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  1. Norway spruce are great for privacy screening, wildlife, and Christmas tree plantings. Growth of up to 3' a year. Remain thick as they mature. Shipping fall or spring
  2. Semi-Dwarf Kumquat. Botanical Name. Fortunella japonica Semi-Dwarf. UNSPSC. 10152000. Cold Hardiness. All Zones 32 (to 32 degrees F) Growth Rate. Medium
  3. Nagami Kumquat Tree (37) Model# KUM-NAG-12-1QT. Related Searches. fig tree orange tree lemon tree cherry tree lime tree tropical fruit trees. How doers get more done.

Fortunella Japonica Semi-dwarf Tree (L6107) Model #732336750617. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 3. 3.4-Gallon Semi-Dwarf Kumquat Tree (L6107) Model #NURSERY Citrus Tree Care. Plant your Dwarf Meiwa Sweet Kumquat Tree in the ground, in early spring, after all chance of frost. Choose a sunny, well-drained location with sandy loam soil and plenty of added organic material such as compost. If you are planting in a container, plant anytime and bring indoors if the temperature is forecasted to fall below freezing Centennial Variegated Semi-Dwarf Kumquat Tree. $32 $54. Marumi Semi-Dwarf Kumquat Tree. $32 $54. Fukushu Semi-Dwarf Kumquat Tree. $32 $54. SOLD OUT. Eustis Semi-Dwarf Limequat Tree. $32 $54 Initially plant in a 6 in. - 9 in. pot, gradually increasing pot size to the next step up, to a 16 in. - 20 in. Extensive growing directions are included with each order. Small round fruit can be eaten peel and all, sweeter than Nagami Kumquat. Time from bloom to edible fruit is generally 6-months to 9-months. How to Care for Citrus Trees

Meiwa kumquat is characterized by its near perfect oval shape and sweet, less acidic flavor than its cousin, Nagami. The flesh is light orange and contains only a few seeds. This is also a cold hardy citrus that can withstand frost. This variety is available in semi-dwarf and standard sizes. Detailed Info Dwarf Lil'Cado 5 GAL. $40.00 15 GAL. $90.00. Citrus Dwf/Std -Lemon, Lime, Orange, Tangerine, Kumquat, Tangelo, Calimondin, Grapefruit. 5 GAL. $50.00 15 GAL. $109.99. Multi Grafted Citrus Tree - 15 GAL. $210.00 24Box $325.00. Multi Grafted Fruit Trees - 15 GAL. - $75.00 24 Box 200.0 KUMQUATS Trees FLORIDA FOR SALE, Meiwa kumquats, Nagami or Oval Kumquat , CALAMONDIN Kumquat . HOME: ABOUT: FRUIT TREES: CITRUS TREES: BERRIES / NUTS & SPICES: CONTACT: KUMQUATS Trees Come In 1 / 2-3 / 5-7 / 10-15 & 25 Gallon Sizes. BROGDON: CHOQUETTE: DAY.

Dwarf kumquat trees are created by grafting scion wood to dwarf rootstocks. The size of the tree depends on the type of rootstock used. Most dwarf trees range from 8 to 10 feet tall, suitable for. Specialty Trees: Dwarf Citrus Trees & Avocado Trees. Kumquat Fukushu (Shown as 'd') - The Fukushu kumquat grows on a naturally small tree with fully edible fruits that ripen to orange in color. It has a thin rind and less seeds than some other varieties. Prefers full sun Brazos Citrus Nursery, we grow over 100,000 high quality 3 gallon citrus and fruit trees per year, as well as 7 and 10 gallon of both Nagami kumquat is a semi-Dwarf, evergreen citrus that produces small, tear-shaped, bright orange fruits late winter to early spring. Sweet rinds make kumquats perfect for eating whole, peel and all. Grows well in Auburn, Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Folsom, Rocklin, Roseville and Sacramento. Fragrant blooms attract bees

flowers and dark green large foliage make an attractive tree. Kumquat - Nagami. Olive-shaped orange fruit ripen in winter. Eat small fruit whole for sweet/tart sensation. Kumquat - Meiwa. Sweeter and more round than Nagami. Both varieties grow best in hot locations. Lemon-Meyer (on espalier) Improved Dwarf Meyer; Meye Kumquat trees are considered very ornamental because of the tiny colorful flowers and prolific fruits multiple times per year. Dwarf Kumquat trees are often potted and placed in symmetry near entrances and doorways. Botanically known as (Fortunella japonica syn. Citrus japonica), Kumwquat trees are evergreen, native to Asia, and can reach.

Kumquat. Also spelled as Cumquats. Small fruit-bearing trees. You can eat the citrus fruit whole â€' skin and all! A mouth-puckering fruit with a sweet and sour taste unlike anything else! Cold hardy. In China, they are a symbol of prosperity and used as a traditional gift at Lunar Year. Kumquat is often dubbed 'the little gem of the citrus. Citrus trees and dwarf citrus trees for sale online. Choose from orange, lemon, lime, tangerine, grapefruit and kumquat trees. 40+ years growing expierence Romeo Plant Food/ Fertilizer (non-organic - 2:1:1) $10 $27. Fukushu Semi-Dwarf Kumquat Tree. $32 $54. Marumi Semi-Dwarf Kumquat Tree. $32 $54. 4.7 star rating. 22 Reviews. Indio Mandarinquat Semi-Dwarf Kumquat Tree Contact Us. 813.684.1654. The USDA Now Allows Our Nursery To Ship Out of State. Please Contact Us for Details

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The trees available for purchase are listed in the dropdown menu below. PLEASE NOTE: Due to USDA restrictions, citrus trees cannot be shipped to: Arizona, Texas and Florida. AS OF 4/7/21 PLEASE CALL FOR AVAILABILITY FOR ALL TREES! Dwarf Kumquat Trees. kumquat-trees $65.00. « Buy Citrus Trees The Meiwa kumquat is a beautiful ornamental tree. The evergreen leaves are dark, leathery and glossy, two to three inches long and about half that width. The flowers appear in early to mid-summer and are white and inconspicuous. Both flowers and foliage are sweetly scented. The fruit usually appears in clusters of three or more

We recommend planting standard trees 15 feet apart. You can plant closer, but pruning will be needed at some point. Dwarf trees can be planted 8 feet apart if planted in the ground. If you choose a container, then we recommend a pot that is at least 14″ deep and around 16″ in diameter. A 10 gallon equivalent works great Citrus trees are one of the most popular fruit trees in Southern California. We Grow 24 ″ box, 15 gallon, 7 gal, and 5 gal Trees. Pick up or have delivered in Los Angeles, Ventura, Riverside, Orange, and San Diego Counties. Our semi-dwarf/standard citrus trees have a single trunk and are the most popular form Fruit Trees. Fig Black Mission. Fig Brown Turkey. Red Wonderful Pomegranate. Semi-Dwarf Bearss Lime. Semi-Dwarf Cara Cara Orange. Semi-Dwarf Clementine Mandarin. Semi-Dwarf Improved Meyer Lemon. Semi-Dwarf Kumquat Fukushu. Semi-Dwarf Kumquat Meiwa. Semi-Dwarf Kumquat Nagami. Semi-Dwarf Lisbon Lemon. Semi-Dwarf Mexican Lime. Semi-Dwarf Minneola. The Variegated Centennial Kumquat is a form of the Nagami Kumquat. These trees are finely branched and very ornamental. The Centennial Kumquat has variegated pale yellow and cream leaves and variegated fruit until they ripen into large orange fruit. The trees are thornless. Kumquats are self pollinating as are most citrus

A Lifetime of Fresh, Easy-to-Grow Citrus • Drought-tolerant, requires no additional water • Pest & disease-resistant, which means no spraying • Dwarf tree, perfect for patios• Adapts to many soils and conditions Unlike other citrus fruit, the sweetest part of the kumquat is the peel. Ripe Nagami Kumquats are actually stored on the tree! Just pick them whenever you feel like. Citrus Trees. Semi-Dwarf Bearss Lime. Semi-Dwarf Cara Cara Orange. Semi-Dwarf Clementine Mandarin. Semi-Dwarf Improved Meyer Lemon. Semi-Dwarf Kumquat Fukushu. Semi-Dwarf Kumquat Meiwa. Semi-Dwarf Kumquat Nagami. Semi-Dwarf Lisbon Lemon. Semi-Dwarf Mexican Lime. Semi-Dwarf Minneola Tangelo. Semi-Dwarf Moro Blood Orange. Semi-Dwarf Rio Red. The prolific Nagami Kumquat tree produces an abundance of fruit each growing season. The new winter crop is a prized decoration on the tree during the Lunar New Year and plants are brought indoors for the celebration in Asia and the United States. Once established, the orange fruit can hang on the tree for months

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  1. Product Description. Your home can be a true tropical paradise with our Dwarf Calamondin Orange tree! Its white, fragrant flowers sit atop a bed of dark green and glossy foliage. When you see those blossoms, you'll know that the fruit isn't much further behind! Calamondin Oranges are small and juicy, with a unique tart flavor
  2. Buy Kumquat Tree Online at Bestseedsonline.com. Biggest Seeds Catalog Online. Shop Now. Check out all Bestselling Seeds & Garden Tools for Affordable Prices
  3. Dwarf Nagami Kumquat. Citrus kumquat 'Nagami' Dwf. • Mature Height: 6′. • Mature Width: 4′. • Light Requirements: Full to part sun. • Water Requirements: Regular water. • Fertilizers: Dr Q's Citrus Food, 14-7-7, Dr Q's Organic Citrus Food 8-4-4. SKU: 909e95e97f79
  4. The Nagami Kumquat is a beautiful citrus tree that is covered each winter in a dense profusion of small orange fruits. It grows into a very small tree, around 6 feet in height and so it is the first choice for growing citrus in pots if you live outside the hot regions where they can be grown outdoors

The Meiwa Kumquat Tree. Meiwa are a favorite among kumquat connoisseurs for their sweeter taste. They are larger, rounder, and more flavorful than the Nagami. For this reason, in some circles they are called the sweet kumquat. While there are seeds in the fruit, pay them no mind; the fruit is eaten whole Star Nursery, Inc. is a fifth generation family owned and operated farm. It is located in Plaquemines Parish south of New Orleans, La. We have 60 acres of land with a 4000 plus producing citrus tree orchard and 50,000 plus citrus tree nursery Kumquat $75 Nagami Avocado $100 Kahaluʻu, Linda, Malama, Sharwil, Green Gold, Ota, San Miguel Mango $100 Grafted Julie, Carrie, Lychee $100 Groff, Kaimana Starfruit $75 Kari Banana $35 Apple Banana, Williams Banana, Cooking Banana: 8Lilikoi $45 Yellow & Purple Passion Fruit Mountain Apple $55 White, Red Mangosteen $150 Blueberry $3

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The Dwarf Flame Grapefruit tree is a very cold hardy tree compared to other grapefruit varieties such as the Star Ruby, and is grown in large containers inside the house in many northern states. It is the perfect tree to grow on a patio or inside the house in a well lighted room My dwarf Nagami Kumquat has sent up a shoot which I believe is a water sprout. The sprout gives me hope that the Kumquat is settled in and responding to the regular feedings and water. I am planning to leave the sprout alone and see what happens, hoping it will branch out. I don't mind the asymmetry if this is a sign the Kumquat may grow taller Marumi Kumquat Tree (1-2 Feet) $ 25.00. Marumi Kumquats are the preference of many citrus growers because of its extreme cold hardiness and productivity. Numerous fruits are born on a single Marumi tree. Each fruit of a Marumi kumquat is covered with a very thin sweet peel with a delicious citrus flavor. Out of stock

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HOURS: Monday - Friday 07:00am - 5:00pm Saturday 08:00am - 5:00pm Sunday 09:00am - 4:00p Kumquat trees grown in pots or containers will require more regular watering as they will dry out quicker than trees grown in the ground. Growth Habit of Kumquat Trees. Kumquat trees can grow 6-16 ft high (2-5 meters) though they can be pruned to remain a smaller shrub size tree at 6 ft (2 meters). They can grow 6 ft (2 meters) wide Most trees are grafted onto Carrizo Citrange, with some on Trifoliate (not labeled). Trees grafted to Flying Dragon noted on the tag as Dwarf. Kumquats are grafted onto Trifoliate. Creekside Nursery - License #: 0249706 - Phone: 979.826.2461 Trees are grafted on Trifoliate, Flying Dragon, or Swingle Citrumelo. The rootstock may not be listed. BONITA CREEK NURSERY - San Diego, CA. We are grower of bareroot fruit trees and we are located in Southern California. We specialize in growing and grafting fruit trees like Atemoya, Cherimoya, Avocado, Banana, Carob, Tropical Cherry, Citrus, Dragon Fruit (Pitaya), Guava, Guamuchil, Ice Cream Bean, Jackfruit, Kei Apple, Loquat, Longan, Lychee and several varieties of Mango (asian, indian and.

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Dwarf plants like the Nagami Kumquat Tree usually need little or no pruning, especially when growing in pots. Conclusion. Because Citrus Trees come in so many varieties they offer lots of exciting possibilities for decorating your garden, terrace, pool area or solarium. As well you can bring all kinds of different fruits into the kitchen to. Briggs Tree Company is a wholesale nursery specializing in landscape plants, palms, trees, shrubs and flowers. Briggs Tree wholesale nursery services home owners and landscape contractors in Vista, San Marcos, Escondido, Carlsbad, Oceanside, Bonsall, Fallbrook and throughout San Diego, Riverside and Orange County, California Waimea Nurseries produce a large variety of Dwarf fruit trees that will suit your gardening needs. See the varieties, make your decision and buy at a stockist near you

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Jaboticaba. Jaboticaba is a small bushy tree that has many branches. The fruit is grape-like with a tough skin and pulp... starting at. $149.95. more info Pomegranate. A decidious shrub or small tree in the Lythracaea family, the Pomegranate tree can grow to between 16 and 33 feet in height. Its fruit is typically in season in the Northern Hemisphere from September to February. The Pomegranate is a long-growing tree, with some specimens in Europe surviving for 200 years

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  1. In the ground in a sunny garden, dwarf lime trees can be between 6 and 15 ft. (1.8 - 4.5 m) tall. Indoor lime trees. Persian limes are an ideal houseplant for their evergreen glossy green leaves and delicious small aromatic green citrus fruits. To care for an indoor lime tree, follow the care tips for growing citrus trees. Dwarf Kumquat.
  2. This dwarf variety is an ideal tree for consumer use. The size of the Lisbon Lemon Tree can reach up to ten feet if planted in the ground but doesn't tend to exceed six to seven feet when in a large container. The tree can be kept smaller via pruning and the use of smaller containers to restrict root growth
  3. Dwarf Citrus Trees (18) Exotic Citrus Trees (9) Grapefruit Trees (9) Kumquat Trees (4) Lemon & Lime Trees (26) Mandarin, Tangerine and Tangelo Trees (22) Orange Trees (13) Rooted Cutting/Bush (15) SALE (0) Uncategorized (0) Products. Showing 1-16 of 77 result
  4. Growing Zones: 5-8. Thornless Blackberry. Starting at $39.95. 105 reviews. Growing Zones: 5-9. Up to 33% off. Dwarf Cavendish Banana Tree. Starting at $39.95. 216 reviews
  5. Bonsai Dwarf Standing Orange Tree Flores Indoor Plant In Pot Garden Kumquat Plantas Tangerine Citrus. 100 Pcs African Cactus Flower Bonsai Succulent Plant Mixed Tree Purify Air Easy Grow In Heat Resistant Care Creative (10

Dwarf citrus — lemon, orange, grapefruit, lime, tangelo, and kumquat — has as many uses in the garden as there are places for plants. You can use it as a hedge to mark a property line or to screen off a given area, or you can grow it as a specimen plant in the lawn Tango Mandarin is an evergreen citrus that produces dark orange mandarins with thin, soft rinds late winter to early spring. Sweet, tangy fruits are seedless and easy to peel. Semi-dwarf tree introduced by UC Riverside grows well in Auburn, Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Folsom, Rocklin, Roseville and Sacramento Trees on Trifoliata rootstock will grow to 3-4m tall. Flying Dragon - A dwarfing rootstock for citrus trees, with trees on Flying Dragon growing to only 2m tall. Trees on Flying Dragon are best planted in warmer areas of the garden as the rootstock is not very cold tolerant

6 to 12 Bushels of Delicious Apples Each Year Harvest and enjoy your own home-grown apples, quickly and easily, with our Dwarf Gala Apple Trees. The Dwarf Gala provides 6 to 12 bushels of fruit each year, perfect for canning, preserving, and storing for up to six months. These apple trees produce fruit from August through late fall, providing several bushels of apples from each mature tree. **** PRICES VARY **** depending on fruit tree (Price is each) Fruit trees currently available include: 1 x lemon tree $45 1 x dwarf lemon tree $45 1 x dwarf madarin tree $45 1 x raspberry bush $20 2x blueberry bush (flowering & fruiting now) $25 1 x 1.5m tall feijoa tree $50 1x variegated kumquat tree (fruiting now) $45 Multiple red dragon. Raintree Nursery offers quality nursery products. Order trees, plants, and supplies online now. Contact for fast-growing evergreen trees and fruit trees

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The kumquat is a drought tolerant, pest resistant and fairly easy to grow tree. £ 22.00 The kumquat tree is unique and lush. Currently with small fruits. Kumquat or Chinese Orange is a fruiting tree that doubles up as an ornamental. The Kumquat is a dwarf citrus that has pear shaped fruit with oval-round leaves making it a unique species. Description. Kumquats are known for their bright orange fruit, which are deliciously tart and sweet. You will see fragrant, white flowers in the spring. Keep the soil moist, but not wet and soggy. Meiwa, Nagami, and Fukushu are varieties of Kumquat. They are some of the easiest fruit trees to grow in pots I ordered a this Meiwa kumquat tree on May 21, 2016. When it came, it was a 2-ft tree mostly bare at the bottom, but with leaves and flowers near the top. I was a bit concerned, because some of the leaves had holes in them, which looked like insect bites. I put it outside in a sunny spot and sprayed it with a insecticide/fugicide

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Our Just Fruits team selected numerous independent edible plants to put at 25% off to celebrate. The list includes: Red Lady Papaya, Soursop Tree, Barbados Cherry, Dragon Fruit, Ice Cream Banana, Li Jujube, Moringa Plant, and More! Include our comforting, nearly hidden oasis as a highlight to your Northern Florida vacation These dwarf citrus trees work great both as a container grown tree, or (if you live in the right climate) plant it right in the ground and watch as it grows into a beautiful citrus producing tree. Imagine the fun of walking over to your own tree and picking fresh, tree ripened, fruit that you grew yourself! Dwarf Kumquat Trees $65.00: Dwarf. Meyer Lemon (124) Starting at $23.99 Key Lime (36) Starting at $25.99. Citrus Trees Buyer's Guide. Grow sweet and tangy fruit from your own citrus trees. Native to warm, humid climates, these tropical trees are unique choices for homegrown fruit. You can grow citrus trees, like lemons, key limes, and oranges, even if you live in cooler climates. MENLO Growers is a family owned and operated nursery in California. We feature over 50 varieties of fine citrus trees and other edible ornamentals that are available through this site or by retail in many California retail nurseries and garden centers. Tour our site today to learn about the varieties we offer; to learn about growing, care and cultivation and to place an order online Wurtz or Little Cado as it is also known is the only true dwarf variety of avocado. The Wurtz avocado tree is a very small, compact tree that reaches 8 to 10 feet tall unlike other trees that can reach 80 feet in size. Show Details

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  1. Description. Blooms year round! A cross between a mandarin orange and a kumquat, this productive tree yields small fruit, similar to traditional oranges but with a zestier flavor. Like the kumquat, the fruit's peel is sweet/tart while the flesh is tangy - often eaten whole, or used in chutney, marmalade, and as a substitute for limes
  2. Looking at Fruit Trees in more detail Dwarf Fruit Tree root stock. Dwarf Apple trees are grafted onto rootstocks such as CG 11, a disease resistant dwarfing rootstock. Other suitable dwarfing rootstocks for apple trees include : M27, M9, M26; Dwarf Plum tree, peaches and nectarines are usually grafted onto the aptly named Pixy rootstock
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  4. Bald Cypress, Bottlebrush, Cleveland Select Bradford Pear, Camellia, Crape Myrtle, Leland Cypress, Fringe Tree, Dahoon Holly, East Palatka Holly, Nelly Stevens Holly, Weeping Yaupon, Italian Cypress, Torulosa Juniper, Tree Form Ligustrum, Live Oak, Sand Live Oak, Little Gem Magnolia, Brackens Brown Beauty Magnolia, D.D. Blanchard Magnolia.

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This is why our Dwarf Meyer Lemon Trees are commonly given as gifts for birthdays, major holidays such as Mother's Day & Christmas and sometimes in rememberance of loved ones. Whether you are ordering for yourself or someone else, you can be rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree available for purchase on. In Brazil, the trade name may be kumquat, kunquat, laranja de ouro, or dos orientais. Average Size at Maturity. Slow growing 8 ft. tall, 6 ft. wide. Bloom Time. Spring to Late Summer. Design Ideas. With its clusters of small orange fruit, this tree is highly ornamental and it's little enough to tuck in anywhere Commercial citrus trees for sale grown in Yuma, Arizon

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Hello everyone, I recently bought a kumquat tree for my home garden from a nursery. It has been in the ground for about 2+ months now. It was a 2-3 year old tree, and seemed fairly healthy when I picked it up. I amended the soil that I dug up with a bit of potting soil and then backfilled. The lot. Spyke's Tropical Fruit Tree Nursery. Spyke's Tropical Nursery. 7250 Griffin Road, Davie Florida 33314 954-583-198

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Williams Plant Nursery. Williams Plant Nursery in Jacksonville, FL is a wholesale and retail plant nursery whose goal is to provide a one-stop shop for all of your landscaping needs. Whether it be shrubs, trees, palms, annuals or perennials, we strive to have the variety and quantities you need in stock and ready to be picked up or delivered at. Keep it Green Nursery & Landscaping covers Tampa Bay in Plants, Flowers, Trees & Sod. Visit our store or call for a free home consultation at 813-741-3974. 813-741-397 Dwarf Loquat 'Premier' (Eriobotrya japonica) Also known as Florida Plum this cultivar is a smaller version of the standard tree and with is diminutive size it's perfect for limited space and container culture. The fruit is about half the size of that regular loquat and when ripen is pleasantly sweet. It flowers in late spring with fruit.

The Meiwa Kumquat (Citrus crassifolia 'Meiwa') is the sweetest sour Kumquat you can grow. You eat the beautiful, small fruit whole - rind, seeds and all - in one or two bites. The rind has an extraordinary spicy/sweet taste that is almost addicting once you bite into it. As you chew, the sweet rind and sour pulp blend in your mouth Dwarf Braeburn Apple Tree $ 34.95; Dwarf Gala Apple Tree $ 34.95; Dwarf Red Spy Apple Tree $ 34.95; Dwarf Wolf River Apple Tree $ 34.95; Dwarf Yellow Transparent Apple Tree $ 34.95; Early Harvest Apple Tree $ 34.95; Ein Shemer Apple Tree $ 34.95; Empire Apple Tree $ 34.95; Enterprise Apple Tree $ 34.95; Freedom Apple Tree $ 34.95; Fuji Apple. Citrus Trees for Sale. Florida Boys Citrus, located onsite at Boyett's Grove, offers healthy citrus trees in a variety of sizes and so many varieties of citrus! With 50 years of experience in growing citrus right here in Hernando county, you know we'll give you the right advice as to which tree will best meet your needs We are a sixth generation Citrus Tree Nursery and Farm based in Louisiana. We have affiliate farms in California, Texas and Florida to meet the Citrus tree needs of those incredible Citrus states. As a Small Family Business, Citrus and Fruit trees are our passion and it brings us joy to see others across this beautiful nation to be able to bring citrus and fruit trees into their homes and. Clausena lansium. Grafted Dwarf-Mc Henry Sweet. China. WAX JAMBU/MACOPA/JAMBU AYRE. Syzygium samarangense. Sri Nark Red. S.E. Asia. WAX JAMBU/MACOPA/JAMBU AYRE. Syzygium samarangense Our nursery has over 500 varieties of shrubs, trees, ground covers, and fruit trees. shop now. We have a variety of sand and soils available in bulk or by the bag. shop now. Fields of fresh cut St. Augustine Sod. Take it home by the pallet or by the piece. Professional delivery available