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This Raspberry Chambord Chocolate Poke Cake is made with a super moist chocolate cake flavored with Chambord liqueur and soaked with Chambord chocolate ganache! It's topped with a fresh raspberry whipped cream and wonderfully light, fruity and chocolatey In a small sauce pan heat cream over medium heat. Just before it begins to bubble shut off heat and add chocolate. Let sit for about 1 minute then whisk until it's smooth and creamy and there are no more lumps of chocolate. Whisk in Chambord and let cool for at least 30 minutes before adding to cake Bring the water and sugar to a boil add raspberries and cook down till you have a syrup (nearly jam consistency). Cool and set aside. Once cake is cooled cover each layer of cake with 1 ½ ounces of Chambord liquor add 1/3 of your raspberry mixture and spread over the top of each layer Method 4- Assembling the Cake: Spread the raspberry filling all over one cake. Place the other cake top. Spread the chocolate frosting on top of this second layer. Using an offset spatula gradually add more chocolate frosting and keep spreading it evenly on top of the cake as well as covering the side of it

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Grease and flour 4 (9-inch) round cake pans. In large bowl, combine flour, cocoa, and baking powder; add sugar, butter, milk, eggs, Chambord and vanilla extract. Beat at medium speed 3 to 4 minutes or until batter is smooth (do not over-beat). Pour batter into pans Chocolate-Raspberry Cake Be the first to rate & review! This beauty is baked with a splash of Chambord and layered with a sweet raspberry filling, both of which offer bright counterpoints to the thick layer of chocolate-cream cheese frosting and whole berries scattered on top. You won't be able to have just one slice

Preheat oven to 350 ° F. Coat two 9-inch diameter cake pans with 2 inch high sides with butter and light dust with flour. Sift flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking soda, and salt into a large bowl. Whisk to blend and form a well in center. Whisk coffee, buttermilk, oil, and eggs in medium bowl to blend Lower the oven temperature to 300 degrees F. In a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, beat the cream cheese, melted dark chocolate, flour, and a pinch of table salt on medium speed, scraping down the sides of the bowl and the paddle frequently, until very smooth and fluffy- about 5 minutes. Make sure the cheese has no lumps Bake until a toothpick inserted in center comes out clean, 35-40 minutes. Cool 10 minutes before removing from pans to wire racks to cool completely. For filling, in a small saucepan, whisk together flour and milk until smooth. Cook over medium heat 1 minute or until thickened, stirring constantly chocolate butter sheet cake , recipe follows, raspberry simple syrup , recipe follows, fresh raspberries plus 1 pint for optional garnish, very bittersweet (70 percent cocoa liqu Raspberry-White Chocolate Dessert Squares Better Homes and Gardens chopped toasted pecans, Chambord Liqueur, sugar, cream cheese and 9 more Chocolate Lover's Cake Noble Pig unsalted butter, granulated sugar, all purpose flour, Chambord Liqueur and 8 mor

Raspberry Chambord Chocolate Poke Cake Easy and Moist

  1. For the cake: Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F. Spray a bundt pan with nonstick cooking spray. In a large mixing bowl, use a handheld electric mixer to whisk the milk, jam, melted butter, liqueur..
  2. This chocolate raspberry martini is a piece of cake to make and perfect for celebrating birthdays! Made with just 3 ingredients
  3. Chambord Cake Recipes. Sour Cream Pancakes KitchenAid. sugar, raspberries, all purpose flour, chambord, kosher salt and 9 more. White Almond Cake The Cake Chica. granulated sugar, all purpose flour, milk, water, powdered sugar and 21 more. Perfect Party Cake Cheese and Chocolate
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Raspberry Chocolate Cake with Chambord Ganache - Family

Total Time: 1 hour 45 minutes This is made with a super moist chocolate cake flavored with Chambord liqueur soaked with Chambord chocolate ganache and topped with fresh raspberry whipped cream Chambord is a delicious raspberry liquor, feel free to replace it with raspberry flavoring or vanilla extract. If you don't have a bundt pan, you can use a 9x13 pan or make cupcakes. A 9x13 pan will bake in 30-35 minutes and cupcakes will bake in 22-24 minutes Make ganache: In a saucepan bring cream, butter, and corn syrup to a boil over moderate heat and remove pan from heat. Add chocolate, swirling pan to submerge chocolate in hot mixture, and let.

Fudgy Chocolate Layer Cake With Raspberry Chambord Whipped

Chocolate Chambord Cake Recipe | CDKitchen

Chambord Chocolate & Raspberry Cake - Parisa's Kitche

Make the chocolate torte: Position a rack in the center of the oven and preheat to 350 o F. Lightly butter the bottom and sides of a 10 inch round cake or springform pan. Line the bottom of the pan with a circle of baking parchment or waxed paper. Lightly dust the side of the pan with flour and tap out the excess In large bowl, whisk together flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking soda, and salt. In a separate bowl, whisk together almond milk, oil, vinegar, and vanilla. Pour the wet ingredients into the dry and whisk until just combined. Do not over-mix. Fill each ramekin one-quarter way full 1 cup Condensed milk, sweetened. 1 3/4 cups Heavy whipping cream. 1/2 cup Milk. Desserts. 3 1/2 tsp Gelatin, unflavored powdered. Beer, Wine & Liquor. 1 cup Chambord liqueur. Liquids. 1 cup Water Raspberry & chambord opera cake This fabulous cake was the result of a lost bet (I was hoping to win and receive a chocolate chip banana bread)! I wasn't so lucky however, the two days' work (including chilling overnight) was well worth it Pretty in pink semi-naked cake! This pretty little number was a super cute 6 inch version of our popular Black Forest Gateau inspired naked wedding cake.. Instead it featured a delicious raspberry Chambord and Belgian chocolate flavour along with raspberry macarons and fresh Scottish raspberries too. Underneath that bright pink raspberry buttercream skimmed surface were layers of Belgian.

Chocolate Chambord Cake Recipe CDKitchen

Place cake mix, water, oil, pudding and eggs in mixer bowl. Turn on low to incorporate ingredients, scrape down sides and increase speed to medium to high and continue mixing for 2 minutes. Turn batter into the two pans dividing evenly. Place in oven and bake for 30 minutes or until cake bounces back with the touch of the finger Cake Flavors. Chocolate. White. Marble. Carrot. Gold (light lemon) Red Velvet. Tiramisu. And Many More... Cake Fillings. Chocolate Mousse. White Italian Mousse. Raspberry Mousse. Cappuccino Mousse. Strawberry Mousse. Creamy Italian Mascarpone. Raspberry Chambord. Strawberry Chiffon. Gerardo's Italian Bakery makes wedding cakes, cannoli. Get full Fudgy Chocolate Layer Cake With Raspberry Chambord... Recipe ingredients, how-to directions, calories and nutrition review. Rate this Fudgy Chocolate Layer Cake With Raspberry Chambord... recipe with 1 1/2 cups sugar, 1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour, 3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder, 2 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1 1/2 tsp baking soda, 1/8 tsp salt, 1 cup buttermilk, 3 large eggs, 2 1/2 tsp.

Chocolate-Raspberry Cake Recipe Martha Stewar

  1. The raspberry syrup is made with Chambord, a delightful liqueur. Made from black raspberries, you can use it in cocktails, sauces, syrups, or desserts like this cake. The liqueur is made at the Chateau de Chambord in the Loire Valley, France and was based on a raspberry liqueur produced in the 17th century
  2. A moist and delicious chocolate cake filled with Chambord flavored ganache and topped with fresh raspberry buttercream! These Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes {with Chambord Ganache Filling} are an absolute heavenly combination of flavors! These lucious littl
  3. Directions. Preheat oven to 350°. Grease and flour three 9-inch round cake pans. Combine first five ingredients in large bowl of electric mixer and mix well. Combine oil, buttermilk, eggs and.
  4. The restaurant's chocolate-raspberry Chambord cake may be just what we need to reward ourselves for making it this far into the chilly future. These proportions make for a large amount of batter
  5. Preheat oven to 350º. Grease and flour a 9 x 13 pan (or spray with Baker's Joy). Set aside. In a large mixing bowl, whisk together flour, sugar, cocoa, baking soda, and salt. Place 1 tablespoon of Chambord in a 2 cup liquid measuring cup, if using. Add buttermilk to the 1 1/2 cup mark
  6. Lucinda's Raspberry Chambord Cheesecake (adapted from White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake recipe at the Chambord website) Ingredients Crust 1 1/2 cups Graham Cracker Crumbs 1/2 cup sugar 1/4 cup butter or margarine, melted 2 cups fresh raspberries, plus more for serving Filling 24 oz. Cream cheese, softened 1 cup sugar 2 tsp vanilla extract 1/2 cup Chambord Liqueur 1 lemon, both juice and.

Directions. Preheat the oven to 350ºF. Butter the sides and bottom of a 9-inch pan with 1 teaspoon of the butter. In a food processor grind the chocolate wafers into fine crumbs. Add the remaining 5 tablespoons melted butter and 2 tablespoons of the granulated sugar and blend thoroughly. Press evenly into the bottom and partway up the sides of. Brush the cake all over with jam, lay a raspberry strip next to it and brush with jam, then another chocolate strip, then another raspberry. Push together tightly, brushing with more jam if needed; repeat until the cake is 3 squares high by 3 squares wide, then fold the marzipan over the cake, brushing the overlap with jam to seal Instructions. Preheat oven to 350° F. Grease and flour a 12-cup bundt pan. Place chocolate in a double boiler and melt over medium-low heat, stirring occasionally, until melted and smooth. Set aside. Combine flour, cocoa, baking soda, and salt in a bowl and set aside. Pour Framboise into a 2-cup glass measure with a pour spout

Preheat the oven to 325°. Line a 9 x 13-inch pan with nonstick foil or line with regular foil and spray with nonstick cooking spray. Set aside. Melt the chocolate and butter in a microwave-safe bowl, stopping to stir at 30-second increments till smooth. Stir in vanilla, Chambord, and jam Beat on high until a lofty meringue has been created (about 3 minutes). In a second bowl whip the cream until stiff peaks are formed. Fold the egg yolks into the cream until combined. Fold the meringue into the mixture until all combined. Place ¼ of the semifreddo mixture into the prepared loaf pan and smooth


Instructions. Cream creamcheese & butter, then add vanilla, salt, chambord. ad powder sugar 2 cups at a time until blended well. Then on high speed whip for a few min until fluffy. Last add fresh raspberries NOTE: Mix just for a few seconds. Refridgerate for 30 min Yes, a fudgy flourless chocolate cake with a Chambord chocolate glaze! This dessert is a chocolate lover's dream! The cake is a cross between a moist brownie and a truffle and the frosting is a perfectly smooth chocolate glaze with a hint of raspberry. Not only does this cake taste incredible but the smell while it is cooking is insane and it.

Directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease and flour a bundt pan. In a large bowl, combine the cake mix, pudding mix, yogurt, oil, eggs, coffee, and 3 tsp Chambord using a hand mixer. Scoop½ the batter into the pan. Spoon about ¾ of the can of pie filling in to the pan, keeping it away from the edges as much as possible Butter a 22-23cm / 9-inch springform cake tin and line the base with baking parchment. Mix the flour and cocoa powder together in a bowl, and set aside. Put the butter, liqueur, sugars, chocolate, coffee and water in a thick-bottomed saucepan and stir over low heat until everything melts and is thickly, glossily smooth Chocolate-Raspberry Layer Cake. By Cindy Mushe t. Photography by Patricia Hea l. May 31, 2010. 3.9 (56) Read Reviews. Ingredients. 10 to 12 Servings. Cake. Nonstick vegetable oil spray. 2. Pour into prepared pan. Bake in oven for 40-45 minutes or until a cake tester or toothpick inserted comes out clean. Remove and cool in the pan for 5 minutes then invert onto plate. Combine the glaze ingredients in a large microwave safe measuring cup. Microwave until smooth and melted, stirring every 30 seconds A decadent chocolate cake brushed with Chambord Liqueur and filled with dark chocolate ganache and a hint of raspberry preserves. Chocolate Cappuccino Torte. One of the best wedding cake flavor combinations, this rich chocolate cake with cappuccino mousse that's a lovely choice for an evening reception

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Butter the paper. Chop the chocolate finely and set it aside. Combine the sugar and water in a saucepan and bring to a boil over low heat, stirring occasionally to make sure all the sugar crystals. Find more delicious Milk Calendar recipes: http://bit.ly/1u0zfO FULL RECIPE HERE: https://tatyanaseverydayfood.com/recipe-items/raspberry-swiss-roll/A berry twist on the classic chocolate Swiss roll! This chocolate raspbe.. Raspberry Chambord Chocolate Poke Cake Raspberry Chambὸrd Chὸcὸlate Pὸke Cake This Raspberry Chambὸrd Chὸcὸlate Pὸke Cake is made with a super mὸist chὸcὸlate cake flavὸred with Chambὸrd liqueur sὸaked with Chambὸrd chὸcὸlate ganache and tὸpped with fresh raspberry whipped cream Chocolate Raspberry Cake. 925 views. 1 pkt Chocolate cake mix *, 12 ounce Semisweet chocolate chips, 1/4 c. Chambord, 1/2 c

Chocolate Chambord Cheesecake Recipe - Food

For the Chocolate Cake: Preheat oven to 350F with rack in the center. Heat oven to 350 degrees. Grease 2-9 inch cake pans with butter. Place a round piece of parchment paper on the bottom of one of the pans and grease again. Sprinkle a few tsp of flour over the butter and shake to cover the parchment paper evenly Elite Treats has been a member of the Kingwood community since 1989. We believe in using the finest ingredients to make the best pastries and candies around. Learn More. Each of our delicious cakes can be customized with the icing, frosting and filling from the choices below to make your cake truly one of a kind Add berry mixture and 1/2 cup sugar to gelatin mixture. Stir over medium-low heat just until sugar and gelatin dissolve, about 3 minutes. Remove from heat. Add white chocolate; stir until melted. Slide a baking sheet onto the lower rack to catch any drips as the cake bakes. Heat the oven to 180°C/ 160°C Fan. 2. Butter a 22-23cm spring-sided cake tin and line the base with baking parchment. Mix the flour and cocoa powder together in a bowl, and set aside

Let cool in the pan for 15 minutes. Remove the cake from the pan and transfer to a wire rack to cool completely. For the ganache: Put the chocolate, jam, and liqueur in a mixing bowl. Bring the cream to a low simmer in a small pan set over medium-high heat. Pour over the chocolate and let stand 10 minutes Chop the white chocolate into 1/2 pieces. Warm the half and half over medium heat in a small saucepan. Let a few bubbles form along the edges, but do not let it boil. Remove the pan from the heat, and stir in the chopped chocolate. Cover, and let sit for a few minutes to melt the chocolate. Remove the lid and stir

Chocolate Raspberry Cake Recipe: How to Make It Taste of

  1. Position rack in center of oven and preheat to 350°F. Butter and flour 9-inch-diameter springform pan. Line bottom with parchment paper. Stir 3/4 cup cranberries and Chambord in small saucepan.
  2. Crumble cake into a large bowl. Add the frosting, jam, liqueur and food coloring if desired; mix well. Shape into 1-in. balls. Place on baking sheets; insert sticks. Freeze for at least 2 hours or refrigerate for at least 3 hours or until cake balls are firm. In a microwave, melt dark candy coating. Dip each cake pop in coating; allow excess to.
  3. CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY CAKE MARTINI. 2 ounces Three Olives Cake Vodka. 2 ounces milk. Splash of Chambord raspberry liqueur. Splash of chocolate syrup. Me and cake are tight. I like it almost as much, if not more, than I like cocktails. The blending of the two is my idea of heaven. Luckily, I had a small slice of liquid left in my Three Olives Cake.
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17 Chocolate Raspberry Chambord Cake Recipes

  1. RED WHITE & BLUE CHAMBORD SOAKED CHOCOLATE CAKE PARFAITS with FRESH BLACKBERRY & RASPBERRY CREAM . 6 - 8 Parfaits or 1 Trifle . For Chocolate Cake: 1 cup sugar. 1 cup dark brown sugar. 1 3/4 cups flour. 3/4 cup baking cocoa. 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon. 2 teaspoons baking soda. 1 teaspoon baking powder. 1 teaspoon salt. 2 eggs. 1 cup strong-brewed.
  2. Chocolate-Raspberry Cake | Martha Stewart Living - This beauty is baked with a splash of Chambord and layered with a sweet raspberry filling, both of which offer bright counterpoints to the thick layer of chocolate-cream cheese frosting and whole berries scattered on top
  3. In a heavy saucepan on low heat, warm 1/4 cup of the cream and the white chocolate, stirring constantly until chocolate melts. Let mixture cool until it is lukewarm. Stir in 1 tablespoon of raspberry sauce, and the food coloring. Transfer to a large bowl. In a medium bowl, whip remaining 1 1/2 cup cream to soft peaks
  4. i muffin tins. Dollop 1/2 tsp raspberry sauce over the custard. Gently use a thin knife to lightly swirl
  5. 1/2 cup Raspberry Chambord Sauce • 1 cup white chocolate, melted: Method: 1. Using a paddle attachment, cream the cream cheese until smooth and light, slowly add the sugar, and mix on high speed until mixture is smooth, scraping down bowl to remove any lumps. 2
  6. NOTE: A very elegant dessert: Layers of chocolate cake filled with a raspberry- liqueur (Chambord) cream, and glazed with a dark chocolate icing. There is no mistake in the ingredients; this is a flourless cake. Preheat the oven to 350F degrees F. Butter an 11- x 17-inch jelly roll pan and line it with wax paper. Grease the paper lining

10 Best Chambord Liqueur Dessert Recipes Yumml

1 15.25 oz chocolate cake mix 1 cup water ½ cup raspberry liqueur (such as Chambord or Framboise), divided ½ cup oil 3 eggs 1 1/3 cups seedless raspberry preserves, divided 12 oz hot fudge sauce 8 oz whipped toppin Chambord Torte. $ 28.00 - $ 150.00. Yellow sponge cake is brushed with black raspberry liquer, filled with raspberry mousse, iced with vanilla buttercream, covered with rolled white chocolate, and decorated with delicate chocolate piping gel jewels. Cake Size For the Cake. Preheat the oven to 350º F. Line the bottom of two (9-inch wide by 2-inch high) round cake pans with parchment paper); set aside. In a large heat-proof bowl, melt chocolate and butter over a bain marie or over a saucepan filled with 1-inch of simmering water, stirring occasionally until smooth Instructions Checklist. Step 1. Split the layers of the double-layer chocolate cake, making four total. Spread each of the first three with raspberry jam (about 1/3 cup on each). Stir raspberry-flavored liqueur into foolproof buttercream to frost cake. Garnish with raspberries. Advertisement cake selection Apple Coffee Cake, Vanilla Butter Cream, Hazelnut Mocha, Banana Cream Pie, Strawberry Shortcake, Raspberry Chambord, Canoli Cake, Cherry Cheesecake, White Chocolate Mouse, Triple Chocolate

Chocolate Raspberry Bundt Cake Recipe Katie Lee Biegel

Free HTML Templates Gallery by WOWSlider.com v2.0m. © Chambord Desserts All Rights Reserved Designed by GraphicIQGraphicI Chocolate-Raspberry Cake. Chocolate-Raspberry Cake . This beauty is baked with a splash of Chambord and layered with a sweet raspberry filling, both of which offer bright counterpoints to the thick layer of chocolate-cream cheese frosting and whole berries scattered on top. You won't be able to have just one slice

shopchocolat@yahoo.com | 912.335.2068 © 2020 Chocolat By Adam Turoni. All rights reserved. • Interior design by HRH The Duchess of State Chambord is a black raspberry liqueur, made in the Loire Valley of France. It begins as cognac that is steeped with black raspberries, honey, vanilla and a mixture of herbs. The mixture is then distilled into the characteristic French liqueur. Use Chambord to impart raspberry flavor in desserts, to macerate fruit, or mix it into cocktails A couple weeks ago I made a white chocolate raspberry cake, and the real star of the show was its raspberry cake filling!. It was deliciously sweet and tart, and the perfect consistency to fill a cake. The cake recipe was a pretty detailed, so I wanted to make a post sharing just the raspberry filling Raspberry Chambord Chocolate Poke Cake By Marie Cohan Posted on August 28, 2019. TThis Räspberry Chämbord Chocoläte Poke Cäke is mäde with ä super moist chocoläte cäke flävored with Chämbord liqueur soäked with Chämbord chocoläte gänäche änd topped with fresh räspberry whipped creäm

Chocolate Raspberry Martini » The Thirsty Feas

], inactive: false }] } }; window.bvCallback = function (BV) { BV.pixel.trackEvent(CatalogUpdate, { type: 'Product', locale: window.bvDCC.catalogData.locale. Set aside. Chop chocolate into 1/4-inch pieces and place into a large stainless steel mixing bowl. Place 1-inch of water in the bottom of a sauce pan and bring to a simmer. Place the bowl of chocolate on top of the sauce pan, stirring occasionally as chocolate melts. In a separate sauce pan, combine 1 cup sugar and Chambord or raspberry liqueur 1/4 cup unsweetened alkalized cocoa powder. Preheat oven to 350°F. Grease an 8-inch round baking. pan. Line the bottom of the pan with a. round of parchment paper. In a heat-proof bowl (preferably stainless) beat together. whole eggs, egg yolks, sugar and salt, using an electric hand mixer at high. speed

10 Best Chambord Cake Recipes Yumml

Combine the butter and sugar in the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment. Beat on medium low, until the sugar incorporates with the butter. Add vanilla, heavy cream and raspberry puree, beat on medium speed for 3 minutes, or until buttercream becomes light and fluffy. Make the Chocolate Ganache Bake the 6 cake layer for 45 -50 minutes, or until a cake tester or toothpick inserted into the center of the cake comes out clean. Halfway through baking, switch the positions of the cake pans for even browning

Raspberry Chambord and Belgian Chocolate Semi-Naked CakeChocolate-Raspberry Layer Cake Recipe — DishmapsDecadent Chocolate Cake On A Bed Of Raspberry Sauce RecipeRaspberry-White Chocolate Dessert SquaresTop 10 Romantic Desserts for Your Anniversary - Top Inspired

A berry twist on the classic chocolate Swiss roll cake recipe! This raspberry chocolate Swiss roll is made with fluffy chocolate sponge cake, filled with loads of fresh raspberries, raspberry liqueur, and a fluffy whipped cream frosting!The flavors are simply divine and will have you coming back for seconds While the mixer is running, slowly pour in the sugar and continue to beat until light and fluffy, about 4-5 minutes. Add sour cream and continue to mix until combined. Scrape down the sides and bottom of the bowl. Lower the speed to medium-low and mix in the egg whites, one at a time until completely combined In large bowl, with mixer on medium-high speed, beat cream and mascarpone until soft peaks form. Add 2 tablespoons granulated sugar and 2 tablespoons liqueur. Beat until stiff; spread over cake.

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