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The electronic control system for the A340E automatic transmission provides extremely precise control of the gear shift timing and lock-up timing in response to driving conditions as sensed by various sensors located throughout the vehicle and in response to the engine's running condition A340E Remanufactured Transmission. A340E. Manufactured by Toyota, the A340E automatic transmission was installed in vehicles between 1986 to 2007. Quite a decent transmission, the A340E was used in both diesel and gasoline applications. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device A340E transmission problems and our performance fixes. One of the biggest A340 problems is that the transmission has some hard shifting and engagement issues, especially in the first second and third gears. Another issue this unit and encounters is having a whining noise coming from the pump that is prone to collecting debris

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The Stage 3 A340E/A341E Transmissions have been tested in a number of full weight Toyota Supras across the country running consistently in the mid to high 8 second zone at 160+ MPH in the Quarter Mile. ATFs Stage III A340E & A341E Transmission handles 850 WHP with ease and a great choice for daily drivers who are looking to have or keep the. The A340E is a 4-speed, Electronic Controlled Transmission developed for use with high-performance en- gine such as the 3VZ-E. A lock-up mechanism is built into the torque converter clutch. The A340E automatic transmission is mainly composed of the torque converter clutch, the overdrive (here The A340E is a 4-speed, Electronic Controlled Transmission (hereafter called ECT) developed for use with high-performance engines such as the 7M-GE and 7M-GTE. A lock-up mechanism is built into the torque converter. The A340E transmission is mainly composed of the torque converter, the overdrive (hereafter called OID Posted by Regis on Wednesday, March 20th, The AE is an automatic transmission made by Toyota. It was used extensively throughout their lineup, from all the way through the model . The major changes to the AE valve body took place in , with the introduction of Toyota's V8. One of the changes was the use of a pressure con-trol solenoid

While finishing up deployment starting cruising craigslist and found a brand new A340E for 600$. Now after researching a lot, came to the conclusion the A340E and A340F are the same except the output shaft and oil pan. Well I was right. These pics do not show the PITA it is to remove the transmission LOL a340e (30-40le) The detachable bell housing, which attaches the main transmission case to the engine, has an engine-specific bolt pattern, which appears on its upper surface as cast-in letters. J indicates the straight-6 1/2-JZ engine, U the V8 UZ engine The -E is a 2wd tranny. The -F is a chain-drive case. Not sure of the drop on that one. There is also the jeep AW4 with a 23 spline (not the same as yota 23 spline) output and 6-bolt tail housing for D300/NP2xx t-cases. I have seen somewhere where someone got an adapter that could mate a A340H to a Chevy v6 A340E. Products (Total Items: 3 ) Sort by: Stage 2 Toyota Supra-Lexus SC300- Aristo Auto Transmission (1) Your Price: $2,795.00 Part# : 152101. Stage 3 Toyota Supra-Lexus SC300- Aristo Auto Transmission (0) Your Price: $3,499.00 Part# : 152100. Stage 4 Toyota Supra - Lexus SC300 - Aristo Auto Transmission. A340E Transmission. The A340E transmission is a 4-speed automatic transmission found in the Toyota 4Runner, Sequoia, Tacoma, and 4Runner. A340E transmission common failure include loss of 4th gear, loss of reverse, overheating, and erratic shifting

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In this video, i tear down a Toyota A340 trans that was towed into with no movemen Fits A340E A340F A340G A340H Transmission for 1985 Up Toyata 4Runner, Cressida, Pickup, Previa, Supra, T100, Tacoma, 1992-1997 Lexus SC300. Please used the Amazon PartsFinder on the upper left to check the compatibility to make sure it fits your vehicle Isuzu Rodeo 4 Speed Automatic Transmission. the A340 Series Automatic Transmission is also found in many other vehiclesHi, if a YepThatsIt Video has help..

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382 TOYOTA 2008 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION KIT & COMPONENTS CATALOG ©2008 PARKER HANNIFIN CORP. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED A340 / A341 / A343 RWD 4 Speed *Prefix Letter 'T' denotes Toledo-Trans Kit (TTK) Brand Transmission Kit master overhaul kit with steel plates: a340e, a340h, a340f 1992-2000 toyota lexus mitsubishi supra non-turbo 5/1993-98 pickup (2wd, 4wd) 6 cyl 1992-9

Faster shifting is the goal, and the TMS Stage 2 Transmission provides just that, with the reliability you've come to expect from all TMS products. Categories: product releases Tags: A340E , Auto Transmission , Drag Racing , Street Supra , titan motorsports , trans , transmission This transmission section was known by multiple names, including: A340, A340E, A340H, 30-80LE, Aisin AW, Aisin Seiki, Aisin-Warner Toyota A340 Transfer Case Rebuild Kit A340H A340E 30-80LE Overhaul T-Case Sectio Transmission Solenoid Set Kit A340E A340 AW4 Tcc Shift Lock Up for Toyota Lexus Jeep, ZDTOPA OEM Parts $109.99 $ 109 . 99 Transmission Shift Solenoid Kit For Jeep Cherokee Truck OEM A340 A340E A340F AW

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A343f Transmission Manual - develop.notactivelylooking.com Title: Toyota Automatic Transmission Repair Manual A340e Keywords: Toyota Automatic Transmission Repair Manual A340e Created Date: 9/5/2014 12:44:23 PM PDF Toyota Automatic Transmission Repair Manual A340e. Toyota Automatic Transmission Fluid — type, capacity, instruction. Information about type and capacity fluid are for reference only. Reference book «Fluid type : automatic transmission Toyota». Model. Year

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30-40le a340e a341e a343 aw4 transmission pump remanufactured o.e. 3.375 shaft .420 gears fits toyota lexus jeep kia isuzu volvo '85-'04 ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT $144.77 $169.99 Hundert recovers an important community from historical obscurity by providing a balanced perspective on the Jewish experience in the Polish Commonwealth and by describing. Common A340E Transmission Problems. Erratic Shifting / Loss of Forward Gears: If you're experiencing A340E transmission problems like slipping, erratic shifting, or failed gear engagement, the causes could range from a failed A340E solenoid / A340E-HD solenoid, to a A340E torque convertor issue. Another common problem is overheating A340E Transmission partsAW3040LE, AW3040LS. The automatic transmission A340E (30-40LE) is equipped with a removable bell housing, which connects the main gearbox case to the engine, has an engine-specific bolt location, which appears on its front surface as cast-in letters. J indicates the straight-6 1/2-JZ engine, U the V8 UZ engine Vehicles with A340E Transmission: 1993-95 LEXUS GS300 3.0L V6. A340E > Show All Matching Vehicles. 1992-98 LEXUS SC300 3.0L L6. A340E > Show All Matching Vehicles. 1989-97 TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 2.4L L4 -- 3.0L V6. A340E > Show All Matching Vehicles. 1998 TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 2.7L L4 -- 3.4L V6. A340E A340e Transmission Diagram. 12.02.2019 12.02.2019 4 Comments on A340e Transmission Diagram. 4: Exploded view of the AE transmission and components to be removed. Raise the vehicle and support it safely with jackstands. Double check the security . Automatic Transmission. Applicable Model. AF

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C&C Motorsports has for years been building the Toyota A340E Transmissions a little bit under the radar supplying more grassroots/local racers. Early 2016 we were contacted to help in their efforts to become a more household name in the Supra community 14 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 23, 2011. I have a 94 T-100 with a A340E transmission that isn't shifting properly. If I put the truck in drive and rev the engine up really high, it will slowly start to move and pick up speed. But as soon as it tries to go into 2nd, it bogs down and stops. I'm not sure if it is even getting into 2nd gear Transmission general data. The range of 4-speed of automatic transmissions А340 (also known as AW30-40LE /-70LE according to Aisin classification) has been on the market since 1985 on RWD and 4WD Toyota Land Cruiser with the engine capacity from 2.5 up to 4 liters. The А340 unit is a middle class transmission which stands next to the range.

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It is possible to convert a A340e trans to 4WD by adding a 4WD output shaft and tailhousing (maybe more stuff too, i don't know for sure). There was a member on Lextreme who did this. It does require dismantling the transmission though (where the input side is simple plug and play Currently I have the atf stage 3 a340e 4 speed auto with 4000 stall. I'm hearing that elite Has a new update that will allow full transmission control of this trans ? I need to hear more about this or what my other options are, As the stock ecu is not really a ideal trans control solution for a trans with high stall The major changes to the A340E valve body took place in 2000, with the introduction of Toyota's V8. One of the changes was the use of a pressure con-trol solenoid. The V6 and 4-cylinder models still use a TV cable. The valve body that we'll look at is from a 2001 Toyota Tundra with a 4.7 engine. We'll identify the valve, an Toyota A340E/F/H, AW4, A341E, A343E/F (RWD) VEHICLE TRANSBANNERSTEEL MODEL YEARS TYPE KIT KITENGINE TOYOTA: 1Cressida1987-92 7M-GEA340E K7200-S K7200-9A Supra 1986-4/93 Non-TurboA340E K7200-S K7200-9 Supra 5/93-98 Non-TurboA340E K7200-S K7200-9B Supra 1987-4/93 TurboA340E K7200A-S K7200C-9 Supra 5/93-98 2TurboA341E K7200C-S K7200C-9A. Toyota A340E Transmission & Torque Converter Installation Guide 2 ATF Transmission & Torque Converter Installation Guide | ATFSPEED.COM 954-916-1155 V1.0: 09-11-18 STEP 8: To finish the installation of the transmission, before the engine is started, pour 4-5 quarts of transmission fluid into the transmission. Start the engine, immediately upon start up and add two more quarts of transmission

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  1. A340E (30-40LE) The detachable bell housing, which attaches the main transmission case to the engine, has an engine-specific bolt pattern, which appears on its upper surface as cast-in letters. J indicates the L6 1/2-JZ engine, U the V8 UZ engine
  2. Transmission: A340, A340E, A340F 4WD, A340F Diameter: 11 1/2 Spline: 26: Pilot: 1.257 X .825 Hub: SLOTS: Mounting: 6 PADS 9MM X 1.25 THREADS ON 9-1/4 BOLT CIRCLE: Clutch: Yes: ID Code: INK CODE: 9R ID CODE: BLUE CIRCLE & RED DOT PINK CIRCLE & BLUE DOT GREEN CIRCLE AROUND WHITE DOT BLUE CIRCLE AROUND RED DOT: Stall: HIGH STAL
  3. SERVICE SPECIFICATIONS - Automatic Transmission (A340E) A-12. AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION (A340H) Specifications Torque Specifications (Refer to the A340E automatic transmission) At stall (Throttle valve fully opened) Engine stall revolution Time lag Torque converter sleeve runou
  4. Buy A340E Transmissions. Used & Rebuilt with No Upfront Core Charge, Free Shipping & Up to 5-Year Warranty. Call (888) 412-2772 Now for Your Quote
  5. 1992 SC400 2jzgte Built 3.0 ATF A340e PT6765 ProEFI 128 1992 SC300 2jzgte Stock 3.0 ATF A340e OEM Twins Stock ECU 1992 SC400 2jzgte Built 3.0 ATF A340e PT6870 ProEFI 128 1997 SC300 2jzgte VVTi 3.4L 6speed Gen 2 PT8385 MoTeC -> Under the Knif
  6. 3p141592654. The a340E uses a cable on the throttle to adjust line pressure. You can tighten that up with the adjusting nuts to increase the line pressure at part throttle. But it won't help you much. You still will have the long drawn out 1-2 shift at full throttle that heats up the clutch packs and kills the tranny

The Toyota A340E and A340 H automatic overdrive unit was designed for use in trucks. The unit comes with either computer controls (E) or hydraulic controls (H). This unit was introduced in 1985 vehicles. This repair manual covers teardown and assembly of both the 340 E and 340 H models Engine to Transmission; Transmission to Transfer Case; Flexplates; Transmission Parts . TH400 Parts; TH350 Parts; 4L80E Parts; 4L60E Parts (1993-2006) 4L65E ( 06' & Up ) 700R4 Parts; 2004R Parts; C4 Parts; C6 Parts; AOD Parts; 4R70W / 4R75W Parts; AODE Parts; A518 / 46RE 48RE Parts; E4OD 4R100 Parts; A4LD 4R44E 5R55E Rebuild Kits, Parts & More. A wide variety of a340e transmission options are available to you, such as manufacturing plant. You can also choose from clutch assembly, transmission assembly, and clutch disc a340e transmission, as well as from toyota a340e transmission There are 116 suppliers who sells a340e transmission on Alibaba.com, mainly located in Asia Erratic A340E transmission behavior in a 2002 Tacoma. A 2002 Tacoma come into the shop with an intermittent no reverse, second gear starts and no shift to fourth gear. Wayne Colonna. Jun 22, 2015 aw4 30-40le a340e a340f transmission to adapter housing seal fits 4x4 jeep '87 to '01 (83504055) transtec / corteco. $14.98 $12.88 $17.99. add to cart

AW4 / A340E Steel Module 87-01. Mfg Retail: $78.95. Cost From Us: $68.88. You Save: $10.07. New Steel Module 31pcs - See More Info Level 10 PTS Toyota Bulletproof Rebuilding Kit A540,U140E A340E,A341E,A350E,A650EA750E,A343F,A540Etransmission,U140Etransmission A340Etransmission,A341Etransmission,A350Etransmission,A650Etransmission,A750Etransmission,A343Ftransmission,supra transmission Now you can have a transmission with better performance and reliability than any. 30-40le a340e a341e a343 aw4 transmission pump remanufactured o.e. 3.375 shaft .420 gears fits toyota lexus jeep kia isuzu volvo '85-'04 ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT $144.77 $169.9 Save on Moveras A340E-TRANSMISSION M01777 at Advance Auto Parts. Buy online, pick up in-store in 30 minutes

Fits A340E/F '00-later, type 3 and 4 valve bodies. For A245E and A246E, fits '05-later with upper casting code 9132. Helps cure: TCC apply & release concerns. TCC codes. Inadequate lubrication Whether you need A340E wiring diagram information, A340E transmission rebuilders tips, A340E technical information, A340E diagnostics, A340E troubleshooting help, or just answers to your A340E transmission rebuilders question, the Transmission Rebuilders Network is the place to go

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  1. Selling a freshly rebuilt transmission from a 1997 Supra Turbo (A340E). Works on certain year Toyota Tacoma and 4Runners. Was rebuilt in 2019 at Kiyo's Transmission Shop on Queen Street. Also has a new factory torque converter and new flywheel. Runs fine and shifts firm. Decided to go with a different aftermarket transmission
  2. C S 5 8 W S H p 7 o 7 n s o 8 r 2 e 4 d. Toyota A340E A340F Transmission Solenoid Kit 2-Shift 1-Lock Up 3PC. Kit A340E-F. Brand New. C $171.93. Top Rated Seller. Top Rated Seller. Buy It Now. +C $17.33 shipping estimate
  3. Automatic Transmission Sprag Assembly. TOYOTA SIENNA. Genuine TOYOTA Part - 3579214020 (3579230042, 3579230040, 3579230041, 35792-14020). Ships from Toyota Parts Overstock, Lakeland F
  4. Kit. 76000K. Overhaul Kit Toyota A340E/H/F, A341E, A343F, A350E Isuzu 30-80LE Jeep 30-40LE, AW4 Honda Hyundai 30-40LE, 30-43LE Lexus A340E, 341E Lexus A350E (5 Speed) Mitsubishi A340E, V4AW3 Volvo A341E. 85-99. 1
  5. An Evolution In Transmission Controllers The COMPUSHIFT Sport and Pro are the next generation of transmission controllers.. All The Connectors - The COMPUSHIFT Sport and Pro transmission controller looms come with a full set of Plug and Play OEM Connectors for all supported transmissions - making installation effortless. Smart Phone Integration - COMPUSHIFT Sport and Pro brings you the first.
  6. A340E D01610 A340F Z14778 A340E B A B A B B A A Z14779 A340F Z14712 A340E A B B BA AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION (A340E, A340F) - VALVE BODY ASSEMBLY AT-11 Author: Date: 1751 2003 TOYOTA TACOMA (RM1002U) 4. A340E: REMOVE OIL STRAINER NOTICE: Be careful as some fluid will come out of the oil strainer. (a) Separate the solenoid wire

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  1. Free Shipping Available. Buy on eBay. Money Back Guarantee
  2. transmission, however, throttle pressure is used only for regulating line pressure. Consequently, improper adjustment of the transmission throttle cable may result in a line pressure that is too high or too low. This, in turn, will lead to shifting shock or clutch and brake slippage. AT1-6 AT340E (2JZ-GE) AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION - OPERATIO
  3. A340E/A340F 2000 and up Check Ball Locations Many service manuals show the wrong location of check balls. Use the following illustration for correct position. Check Ball A Diameter 6.35mm (0.2500 in) Check Ball B Diameter 5.54mm (0.2181 in) B B B B B B A A Technical Bulletin #775 Transmission: Subject: Application: Issue Date: A340E/A340
  4. A340E Transmission Catalogue. A340E Transmission Catalogue. For transmissions: A340 E A340-E A340E Show more. 4-speed; Automatic Transmission; Toyota; Product map; Products; Filter results. Productgroup. Basic Overhaul Parts. Select all Brake Bands (2) Bushing Kits (1) Filters - Transmission (19) Friction Plate Kits (5) Oils (12) Overhaul Kits.
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  6. A340E Transmission. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 5 of 5 Posts. NorcalPR · Premium Member. Joined Apr 7, 2005 · 12,213 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 7, 2006. Hey guys. I have a 99 Prerunner..

A340E transmission problem. i have had this wierd problem with the transmissions (aristo 2jzgte and box into mx83 cressida, the box was modified with the stock cressida box output shaft and housing so it would bolt up to the cressida) what happens is when im cruising in the hills, after about 30mins the gearbox will hesitate before downshifting. A340E and A340F Differences. So today the A340F transmission in my 2001 4wd 4runner took a shit, I happen to have a A340E from a 2wd 2000 4runner at my shop. I believe that the main differences are the length in the tail shaft's, the size of the oil filter and the depth of the oil pan

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  1. a340E transmission off-road ability? « on: May 22, 2012, 06:25:38 PM.
  2. Re: A340E transmission problem Originally Posted by 131OWN there is a plug ( recall it is round) on the passenger side of the transmission towards the rear just before the extension housing, there is about 5 wires that run into it, these are the ones for the solenoids, just disconnect. when you do this you will not have 2nd gear
  3. The A340E automatic transmission is a 4-speed Electronically Controlled Transmission with an intelligent control (hereafter called ECT-i) like the A341 E automatic transmission used in the LS400. The A340E automatic transmission has the following features. • When shifting the transmission, the engine torque is controlled and the clutch.

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  1. The end result is a transmission that provides you with worry free operation under the additional stress that is associated with any high performance application. Additional Toyota 340 / 341 Performance Transmission info: **Please note that this is a modification service for your existing transmission, we require a rebuildable core*
  2. The A340E is used on the SC300 and the A341E is used on the SC400, both are the same transmission internals; but the A3401E is designed to accomodate the engine mounting for the 4.0L V8 engine. The A340E and A341E automatic transmissions are 4-speed Electronically Controlled Transmissions with an intelligent control (hereafter called ECT-i)
  3. Posts: 5. Transmission interchangability. I have just purchased a 2002 4Runner SR5 and the transmission is shot. I thought it was just a solenoid, but when I dropped the pan there was chunks of metal everywhere so I guess it's time to get a new trans. I just wanted to get some info on what year 4Runners I can pull a trans from
  4. Whether you drive a 4-Runner 4WD, Cressida, T1000 4WD, Supra, or any other model of Toyota, Certified has the transmission you need. Our inventory of Toyota remanufactured transmissions is unsurpassed in the automotive industry. Need an A340E for your 4-Runner 2WD with a 3.4 engine, Certified Transmission has it ready to be installed

Find Transfer Case Adapters Toyota Transmission Make, A340E Transmission Type and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing A340E A340H TRANSMISSION REBUILD KIT WITH COMPLETE STEELS KIT 1985-1999. Brand New. C $340.62. Top Rated Seller. Top Rated Seller. Buy It Now. From United States. +C $78.74 shipping. Toyota A340E A340F Transmission Solenoid Kit 2-Shift 1-Lock Up 3PC

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Save on Moveras A340E - Transmission M00097 at Advance Auto Parts. Buy online, pick up in-store in 30 minutes A340E (Parts Not Pictured , kits, manuals, etc) Click on a section to see a detailed view. Click on a part number to view part variations, pricing, and availability. Use the link above to browse parts not shown in the diagra Toyota A340E Bellhousing to a TH-400 Transmission. Toyota A340E to GM Turbo 400 Adapter is CNC machined and ready to install, hardware included. Perfect for Toyota Supra's. No modifying the transmission tunnel. You can use your stock flexplate/flywheel. You will need to run a custom torque converter. We have those as well SERVICE SPECIFICATIONS - AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION (A340E, A340F) Author: Date: 220 2003 TOYOTA TACOMA (RM1002U) AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION (A340E, A340F) SERVICE DATA Line pressure (Wheel locked) (3RZ-FE) Engine idling D position R position at stall (Throttle valve fully opened) D position R position (5VZ-FE) Engine idling D position R positio Atsg Transmission A340e Technical Service pdf manufactured by the company ATSG-TRANSMISSION presented for you in electronic format Page size 684 x 792 pts (rotated 0 degrees) . This manual can be viewed on any computer, as well as zoomed and printed, makes it easy to diagnose and repair problems with your machines electrical system

Toyota A340E Transmission. (Honolulu) Selling a freshly rebuilt transmission from a 1997 Supra Turbo (A340E). Works on certain year Toyota Tacoma and 4Runners. Was rebuilt in 2019 at Kiyo's Transmission Shop on Queen Street. Also has a new factory torque converter and new flywheel. Runs fine and shifts firm The 515829 A340E (2WD) Transmission Filter is a replacement for OE part 35330-30010, 35330-30011, 35330-33001. Allomatic transmission filters meet or exceed OEM requirements and provide consistent, reliable protection for every rebuild and meet the challenge of tough OE quality testing

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A340E / A340F / A343F Transmission Master Solenoid Service Kit Includes Solenoid Set and Filter Package With Pan Gasket Cascade Transmission Parts Exclusive Direct Fit Replacement Parts - No Splicing Or Custom Modifications Required. This Will Fit All 2000-2004 Toyota / Lexus Models Belo Automatic transmission controller I made a few years ago. Been playing with/breaking my Arduinos a lot this week and came across a saved copy of a sketch I made a few years ago to manually shift my trucks automatic transmission. It works on all of the A340 4 speed autos (both gear shifts and torque converter lockup) used in 80s-90s-early 00s. A340E 4-speed transmission. 49,000 miles. This was pulled from a Toyota 7M-GE engine. It would work with any Toyota Supra 86-92 as well as a several other Toyota platforms. Also includes new transmission mount, front-rear seal, and filter kit. Also have a 200k mile trans that was pulled from a driving supra that blew the engine. Make offer Alibaba.com features extensive collections of a340e transmission parts for all models of vehicles. These a340e transmission parts are advanced and boast upgraded features

Toyota Transmission Parts Rear wheel drive A30 A40,41,42,43,A44,A45,A46 Series A340E A341E A350E Series A440F A442 AW450-43LE A650E A750E A761E Front wheel driv transmission may also downshift to a lower gear. If line pressure did not increase, slippage could occur which would result in wear of the clutch plate surface material. Throttle pressure's affect on transmission operation differs between a hydraulically controlled transmission (non-ECT) and an electronically controlled transmission (ECT)

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National Powertrain Automatic Transmission T500919. $. 2821. 99. + $ 600.00 Refundable Core Deposit. Part # T500919. SKU # 1129660. Year Warranty. Check if this fits your Toyota A340E, 340F, 343F transmission overhaul kit 1999-02. Toyota Transmission Rebuild Kits. Competitors Price $117.26

30-40LE. L = Lockup (Locks up the torque converter if conditions permit) E = Electronic. Basically the manual level selects possibilities and the solenoids select the gear. the gearbox is a 3 speed auto to which they've added an overdrive (another planetary gear + clutch) and lockup. 2 Solenoids select gears 1 2 3 4 I need a new transmission for my 2001 4runner 4x4, A340F... Can I buy a A340E 2wd and swap a few parts like I have seen online. I have read that A340E and A340F are the same they just have different s read mor

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However, by removing a one-way clutch for second gear and employing a unique gear-train layout, this transmission has the same circumference and length as the conventional four-speed automatic transmission (A340E)(1). 1 In order to reduce first or second gear noise, gear specification and supporting structures of planetary gears have been. Solenoid Kit, Toyota A340E [97420K] - Solenoid Kit, Toyota A340E (3 Solenoids w/ Cable) (1985-1997) (52-9002 Download Diagram For A A340e Transmission Valve Body PDF. Get reading Download Diagram For A A340e Transmission Valve Body PDF PDF book and download Download Diagram For A A340e Transmission Valve Body PDF PDF book for the emergence of where there is compelling content that can bring the reader hooked and curious.Download Diagram For A A340e Transmission Valve Body PDF PDF book is a bestseller. This transmission is known by multiple names or codes including the following: A340, A340E, A341, A341E, Aisin AW, Aisin Seiki, Aisin-Warner Toyota A340 A343 A650 Torque Converter A340E A341E A343F A650E Lexus Automatic Transmission

A High Performance Torque Converter and Racing Transmission are a must for a race car and this is FTI's specialty. FTI builds some of the best Racing Transmissions and Racing Torque Converters available, possibly the strongest most durable Mud Truck Racing Torque Converters and Race Transmission and the toughest Diesel Torque Converters for your Pickups The A342 was a performance transmission used in with the 1JZGTE engine. And for the question about the 30-40 LE, and the A340E, it is just a different name for the same trans. Same trans, different application, such as Jeep, Volvo, Isuzu, etc. —Preceding unsigned comment added by ( talk) 01:48, 19 August 2010 (UTC

Toyota Tacoma A340E Transmission / A340F Transmission 1999, Automatic Transmission Shift Solenoid by ATP®. When reliability and OE performance is a must, turn to this ATP product designed to provide a precise fit, OE quality, and... OE quality at an affordable price OE fit and function. $92.42 - $167.96 OEM Transmission boot cover. If your tranny boot is ripped/ torn/ or missing then this is for you. This is a genuine Toyota Transmission Shift Handle boot (Round) for L-, G-, W-, and R-series Truck transmissions, excluding 1985-88 W56-A/B and 1979-80 L43 side shifting 4-speed transmissions 1995 Bmw 540i Manual Transmission Schematics PDF complete. 1995 Dodge Ram 1500 Owners Manual PDF complete. 1995 Ford F150 Owners Manual PDF Download. 1995 Grand Cherokee Owners Manual Pdf PDF Kindle. 1995 Honda Odyssey Repair Service Manual ePub

Transmaxx Transmission Rebuild Banner Kit Less Steels A343F A340E,Less Steels A343F A340E Transmaxx Transmission Rebuild Banner Kit,Buy Transmaxx Transmission Rebuild Banner Kit Less Steels A343F A340E: Banner Kits - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases,excellent customer service,buy the latest best merchandise,Design and fashion enthusiasm,Celebrity Style and Fashion Trend * A340 AW4 TRANSMISSION SOLENOID KIT JEEP Cherokee Shift TCC A340E A340F 99109 * A340 AW4 TRANSMISSION SOLENOID KIT JEEP Cherokee Shift TCC A340E A340F 99109 New fashion new quality Best Prices Available we ship worldwide Product Authenticity Guarantee making your life easy, healthy and more enjoyable rebuild kit to suit landcruiser and prado with the a340 &a343 transmission ,i do have kits to suit other model landcruisers,cant find what you need just ask. ALL CLUTCHES & BUSH kit. favourites list. AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION REBUILD KIT TOYOTA LANDCRUISER PRADO WITH A340E A343F | eBa Read Book A343f A343f Transmission Manual - host2.cultura.ce.gov.br Toyota A340E, A340F & A340H Automatic Transaxle Repair Manual. Covering the following models with Automatic Transmissions: 1992-2002 4Runner 2WD, 1990-1994 Picku