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To date, just over 100 individual Elmiron lawsuits have been filed in federal courts around the country. More of these bladder medication lawsuits have been filed in state courts. Elmiron MDL Class Action Pending The Elmiron cases in the federal courts are going to be consolidated into an MDL class action next month The plaintiffs in these lawsuits claim that the manufacturer should have known that the drug had a risk of vision damage and should, therefore, have provided a warning. On December 15, 2020, a court ruled that all federally filed Elmiron lawsuits could be consolidated into what is termed a Multi-District Litigation (MDL) Elmiron Lawsuit Claims. Elmiron manufacturers knew, or should have known, the drug causes retinal damage and maculopathy. Elmiron manufacturers failed to warn the public of the drug's risk of eye injury or vision loss. Elmiron manufacturers are responsible for eye injuries and vision loss in Elmiron users

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Elmiron is generally used to treat a type of interstitial cystitis or painful bladder symptoms. Janssen is currently being sued over allegations, amongst others, that Janssen failed to warn patients about the risks in taking Elmiron. The lawsuits surged after Elmiron users reported significant vision impairment after years of taking the medication Currently, there is no agreed amount for the Elmiron lawsuit. However, victims in the Elmiron vision lawsuits will have the same basic injuries: vision impairment or loss of vision Elmiron is a mass tort case. Mass tort cases are different than class action lawsuits. In a mass tort case, each plaintiff maintains a separate lawsuit. We are highly experienced and here to help you with your individual elmiron lawsuit.

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Elmiron Lawsuits Across the U.S. In May 2020, Tina Pisco filed an Elmiron lawsuit against Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Johnson & Johnson. In this lawsuit, Pisco states that she began taking Elmiron in 2012. It was later in 2018 that she noticed her vision had begun deteriorating at an alarming rate Elmiron Lawsuit Attorneys - Read the Class Actions legal blogs that have been posted by Roy D. Oppenheim on Lawyers.com Subsequent studies showed that a disproportionate amount of chronic PPS. Our Elmiron lawsuit attorneys can help you level the playing field! July 2021 Elmiron Lawsuit Status Update: Ultimately, the amount of any out-of-court settlement paid for an Elmiron lawsuit will be based on the amount of damages a jury may award if that case goes to trial

All of the Elmiron lawsuits that were filed federally have now been consolidated into a Multi-District Litigation (MDL), which is a judicial procedure designed to speed up the process of litigating a large number of similar cases. The MDL centralizes these Elmiron lawsuits before a single federal judge—Judge Brian R. Martinotti—in the. An Elmiron class-action lawsuit is pending for victims who claim that the drug's manufacturer, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, failed to warn patients about the risk of eye damage and vision loss. The class action , which was filed in May 2020, seeks to award plaintiffs with monetary compensation for a variety of damages, such as the cost of medical.

Elmiron Lawsuit - Legal Claims for Vision Loss Elmiron Vision Problems May Lead to Lawsuit Have you or a loved one started a new medication to treat pain associated with interstitial cystitis (IC) and noticed problems with your vision? Pentosan, more commonly known as Elmiron, is an FDA-approved drug prescribed to patients with painful bladder.... Elmiron lawsuit settlement amount; Elmiron timeline; Don't Delay: File Your Defective Drug Injury Claim Against the Makers of Elmiron. If Elmiron has harmed you or a member of your family and you are interested in filing a lawsuit to recover monetary compensation, contact Parker Waichman by calling 1-800-YOUR-LAWYER (1-800-968-7529) for a. Elmiron lawsuits claim the drug causes an eye disorder called maculopathy and other disorders of the retina that may lead to blindness. People who took Elmiron and suffered maculopathy or other serious vision problems maybe eligible to file an Elmiron lawsuit. Recent findings show that one-quarter of patients who have taken large amounts of. Elmiron Eye Disease Lawsuit If you or a loved one took Elmiron and have been diagnosed with maculopathy, you could be owed compensation for medical costs, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages

At Burger Law, we have your best interests at heart and will fight to secure the maximum amount of compensation that you are due. For more information on filing an Elmiron lawsuit, or to learn more about Burger Law, contact or call our team at 866-599-2222, 314-648-8348, or 618-226-4811. The consultation is free, and we never ask for attorneys. Eye-Damage Lawsuits Learn more about Elmiron lawsuits here. A 2018 study found a link between Elmiron and a new form of macular disease. Some patients reported vision loss, such as difficulty reading and adapting to low-light situations. A subsequent study found that symptoms did not improve after discontinuing the drug The amount of compensation for your Elmiron lawsuit depends on the extent of your injury and your individual circumstances. Over $500 Million in Recoveries $7.5 Million Brain Injury to Child; Auto & Tractor-Trailer Collisio

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  1. You can join the Elmiron lawsuit if you developed vision problems after taking Elmiron for the management of bladder pain and discomfort due to IC. Consumer Alert Now helps patients who suffer injuries from Elmiron to find the best counsel to represent them when seeking damages for their injuries. Call our attorneys at 800-511-0747 to discuss.
  2. The lawsuits will be handled as part of the Elmiron (pentosane polysulfate sodium) multi-district litigation during the pre-trial phase of the case. This may lead to a quicker resolution and settlement of the cases. Damages You Can Recover from an Elmiron Lawsuit. The loss of vision affects all aspects of a person's life
  3. An Elmiron lawsuit is a legal claim for compensation filed by a patient who took the medication Elmiron and subsequently suffered serious vision problems. The most serious vision problem caused by Elmiron - blindness - can change your life in ways that no amount of money can truly make up for
  4. An Elmiron class-action lawsuit is pending for victims who claim that the drug's manufacturer, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, failed to warn patients about the risk of eye damage and vision loss. The class action , which was filed in May 2020, seeks to award plaintiffs with monetary compensation for a variety of damages, such as the cost of medical.
  5. Elmiron Lawsuits 11/13/2020 ; Written by: Dave Parkinson Lawyers are pursuing financial compensation for individuals nationwide who have been left with permanent and debilitating vision problems that resulted from side effects of Elmiron, a prescription medication for treatment of interstitial cystitis or bladder pain syndrome
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The Elmiron Lawsuits Group is currently reviewing claims of permanent and severe vision loss against the manufacturers of Elmiron. Find Out if You Qualify If you would like to know if your claim meets our criteria, please fill out the questionnaire below to be contacted by an Elmiron attorney. All inquiries are kept strictly confidential Elmiron Vision Loss Lawsuit. Elmiron was prescribed to treat interstitial cystitis, a urinary condition that affects up to a million people, mostly women, in the United States. Up to 25% of people who took Elmiron long-term may suffer from a unique type of ocular damage called pigmentary maculopathy With a growing number of lawsuits being pursued nationwide by former users of Elmiron diagnosed with retina damage known as pigmentary maculopathy, a panel of federal judges recently established consolidated pretrial proceedings for the claims, known as a multidistrict litigation (MDL).. While this process is often confused with an Elmiron class action lawsuit, there are important differences. Elmiron - the recognizable brand name for pentosan polysulfate sodium (PPS) - is the leading pharmaceutical choice to treat painful bladder syndrome or interstitial cystitis. It is also suspected to be a new source of eye damage and vision loss among its users. Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Johnson & Johnson (J&J) are facing scrutiny and lawsuits by Elmiron users who want answers and fair. Elmiron Case Updates 2021. January 22, 20201 - A diverse group of attorneys, mostly women will lead the counsel in the Elmiron MDL Lawsuit. The judge repeatedly asked for diverse representation as a majority of the plaintiffs are expected to be women. Due to Covid-19 Elmiron case management conferences in New Jersey have been held via Zoom on.

The number of lawsuits is increasing against the manufacturer for causing macular degeneration, pigmentary maculopathy, and other severe eye conditions. Elmiron. Pentosane polysulfate sodium is the formula behind the drug Elmiron from the family of the anticoagulant drug, which is commonly called Herapins Elmiron® lawsuit settlement amounts. These searches are popular because many want to know how much they can receive from being injured from Elmiron. Related to this term are three questions we get on settlement amounts. Three questions about Elmiron® lawsuits people are asking Elmiron, which is widely used to treat bladder conditions, has been found to cause eye damage and vision problems. Emerging research indicates that persons who have taken Elmiron (pentosan polysulfate sodium) for five or more years are at significant risk for retinal damage.Additional Elmiron eye damage has been found to increase as the quantity of the drug increases Lawsuits for Elmiron Users with Vision Loss. Elmiron is a blood thinner manufactured by Janssen Pharmaceuticals. It is meant to alleviate bladder pain and similar conditions. However, an inordinate amount of Elmiron users have experienced maculopathy and other eye disorders that can result in partial, total, or permanent vision loss Elmiron is a brand name for the chemical pentosan polysulfate sodium. What's Elmiron used for? Approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1996, Elmiron is the only FDA-approved oral medication used to treat bladder pain and discomfort associated with interstitial cystitis (IC)

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Status of Elmiron Lawsuits; Do You Qualify for an Elmiron Lawsuit? Elmiron, also known as pentosan polysulfate sodium (PPS), is currently the only oral drug approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat the pain of interstitial cystitis (IC). Beginning in 2018, a number of studies have indicated that Elmiron causes permanent. Elmiron lawyer provides summary of study involving ophthalmology patients exposed to Elmiron who later developed maculopathy Elmiron doesn't cure IC, but it does provide some relief from symptoms. Interstitial cystitis, or bladder pain syndrome, is a chronic condition that causes painful symptoms in the bladder.IC is common and affects between 1 to 4 million men and between 3 to 8 million women in the United States, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases Elmiron is an oral capsule that is usually prescribed to IC patients in dosage amounts of 100mg to be taken three times a day. Elmiron is thought to work by acting as a synthetic layer that attaches to the bladder wall, thus protecting the bladder from irritating substances

If you've taken Elmiron for interstitial cystitis and suffered serious retina damage or another eye injury, you may be entitled to compensation. Please call 1-800-525-7111 or complete the short form below for a FREE, no-obligation consultation with an experienced Riddle & Brantley injury lawyer handling Elmiron lawsuits Elmiron® is an anticoagulant (blood thinner), which prevents blood clots after surgery. Patients prescribed with Elmiron® post surgery usually take Elmiron® for only a few days. Although, patients only use Elmiron® for a short period of time, the drug remains in the body for a period of time after the patients stops taking the drug Elmiron Lawsuit - IC and Painful Bladder Med Linked to Vision Loss, Eye Disease. The widely used bladder drug Elmiron may cause eye damage, a new study claims. A report released last year suggested that the drug — known as pentosan polysulfate sodium and used by hundreds of thousands of people for decades — may be toxic to the retina, the light-sensing tissue at the back of the eye

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  1. Elmiron is a prescription drug that is used to treat Interstitial Cystitis (IC), or painful bladder syndrome, pelvic pain, and urinary frequency or urgency. It is prescribed as a long term treatment, often at very high daily doses, because it does not relieve the symptoms of IC until a sufficient amount of the drug accumulates on the.
  2. Elmiron Eye Disease Risks. Elmiron is approved for 300 mg doses in those 16 or older, but is often prescribed for up to 1,500 mg per day for severe symptoms of IC. The FDA approved Elmiron in 1996, and it has been prescribed to millions of people since as the only oral medication to treat bladder pain or discomfort associated with IC
  3. g that the company failed to properly warn the public of the risk of eye damage from using.
  4. al and pelvic pain. Interstitial Cystitis is also sometimes referred to as Bladder Pain Syndrome and mostly affects women. The pain can be chronic or intermittent and the condition often leads to.
  5. Milwaukee Elmiron Lawsuit Lawyer Elmiron Lawsuit Attorney Serving Milwaukee and Surrounding Areas Should I File an Elmiron Lawsuit? Millions of patients, including many in Wisconsin, have been prescribed Elmiron since 1996, when it was approved by the FDA as a way to treat several chronic bladder conditions, such as interstitial cystitis (IC), known better as painful bladder syndrome, a.
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  1. Elmiron Lawsuits: Claims, Recalls & Settlements. Our Elmiron lawsuit lawyers can help you get a settlement for your vision loss problem.. Individual cases and class action lawsuits are being filed for this dangerous drug. You can sue the Janssen Pharmaceutical drug company if you suffered blindness or eye damage from the prescription medication
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  4. The Elmiron class action lawsuit seeks general damages, restitution or disgorgement for the cost of Elmiron purchases made in Canada, punitive damages, special damages, past and future damages, recovery of health care costs, pre- and post-judgment interest, and other relief the court deems just
  5. Elmiron, a name brand for Pentosan Polysulfate sodium, is a blood thinner and support supplement for the bladder. It's of the utmost importance to understand the potential side effects. Request Free Consultation: 1-(855) 649-776
  6. Elmiron is a weak anticoagulant (blood thinner) drug which may increase bleeding. Serious side effects were reported in around 1.3% of patients during Elmiron clinical trials. According to prescribing information, the most common side effects of Elmiron are: Hair loss. Diarrhea
  7. The Elmiron lawsuit attorneys from Spiros Law, P.C. can file your lawsuit on your behalf. We understand the complexities of a legal process like this and have the experience to ensure each step is taken care of properly. How Much Money Could I Win? The amount of compensation awarded to you will depend on multiple factors of your case

Patients who have been prescribed Elmiron are currently suing Janssen Pharmaceuticals for these terrible side effects. An Elmiron lawsuit demands compensation from the drug manufacturer for failure to warn about the dangerous side effects of taking the drug.. A major side effect is the risk of vision loss Eye Damage Now a Possible Elmiron Side Effect. With an estimated 8,000,000 women in the U.S. suffering from Interstitial Cystitis (IC), Elmiron is still the only oral prescription drug approved to treat symptoms (IChelp.org).Until recently, Elmiron side effects have been little concern to the medical community ELMIRON® And Eye Disease Lawsuit. Elmiron has been prescribed to patients since the mid 1990s. However, in 2019, a study confirmed that long term use of the drug can cause a serious eye disease called pigmentary maculopathy. [1] It also stated that the use of the drug can cause blindness in one-fourth of its patients What Elmiron Lawsuit Attorneys Must Prove. The amount of compensation that may be available generally depends on the extent of injury to the eyes and the impact it has on the victim's life after full development. This is a gradually worsening condition that cannot be cured for the most part, which means that general damages for long-term.

Elmiron Lawsuits | Vision Loss caused by Pentosan Polysulfate Sodium. The contingency fee amount is determined by the type of case, our estimate of how long it will take to resolve your case, and our estimate of the litigation costs we will advance in your case. Each engagement agreement includes the details of the fee arrangement Posted in Class Action Lawsuits. In 1996, the FDA approved a new drug developed by Janssen Pharmaceuticals called Elmiron. Also known as Pentosan Polysulfate, the drug had been approved as a relief for the bladder pain and discomfort caused by interstitial cystitis, a disease that causes swelling and scarring of the bladder wall Elmiron, a drug prescribed to treat pain and discomfort associated with chronic bladder conditions, is at the center of a growing number of lawsuits filed against Johnson & Johnson (J&J). Patients who took Elmiron can suffer from a range of complications including vision loss, paracentral scotoma, difficulty adjusting to dim or dark lighting. Elmiron, also known as Pentosan Polysulfate Sodium (PPS), is a sodium salt of a heparin-like glycosaminoglycan. According to the manufacturer - Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Elmiron works as a weak blood thinner to replenish an inflamed bladder lining. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the sale of Pentosan Polysulfate in 1996.

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Potential damages in an Elmiron lawsuit. Filing a lawsuit against Janssen for its failure to warn about the risk of maculopathy and vision loss might give you the ability to recover damages for your losses. Damages are monetary amounts that are meant to compensate victims for their economic and noneconomic losses If Elmiron has caused you any eye injury, it is your right to seek compensation. However, do keep in mind that various drug companies along with their insurers have the benefit to deny their liability whenever they want. However, if they do admit their mistake, they do try to settle up the matter as quickly as possible, with very little amount Plaintiff Tina Pisco filed an Elmiron lawsuit on May 4, 2020, against Janssen and Johnson & Johnson, charging the medication caused her to develop maculopathy. Pisco started taking Elmiron in 2012 to treat interstitial cystitis. In 2018 she noticed that her vision was rapidly deteriorating An Elmiron class-action lawsuit was recently filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. An Illinois woman alleges serious injuries after taking Elmiron to treat her. Elmiron Lawsuit. Elmiron (pentosan polysulfate sodium), a prescription medication used to treat bladder conditions, has been linked to an eye disease that can cause vision loss and other eye problems. You may qualify for an Elmiron lawsuit if you took pentosan polysulfate sodium and were diagnosed with eye issues such as macular degeneration or.

Elmiron Lawsuit Lawyers Available. Have you taken Elmiron and suffered vision problems or other serious side effects as a result? Since 1996, millions of Americans have been prescribed Elmiron, the brand name for pentosan polysulfate sodium (PPS), to treat interstitial cystitis (IC), a condition that causes bladder pain and pressure Short answer - maculopathy. In Elmiron lawsuits, plaintiffs have accused Janssen Pharmaceuticals, manufacturer of Elmiron, of failing to fully disclose the dangers of taking Elmiron. In 2018, in a study by Dr. Nieraj Jain. from Emory Eye Center in Atlanta, six patients have developed maculopathy over the course of 16 years of exposure to Elmiron

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Elmiron ® Lawsuit. Elmiron. Lawsuit. Popular bladder pain relief drug Elmiron®, used to treat interstitial cystitis, has caused a host of problems in its users, including eye disorders, maculopathy, and vision loss. Allegations have been made that Janssen Pharmaceuticals, the makers of Elmiron®, failed to warn consumers of the potential. Elmiron Class Action Lawsuit . Since 1996, millions have been prescribed Elmiron which was once believed to be a safe drug. Elmiron has been shown to possibly cause an eye condition in users. Patients have filed suit against the company demanding they take responsibility for the harm Elmiron caused them

The rate of toxicity rose with the dosage of Elmiron taken, from 11% of those taking 500 to 1,000 grams to 42% of those taking 1,500 grams or more. The findings indicated that about 25% of patients who'd taken large doses of Elmiron had signs of eye damage, and that complications caused by the drug could be mistaken for other retinal conditions. These findings have also shown a direct correlation between the severity of the degeneration and the amount of Elmiron consumed by patients. As a result of these findings, several lawsuits have been filed by those who have suffered side effects symptomatic of pigmentary maculopathy after taking Elmiron. These symptoms include: Difficulty readin Elmiron works by providing a protective layer to the urothelium. The urothelium is a lining in the lower urinary tract. By protecting the urothelium, Elmiron may help prevent painful irritation caused by uric acid and other components of urine. The FDA-approved dosage of Elmiron is 100 mg, three times daily. However, in a 2015 study published. There is no charge to contact our firm to discuss a potential Elmiron eye injury lawsuit. Potential Damages Available for Victims. The type and amount of damages that you may be able to recover will depend on your circumstances. Generally, most victims of defective drugs working with a lawyer could seek the following

Elmiron is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to help relieve bladder pain or discomfort in patients who have been diagnosed with interstitial cystitis. (19) Interstitial cystitis is a chronic condition affecting the bladder and pelvis The rate of toxicity in these patients reportedly rose with the amount of the drug taken. For patients who took between 500 to 1,000 grams of Elmiron, 11 percent showed toxicity. For patients who took 1,500 grams of more, 42 percent showed toxicity. How to File an Elmiron Lawsuit We may be able to file an Elmiron vision loss lawsuit. Phillips Law Group has obtained more than $750 million for injury victims over more than 28 years serving those in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. Our firm obtained approximately $23 million in a defective drug case. Founding partner Jeff Phillips works closely with attorneys throughout. The initial Elmiron lawsuits were filed earlier this year. Observers are now expecting a large number of Elmiron vision loss lawsuits to be filed against Johnson & Johnson. The company is already facing lawsuits for its other product such as talc powder, Risperidone and its opioid painkillers. Elmiron Eye Damag Woman Files an Elmiron Lawsuit Claims Caused Her to Develop a Degenerative Eye Disease. May 18, 2020 - Tina Pisco filed an Elmiron lawsuit claiming that the drug caused her to develop maculopathy - a degenerative disease of the retina. According to the complaint, Pisco started taking the drug in 2012 as a treatment for interstitial cystitis

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Contact Parker Waichman to Learn More About Elmiron Lawsuits. If you wish to pursue an Elmiron lawsuit, Parker Waichman's lawyers are here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation with our dedicated and knowledgeable team. You will not be charged for our services unless you get a settlement from your Elmiron lawsuit Millions of Americans who took Elmiron could be at risk of developing a condition called maculopathy, which leads to permanent vision damage. Victims of eye damage related to Elmiron may be eligible for compensation through a drug injury lawsuit. If you or someone you love has been taking Elmiron, there could be a risk for eye contracting disease Elmiron is the brand name of pentosan polysulfate sodium (PPS). The approved dosage is 100 mg, three times a day, to help prevent painful irritation from urination. Despite its approval by the FDA, a recent placebo-controlled study with randomized patients - which is the hallmark of top study design - failed to show Elmiron was effective

Pending Elmiron lawsuits against Janssen Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of this drug are not class action lawsuits. Dosage amounts of Elmiron might affect how much eye damage patients suffer . While many doctors have often prescribed a daily dose of 300 mg to patients - often 100 mg taken three times a day — others have prescribed. How to Contact an Elmiron Lawyer. If you or a loved one has suffered from blindness or any other kind of vision loss as a result of taking Elmiron, call an Elmiron Lawyer at 800-359-5690. The Carlson Law Firm has been representing victims of dangerous drugs like Elmiron for more than 40 years Elmiron Lawsuits. Researchers have linked Elmiron to pigmentary maculopathy, an eye disorder that can lead to vision loss or blindness. Using Elmiron for six months or longer increases the risk of developing pigmentary maculopathy due to drug toxicity. The longer the drug is taken, the greater the risk of experiencing ocular damage

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The study reported an average use of Elmiron was between 14.5 and 15.5 years. Claims against Elmiron. In March 2020, Teva Pharmaceuticals and Johnson & Johnson were delivered a lawsuit by Kimberly Pelczar. In the case, she claimed ten years after starting Elmiron she began to seek medical help for her vision No, we only take mass tort cases. Let's explore the difference between mass tort and class action lawsuits. In a class action lawsuit, the award is divided up equally amongst the plaintiffs because each plaintiff suffered the same harm/injury. Example: If there are 10 plaintiffs and the award is $100, each plaintiff will get $10

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If you're considering filing a lawsuit to get compensation from Janssen Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of Elmiron, our team of experienced drug injury lawyers can help you calculate all the costs your condition has caused, which may include: All medical bills related to vision loss. Loss of income because of the inability to see The study's findings suggest a link between Elmiron and eye disease in about 25 percent of patients who took large amounts of the drug. If you or a loved one took Elmiron and developed issues with vision, you may be entitled to money from an Elmiron lawsuit. For more information on possible legal options due to Elmiron side effects, contact. If you took Elmiron regularly and experienced unusual symptoms, such as vision loss or blindness, call Spiros Law, P.C. at (217) 328-2828. Our Elmiron lawsuit attorneys will schedule a free consultation and determine if you qualify for a lawsuit against the drug company Several lawsuits have been filed against Janssen, the manufacturer of Elmiron®, alleging Janssen failed to warn users that Elmiron® could cause vision loss and other eye problems. The Studies The line of studies identifying Elmiron®'s toxicity began between 2015 and 2017 when doctors from the Emory Eye Center in Atlanta, noticed a trend. Elmiron eye lawyers believe that filing Elmiron lawsuits in New York is the only effective method to seek compensation for the harm resulting from this dangerous drug. Furthermore, it is an unfortunate fact that the threat of litigation is often the only effective way to pressure a large company to prioritize consumer safety over profits

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200mg Elmiron is a white oblong-shaped pill that is prescribed to be taken three times a day to help treat painful bladder syndrome. Patients who have filed Elmiron lawsuits allege that Janssen Pharmaceuticals failed to properly warn against risk of maculopathy or blindness. This potential side effect is not listed among the other warnings. A number of lawsuits have recently been filed against the manufacturer of Elmiron ® alleging the drug causes serious vision problems that can lead to blindness and the manufacturer failed to properly warn physicians and patients of this risk.. What is Elmiron? Elmiron ® (pentosan polysulfate sodium) is the only oral medication approved for the treatment for interstitial cystitis which causes. Apply for an Elmiron Lawsuit Loan Today. Elmiron's maker should not be able to add financial pressure to the harms they cause, forcing you to settle for less and leave money on the table. You deserve a full compensation package that meets your true needs, and Tribeca Lawsuit Loans can help you wait out that result Elmiron Claimants with Vision Loss, Blindness, or Maculopathy . If your law firm is seeking qualified claimants seeking to file a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson's Elmiron due to their loss of vision, Legal Growth Associates can provide you with pre-qualified Elmiron leads and calls Why File an Elmiron Lawsuit In addition to helping you get compensated for medical expenses, financial loss, physical and mental suffering and other damages, a lawsuit can help to hold the manufacturers of harmful medications accountable, under various legal doctrines, including negligence and strict liability, for manufacturing a product.

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Elmiron Lawsuit Attorney If you have experienced eye damage following the use of the medication, Elmiron, contact an Elmiron lawsuit attorney at Shapiro Legal Group, PLLC. Our lawyers understand that when most people decided to take Elmiron, they did it under the impression that it would treat bladder pain and help ease their discomfort - not. Numerous Elmiron lawsuits have already been filed. To see if you qualify for compensation from an Elmiron lawsuit, contact a drug injury lawyer at the Law Offices of Jason Turchin today at (800) 337-7755 for a free consultation, or submit your question through our live chat or contact form

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IC is more prevalent in women, and many use Elmiron® long term to treat the disease. Elmiron® sales amount to at least $150 Million per year. In November 2018, the American Academy of Ophthalmology released a study that found a connection between long-term use of Elmiron® and vision problems Use of Elmiron has been found to affect women more often than men, and the recent filings of lawsuits reflect this. Permanent Retinal Injury Resulting in Vision Loss In March of this year, a lawsuit was filed against Teva Pharmaceuticals by a woman who started taking Elmiron in 2005

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