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Indoors, stone veneer can be used to rejuvenate a fireplace surround, create an accent wall or add a rustic backsplash to your kitchen. Stone veneer comes in different materials, including faux stone veneer and manufactured stone veneer. Faux stone veneer comes in stone veneer panels, while manufactured comes in individual pieces Ledgestone Thin Veneer consists of a wide range of colors including gray, white, tan, pink, and black. The Ledgestone pattern of stone veneer consists of thin strips of natural stone The Ledgestone veneer pattern provides a modern look using the endgrain of the stone. Unlike the face of the stone, the endgrain (also used in our Ashlar Pattern) provides a textured surface revealing the inside of the natural stone. Ledgestone varies in length and height. It is commonly used for a backsplash in a kitchen, columns or.

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Ledgestone. Browse through our timeless collection of standard stone veneer and you'll see how we're creating a popular new tradition: quality stone plus expert installation = great value Pennsylvania Ledgestone from Mason's Mark Stone Veneer comes in variety of sizes to accommodate a rough dry-stacked installation. The detailed, rough texture of this stone veneer style is very high in relief to capture the light and shadows for a natural rocky appearance. Typically laid dry, It can be mixed with other large but irregular shaped stones like Fieldstone or Cobblestone Our Fieldstone ledgestone veneer offers a unique natural stone look for any applications such as fireplaces, chimneys, walls, siding and more

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  1. Ledgestone offers the look of dry stacked individual stones. This gives timeless beauty to any application whether it's your house facade, office feature wall, fireplace, poolside feature or general landscaping. Ledgestone's interlocking panels allows for user friendly installation with the most complex of designs
  2. The stacked display of cultured stone veneer has endeared this product to homeowners in search of an indoor fireplace redo, but the look is just as attractive on the outside of the home. A good-quality dry-stack ledgestone veneer is ideally suited for letting an outdoor fixture blend in with the home's overall dimensions
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Ledgestone or stack stone are strips of natural stone arranged uniformly on a mesh or concrete to form a veneer. The rectangular Z shape panels can be combined to form an interlocking wall cladding. It comes with matching L shaped 2-piece corner pieces to provide a beautiful finish on the edges. The interlocking feature makes it an easy. Ledgestone Series. We feature a vast selection of ledgestone profiles which replicate some of the most beautiful quarried ledgestones from around the country. Choose from a wide array of shapes, sizes and colors to compliment any architectural project, ranging from rustic to contemporary in style Cortland Ledgestone is a large format, lineal style ledgestone. It has a rough textured face and features shades of grey with intermittent warm rust tones. Its natural, somewhat irregular edges allow for a thin mortar joint. It may also be installed in a dry-stacked style with additional cutting and fitting. View Cortland Ledgestone Our Natural Ledge Stone veneer is a case in point. Its weathered texture can enhance the most traditional or contemporary home in ways that complement an existing architectural style. This product encompasses a range of natural colors, primarily browns and earth tones - Slate Grey, Charcoal Grey, or Blue Grey with a slight hint of green Coronado Stone Products® offers a variety of manufactured stone veneer, thin brick, tile and precast products. Architectural stone veneer can be used to greatly enhance the look and feel of a project. Our products are hand crafted from natural stone in a process that makes the two hard to discern. We have been creating simulated stone siding.

Silvermine Stone 6 in. x 24 in. Stone Veneer Ledgestone Flat Panel Dakota Sunset (Box of 8) (25) Model# DS-BL-XX-FL. GenStone Desert Sunrise Outside Corner (155) Model# G2SSDSC. Koni Brick Old Chicago Vino 8.20 in. x 2.50 in. Thin Brick 10.76 sq. ft. Flats Manufactured Stone Siding (14 ClipStone® Ledgestone Manufactured Stone Veneer Siding Flats (5 sq ft) detail page. 10 Variations Available. ClipStone® Ledgestone Manufactured Stone Veneer Siding Flats (5 sq ft) Click to add item ClipStone® Ledgestone Manufactured Stone Veneer Siding Flats (5 sq ft) to the compare list. Compare Ledge Stone Veneer Panels mean a super quick installation with an amazing finished look. Instead of traditional stone by stone installation, the panels can be quickly applied like tiles, swiftly covering large areas. Best of all, being lightweight, they can go right up on a stud wall, without special footings or foundations Ledgestone Collection. Products from the Ledgestone Collection continue to be the most popular through-out the United States and abroad. Low-height quartzitic sandstone with random lengths is often chosen for more contemporary design and was specified for a 1950's Frank Lloyd Wright style residential renovation in Cambridge, MA (as featured on This Old House)

http://www.veneerstones.com/ Natural stone veneer Installation outdoors, mixing two types of stone. Stone Veneer is used as a decorative covering for exterio.. Limestone/Marble Ledgestone & Stone Veneer (15) Shop the Most Stunning Stone Veneer in Denver Natural stone veneer in Denver is also often referred to as ledge stone, and offers the look and protection of full-dimensional stone construction, but at a fraction of the installation time and cost Natural Thin Stone Veneer. Natural Thin Stone Veneer is real stone that has been cut from natural stone quarries. Natural stone veneer is available in both panels, which are pre-fabricated modular sections of approximate 1 square foot; and random pieces, which allow for more flexibility in stone placement and joint size Ledgestone was a form of veneer stone installation used by early American settlers for foundations, chimneys, and walls. The thin layers made for easier dry stack stone installations and required less skilled masons since lower heights were easier to course StoneCraft's Ledgestone stone veneer creates an appealing contrast of rugged texture and contemporary design. Installed in a dry-stack application the stones stack tightly together horizontally as the varying stone depths create intriguing shadow play

Buy Top Products On eBay. Money Back Guarantee! Over 80% New & Buy It Now; This Is The New eBay. Find Great Deals Now Ledgestone features an intricate pattern of tightly fitting stones that vary in height and width. Our Ledgestone showcases all the detail of a stacked stone look but combines numerous stacked stones into varying sizes of preset panels Ledgestone Series. ADORN® Ledgestone Series offers a clean, dry stack look that allows you to add a tight fitting, robust stone character to exterior or interior spaces without the expensive installation costs of traditional stacked stone. Easily Attaches to Most Exterior or Interior Structures with Screws & Minimal Tool Ledgestone Veneer. Ledgestone. PSG ledgestone is a natural stone product, hand split to expose a unique texture, and enhance these New England stones' color tones and natural grains. Ledgestone consists of thin rectangular shapes, typically used in a dry stack application for a clean contemporary look Fond du Lac Ledgestone brings arctic and honey real stone colors to our Ledgestone Line of full and thin stone veneers.The low heights and thin layers of stone reminiscent of a historic technique employed by masons for easier coursing is revived using heights from 3/4 to 2-1/4 and lengths from 4 to 16 for both full and thin veneer stone

Ledgestone Veneer. This new riverfront townhouse is on three levels. The interiors blend clean contemporary elements with traditional cottage architecture. It is luxurious, yet very relaxed. The Weiland sliding door is fully recessed in the wall on the left. The fireplace stone is called Hudson Ledgestone by NSVI Espinoza Stone, Inc., produces exceptional Natural Stone Thin Veneer for commercial, residential, and landscaping applications. Our Thin Veneer stone offering consists of over 60 varieties of stone including an expansive selection of natural Texas Ledgestone. All thin veneer stone products we deliver meet with our stringent quality standards Natural Thin Stone Veneers from Natural Stone Veneer International come in wide variety of carefully selected, incremental sizes and shapes to peak the intrest the most dicerning client. From Ledgestone to Fieldstone they have some of the most beautiful and creative blends from across the globe to satisfy your taste

This manufactured Ledgestone Veneer is engineered using all natural materials to achieve the strength, texture, durability of natural stone and bricks Natural Stone Veneer. Natural Ledgestone panels are made from hand selected pieces of natural stone that fit together for easy installation. The range of color in each panel is exquisite. The applications for natural ledgestone are endless. From exterior to interior, residential to commercial, natural ledgestone's undeniable beauty is quickly. Colonial Tan™ Ledgestone Thin Veneer is a natural stone that consists of radiant browns, beige, tan, and light gray accentuated by gold and silver specks. These earthy tan colors give your project a fresh, unmistakable look. The Ledgestone pattern of stone veneer consists of thin strips of natural stone for siding/facing/cladding Pacific Ledgestone has a distinctive profile combines the straight lines of Stack Stone and a rugged Ledge Stone surface to create dramatic texture contrasts and beautiful shadows. This pattern displays exquisite detail in any lighting, and is perfect for interior or exterior use

StoneHardscapes offers top quality Midnight ledgestone veneer. Visit us online for more details ClipStone® is a new, innovative, easy-to-install stone veneer that uses embedded clips to securely fasten onto any wall with 7/16-inch OSB or 1/2-inch plywood sheathing. Using common tools, you can turn a plain, boring wall into an eye-catching, professional-looking stone wall. ClipStone® is designed to be raised slightly to allow the wall beneath to breathe while providing a drainage plane. The Ledgestone Veneer pattern is amongst the newest Natural Stone Veneer patterns today which is preferred by most modern masons, builders, architects & interior designers. Its uniqueness lies in its linear nature. It is the most popular Natural Stone Veneer pattern in the American & Canadian market Ledgestone. Also known as stacked stone, ledgestone is a type of natural stone tile used for walls, fireplaces or borders. It is made of all kinds of rectangular stripes of natural stone arranged uniformly on a mesh to form a veneer. The most important advantage of ledgestone is that it looks stunning on any wall it decorates, and inevitably. RockSolid Veneers, LLC. RockSolid Veneers creates high quality, life-like manufactured stone veneers. Our stones' impressive character, color, and price clearly distinguishes our product from the competition. As always, quality stone veneer gives customers a worthwhile, clean-cut look to their residences, offices, and virtually any other.

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Ledgestone. With clean, straight edges that perfectly mimic the lines of brick, our Ledgestone adds a simple elegance to both the interior and exterior of homes and businesses. It is perfect for those seeking a refined, yet natural look Find The Perfect Stone Veneer for Your Home or Business. From the Fieldstone found in the river beds, streams, lakes, and ponds of Michigan to the Country Ledgestone spread throughout the Great Plains, we can help you bring a little piece of nature home with you

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Ledgestone veneer. Available in 2-6 heights. Gray to white split face, natural bed. Available in full veneer and thin veneer (flats and corners). Natural Thin Veneer (NTV) available in flats and corners. This Natural Thin Veneer (NTV) has special laying instructions and extra installation cost. Field blend. Please call 763-225-0540 for details Learn More About Black Pearl Ledge Stone Veneer The most popular use for natural Ledge Stone Veneer is on the exterior of a house, where it can be put to good use accentuating angular lines or creating points of focus (around an entrance way, for example, or framing a picture window)

Each one of our stone veneer products are meticulously engineered to meet the Cultured Stone® standard. All you need to do is select the style that fits your vision veneer world pro ledgestone ridge veneer world quarry ledgestone bluestone veneer world quarry ledgestone river veneer world urban ledgestone explore vision voyage; product name . attitude simply grey attitude warm sand attitude calm brown attitude dark grey attitude light whit Faux stone veneer is the so popular choice of homeowners and designers for interior and exterior stone veneer installation projects. Lighter than natural stone limestone, ledgestone or fieldstone. versions of stone veneer they are also generally more affordable or budget friendly.. One of the biggest benefits of installing faux stone veneer is the ability to choose a specific colour blend and. Dimensional Ledgestone. Perfectly straight sawn top and bottom with shorter heights than standard dimensional. Dimensional Ledgestone Fieldledge. Think of this as a mix of ashlar and mosaic. Fieldledge Ledgestone. Linear, semi-rectangular, smaller sized pieces. Ledgestone Mosaic. Random and irregular shapes. Mosai

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Northeast Region. From the idyllic fields and valleys of Pennsylvania to the tradition and grace of New England, this collection sums up the classic look and feel of the storied Northeast. See how stone veneer can truly transform an exterior or interior space Mountain chalet rhyolite stone veneer is available in a ledgestone pattern with a split (natural) face giving it a linear look. Ledgestone is narrow in height and random in length. It is available in a full stone or thin stone with the full stone carrying a thickness of 3 inches to 5 inches and a heigh For over 50 years, Cultured Stone has been the preferred source of manufactured stone veneer among builders and architects who value aesthetic, efficiency, and precision. Whatever your next project calls for, there's a Cultured Stone veneer that caters to your sensibilities and budget LedgeStone. For old world appeal, Ledgestone is produced in a narrow, irregular shape giving your project a provincial air. This versatile stone ranges in size from 1 to 4 tall and 5 to 15 long and is available in four colors. Request Details Design Files Anatoliy's Southeastern Ledgestone collection features real-stone colors and natural stone textures with the surface characteristics you're craving. For even more architectural and interior design versatility, you may choose from four neutral colors of our Dry Stack ledgestone option as well. Drystack is installed without grout, giving you.

How to Install Veneer Stone: This video shows you how to install stone veneer with QUIKRETE Veneer Stone Mortar. The addition of stone veneer can turn an or.. ProVia's stone Ledgestone Collection features the rough surface, jagged edges and rich color of real stone. Our Ledgestone stone veneer styles can take on completely different looks simply by the installation - either dry stacked or grouted

Natural Stone Veneer Ledgestone Fieldstone Ashlar / Rubble Cladding Contemporary Accessories Full / Thin Brick Manufactured Clay Driveway / Landscape Pavers Concrete Clay Pavers Architectural Products Distressed Wood Beams. Linear patterns available in a variety of colors, to design refined surfaces for elegant settings. Each piece recreates the professionally assembled stacked ledgestone in a monolithic rectified porcelain veneer. Multiple and creatively variegated patterns assure a final natural effect, perfect for every decorative wall: both indoor and outdoor, for commercial as well as residential applications Bucks County Ledge Stone - Southern Ledge Stone. Rated 5 based on 1 product reviews. BIM CAD Specs Specwizards Catalogs Videos. Revit BIM Files for Bucks County Ledge Stone - Southern Ledge Stone. Precast Stone Veneer: Environmental Stoneworks. Stone Veneer: Address Stones: Horizontal Increase the value of any home by adding stone veneer both inside your home on veneer walls, and veneer backsplash. Get started today with manufactured stone from ProVia in stock at American Stone. Your manufactured stone is ready for shipment today. We have many styles of manufactured stone that range in flats from chisel cut to ledgestone in.

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Our Products. Whether you're looking to update your fireplace or add a contemporary flair to your clients latest project, Realstone offers a variety of high-quality natural stone products and unique cladding offerings including wall and flooring panels, tiles and accessories. Most Popular. New Arrivals. Ceramic/Porcelain Tiles Ledgestone, a honed and cleft-faced stone made of granite, limestone, sandstone, or travertine, can add character and interest to the area, as well as dimension and color. Ledgestone Panels -Mountain Rust Ledgestone Panels. Ledgestone gives your fireplace the appearance of a dry fit or dry stack installation Natural Slate Stacked Ledge Stone Stacked Ledgestone Black Slate natural Cultural Stone China Natural Slate stone veneers China Natural Rusty Slate Wall Cladding Stacked Stone Veneers Stacked Stone Coffee Brown is Made by surface split edges sawn cut natural stone(4-5 strips glued into 1 whole pcs in 600x150x10-20mm) Stacked Stone is becoming the popular trend for home design to adding. Thinstone Veneer. Our thinstone veneer is approximately 1 thick (+/- 1/4) and has a sawn back for easier installation. It's common for fireplaces, siding, foundations, and other non-structural commercial and residential applications

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Virginia Ledgestone is a non-stock item. Please contact Champion Brick to check availability or request a sample. Products from the Ledgestone Collection continue to be the most popular through-out the United States and abroad. Low-height quartzitic sandstone with random lengths is often chosen for more contemporary design Urestone Ledgestone #35 Desert Tan 24 in. x 48 in. Stone Veneer Panel. July 2021. Urestone Lite Stone Veneer panels are the ideal solution to complete a stone project in a weekend. Don't mess with installing individual stones, these panels interlock to create a seamless stone wall. Panels offer the ultimate in realism of texture and coloring Natural thin stone veneer from Fieldstone Veneer Inc. is not only the finest veneer on market, but also has been selected from New England quarries/farms to provide dramatic texture and beauty to your project. Available in flats and corners for stone siding veneer, stone fireplace, stone walls and columns Ledgestone - Stone Red. 2. Field Rubble - Oak Island. 0. Ready to See What ProStone Can Do For You? Find a Dealer. ProStone is a manufactured stone veneer that gives you the durable beauty and authentic look of natural stone at affordable prices Ledgestone stacked stone veneer backsplashes have a different look and style that is completely their own. They bring the beauty and warmth of natural stone, with a texture and tightly fitted style that lets them blend in with numerous settings

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StoneCraft manufactured stone veneer provides the distinction of quarried stone, at a fraction of its price, weight and installation time. With a variety of remarkable stone profiles in a wide variety of colors, StoneCraft presents myriad possibilities. Our stone profiles are created with hundreds of natural stone molds recreating fine detail ABOUT LEDGESTONE. Signature Stone Ledgstone Veneer is perfect for custom home accents and high quality commercial projects. If you are looking for a natural stone look with a sophisticated feel, Ledgstone is a great option. We only offer the finest veneer ledgstone on the market LEDGESTONE. by Heritage Stone. Ledgestone's rough dimensional surface, jagged edges, and varying surface area bring all the beauty and character of southeastern charm to this collection. These photographs are a close representation of the actual colors. Due to the photographic reproduction limitations, exact color fidelity is difficult to obtain Ledgestone Thin Veneer Showing all 5 results Default sorting Sort by popularity Sort by average rating Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to lo Phone: +1 888 558 7774 . Fax: +1 702 558 7776 . Email: [email protected] Address: 2000 E. Maule Ave Las Vegas, NV 8911

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Kingston Ledgestone is a medium sized, linear style ledgestone. It is predominantly light to medium grey with some very subtle white and rusty veining. It is traditionally in a dry-stacked style, but it may be installed with a mortar joint Blue Ridge is a natural low height ledgestone thin veneer. The veneer is unaltered except for the sawn back to create the thin stone; the tops and bottoms of the stone are completely natural. The small heights come from the naturally occurring thin layers within the quarry. The stone is quarried in sheets that are typically 1-3 thick with an. The Ledgestone Collection from Apache is one of our most popular linear shaped profiles. The ageless beauty of natural stone is exemplified with the Ledge Collection. This collection offers blends of weatheredge, seamface and snapped edge stone which will determine size, texture and color Fulton County Colors: Buff, Off Red Undertone, Grey Length: 8 - 18 Height: 4 - 10 Thickness This Veneer: 1 - 1.5 Thickness Full Veneer: 4 Nomina 4″ Strips (Ledgestone) Size: All strips are 4″ width, Random Lengths & Thickness Thickness: (Bed Depth) Normal range 2″ to 6″ Thick, Jumpers - 7″ to 12″ (less than 2″ or greater than 12″ are Special Order) Coverage: Estimated to cover 35 to 40 sqft per ton Uses: Random Ashlar Veneer Walls, Landscaping Edging & Risers for stair

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Stone Veneer World is proud to offer our new premium line of beautiful and incredibly affordable natural stone veneers. With over ten colors and multiple shapes and sizes to choose from, including ledgestone, ashlars, squares & rectangles, mosaics and rounds, our Stone Veneer World provides grace and style to any home or business Ledge stone is a stone veneer product measuring 1 to 2 thick and therefore thinner than traditional stone siding for easier, lighter handling. All our manufactured stone veneer products are suitable for interior applications such as stone accent walls or stone fireplaces as well as exterior applications such as stone veneer siding Recent Posts. Rustic ledgestone; March 14, 2020 | Gordy Patraw; This incredible stone is available exclusively at Cascade Stone. I it takes a very classic ledgestone look but adds a country cut of rustic and natural sizes that give it a style I haven't seen in any other stone on market

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Natural Stone Veneer; Manufactured Stones. Contact Us; Reviews; SPACE GREY FIELDSTONE. Natural Moss Fieldstone. Brown Natural Fieldstone. MINT LEDGESTONE. PETE MOSS LEDGESTONE. Walnut Ledgestone. Arctic Ledgestone. Slate Grey Ledgestone. Autumn Ledgestone. SLATE GREY CASTLE STONE. Space Grey Castle Stone. Autumn Castle Stone. Ashler Square. Pocket Wilderness - Ledge & Hackett Mix. Is a Top Seller . 75% Ledgestone, 25% Hackett. 75% Greys, 25% Brown VENEER WORLD PRO LEDGESTONE CANYON. Discover . HOT 2020. VENEER WORLD PRO LEDGESTONE RIDGE. Discover . HOT 2020. VENEER WORLD QUARRY LEDGESTONE BLUESTONE. Discover . HOT 2020. VENEER WORLD QUARRY LEDGESTONE RIVER. Discover . NEWSLETTER. Sign up for our Newsletter and get the latest news and cutting-edge insights delivered to your inbox Product description. MAKE STONE VENEER LIKE THAT PICTURED FOR PENNIES EACH! SAVE $50.00 WHEN YOU PURCHASE THE FIVE-SHEET MOLD SET FOR $399.75. NOTE: THESE ARE A STONE VENEER Make hundreds of 1.5 thick veneer stones from each mold, as they are made with .060 H.I. rubberized ABS for flexibility, durability and long life Ledge Stone Veneer Interior Fireplaces. By Stone Selex. Country ledgestone was used to create this fireplace façade. Country ledge stone contains individual stone pieces that have bulging stones that can be dry stacked or mortar jointed together. I like color and size of stones - lmolitor

Connecticut White Line Ledgestone Thin Veneer. Categories: Connecticut White Line Veneer Stone, Ledgestone Thin Veneer, Thin Veneer Stone OR ORDER ALL FIVE OKL SHEETS FOR $399.75 - SAVE $50.00 + FREE SHIPPING! OKL-01. OKL-02. These are three of the actual Limestone stones that our master molds were made from. This style also blends in wonderfully with our Ledgestone and our brand new Stackstone Flat Faced Stone Veneer below. OKL-03 Kafka Natural Thin Stone Veneer has a nominal thickness of 3/4 to 1 ½, resulting in a natural stone product 15lbs or less per square foot. The lightweight pieces help reduce production, shipping, and construction costs. In addition, Kafka Natural Thin Stone Veneer can be installed without footings or ledges and adheres to concrete. Ledgestone is commonly used for both interior and exterior applications. It is ideal for interior walls, fireplaces and exterior garden walls. part of ledgestone's inherent beauty outdoors is in the manner in which ambient light accentuates its texture and rich earth tone colors

Natural ledge stone veneer is excellent for creating a rustic charm on a wall. Colors ranging from brown, buff, black and similar earth tones can create a truly unique stone wall. Natural ledge stones might be heavy and complicated to acquire. The other popular alternative to natural ledge stones is manufactured ledge stone. Country Ledgestone This popular stone veneer option is available in many shades. Ancient Villa Ledgestone A rustic blend of regular and irregular shapes. Del Mare Ledgestone Del Mare Ledgestone is inspired by the Mediterranean coasts, imparting texture and visual interest to any project. Drystack Ledgestone Selkirk Stone is a family owned business which opened its doors in Sandpoint ID in 2008. Realizing a need for a local manufacturer to combat long lead times and provide more personalized service, they began producing their lineup of veneer products. Selkirk Stone's manufactured stone veneers have a unique design and are handcrafted to capture. This Autumn Creek Ledge Blended thin veneer material is a ledge stone in the standard Autumn Creek colors cut into an 1-1/2 to 2 thick thin veneer and blended with 1/3 Natural Ledge Face (colorful edge), 1/3 Snapped Face (guillotined edge) and.. Details. Individual stone average thickness is 1 ½ inches. Individual stone length (vertical height) 3 - 6 inches. Individual stone width 6 - 18 inches. Suitable for interior or exterior installation. Matching corners available. 50 Year Warranty. Shadow Ledgestone. Item Number

By installing just 2 squares of ClipStone, you can recuperate up to 92% ROI on a home. Every contractor knows time is money. ClipStone lets you add stone veneer in a fraction of the time of installing mortared stone. Contractors love the innovative easy installation, and homeowners love mixing their own colors and styles When ledgestone or any other kind of stone veneer is applied without mortar, the cost will be lower because a whole step (applying mortar) is eliminated. There will be mortar used, however, but it is hidden at the back of the veneer where it intersects the masonry or frame wall Aspen Country Ledgestone (CSV-20008) Black Rundle Country Ledgestone (CSV-391272) Bucks County Country Ledgestone (CSV-368183) collection of stone veneer products is engineered to meet or exceed specifications for all major code approvals, including AC-51

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Versetta Stone panelized ledgestone veneer is a cement-based, manufactured stone veneer that delivers the authentic beauty of traditional stone masonry. The Versetta Stone palette is inspired by places and textures around the world that replicate natural stone pigments Ledgestone. Stack Stone. Ready Stack (Stone Panel System! Installation Fast and Easy!) Fieldstone. Hackett. Limestone. Stone Blends. Thin Brick Veneer. Accessories. Click to view Flyer. Carolina Stone manufactures a High Quality stone that is made Locally with Color Lock Technology. 50 Yr. Warranty. Installation Instructions. Testimonials. Veneer stone siding is available in styles that look very authentic - Fieldstone, stackstone, ledgestone, riverstone, cut stone, limestone and castlestone are among the most popular looks, and each type is available in a variety of color mixes We currently are stocking our Outer Space & Alaskan White Ledgestone Veneer at New Orleans, USA. Our NSV being fabricated out of Indian Natural Stone provides greater beauty, durability, re-usability, non-porosity and aesthetics over Manufactured or Cultured Stone Veneer The Fusion Stone Great Lakes collection is designed with the natural elegance, rugged strength, and maintenance free virtues of traditional stone. Fusion Stone is a thin stone veneer that offers the affordability and ease of installation to beautifully upgrade your home inside and out