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  1. Cartilage is nourished by diffusion of gases and nutrients through this gel. 2-Elastic Cartilage Elastic cartilage is located in the pinna of the ear, the external and internal auditory tubes, the epiglottis, Because of the presence of elastic fibers, elastic cartilage is somewhat yellow and is more opaque than hyaline cartilage in the fresh state
  2. areas found cartilage occurence hyaline cartilage epiphysial growth plate, ribs, respiratory tract, articular cartilage elastic cartilage pinna , epiglottis, external auditory meatus, arytenoid corniculate, cuneiform cartilage . fibro cartilage intervertebral discs . 9. histological features or microscopic features or microscopic anatomy 10
  3. Cartilage matrix content Water ≈ 70% Organic components ≈ 30% (Collagen type II ≈ 40% and Proteoglycans ≈ 60%) As a result the matrix has a gel-like strucure that allows nutrition by diffusion and provides flexibility and mechanical resiliance It also makes possible formation of isogenous groups by division of chondrocytes into the.
  4. Slide 040N hyaline cartilage 1.5um section H&E View Virtual Slide Slide 126 trachea, esophagus H&E View Virtual Slide. These slides are good examples of mature hyaline cartilage with its abundant matrix and spaces, lacunae, occupied by cells, chrondocytes, which usually shrink extensively during fixation. The staining of the matrix is variable
  5. View and Download PowerPoint Presentations on Bone And Cartilage Histology PPT. Find PowerPoint Presentations and Slides using the power of XPowerPoint.com, find free presentations research about Bone And Cartilage Histology PPT

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  1. Hyaline cartilage from bronchus, 100x. Hyaline cartilage is the most common of the three types of cartilage. It is found in the walls of respiratory passages and at the ventral ends of the ribs. It is covered by a perichondrium. The perichondrium is dense connective tissue with collagen type I and fibroblasts
  2. Cartilage histology ppt. I made a cartilage histology ppt for you. If you really need it then let me inform or email me. Hope, this cartilage histology ppt will help you to understand the basic histology of different types of cartilage. Elastic cartilage histology. Now, the second one is elastic cartilage
  3. Here is our lecture schedule for our course. All lectures and exams are in Moos 2-690, except two: our exam on September 2nd will be in 2-620, and our lecture on October 27th will be in Moos 2-620. Next to each lecture listed below you'll see the lecture powerpoint. I'll have some printed handouts of the powerpoint available a

Histology Lectures; Powerpoint Presentations and Tutorials for medical students by Dr. Mohammad Kase Histology Slide Series. LUMEN: Part 15: Respiratory Tract: Slide 1 Trachea, identified by the presence of hyaline cartilage in its wall. To the left of the cartilage is the mucosa, including epithelium and its underlying c.t.. The cartilage ring is immediately covered, on both surfaces, with bright pink perichondrium Histology Slides - Histology Slides Ashtyn Webb Period 2 Smooth Muscle Loose Connective Tissue (Aerolar Tissue) Blood Nerve Tissue Hyaline Cartilage Simple Squamous Epithelium The Histology of Bone and Cartilage - Form a transport system. Figure 5.3. T.S. through compact bone x100. Note the numerous. Histology - Exam 1 (PPT 6-Cartilage and Bone) STUDY. PLAY. Cartilage. This tissue type is important for support of soft tissues, formation and growth of long bones, and durability of articular joints. Extracellular Matrix. Cartilage consists of an __________ ________ (ground substance) containing chondroblasts and chondrocytes (cartilage cells.


Small intestine, H&E, 40X. Virtual Slide. 030. Mesentery, H&E, 20X (muscular or medium sized arteries and companion veins, tunica intima, internal elastic lamina, tunica media, tunica adventitia). Virtual Slide. 036. Aorta , aldehyde fuchsin stain for elastin, 20X (extensive elastin in the wall) World's Best PowerPoint Templates - CrystalGraphics offers more PowerPoint templates than anyone else in the world, with over 4 million to choose from. Winner of the Standing Ovation Award for Best PowerPoint Templates from Presentations Magazine. They'll give your presentations a professional, memorable appearance - the kind of sophisticated look that today's audiences expect May 25, 2019 - Explore Masha Vipritsky's board Histology slides on Pinterest. See more ideas about histology slides, anatomy and physiology, physiology

  1. Hyaline cartilage is the most widespread type of cartilage found in the Human body and it can be found in the nose, trachea and larger bronchi, and the carti..
  2. e, showing hyaline cartilage (Webslide 8), elastic cartilage (Webslide 12), and fibrocartilage (Webslides 45 and 74). Hyaline cartilage. Webslide 0008_A: Trachea, monkey, 2 µm TB-AF [Aperio ImageScope] [Aperio WebScope] Note the general organization of hyaline cartilage
  3. Cartilage is a tough, durable form of supporting connective tissue, characterized by an extracellular matrix (ECM) with high concentrations of GAGs and proteoglycans, interacting with collagen and elastic fibers. Structural features of its matrix make cartilage ideal for a variety of mechanical and protective roles within the adult skeleton and.

HISTOLOGY BIOL-4000 LECTURE NOTES #5B. CARTILAGE, BONE and BLOOD. CARTILAGE AND BONE LECTURE TEXT - POWERPOINT. BLOOD LECTURE TEXT - POWERPOINT . CARTILAGE. Cartilage is a resilient connective tissue composed of cells embedded in an extracellular matrix that is gel-like and has a rigid consistency. Important for: support to softer tissue Histology Slides 1. Welcome to Histology. Welcome to the LUMEN. Histology Slide Series. LUMEN This virtual slide box contains 275 microscope slides for the learning histology. Fig 023 Types of Tissue. Cells and Tissues. Tissues are classified into four basic types: epithelium, connective tissue (includes cartilage, bone and blood), muscle, and nervous tissue. Chapter 1. The Cell. Chapter 2. Epithelium. Chapter 3. Connective Tissue.

View HISTOLOGY LAB PPT 2019(1).pptm from BIO 234 at York College, CUNY. Histology Review Slides Dr. Criss BIO 234 1 epithelial tissues 2 epithelium: simple squamous 3 epithelium Veterinary Camp BIMS 2021 Contact Dr. Larry Johnson | Professor + PEER Principal Investigator (PI)Department of Veterinary Integrative Bioscience

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Prezzi convenienti su Pathology. Spedizione gratis (vedi condizioni Title: Histology PowerPoint Presentation Author: Tim Last modified by: Ballard, Gail Created Date: 7/9/2002 7:45:27 PM Document presentation forma Histology Slide Series. LUMEN: Part 15: Respiratory Tract: Slide 1 Trachea, identified by the presence of hyaline cartilage in its wall. To the left of the cartilage is the mucosa, including epithelium and its underlying c.t.. The cartilage ring is immediately covered, on both surfaces, with bright pink perichondrium

Hyaline Cartilage Description Imperceptible collagen fibers (hyaline = glassy) Chodroblasts produce matrix Chondrocytes lie in lacunae Function Supports and reinforces Resilient cushion Resists repetitive stress Location Ends of long bones Costal cartilage of ribs Cartilages of nose, trachea, and larynx Locatio b. growth in length occurs at the epiphyseal plate by interstitial growth of cartilage followed by replacement by bone c. secondary spongiosa has an osteoid core d. a and b e. a, b, and c • Cartilage differs from bone in: a. diffusibility of the extracellular matrix b. presence of isogenous groups of cells c. ability for appositional growth d. General histology ppt- cartilage & bone General histology ppt- cartilage & bone. January 29, 2021 admin Comments 0 Comment. Share this: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Like this: Like Loading... Related. Uncategorized. Post navigation

Histology Slides Clemens BIOL 218 Histology Slide Images Exercise 2 - Cells 02_Blood_100X 02_Blood_400X 02_Neurons_40X 06_Hyaline Cartilage_40 Histology Slides Madison Gatley Simple Columnar Epithelium Simple Squamous Epithelium (cross section) Simple Cuboidal Epithelium Dense Regular Connective Tissue (Longitudinal Section) Transitional Epithelium Loose Connective Tissue (Aerolar Tissue) Simple Squamous Epithelium (top view) Compact Bone (c.s.) Pseudostratified Columnar Epithelium Adipose Tissue Dense Regular Connective Tissue. Histology Slides Kaylee Shepherd Loose Connective Tissue (Aerolar Tissue) Adipose Tissue Dense Regular Connective Tissue (Longitudinal Section) Dense Regular Connective Tissue (cross section) Dense Irregular Connective Tissue Simple Squamous Epithelium (top view) Simple Squamous Epithelium (cross section) Simple Cuboidal Epithelium Simple Columnar Epithelium Stratified Squamous Epithelium. May 18, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Silvina levi. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Hyaline cartilage histology First, I would like to point out the essential histological features from the hyaline cartilage histology slide under the light microscope.These will help you to understand every single component of the hyaline cartilage structure

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Cunieform cartilage. Larynx. Correct! Wrong! This is the Trachea. HISTOLOGY SLIDES QUIZ BY IFERIKA JR. MY HISTOLOGY QUIZ RESULT. Above is your result. Questions were set and marked by Rt. Hon. Iferikigwe, Victor Chidera (Iferika JR) - Chief Technical Officer UNMSA Academic Committee Slides for Junqueira's Basic Histology. Glossary. Dr. Tony Mescher, mescher@indiana.edu. The objectives for examining microscopic slides as part of a course in basic histology include: Helping the student recognize the microscopic structural features of the cells, tissues, and organs of the body. Aiding the understanding of the correlation of. CARTILAGE. Longitudinal section through the trachea showing hyaline cartilage (blue) and the dense connective tissue of the perichondrium (pink) surrounded by epithelium (brown) (p132 - 138, Microsoft PowerPoint - Histology quiz slides.ppt Created Date For over 70 years our mission has been to provide educators with top-quality microscope slides for botany, zoology, histology, embryology, parasitology, genetics, and pathology. We offer an extensive collection of prepared slides for educators at all levels of instruction backed by our expert techni..

Fibrous cartilage Hematoxylin and eosin staining, Х100 1.Bundles of collagen fibers 2.Ground substance 3.Chondrocytes Сompact bone (transversus section) Slide is stained by Schmorl's method with Thionine and picric acid ), Х40 1.Periosteum 2.Outer circumferential lamellae 5.Oteonal canals 6.Osteons lamella Histology for Pathology the respiratory system Explain the function of mucous and list the cell type which produces it Identify hyaline cartilage in a histologic section and describe its primary role in the respiratory system Explain the key features of respiratory epithelium On a histologic section distinguish the trachea vs.

As a human medical student or veterinary student, you might learn histology slides with proper identifying characteristics. This article will show you the essential histology slides from the different organ systems of an animal's body. Here, you will get the histology slides of epithelial tissue, digestive system organs, respiratory organs, endocrine glands, male and female genital organs. Histology. Transcript: Female Reproductive System Concerned with the Production and transport of ova, spermatozoa, fertilization, and the conceptus until birth. Combined exocrine nad endocrine gland. Produces both ova and ovarian hormones (estrogen and progesterone). it is divided into an outer cortex and inner medulla Histology Powerpoint Presentations The Cell Histotechniques Lecture Notes Epithelium Loose Connective Tissues Blood and Blood Vessels Lymphatic System Dense Connective Tissue and Cartilage Bone Muscle Nervous System Sensory Systems Integument Digestive System I Digestive System II Respiratory System Urinary System Female Reproductive System Male Reproductive System Endocrine System Powerpoint.

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Histology Slides For MBBS 1st Year [With Identification Points] June 25, 2021. by Tauseef Khan. In this post, you can view and download all the important Histology slides in the 1st year of MBBS. It includes both general and systemic slides. Along with the pictures of the histological slides, two indentification points have also been mentioned. Elastic cartilage. With a special stain, elastic fibers are readily visible in elastic cartilage, helping to differentiate it from hyaline cartilage. 400x. Chondrocytes. With a special stain, elastic fibers are readily visible in elastic cartilage, helping to differentiate it from hyaline cartilage. 400x. Isogenous group

Lecture 1 HISTOLOGY OF THE RESPIRATORY SYSTEM.ppt - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. 3 Bronchi • Cartilage plates, glands present, smallest is 5mm, many lymphocytes present • Bronchioles • No cartilage,. Part I. Cartilage. In Part I , there are three slides to examine, showing hyaline cartilage (Webslide 8), elastic cartilage (Webslide 12), and fibrocartilage (Webslide 74). Webslide 0008_A: Trachea, monkey, 2 µm TB-AF [Aperio ImageScope] [Aperio WebScope] Note the general organization of hyaline cartilage Most common Type II collagen Appears blue/white In embryo: serves as skeleton until replaced by bone - acts as a template Epiphyseal plate in long bone growth Joint surfaces, nose, larynx, trachea, bronchi, ends of ribs adjacent to sternum Hyaline cartilage is covered by perichondrium - except over articular surface Histology Powerpoint Presentations. Powerpoint links collected from the website of : Bruce Babiarz ,Professor. Department of Cell Biology and Neuroscience. Rutgers UniversityDivision of Life Sciences. The Cell teaching slides for bone biology. We hope that when you share the quality of our efforts that you will take a moment to acknowledge SkeleTech as the creator and distributor of this work. Thank you in advance for this consideration and the many opportunities that we have had to enhance the efforts of bone research groups around the globe

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Jun 17, 2017 - Dictionary - Normal: Cerebral cortex - The Human Protein Atla Hyaline cartilage. Hyaline cartilage - connective. Saved by Nicole Landry. 194. Weird Science Science Art Science And Nature Anatomy Study Anatomy Art Hyaline Cartilage Anatomy Humor Histology Slides Microscopic Photography. More information... More like thi Histology Games. Histology Tic-Tac-Toe: Bone. Fling the Teacher (a Histology Quiz Game): Bone. Grade or No Grade (a Histology Quiz Game): Bone. Histology Match Up Quiz: Bone and Cartilage. Walk the Plank (a Histology Quiz Game): Bone. Histology Crossword Puzzle: Bone EXAM II Histology Slides Flashcards Preview KCUMB Histology > EXAM II Histology Slides > Flashcards Flashcards in EXAM II Histology Slides Deck (75) tracheal cartilage, bronchial cartilages, fetal long bones, articular ends of bones. 5 Identify Cartilage. Locations? Elastic Cartilage. Aurical/pinna of ear and epiglottis. 6 Identify Cartilage Histology Of Liver PPT. Presentation Summary : It is an interface between the digestive system and the blood. Porta . hepatis. The liver is the organ in which nutrients absorbed in the digestive tract ar

Special Stains. The Histology Research Facility offers a wide array of routine and specialized stains featured below: All of the stain images below are images from slides stained in house by the Histology Research Core Facility. Additional specialized stains, if not listed below, are available upon request Description PowerPoint This is a tutorial on Bone and Cartilage Histology. The PowerPoint contains many histological images of different mature bone and cartilage cells and types in various locations, and offers the opportunity for self-assessment. This also features an easily accessible menu slide, allowing rapid navigation

Chapter 5 - Cartilage and Bone. Cartilage and bone are specialized connective tissues that provide support to other tissues and organs. Cartilage occurs where flexibility is required, while bone resists deformation. CARTILAGE. Cartilage is composed of cells, fibers, and a highly-hydrated ground substance. The fibers provide tensile strength, while proteoglycans in the ground substance make. Cartilage Cartilage. 300 oo o . Title: Microsoft PowerPoint - Histology Lab Slides [Compatibility Mode] Author: maprill Created Date: 10/14/2011 1:10:26 PM.

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Collection of the histology slides with description for medical students. Images arranged according to General, Musculo-skeletal System, Central Nervous System, Gastro Intestinal System, Cardio vascular system, Respiratory System, Reproductive System, Renal System, Endocrine Syste After your section is completely dry, proceed to your stain protocol as normal. The other key factor to prevent articular cartilage folding is to air dry your sections again after a series of 70% EtOH, 95% EtOH, and 100% EtOH for the rehydration step. After the slides are completely dry, dip them in xylene and coverslip

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Hyaline cartilage histology Last reviewed: June 17, 2021 Reading time: 3 minutes Hyaline cartilage is the most common of the three types of cartilage. In its fresh state, it is homogeneous and semi-transparent Endochondral ossification is the process by which cartilage is progressively replaced by bone at the epiphyseal growth plates. This occurs in long bones, the vertebrae, and the pelvis. Intramembranous ossification is the process by which mesenchymal tissue is directly replaced by bone without an intermediate cartilage step Hyaline cartilage, the most common type, contains the smallest proportion of fibrous material in its ground substance. Examine the cartilage in the trachea and the larynx (slides 2 , 7 and Figs. 7-1 and 7-2)

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Hyaline cartilage is the most common. In adults, it is found arranged in rings and plates that help keep the walls of the large airways open, and it also lines the ends of bones at movable joints, producing resilient gliding surfaces. Elastic cartilage facilitates speech by providing flexible support to the larynx For over 70 years our mission has been to provide educators with top-quality microscope slides for botany, zoology, histology, embryology, parasitology, genetics, and pathology. To fulfill that mission, we depend on our experienced, professional staff's commitment to finding new and innovative ways of meeting your classroom needs at an. The area at the right is hyaline cartilage. By looking carefully, you can distinguish the fact that the nuclei are uneven in appearance. 13. Pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium. Higher magnification of trachea. Notes for Mitosis & Histology Slides.

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These slides are useful for looking at other examples of endochondral ossification because you can see the entire forming bone and adjacent joint cavities. Look at the cartilage ends (epiphyses) and the forming bony shaft using the two phalange slides (Slides 108 and 110) 130539583 Histology Powerpoint - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt / .pptx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online

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I. Cartilage. There are three types of cartilage: hyaline, which is the most common, elastic, which looks a lot like hyaline unless it is specially stained for elastic fibers, and fibrous, which is not very common and is difficult to identify. Slides # 49. You have seen these slides before when studying pseudostratified epith. #48 is a cross. Contact. Customer service 1-800-442-3573 orders@statlab.com Fax 972-436-1369. Corporate office and central distribution 2090 Commerce Drive, McKinney, TX 7506 Types of bone: The first bone formed at any site is woven (or primary) bone, but this is soon replaced by lamellar bone. In woven bone the collagen fibres are random. In lamellar bone, the collagen fibres have become re-modelled to become more parallel - in layers.. There are two types of mature bone: . 1. Compact - which is found in the shafts of long bones (in the diaphyses) Hyaline Cartilage Histology Slides General Biology Human Tissue Cells And Tissues Skeletal System Human Anatomy And Physiology Hand Therapy Molecular Biology Hyaline Cartilage Connective Tissue; chondrocytes (chondr = cartilage) are found within lacunar (lacuna = space; singular = lacuna) has a firm but flexible ground substance that looks.

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May 3, 2020 - Explore Summer Ekelund's board Histology - Cartilage and Bone, followed by 222 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about cartilage, histology slides, anatomy and physiology I. FACILITATED ACTIVE LEARNING USING VIRTUAL SLIDEs. Downloads: Virtual Laboratory Instructions - Bone, Cartilage, Skeletal Muscle Human Epithelium, 3 types Reticular Tissue Areolar Adipose Tissue Hyaline Cartilage Elastic Cartilage Fibro Cartilag Bone Bone, Spongy Blood Artery and Vein Lymph Gland Smooth Muscle Striated Muscle Cardiac Muscle Spinal Cord Medullated and Unmedullated Nerve Skin Trachea Pancreas Liver Esophagus Kidney Ovary testis Slides - Histology Slide. Hyaline cartilage has a matrix composed of type II collagen and chondromucoprotein, a copolymer of chondroitin sulfates A and C with protein. Its high concentration of negatively-charged sulfate groups makes it appear intensely basophilic under H&E. This cartilage is found in the nose, tracheal rings, and where the ribs join the sternum

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Histology. Lectures L6 Cartilage 1: Cartilage اولى.pdf. 327 Lab 1 L8 blood 1: 260220190blood 1st year lect 1 2020.ppt. 482 Lab 2 1: practical CT 2021.pptx. 177 L9+L10 blood (2) 1: blood 1st year lect 2 2021.ppt. 602 Lab 3 1: 4_5969609451693410281.pdf. It appears glassy in histological slides. In the embryo, bone begins as hyaline cartilage before ossifying into bone. Figure 6: Hyaline cartilage May 3, 2020 - Explore Summer Ekelund's board Histology - Cartilage and Bone, followed by 265 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about cartilage, histology slides, anatomy and physiolog Cells Powerpoint histology Wait just a minute here... In order to access these resources, you will need to sign in or register for the website (takes literally 1 minute!) and contribute 10 documents to the CourseNotes library

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Histology of the lung is the study of the microscopic structure of the lung. The histological structure is characterised by the functional nature of the structures. The conduction component is characterised by. air passages composed of ciliated pseudostratified columnar epithelium, (respiratory epithelium) whereas the Histology Hints Lung : The lung slide has many different air passageways that you need to distinguish. You will need to label these slides in your manual - Bronchus • Look for the presence of hyaline cartilage - Bronchioles • Lacks hyaline cartilage - Alveolar duct • Passageway leading to the sac - Alveolar sac • Look like puffy clouds - Alveolus • Single round. Welcome to the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Interactive Histology Atlas. The images presented here were taken from the actual slides in the Department of Cell Biology histology loan collection under the supervision of Dr. Allan F. Wiechmann, Associate Professor of Cell Biology, and Director of the Medical Histology course at OUHSC A high-quality set of 100 prepared slides showcasing comprehensive human histology. The set includes the following: 100 ct. set - Human histology prepared microscope slides. S.N. Description. 1.Epithelial tissue. HY010090. Simple columnar epithelium of Human sec. HY010100

On this website, A&P students can review their histology slides without the necessity for finding each slide and mounting it on a microscope in the lab. The digitized images found here are taken directly from the slides in our lab and, thus, may be more appropriate than textbook photos when preparing for the histology lab practical Virtual Histology Site. Lab #1 Slides: Cells, Epithelia, Glands & Connective Tissue. Lab #2 Slides: Cartilage, Bone & Muscle Tissue. Lab #3 Slides: Nerve Tissue & Circulatory System. Lab #4 Slides: Blood, Bone Marrow, Respiratory System, Integument & Mammary Gland. Lab #5 Slides: Digestive Tract & Glands; Urinary System welcome to medical histology @ jacobs school of medicine Welcome to this newly-developed education resource webpage devoted to learning histology for UB medical students. Current resources on this page include links to narrated microscopy YouTube videos, and instructional text to improve your understanding of histology Click the button below to add the Slides - Human Histology Slide Set to your wish list