boy Basin in the Ouray, CO area, this Blue Lake hike also in the Uncompahgre National Forest heads in on the Bridal Veil Falls Trail out of Telluride, Colorado. Hike: This Blue Lake Trail offers an opportunity to first view Colorado's highest free-falling water fall (Bridal Veil Falls at 365ft) from bottom to. The hike to Blue Lake is a 5.25 miles round trip with abandoned equipment and mining cabins along the pathway. The elevation of the lake is about 2,000 feet and located above the treeline at 12,400 feet We wanted to go to the Blue Lake in Telluride. We decided to bike the portion of the trail that allowed bikes so we could cruise down after the hike. The tra..

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Timber Lake made for a perfect camp because it rested upon a cliff ledge like a nest in a tree, offering amazing views into the surrounding canyons. The night was nearly silent; we were probably the only humans within a 5 mile radius. Day Three - Timber Lake to Blue Lake: We quickly razed our tents and retraced our steps back to Blue Lake 5. Blue Lake, Telluride. This Telluride hike has it all, including a stop at Bridal Veil Falls, abandoned mining cabins, wildflowers, and of course, a gorgeous alpine lake above treeline. Finding the trailhead is an adventure in itself, accessed by a 4-wheel-drive road that leads up Telluride's box canyon and eventually, Blue Lakes Trail

Blue Lakes Pass (L) and Sneffles (R) Top of Blue Lakes Pass looking towards Sneffles. The lovely view the clouds gave us at the top of the Pass. First sight of the Lakes. Back towards the top of the pass. This was the first real backpacking Brandon and I had done for a 14er trip, so we weren't exactly prepared for the hauling of a 30+ pound pack Reply by: yard dogs Posted: 3/23/2015 3:29:55 PM Points: 721. One of my favorite places in Colorado. Try to hike it every year from the Dallas Creek side. AWESOME scenery and the cuttys are the prettiest fish I have ever caught. They are pretty tough to catch, but they really are beauties Telluride has a lot of long trails, but you can park at the top of the falls and reach a number of beautiful lakes within two hours or less. I'd recommend using the AllTrails App to find a hike. My personal favorites are Silver Lake and Blue Lake (NOT the same as the Blue Lakes we will be hiking tomorrow) Blue Lakes Trail Hotels Flights to Telluride Things to do in Telluride Car Rentals in Blue Lakes Trail Telluride Vacation Packages COVID-19 alert: Travel requirements are changing rapidly, including need for pre-travel COVID-19 testing and quarantine on arrival This hike, which begins in Telluride, has everything you could ever want in a hike. Explore the history of Telluride as you pass abandoned mining cabins, waterfalls, and wildflowers before coming to the exquisite Blue Lake. You won't want to miss the beauty of this hike. 2. King Lake - Nederland. Hessie Trail Round-Trip Distance: 11 mile

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Looking for a beautiful backcountry alpine lake hike in Colorado? Hope Lake hike in Telluride, offers epic views of the San Juan Mountains and the Umcompadre National Forest, with lush meadows, and vivid glacier blue water, its every Colorado explorers dream. Hope Lake is a hike that will literally take your breath away (due to the high altitude and possibility of a glacer ice bath) Begin by hiking the Ice Lakes Trail for 3.5 miles, which will take you to Ice Lake. From here, you can identify the obvious, delta-shaped mountain to climber's left, known as Fuller Peak (13,761ft). Hike cross country, directly toward the base of the North Ridge (right skyline), walking past Fuller Lake Blue Lake is a magical turquoise alpine lake situated above Bridal Veil Falls. This hike can be anywhere from 6-10 miles, depending on where you start. Hikers can begin their trek just past Pandora Mill on the east end of town and hike up the road to Bridal Veil Falls, or simply drive up the road and begin the hike at Bridal Veil Falls Hiking Telluride: Enjoy the Outdoors on These 10 Trails. Alta Lakes. Alta Lakes sits on the backside of Telluride Ski Resort. This route caters to drivers and hikers, and Alta Lakes Road measures 6 miles and begins off Highway 145. The road has rugged terrain, so high clearance vehicles are recommended. Once parked, hike around the lake and. Part 1: Telluride Via Ferrata and Mount Sneffels SW Ridge from Blue Lakes- Colorado Trip # 1 - 2017. Thread starter AbinadiWitness; Start date Nov 7, 2017; Everyone but Jeff would hike back up to Blue Lakes Pass from Yankee Boy Basin (a shorter hike than what's required from the Blue Lakes side) and then Claron would grab his pack, meet.

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Telluride Area Hiking . Home / CO-Telluride Area Hiking. Colorado: At the end of a box canyon in southwestern Colorado lies the picturesque mountain town of Telluride, CO. Originally a mining town founded in the late 1800s, Telluride is now a popular tourist destination with a world-famous ski resort and incredible outdoor recreation. This is a wonderful place to climb after a day of hiking with amazing views all around. Getting There Hike up from the Blue Lakes Trailhead, located north of Telluride. The boulders are at the Lower Blue Lakes, approximately 3.2 miles from the trailhead. 2 Total Climbs. Route Finder - Best Climbs for YOU!. Blue Lakes Trail is located in Telluride. Plan your Blue Lakes Trail visit and explore what else you can see and do in Telluride using our Telluride day trip app. As a seasoned Colorado hiker, I completely understand why this is one of the most popular hikes in Telluride - it's jaw-droppingly beautiful, from the first step to the last.. Telluride, a former mining town, is located in the southwestern corner of Colorado with limitless outdoor possibilities. If you're flying in, Montrose Regional Airport is a scenic hour-drive from Telluride. If you hike above the first blue lake in order to get to the second, the view above lower blue lake is STUNNING..

About an hour's drive west of Telluride, an easy car trip will give you access to this scenic body of water. As part of the Dan Noble State Wildlife Area, the Miramonte Reservoir allows boating as well as plenty of places to fish from the shore.It's a cold water lake with all the usual Trout species you'd expect to be found in a body of water located up in the mountains Save on popular hotels near Blue Lakes Trail in Telluride: Browse Expedia's selection of 1662 hotels and places to stay closest to Blue Lakes Trail. Book now and pay later with Expedia Hope Lake Hike Telluride is a challenging 5.3 mile day hike that will take you through some of the most scenic areas in Colorado. Located in the Uncompahgre National Forest just 45 minutes outside of Telluride, Lake Hope trail features wildflowers and incredible mountain views

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TFF's Latest Posts Blue Lake Telluride Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod tempor invidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliquyam erat, sed diam voluptua. At vero eos et accusam et Read More Telluride Colorado Hiking Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod tempor invidunt [ Sunny days in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. This is Lower Blue Lake in the Mount Sneffels Wilderness near Telluride, Ridgway, and Ouray. Lower Blue Lake sits at the foot of Mount Sneffels, one of Colorado's most popular fourteeners (mountains higher than 14,000 ft (4,267 m)), and it is one of three lakes that together make up the Blue Lakes The lower lake is stunning - it is the largest and deepest of the 3 and has an amazing deep blue color. It is worth hiking up to the middle lake for the views of the lower lake down below, however be aware the trail is quite steep and rocky in places but not very long. Once you reach the middle lake the trail to the upper lake is much easier

Walupt Lake - Goat Rocks. TRAIL. 189. 2 comments. Continue browsing in r/WildernessBackpacking. r/WildernessBackpacking. A subreddit dedicated to backpacking in the wild places on earth - where people are few, cell signal is nil, and Mother Nature still reigns. Backpacking defined as: Multi-day trips into the wild, unpopulated, areas of the world For those looking for a longer challenge, you can extend the trip to 8.2 miles (RT) with a total of 2,400 feet gain to Upper Blue Lake or to 11 miles (RT) and a total of 3,650 feet gain to Blue Lakes Pass. We selected our hike using Diane Greer's Best Hiking in Southwest Colorado around Ouray, Telluride, Silverton and Lake City Blue Lake; Telluride, CO If you ever given the opportunity to visit the San Juans of CO, do it! Trails are seasoned with waterfalls and beautiful views. While the trails in the area are demanding, the pay off is far worth it Blue Lakes Trail. Not far from the town of telluride is the less strenuous Blue Lakes Trail. This trail makes for a great adventure when backpacking Colorado. Also, this trail includes sprawling meadows that lead into deep alpine lakes. These lakes give a bowl shape view of two of Colorado's stunning peaks

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Blue Lake is located up the Bridal Veil Falls Basin just south of Telluride, Colorado. With its crystal clear blue water the lake is nestled above 12,000 feet in a glacier cirque surrounded on three sides by bare rocky ridges and peaks that all tower above 13,000 feet Blue Lake. A wonderful alpine lake waits for you at the end of this exhilarating hike—it's situated above the tree line at 12,400 feet. You'll also get to admire the gorgeous wildflowers, abandoned mining cabins, and so much more! Distance: 5.25 miles round trip. Elevation Gain: About 2,000 feet. Challenging Hikes. Ice Lake The Conejos River Headwaters Loop is one of Colorado's finest backpacking loops. Blue Lake acts as the hub of the trip, while you venture out to Timber Lake, Gunsight Pass, and Conejos Falls. This multi-day, 31.5-mile backpacking loop through the San Juan Mountains is guaranteed to leave you with memories that will last a lifetime Hiking to waterfalls and turquoise blue lakes amid jagged mountaintops, there is so much to do in and near Ouray in the San Juan Mountains. Besides spectacular camping and hiking, be sure to add soaking in hot springs, mountain biking, rock climbing, canyoning, jeep rides to old ghost towns, rafting, and fishing to your adventure list

Blue Lakes Trail Hike to Lower Blue Lake: Creeks, turquoise alpine water, and Mount Sneffels views are all in store. This 7.6-mile hike is also a great choice for its moderate grade and easy access from the town of Ridgeway. Hikers looking for a longer day and more views should continue on the Blue Lakes Trail Hike to Upper Blue Lake BLUE LAKES/BLAINE BASIN via EAST DALLAS ROAD ACCESS Drive to Ridgeway which is located on Highway 550 between Montrose and Ouray. Head west 4.7 miles on Colorado Highway 62 (Road towards Telluride) to the East Dallas Creek National Forest access road and turn south Blue Lakes isn't the only place with such issues. The Telluride Daily Planet has reported this summer the best-kept 'secret' on the internet, Little Hawaii is facing similar issues. As.

Head east on Colorado Ave from Telluride, following the road past Pandora Mill until it becomes dirt road. To hike to the top of the falls, park at the Valley View parking lot; you can also drive up the dirt road to the top of the falls (all-wheel drive is recommended). Blue Lake. 5.25 miles each way • 2,000 ft. elevation gain • 4 hours. THE BEST TELLURIDE HIKES PACK GUIDE by Rod Martinez. The hikes this Telluride pack guide covers range from easy to difficult. Some classics are included such as Alpine Trail, Bilk Creek Basin Trail, Blaine Basin, Blue Lakes, Bridal Veil Falls, The San Miguel River Trail and the incomparable Uncompahgre River Trail. Rod Martinez will have copies fo

Hope Lake Trail is one of the most sought-after trails near Telluride, CO, and we had the pleasure of finding out why.Loved it! High peaks hovering above us as we hike through green lush forests, crossing creeks, views all around, and a beautiful alpine lake high above the treeline in a basin lined with 13ers Blue Lake Trail. Trail on Blue Lake and Bridal Veil Creek in Uncompahgre National Forest. Get Here. Total Length. 1.1mi. Elevation Range. 11,484-12,216ft Δ 733ft. Manager. USFS Norwood Ranger District

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I grabbed lunch at Smuggler's, an apartment at The Fall Line Condos, and enjoyed a shower after the sweaty hikes up and back from Blue Lake. With most of the afternoon left, I decided that a good ride was definitely in order, so I took the (free!) gondola up to the ski area, and headed out on Prospect Trail , following along via the. Blue Lake - Moderate to Difficult. This spectacular wildflower hike takes your from the top of Bridal Veil Falls, above the tree-line, ending at Blue Lake. This 5+ mile hike takes about 4 hours round trip, and gains 2,000 feet in elevation. Sneffels Highline Trail - Difficul Blue Lakes is one of the best hikes in Colorado. Tucked between Ridgeway and Telluride in the Uncompaghre National Forest, this trail leads to the pair of stunning alpine lakes surrounded by the jagged peaks. (But don't confuse it with the Blue Lakes trail above Bridal Veil in Telluride) Farmer's Market. Every Friday along South Oak on Telluride side. There's also a Market up in Mountain Village on Sundays. Rent a Jeep and go up and over Imogene Pass to Ouray for lunch. Hike or do a jeep tour of Bridal Veil Falls. Trout Lake. A 20-minute drive from Telluride. You can rent paddleboards and fly fish Backpacking at Blue Lakes Trail can be one of the memorable and free things to do in Telluride. Whether alone or with a friend, enjoy being in nature's finest work. Recommended Hotel Nearby: Hot Springs Inn. 10. San Juan Skyway. 4201 E Arkansas Ave Colorado Scenic & Historic Byways, CO 80222 (800) 429-929 This time, we chose to hike Blue Lakes Pass, accessing the trail head from the Dallas entrance, which is a short drive outside of Ridgway. To get to the trail head, take Highway 62 through Ridgway toward Telluride, and turn left onto Dallas Creek Road