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VDG Militaria (formerly known as Van Der Gaughan Militaria) is your source of 100% original militaria from Germany, Japan, Italy, USA, England and other allied and axis nations. Learn more about us The Third Reich The Wehrmacht Bunker is a web-based business located in central Ohio and serves collectors, historians, dealers and museums. Our goal is to provide you with original items from the Third Reich

Third Reich Order of the German Eagle Medal of Merit - Item 94324 £250. Third Reich NSDAP Order of... More Information. Third Reich Press Photo - Hitler Attends Funeral - Munich Explosion - Item 94490 £20. Interesting Third Reich... More Information. Third Reich Army Single Decal M42 Raw Edge Helmet - Item 94208 £625 Relics of the Reich is proud to offer some of the best collectibles in WWI and WWII German Militaria on today's market. You will find items ranging from Uniforms, Caps and Helmets, Daggers, Medals, Documents, Photos, and the Rare and Exotic. Many of our items have never been offered on today's market and many items come directly from the families or the WWII Veterans themselves from both sides. 1) The condition for any acquisitions of German/Russian Items, It is for you to take notice of German law (§86 + §86a StGB) Which States A historical and military item from the year 1933-1945 with a Third Reich or Soviet Russian emblem, is not to be used in any propagandistical way. It is strictly forbidden and a criminal offence in Europe Dealers in genuine (we guarantee it!) Third Reich Militaria & Collectables with full online catalogue; supported by international shipping. Site Updated: Sunday, 18 April

Griffin Militaria. My name is Daniel Griffin, and I have been a collector and dealer in original military antiques and collectibles for over 40 years. I am a life member of the Forks of the Delaware Arms Association as well as a life member of the Ohio Valley Military Society. Moderator on Wehrmacht-Awards Forum , US Militaria Forum and the. Lot of Third Reich Period Paperback Items and Tinnies $ 235.00 Add to cart; German WWII Officer Jackboots $ 250.00 Add to cart; Mint U.S. M-1936 Combat Suspenders - (1942 Dated by Hinson) $ 125.00 Add to cart; Rare U.S. WAAC (Woman's Army Auxiliary Corps) Military Police Armband $ 225.00 Add to cart; Signed Japanese (Army) Meatball Flag. Militaria Dealer UK. We focus on Imperial German, Third Reich and British and Commonwealth military collectables from WW1 and WW2 and other recent conflict post 1945. My passion for collecting militaria began at a very early age whilst growing up in West Berlin as my father served in the military and was posted there during the height of the. Imperial German WWI / Third Reich Luftwaffe Five Place Ribbon Bar $ 12.00. Item Number: 52369. SOLD! Imperial German Large Silver Uniform Collar Button $ 20.00. Item Number: 52370. SOLD! Imperial German Prussian Uhlan EM/NCO Tschapka Helmet $ 1,400.00. Item Number: 52357. WWI Imperial German Gott Mit Uns Field Gray Buckl

10 x assorted day badges (14) (R5) *. £195.00. 10 x WW2 German assorted day badges, including Hitler Youth, Balkan 1944-1945, 1935 Tag De... Add to Cart Antiquities of the Reich | Home. A modest company offering; 40 years experience dealing with artefacts from the Third Reich Era. Buy with confidence as all items available for purchase on this website are guaranteed to be of pre 1945 manufacture and accordingly are sold with a full money back guarantee. We operate a lay-away-plan where items.

Third Reich Militaria. Here at Jungvolk we are dealers in Third Reich collectibles. As responsible collectors and traders we understand the importance of preserving history - therefore we stand by our promise to never knowingly sell a fake as a real item. All purchases get a no-questions-asked return and refund within 30 days if deemed to be. The Third Reich 1933-1945. We are making big changes with our inventory, so please stay tuned for updated items. If items say out of stock and you would like to readily purchase them, please send us an email at vdgmilitaria@yahoo.com and we might be able to get it sooner for you. Thanks for your patience and understanding. -VDG Militaria Team July 2021. Specialising in 100% Original World War II, Third Reich (1933-1945) and other Militaria & Collectibles. We would like to make clear that we do not support the beliefs or actions of the Third Reich or any other right wing or fascist organization, current or past. It is forbidden to take any photos from this website for any other purpose 16th,17th,18th &19th century militaria (worldwide). first world war 1914/1918 (great war) militaria. second world war 1939/1945 militaria; third reich period militaria & related items 1922-1945; post 1945 militaria.(indochine,vietnam, korea etc.) soviet russia & communist countries.(all countries & types) orders,medals & decorations worldwide Today I went thru all 39 pages of previous threads in this forum looking for Online Militaria Dealers so that I could save them in my Favorites file. I figured what the hell? ↳ Life in the Third Reich & Weimar Republic ↳ Propaganda, Culture & Architecture ↳ Music of the Reich ↳ Women in the Reich

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  1. 18668 — ARMY RIG DATED 1939. £165. Maker marked B.Haarman Ludenshied & dated 1939, leather 32 inches long. more info
  2. All German items listed for sale on this site were manufactured during the National Socialist regime known as the German THIRD REICH under the Leadership of Chancellor Adolf Hitler 1933 -1945 and are 100% original to the period unless otherwise stated.All items offered were used by either the HEER (Army) ,KRIEGSMARINE (Navy) & LUFTWAFFE (Airforce) known collectively as Die Wehrmacht and also.
  3. The Treasure Bunker specialises in Third Reich, British,German and other nations militaria, toy soldiers and model tanks.Military collectables from Waterloo to World War II including medals, uniforms, badges, equipment, deactivated guns and helmets.We also offer a medal mounting service
  4. Wittmann Antique Militaria is one of the leading online dealers, specializing in Imperial German and Third Reich edged weapons and artifacts. Inventory Updated - 29 July 2021 This page will automatically refresh every 30 seconds..
  5. German Third Reich and Great War items specialising in helmets and headgear. Antique and Modern Militaria Welcome to our website,we have been collecting and selling medals and Militaria for many years trading as D&M Medals, our main collecting interest is 9th foot and Norfolk Regiment
  6. The Ruptured Duck. Committed to procuring the finest memorabilia from around the world, the Ruptured Duck is the #1 trusted online source of Original WWII memorabilia. We have over six decades of buying, selling, appraising, consulting and collecting the souvenirs from that very important period of American history
  7. Third Reich Militaria Collectables & Anomalies. Another 'iconic' piece spawned by High Castle was the Smith's SS visor cap utilizing an army/Heer wreath with SS runes in its center rather than the war-time SS totenkopf

Der Freiwillige Military Antiques specializes in original German WWII Third Reich militaria, medals, badges, awards, documents, postcards, and equipment Last Updated: July 1, 2021 Look for the next update around August 1, 2021 The most popular Third Reich militaria for sale - and how these rare items are acquired. 26th February 2019. Third Reich militaria may not be to everyone's tastes, but there are still a number of collectors who specialise in accumulating such items. Medals, badges, uniforms, rank insignia, daggers and deactivated weapons remain the most. Ron Wolin Militaria Specializing in Original WWII Artifacts. I specialize in the collecting and sale of original Third Reich Military souvenirs of all types. All items are guaranteed 100% original pre-May 1945 manufacture and in excellent or better condition unless otherwise stated. Items returned for any reason within five days of receipt and.


WW2 German Medals. Large collection of 3rd Reich medals and awards to be listed in due course, a substantial collection covering WW1, WW2 3rd Reich period and into the post war 1957 issues. All exceptional quality examples. More details to follow as the collection is catalogued, photographed and listed. tbc Email: john@eaglerelics.com. 1) The condition for any acquisitions of German Items, It is for you to take notice of German law (§86 + §86a StGB) Which States A historical and military item from the year 1933-1945 with a Third Reich emblem, is not to be used in any propagandist way. It is strictly forbidden and a criminal offence in Europe.

Welcome to Grenadier Militaria International online militaria antiques store we stock authentic WW2 German Third Reich Militaria and collectables from 1933 - 1945. We specialise in WW2 German Third Reich Militaria including Wehrmacht, Kriegsmarine and Luftwaffe decorations, documents, cuff-titles, medals, insignia, headdress and historical. M & T Militaria, Militaria supplies based in Cumbria. Welcome to M & T Militaria. In this big bad world where some things are not always what they appear, I am very pleased to be able to offer totally original 3rd Reich items that are guaranteed to have been produced during the Nazi Reich period 1933 to 1945 Welcome to SJS Militaria All items listed, that are related to the THIRD REICH PERIOD, are intended solely for Military Collectors, Historical Research only, and not intended to be used in any other way, we do not support or promote any Political Party past or present , and do not in any way support any type of racism or hate groups, all.

Vancouver Militaria Vancouver Militaria Vancouver Militaria. Websites such as eBay and other private dealers will have seemingly the same item for sale at shockingly different prices. political movements, and/or ideals or values which in any way support the Third Reich. We reserve the right to decline the sale of ANY items to anyone who. Johnson Reference Books & Militaria boasts the largest online catalogue of German dress daggers, German swords, German bayonets, and other German militaria offered worldwide. We have over 2,100 items of original German Imperial and Third Reich edged weapons, parts and accouterments, as well as out-of-print and current militaria reference books Third Reich Exotic Items. Uniforms-NSDAP, SA, HJ, and NSKK. Military Vehicles and Related Parts. My Order. No items in cart View Cart Categories. Award Documents, Paper Documents and Paper Related Items (2) Belts, Buckles, Cross Straps and Aiguillettes (13 Welcome To ERSATZ MILITARIA. A Place Where You Will Find From Small Spare Parts To Complete And Nice Quality Items: Equipment, Uniforms, Helmets, Boxes, Books, Etc, Etc. Always Original World War II, Of Course. I'm A Serious Collector And Everything You Will Find In My Website Comes Out From My Collection Or Could Be In My Collection Your World War 2 militaria web source for U.S. & Third Reich military decorations, medals, ribbons, badges, patches, pins, flags, caps & headgear, cuff titles, officer's rings & much more. Specializing in Nazi, WWII German militaria. Catalog and phone orders welcome

Militaria from Phoenix Militaria - German, British & American Military Items. We are strong buyers and also offer exchange for all Militaria. Please contact us for more information or to view items by arrangement. We are UK Militaria dealers and also travel worldwide to shows and trade fairs. Please visit our events page for more info WWII German Militaria. Drittes Reich, the Third Reich, or Nazi Germany; this period of time had many names for Germany, all describing the time between 1933 and 1945, when the nation was controlled by the dictator Adolf Hitler. When they invaded Poland in 1939, it was the beginning of World War II. While Hessen neither represents nor supports.

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Buy online Original German World War 1 and 2 Third Reich military decorations, awards and medals. Militaria Dealer London England UK selling WW2 cloth insignia badges Third Reich nazi collectable This is a website for collectors of original militaria. You will find Third Reich pieces which display the swastika as issued during the 1933 -1945 period in Germany we do not have affiliation with any political parties and the items shown are of a historical nature and for the collector of such We are interested in purchasing Third Reich Relics, Third Reich Memorabilia, Adolph Hitler Memorabilia, Nazi Relics, and other articles similar to what you will see within our pages. We also voice an interest in other German memorabilia from the eras of the Kaiser Wilhelm, the Kaiser Reich, the First Reich, etc


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  1. Welcome Militaria Collectors! Site updated Today June 18th, 2021 MORE ITEMS COMING Next Month! Thanks for Looking! Parcels and deliveries are moving Moderately and Less efficient. there still could be delays due to Covid-19, especially for International Orders. I am sorry for any inconveniences and delays, they are beyond my Control
  2. Wehrmacht-Militaria buys and sells authentic WWII German militaria, solely for the purpose of historic preservation and does not support or endorse any of the actions committed by Nazi Germany during WWII. This page is not affiliated with any political entity in any way. Wehrmacht-Militaria only sells guaranteed authentic militaria
  3. German Army Dagger Hangers. $150.00 Add to cart. Chain for First Model Luftwaffe Dagger, Un-Issued by OLC GES. GESCH. $195.00 Add to cart
  4. During the 1950's and 1960's the collecting of Third Reich militaria began, some of the most impressive collections in the world to date were collated at this time. In the 1970's - 1990's the collecting bug for items from WW2 continued to grow. Sadly the demand for items brought along the ugly side of the collecting field, and that is.
  5. My Background Like many World War II history buffs and collectors of Third Reich militaria, I listened to the war stories of my father and his buddies. To them, Third Reich items were war trophies from the biggest war ever, and that is the way I view the subject. As a kid in the early 1960's with no knowledge about medals, I had a chance to buy a Deutsche Kreuz in Gold with a name scratched on.

The Militaria Collectors Network, or MCN, was setup in 1998, it's aims have always been to bring together militaria collectors and dealers from all over the world so that they may share knowledge and experience in our mutual hobby. MCN Quartermasters Emilie Caldwell Stewart - Emilie Caldwell Stewart's fine original WW1 & WW2 German militaria paper collectibles. All items are purchased in Germany and unquestionable originals. From the common Wehrpass to the ultra rare Soldbuch, it can be found here. Grenadier Military Antiques - Third Reich and Imperial German Militaria Eagle Relics Your Best Source For Original 3rd Reich Militaria To buy- or find out more- about our consignment service, and/or the German medals and militaria featured on our Highlights page please contact us. If your enquiry is particularly urgent, or important, please telephone: Telephone | 0044 (0) 1694 781354. We are open to receive telephone calls during normal office hours from Monday-Friday

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  1. 3rd Reich Militaria For Sale. 7 days ago . 28 people watched. The Most Popular Third Reich Militaria & Memorabilia For . 1 days ago . 61 people watched. The most popular Third Reich militaria for sale - and how these rare items are acquired. 26th February 2019.Third Reich militaria may not be to everyone's tastes, but there are still a number of collectors who specialise in accumulating such.
  2. t example RAD Mans... More Information. Third Reich Operation Sealion Invasion Booklet - Item 94524 £450
  3. gham, UK. The Paraphernalia Of Wa
  4. Germany - Third Reich: General Assault Badge, Special Grade 2nd Class for 25 Assault Days, reverse bearing steel wide tapered pin and makers marked 'R' For Rudolf A. Karneth & Sohne, Gablonz an der Neiße. A superb example of type and Rare

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, Third Reich artefacts, Third Reich Dagger Dealers, Third Reich Militaria, To Sell Daggers, TO SELL MILITARIA, TO SELL MILITARIA TELEPHONE DAY OR NIGHT!, WAFFEN-LOESCHE, Wasserschutzpolizei, We Buy Medals. The Covid 19 Virus pandemic has made us re evaluate material possessions. Don't worry your investments are safe for now Militaria Mart The ultimate resource for militaria with over 100,000 items of militaria for sale on-line. Blunderbuss Antiques Militaria Dealer stocking a wide selection of both Antique & 20th Century weapons and militaria. Johnson Reference books and militaria. Tomahawk Films The military music of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich - available on CDs

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Home > Militaria > Medals > Courthouse Antiques. Courthouse Antiques is located in Pontefract, United Kingdom. View Dealers Items. Add to Favourite Dealers. Third Reich - Rare SS 4yr Long Service Award - Original Ribbon. REF: roy136 / LA360891. Courthouse Antiques has clarified that the Third Reich - Rare SS 4yr Long Service Award. Militaria Depot Militaria from a German-based web site Grenadier Military Antiques Dealers in fine German Militaria from the Third Reich, Imperial Germany and beyond The Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum All you want to know about the Glorious Glosters, plus an on-line shop and genealogy search facilit WW2 Buyer takes the view that providing items are not publicly displayed then Third Reich item deserve to be preserved . Bayonets ,helmets, caps ,uniforms ,medals and badges are amongst the most frequently requested of all items . We are Dealers in Helmets. Dealers in weapons . Dealers in helmets . $65,000 Paid For German WW2 . ALL MEDALS REQUIRE Welcome to Reich Relics Militaria! You will find the finest quality original militaria here. I am also a collector for the past 30 years, so my passion for quality collectibles reflects on the items I offer for sale. Ranging from common tinnies to exquisite SS uniforms. I try to offer a wide range of militaria for all collector budgets. We are.

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  1. franz fruth militaria weekly news 29/2021 23 jule 2021 more as 80 new items. this week you will find more as 80 new items in our shop ! new update - wonderfull german wwii waffen ss nco photo - german wwii red cross vehicle documents lindner anhÄnger - second war czechoslovakian army officer's brocade belt with buckl
  2. Third Reich Medals. For Original German Medals, Badges, and Insignia as well as Militaria from around the World. Militarische Antiquitaten Emig. One of the finest dealers in Germany, lots of original items from German collections and stocks. Ardennes 44 Military Antiques. For get items from the same area where the battle was fought. Militaria.
  3. D2030. $3,400.00. Officer Model 17th Lancer British Czaa Hat . BMX59. $1,200.00. WW2 US American Red Cross Volunteer Pin . FLU3227. $30.00. US Army WW2 M1 Garand Cartridge Belt - Boyt 43
  4. militaria for sale in the uk - we buy and sell militaria from historic british army campaigns, third reich nazi militaria, and historic and decactivated guns, and edged weapon
  5. A Collector's Guild. HOME (CLICK HERE) New Items Advance Viewing Updates. ORIGINAL MILITARIA, SERVING COLLECTORS SINCE 1989. LIFETIME GUARANTEE OF ORIGINALITY ON ALL ITEMS, OVER 30 YEARS IN BUSINESS! If you would like to see all the new items being listed to our website 5 days before they are offered to the general public for sale, please e.
  6. Welcome to Cinque Ports Militaria. We are based in a High Street shop in Tenterden, Kent. We specialise in buying and selling militaria from 1900 to present date. Our website contains a wide range of general military collectables and memorabilia from all forces and all nations

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  1. Welcome to CS Militaria. A collectors site specialising in original WW1, WW2 & some Falklands historical military artefacts. All types of militaria from all nations will be offered here including uniforms, headdress & equipment. Updated every week with fresh new stock, from WW1 trench warfare to the WW2 Normandy invasion
  2. Shop, Buy, or Sell original WWII German Militaria and Memorabilia. Unique, one-of-a-kind original WW2 German artifacts. German WWII uniforms, helmets, insignia, and visors, to buckles, flags, fieldgear, medals, boots, caps, and more. Free Shipping anywhere and no PayPal fees. WWII German Third Reich Militaria for sale
  3. e at least) of originality and can be returned for full cost refund if ever found to be otherwise
  4. Photos - Papers - Propaganda of the Third Reich; militaria dealers; Display your banner here. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last. Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of 17 militaria dealers. Article about: Hi, I'm adam, i live in spain, I'm 20 years, and started collecting two years ago. I like to collect all kind of documents, photos and any other paper item
  5. Our vast online range of militaria includes medals, badges, ribbons, helmets and headgear, uniforms, deactivated firearms and bladed weapons from the Napoleonic Wars to current international conflicts. We also have a large online selection of British and German WW2 militaria for sale, such as Third Reich items and Weapons that cannot be listed.

Daan is one of new generation dealers. His father has been collecting over 40 years and schooling Daan to become a well known collector and dealer in the Dutch militaria scene. IMCS Nederland A very comprehensive site specializing in Third Reich military collectibles. However militaria of other countries is regular featured in this webshop This site is intented for the sale of military antiques from the First and Second World War. It is dedicated to collectors, musea and other persons with an historical interest in this period. The items for sale on this site are sold for historical or research purposes only. Customers of MilitariaRelics are obligated to use all articles accordingly Whether at the MAX Show or on the web- one of out favorite dealers! CULTMAN COLLECTABLES- Great English site with a strong emphasis on authentic campaign medals! WITTMANN ANTIQUE MILITARIA- The premier dealer of Third Reich and Imperial German Edged Weapons is now on the Web-Don't miss it!-. His famous Offering always has something for every. All images contained on this site belong to the Collector's Guild Inc. Images may not be used or reproduced without our permission. We retain the right to scan any items consigned to us for use on this web page or in reference material we are publishing to help inform and educate collectors German G-Dated P.08 Luger Pistol by Mauser. Email. Price: $1,995.00. Description: Serial #2845e, 9mm Para., 4 inch barrel with a very good, bright bore that has some mild freckling within the grooves. This is an early S/42 coded pistol with G chamber date code (1935) a... Item #39584

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WWII German Militaria. Kelley's Military carries a wide variety of quality WWII German badges, medals, buckles, fieldgear, flags and other militaria. Our products feature makers marks, proper finshes and some of the finest detail on the market today We specialize in Third Reich German Nazi Awards, Medals and Badges! Including: SS, Army, Luftwaffe, Navy, Political and Civil, Knights Cros


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Janssen Militaria German Third Reich medals awards and decorations research. This research area has been set-up by Janssen-Militaria. The main purpose is to provide collectors of German WW2 military collectibles with more information about their collection of German medals and awards. Similar areas will be constructed for Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe. Sale items include German Militaria, Medals and War Badges, documents e.g. Wehrpass Soldbuch Ausweis Kennkarte, and documents from both the Third Reich (Nazi) and Imperial German eras from WW1 and WW2. The site also includes medals and badges e.g. Iron Cross, Panzer Badge plus Wound Badges, High Seas, Submarine, War Merit Cross, DRL, DRA badges. Welcome to the first Dutch Militaria Website in Holland we have been online from 1998. Westland Military Antiques welcomes you to our website. Attention! Disclaimer This site is for the sale of antiques and collectables from the First and Second World War. It is dedicated to collectors or those with historical interest in militaria from this. Welcome to The Old Brigade. We specialise in buying and selling the finest quality military antiques from 1800--1945 and with an particular emphasis on Third Reich Militaria And Especially Edged Weapons, Important Awards and items associated with historical personalities. We supply and advise museums, collectors and private investors

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3 Reich SS Huge Reprisal Poster - 50 Poles Executed in 1943. $1,100.00. 1. Huge Reprisal Poster - 50 Poles Executed in 1943. $1,100.00. 1. Huge Reprisal Poster - 50 Poles Executed in 1943. $1,100.00. 1 WWII German Militaria, Nazi Relics and Other Items. Tuesday, July 27. MILITARY WAREHOUSE. P.O. Box 261. Cambridge, MN 55008. WWII GERMAN RELICS WANTED! We Pay You Today! Call or Text: 763-689-1146. john@militarywarehouse.com. Military Warehouse does NOT support or glorify Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan or any such movement or group. War. German Dagger BUYERS. EST 2008. Military museum exhibits always required. Call us now on +44 (0) 7860747027. Email: davidmatteybuyer@gmail.com. A division of Arundel Antiques Market Ltd VAT No. 723556787. At German Dagger Buyers we are dedicated professionals buying on behalf of ethical investment groups, museums and advanced collectors By Dealer. View All Dealers Being an old RAF base, we do have keen collectors of Militaria, so here are some pieces to keep you Occupied! Sort By: 1-30 of 179 items. Quick View Recently Added. Circa 1800 10 Bore Sporting Gun £ 650 More. Quick View Recently Added. 18th Century 20 Bore Sporting Gun.

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Nazi Pins Badges Third Reich Militaria Regalia. Quality reproduction pins and badges of the Nazi Third Reich sold retail - also wholesale to regalia & militaria dealers. Great for gun shows, militaria shows, flea markets. Armbands & Patches. Pins & Badges . STICK PINS. Reproductions. Left to Right: #211 SWASTIKA STICK PIN. $4.00 Here we present an antique Nazi Third Reich Lion Head Army Officer's Sword, made by F. Hörster in Solingen, Germany circa 1940. Generally speaking, swords were not extremely practical for combat by the time the Second World War came around; however, they were still prized for dress uniforms and status symbols in the Third Reich for military. WW2 German War Merit Cross 2nd Class with Swords Third Reich insignia decorations military insignia for sell. WWII Militaria Antiques Dealer in London UK


Espenlaub Militaria is online militaria antiques shop: sell, buy and trade uniforms, insignia, helmets, awards, field gear of Imperial Russia, USSR, Imperial Germany and 3rd Reich. We do restoration works, give advices and consultations for collectors, film studios and museums. Espenlaub Militaria supplies collectors from all over the world and. Authentic and reproductions from the Third Reich era including Luftwaffe, SS, Hitler, insignia, badges, medals, flags, and personality items Collecting and values. Stamps issued by the Third Reich - Generally, the issues with Hitler's head and the official swastika stamps are fairly common and relatively inexpensive, 20 stamps of the Hitler head issue selling for as little as £6-£7, with the swastika stamps about the same price. Some semipostals and commemorative stamps are also. Rusty War Relics - UK Militaria Shop deliver a quality service providing a wide variety of WW1 & WW2 military collectibles and associated items at affordable prices, to collectors, schools and museums worldwide Third Reich Iron Cross, 2nd Class. Makers Marked No. 25 Arbeitsgemeinschaft Der Graver-Gold-Und. Hanu. Condition showing some signs of surface degradation. Otherwise a nice example