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Procreate gives you a straightforward way to erase the background or erase anything on your procreate canvas. It is as simple as erasing something on a piece of paper. You need to first go to the eraser function at the top left-hand side of Procreate; you can adjust the eraser just as you would adjust a pen, pencil or brush with the Procreate app In this #Procreate #Tutorial I'll show you how to make an #Animation of your handwriting (or text or drawing) by using the eraser which you can then export a..

Erasing and Changing a Color On A Background in Procreate

Procreate Animated Handwriting using Eraser for Beginners

  1. 1. Simply launch Settings on your iPad. 2. Swipe down until you get to the app-specific settings section >. 3. Select Procreate and then look for the Apple Pencil preferences. 4. Finally.
  2. Here is how I export my artwork with a transparent background. It's really useful if you want create a selection of individual paintings and then combine the..
  3. Using the eraser tool to clean your canvas can be tedious. Fortunately, Procreate makes it super easy to clean layers with just one gesture. Just put three fingers on your screen and move your fingers side to side as if you were scrubbing. Do it until you've erased all the selected layers

Procreate tip #2 - Disable the Apple pencil brush/eraser

  1. A place for the discussion and support of artistic learning. Questions, solutions, guides, and tips are all welcome here
  2. Step 3: Repeat the process for negative space areas and clean up stray pixels with the Eraser. Whenever you delete a white background with Procreate there is always a chance that there are some stray pixels leftover, as is the case with the shadow at the bottom of the mango in my example image
  3. Just Tap, Hold and Drag. To delete a colour, tap and hold colour in the Palette and click delete. Next to the brush icon (on the upper right corner) is the Smudge tool (a finger icon). It smoothly smudges, smears and softens to combine colours and brush strokes. It is excellent to create perfect colour transitions
  4. This customizable shortcut puts your favorite function at your fingertips. Change the default shortcut in the Apple Pencil section of iOS Settings. Or, select a customizable option in Procreate's Gesture Controls. In iOS Settings, the available shortcuts are: Switch Between Current Tool and Eraser (default) Switch Between Current Tool and.
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  7. In short, the way that you can change an image's color in Procreate is by creating a duplicate copy of the image layer, placing it beneath the original layer, and changing the image's Hue using the Hue, Saturation & Brightness adjustment. Then, activate the original image layer and manually erase out the color that you'd like to change using the Eraser tool

Procreate pen tool and eraser tool swapping functions

Once your eraser is set up, erase your washi tape. You don't want to press too hard as you might erase too much of your washi tape and that will affect the color and visibility of your washi tape. When you are using the eraser to add texture to your washi tape it is a good idea to go into your layers, scroll all the way down to the bottom of. 1. Open the layers tab in Procreate's top toolbar. The layers tab is on the far right hand side of Procreate's top toolbar. It's the one next to the eraser that has an icon with two overlapping squares. Within this layers panel, you can add layers, delete layers, select layers, group layers, and move layers The layers should be in this order: 1. The Wash in Multiply blend mode. 2. The Wash in Color Burn blend mode and below that the blank layer. Make sure you select the blank layer, this is the layer you'll be painting on. Step 4: Now you're ready to paint. Select the Samurai Sumi e brush and start painting Original work on Procreate. This site uses cookies to improve your experience and to help show content that is more relevant to your interests How to find the Procreate app; How to create a custom canvas; Brushes; Eraser; Smudge tool; My favorite brushes; How to eye-drop colors; How to draw a perfect circle; How to undo and redo; Selecting background colors; Panning, rotating, and flipping your canvas; Moving, resizing, and distorting; Selection tool; How to make adjustments; How to.

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This Procreate brush set includes 10 pencil brushes for sketching and 2 BONUS erasers. These pencil brushes have a variety of weights and opacities to mimic real pencils. Some are smooth and others are scratchy, just like real pencils. You will receive 1 zip file containing: 10 pencil brushes. 2 eraser brushes This Procreate eraser tool will work the same as if you had a regular eraser to erase something you do not want on a paper. To erase the background, you should first crop the image as close as possible, so you have less background to erase. Then you can start to erase the background you do not want by using the eraser mode on Procreate BIG IN JAPAN (NEW): 4 brand-new wet ink brushes for Procreate 4; WATERCOLOR, INK & PAINT Bundle incl. the WATERLIES: Water based coloring and natural media painting brushes; COPICESQUE MARKER Brush Set: 20+ multi-purpose marker brushes, which can be used for blending colors as well as eraser Start with a square canvas. Start with the shape. A pencil shape is an oblong blob. It can be spotty or solid, depending on how you want your brush to work. Copy the canvas and paste it into the shape source. Invert it with a two-tap motion. For a jagged brush, increase the scatter and the rotation if desired Blending is a natural part of painting and drawing, just so much as drawing itself and manipulating the image with an eraser. Unlock new potentials with your pieces after you continue reading this blog. How to Access the Blend Tool. On Procreate, blending is done via the Smudge tool

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  1. Procreate is a fantastic drawing app for the iPad, but it can be a little daunting for beginners. Here's what you need to know to get started. The next two tools are Smudge and the Eraser, which are pretty self-explanatory. The Smudge tool allows you to smear and blend portions of your artwork and the Eraser will...you guessed it, erase
  2. t color
  3. Blockwing Eraser: Modified from the Blockwing Pencil, it works as both a pencil and eraser, but I do love how it works as an eraser. Plus three NEW pencils not previously in the pack.UPDATE 12/10/19: I've updated the pencils to fix an issue they had when importing into Procreate 5. All should be good now

This set has it all: the best-ever Procreate sketching pencil, brushes for detail, a variety of textures and pencil weights, shaders, multi-functional eraser tools, and more. Brushes have been optimized for use with the Apple Pencil Procreate Tutorial: you can really take drawing realistic animals to the next level on iPad Pro. Useful Tips For Shading and Colouring Dog Portraits Just like when painting with real paint on a canvas, it's helpful to start with a base layer of colour (sometimes called an underpainting)

Introducing my SKETCH and ERASER pack brush set for Procreate, on iPad. this is the final release V.3 VIDEO DEMO: https://youtu.be/wvJ71wMwQ4E [NOTE: Ive also created. 7. ⭐️ NEW Bonus! ⭐️ ️ Freya Procreate Tools Brush Set ⭐️ 8. Quickshape Shortcut 9. Smudge tool 10. Eraser 11. How layers wor As we saw with Procreate's monoline brush, inking brushes are a GREAT choice for tracing and outlining your Procreate art. With that in mind, this Digital Ink Brush Set is a wonderland of Procreate tracing and outlining brushes. Not all of the brushes are appropriate for tracing and outlining, but the extra brushes are a ton of fun

Procreate 5 has allowed for the opening of new brush-making possibilities that were previously only theoretical. The new brush engine is highly strong and adaptable, and I've designed 24 new watercolor brushes to add to this collection which will take your Procreate watercolor artwork to the next level. A watercolour eraser. Large-headed. We do not imply an endorsement or relationship with the company that owns Procreate. Recent changes: First of all : All the reproted Bugs were fixed Succesfully :D ProCreate ArtPainter v12.0 = Discover our new fantastic Features ! Multiple sets of Paint Brushes Added Filling tool Updated New Eraser set More information on this Design. This Procreate brush set includes 10 pencil brushes for sketching and 2 BONUS erasers. These pencil brushes have a variety of weights and opacities to mimic real pencils. Some are smooth and others are scratchy, just like real pencils. You will receive both individual brushes and the brush set for ease of.

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1. Devbrush Bundle. This is a big Procreate brush set with over 150 distinct brushes in multiple types. It covers a wide range of typography and painting techniques. And for calligraphy artists, it is a would have to. It comes in a variety of colours. Devbrush Bundle has an eraser, and also blending mode is active IMPORTANT: These brushes are for the iOS app Procreate 4 and for use with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil (or compatible STYLUS). These brushes DO NOT WORK IN PHOTOSHOP or other application. I love to draw in Procreate App and for a long time I wanted to make a set of watercolor brushes that can mimic uniqueness of watercolour, it's properties

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How to Erase on iPad Pro Using Just Your Finge

Created by Uproot Brushes, the Oil on Canvas for Procreate brush kit gives you the ability to paint amazingly realistic oil paintings using Procreate by making it super easy to obtain a gorgeous texture that all oil painting have but also be able to keep the look of a wet media brush. Included in the set is a pack of five separate brushes Taking full advantage of Procreate 5's new brush engine and the Apple Pencil's tilt control, these brushes are capable of incredibly natural and satisfying effects. The set includes a range of charcoal pencils, vine, willow, conté, charcoal dust, and compressed charcoal sticks. Also, special smudge and eraser tools for very natural effects Download ProCreate apk 13 for Android. Pro Create Art Painter : Draw and Paint Pro sketches on your phones and tablets. Realistic brush filters tools, Smooth pocketbook eraser,sketch Ruler, Smudge drawing tool, Water art Colors, fresco Painting roller and a lot of other features are waiting for you to to help you create stunning sketchings.

Procreate Smudge Brushes. Procreate Smudge Brushes is specifically designed for smudging and blending. It comes with 18 brushes for creating varied textures and color blending effects in your digital projects. Moreover, the brushes included in this set were created and tested for use with smudge tools. In this brush set, you'll find charcoal. procreate tattoo brushes help you crush time and manage your workflow! Quality procreate tattoo brushes for the procreate app on ipad or procreate pocket for mobile. These procreate tattoo brushes are developed and created by tattoo artists providing you with the best tools and brush sets around

Expedition Sketchbook Pencils. $12 | For Procreate. Brushes designed to capture the experience of using pencil and paper with digital tools. They feel so much like using real pencils you may accidentally pack a sharpener. At some point, your journey of learning to draw likely involved using a good old fashion pencil 6. Graffiti: Procreate Graffiti Bombing by Sizimon-id. Instead of shaking a can of spray paint, grab your stylus and create some urban-inspired aerosol art with this Graffiti Bombing brush kit. Perfect your tag and make a mark with 31 brushes that enable you to recreate fat caps, skinny caps, chiseled outlines, gradients, fades and drips

In this live demo, Abbie, the genius behind Uproot Brushes, demos the Everything Watercolor for Procreate brushset. Learn how you can use these brushes to make the most realistic digital watercolor. We cover LOTS of things, from which brushes work best for certain projects, to getting salt smudge e Now you can create the torn paper effect easily just in Procreate. This set includes six brushes for different edges. They can be used both as eraser and painting brushes. The brushes are made of high quality graphics so that large resolution projects can be created easily. WHAT YOU WILL GET: 6 torn paper brushes Suitable for personal and commercial use If you have any questions about the use. • 1 Bonus Eraser Brush. To see these brushes in action, scroll down to my video demonstration! Included in the download: • 1 .brushset file containing 12 brushes for Procreate 5 (or later) • Installation guide PDF • Folder of sample graphics. Software requirements: These brushes are designed exclusively for Procreate 5 or later. They. In the app Procreate use the + in the upper right to create a document, choose the size you want or greater a custom size. I will choose 3000px x 3000 pixels for high resolution. In the upper left under the wrench, use the + to insert a photo.(dropdown menu) Scale and place the new image with. Realistic Watercolor Toolkit. by PicByKate in Brushes. $18. Powered by Creative Market DOWNLOAD HERE. DETAILS. IMPORTANT: These brushes are for the iOS app Procreate 4 and for use with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil (or compatible STYLUS). These brushes DO NOT WORK IN PHOTOSHOP or other application. I love to draw in Procreate App and for a long.

Introducing 20+ Chalk Sketch Brushes and Bonus Swatches! This is a chalk brush made to resemble the original texture of chalk strokes. In this brush product contains 20+ different chalk brushes for each stroke. such as coarse chalk, wet chalk, dusty chalk, chalk eraser, and others. This brush can be used to make lettering and draw like on a. Procreate Chalk Sketch Brushes - 6217127. Brushset | 13 Mb. Demo *** Introducing 20+ Chalk Sketch Brushes and Bonus Swatches! This is a chalk brush made to resemble the original texture of chalk strokes. In this brush product contains 20+ different chalk brushes for each stroke. such as coarse chalk, wet chalk, dusty chalk, chalk eraser, and.

Awesome techniques and cool features to become a master of Digital Illustration and Caricature with Procreate. The Invisible School is a framework that supports autodidactic activities, operating under the need of a educational liberation. The Invisible School is a horizontally-organized network of learners that come together with a DIY ethic to share the skills and knowledge needed for the. Sketch your letter in pencil. I have a square art board set up here with a basic square grid. I used my own Graph Paper Pattern Brush for this background, from my Calligraphy Composition Maker for Procreate, but you could just as well use Procreate's own Drawing Guide function.. With a pencil brush, I start by sketching a basic, geometric E as my starting point Procreate designing Guide app offers a wide assortment of sketch tools, for example, outline brushes, doodling Brushes, fresco brushes, designing Shapes, Gradient brushes, pocketbook brushes, concealing tools, Realistic brush channels tools, Smooth pocketbook eraser,sketch Ruler, Smudge drawing device, Water craftsmanship Colors, fresco. Adobe Photoshop also allows you to import their brushes into Procreate. When drawing in Ibis Paint X, I never really used my Apple Pencil. However, the Apple Pencil is truly what brings the Procreate brushes to life. Eraser. The eraser tool erases. The brush library also applies to the eraser so you can erase with any brush. Smudg

Fixing mistakes Slip-ups happen to the best of us. Luckily, Procreate has a few great features to help you correct errors. Eraser tool Pro tip: The eraser can be great for cleaning up rough edges, or to reveal art on a lower layer. Also create highlights by using it at a low pressure. The eraser tool is controlled just like the paint and smudge. 11. In the Procreate canvas, use two fingers to zoom on the letters and start tracing over the words. Make sure you are using the eraser tool to trace over the letters. On the left side of the screen, change the size of the brush by sliding the gray button up or down Starting with the hat's grey fill layer, use the eraser tool with the Cheap Ink Grunge brush from SpaceRanger Brush Pack for Procreate. Lightly erase just enough to make the hat's color is a bit worn away. I also used the Fine Scratches brush in their The Texture Brush Pack for Procreate to erase a bit. Just enough to make it feel like the. There is a brush and an eraser tool in case there is something that you want to fix. If you have never done that before there is an import option up in the right-hand corner of Procreate. Simply find the file and open it up. Once it is open, make a new layer to write on. This is very important

Resolution: 5000 x 4000. Some Other details: N/A. Create digital art that looks just like real pencils with the Ultimate Pencil Brushes for Procreate! 10 realistic pencil brushes (HB-8B, fillers, and textured brushes) 1 eraser shape brush. 1 finger smudge blending brush. 1 pre-textured file (5000 x 4000 px Software compatibility: Procreate 5 and above. The Rough Pack was created with lettering artists in mind. It consists of 29 procreate brushes, 26 Worksheets, and 5 mockups. Briefly, the pack offers you brushes that imitate brush strokes inspired by real textures and tools, and several different brush splatters

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Procreate 5x Tutorial - new features and updates October 8, 2020 2 Comments How to draw. How to draw the head and face in 3/4 view - Anime Style September 16, 2020 5 Comments Anime Drawing. How to draw anime eyes front view - different styles, ages, male and female eyes July 31. Nov 10, 2006. Messages. 387. Location. Evansville, IN. Jun 15, 2021. #44. I was personally offended when you started this conversation by referring to hand engraving as a Hobby. 7 Now your eraser tool will obey symmetry! If you ever want to disable this feature, just disable that snapping tick box and you're back to non-symmetrical erasing. I would have never in a million years thought to look at this option! Kudos to Melinda from Mintoon Comis, who shared this tip in a YouTube video Udemy - Procreate - Learn Digital Drawing with the iPad. Procreate - Learn all the features and user interface of the program through applied drawing projects. Artwork - Through the course you will easily (step by step) create at least 3-5 drawing projects in different styles (drawing skills not required)

Ultimate Watercolor Brushes for Procreate. Ultimate Pastel & Chalk Brushes for Procreate. Ultimate Pencil Brushes for Procreate. Ultimate Ink Brushes for Procreate. Ultimate Gouache Brushes for Procreate. Exclusive color palettes This high-quality brush set was made using real paint, pencil, chalk, and paper textures for an authentic, lifelike look Procreate app; I'll be also using brushes from my Perfect Portrait Brush Bundle for Procreate since it has graphite and hair-brushes. However, you can use any brushes you want. If you would like to test these brushes out, here's a free sample for you. Without further ado, let's dive right in. How to draw a basic brai 4. Hahakee - Essential iPad Stylus for ProCreate. The Hahakee Pen is another budget-friendly option on this list that costs a mere $31.49, a stark contrast to the Apple Pencil price. Despite its low cost, however, its aluminum body and sleek design give it a look of a premium product

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Produces sketchier, sometimes rougher, more free-flowing lines. Great for sketching, filling in areas of color quickly. These also make a great eraser counterpart to the StreamLine brushes. StreamLine: These brushes feature Procreate's StreamLine effect. Produces smooth drawing lines, great for illustration and excellent for. ⇨ IMPORTANT: These brushes are compatible only with the iOS app Procreate for iPad. They won't work in Photoshop or other digital drawing/editing softwares. ⇦ A set of 12 handmade vintage engraving style brushes for Procreate. These brushes were inspired by old illustrations and engravings, that often feature a lot o These are the brushes I use the most while sketching and painting on Procreate. In the set you will find: - Soft pencil: The one I use the most. love the texture and also the fixed direction so it gives more variation to the sketch lines. Feels like a Prismacolor pencil on paper. - Grainy [

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Eraser Brush - (12 Free Downloads) Eraser brush Brushes. - 12 free brushes matching eraser brush. Architect Photoshop Brushes 3. Architect Photoshop Brushes. Architect Photoshop Brushes 4. Architect Photoshop Brushes 2. Chalk Text Effect PSD. Chalk Text Effect PSD I just played. Diebenkorn-inspired drawing with Procreate, Ruthie V. Poor Lendy. She had to use an eraser for her real paper drawing. Diebenkorn-inspired drawing, charcoal on paper, Lendy Hensley. You can see a very, very large collection of Diebenkorn sketches here and here. Putting together these collections of over 100 sketches, I. Art Lessons with Procreate® ». I use Procreate® to digitally draw and paint the artworks for most of my art lessons. It's a very easy to use iPad application that also allows me to keep tabs of the very different steps I take in the process of art creation. This amazing software also allows you to export a time-lapse video of the entire.

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Abel Eraser A brush for erasing! Abel Ink My default inking brush, with a light texture. Rough Ink A rough highly textured inking brush that resembles traditional pen ink drawing. Sloppy Ink A chiselled, solid ink brush with special splatter effects that release on pressure. Dry Brush Pen A pocket brush pen that is running out of ink. Except. Procreate is a highly sophisticated, yet amazingly intuitive drawing and painting app that runs exclusively on the iPad. Over the past several years, Procreate has transformed the face of digital art and drastically changed the way many people make art in general, myself included. go into the Eraser tool with the syrup tool, the Ciro brush. Section 1: รู้จัก Procreate. 1. มารู้จักหน้าตาแอพ Procreate: Gallery/ File management / Select. 2. Import/Export Files จาก Files, Dropbox, Google Drive, Airdrop How to set up a coloring page in Procreate on iPad Hey, there. So, this is a video about setting up a coloring page on Procreate on an ipad because a couple of people have had questions about that and so, the first thing I want to say is that an ipad is a pretty big expense

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Compatible both with Procreate and Photoshop! Try shading with the pattern brushes - use soft airbrush with eraser tool for smooth fade. Lift the pen up from the screen and continue the same pattern! This pack includes: 30 Pattern Brushes(Procreate) 30 Patterns(Photoshop) Eraser Brush(Procreate Procreate Brushes NEW Page Creators Seamless Brushes for Lined Bullet Dots Grid Pages with Perfect Eraser and Monoline Brush Create your own digital planner pages of any size or dimension. 7 brushes in total. 5 page brushes, bullet dots in two different weights, lined pages in 2 line weights, the grid page brush plus my perfect eraser brush and. Next up is the light cast by the neon sign. Open up a new layer right above the shadow layer. Grab the soft airbrush, select the main (darker) color, and go roughly around the whole piece. Then open up the opacity and drop it down to around 20%. Here is how it should look like -. Lastly, we need to add some cables These Procreate Stamps are also the perfect way to accentuate your instagram pictures! Use this brush pack to show off the best of Geometric Gold Frames and enjoy unique digital art that will pop! Tip: you can also use this brushes as an eraser. This pack was updated to work with Procreate 5. However, it also works with previous version.

DizzyTara's Procreate Smudge & Eraser Brushes. 6 unique smudge and erase brushes (.brush files) for use in the Procreate App! Oct 20, 2016. 8.1K. 46 Mar 19, 2021 - Procreate brushes for iPad design and modern calligraphy. iPad Lettering and art. See more ideas about ipad lettering, procreate brushes, procreate

In this class you will learn how to illustrate a landscape in Procreate. This is with the eraser and making it very small. You can go in and edit the shape of the tree. Now it just looks like three bulbs, three round shapes. And you can break it down to make it feel more organic. And this dry brush has the effect of very, very nicely doing. Worst offense, however, is the lack of eraser. Since the Apple Pencil houses it's charging base in the place where an eraser is typically placed, there seems to be no hope for the future of an eraser function. This is probably because there will be a $45 eraser extension being released soon..

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- 6 lettering brush files for Procreate. The 4 eraser brushes are specifically designed to letter with the eraser on the watercolour stamp of your choice. This will give a realistic and not 'too clean' effect. All 6 brushes Work perfect as a regular brush for lettering as well. Whichever method you prefer - 60 Stamp files for. Procreate tree brushes are a great way to add realistic natural elements to your drawings. This Procreate brush pack is one of the most popular Procreate tree brushes we've got. There are 60 Procreate tree brushes in this pack. You'll get brushes for leaves, clouds, trees, grass, birds and more. Discover More Procreate Brushes and Resource Watercolor Florals in Procreate course; Here's a written overview of how to paint a watercolor clover in Procreate: Grab your source image from Pinterest and add it into your document. Trace the outline of the clover with the sketching pencil, reduce the opacity of the source photo slightly to make it easier to see the contours Design Sketching: Create Amazing Designs with Procreate. This is a learn anywhere video course, where you will be able to use all of Procreates features to ideate and sketch effectively on your iPad or iPad Pro. I've covered all the core knowledge and practical theory you need to know in order to utilize Procreate to a professional level to. Step 1. In this tutorial, I'm using an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil and the Procreate 4 app. First, open the application. Tap the (+) icon in the top right corner to create a New Canvas. Tap to Create Custom Size and create a 3500 x 4000 px canvas, RGB , 300 DPI . Advertisement

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