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Each and every one of us has someone we don't particularly like or at least didn't like in the past. One of your best friend's pals, the ex of your current partner, someone you dated in the past, or even your rude mail carrier are examples of people you might not be too fond of. But the people you don't like can also be those who are closer to you as well such as a blood-related family. Ah, revenge. Some say it's sweet, others say it's best served cold and Confucious warns, Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves. Everyone has something to say about it! Seeking revenge is pretty much as old as time. We've seen how it works since Shakespeare was alive and onstage; how dramatic characters on daytime soap operas get back at each other and how even.

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  1. I never want to be that person, but some people are just deserving of some cold, hard payback. I get tired of hearing about innocent people dealing with awful human beings. I've heard stories about people being blamed and punished for something they didn't do, getting fired by their bitter boss for essentially no reason, or simply getting verbally attacked or threatened when they did.
  2. The revenge won't heal you. It will be a separate journey but could distract you from putting yourself back together. Luckily, I got sober and am sober now 4+ years. I even had another girlfriend of 2 years cheated on me before I got sober, but this time, I didn't take revenge. I spent my time healing
  3. Here's where the revenge comes in. Almost as soon as he's back in his office, D starts writing the most bullsh*t, hilarious legislature to f*ck with the restaurant lobby. Stuff like 'all ingredients in a menu item must be displayed on the menu in double spaced, 12 point font' or 'no more than 10 designated parking spaces per.
  4. The yowl and the look on their faces was the best revenge ever.. When I was a kid my family lived in a house on a street with GIANT oak trees. Because of the slope of our yard leaves from half the street would end up in the yard. My mother had really bad asthma and allergies and made us kids rake up the leaves

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